Gold: Chemical Element, Color of spray paint used extensively by Scott Klinger. Traditionally considered attractive. Most common basis of monetary policies and currency throughout human existence. The perceived value of gold represents one of the most distinct differences between man and animal. The artist read somewhere that a total of over 165,000 tonnes have been mined throughout human history. Half of which has been used to make jewelry. Scott Klinger has two gold teeth, his first molars on both sides, symmetrically spaced on his bottom jaw. He views them as an emergency savings plan. The primary goal of alchemy was the transmutation of common metals into gold. Gold has become a common aesthetic theme in Scott’s work over the past few years. Of course, there are the heavy symbolic associations that come loaded with the use of gold, and Scott has an appreciation for these symbolic meanings but there is something more to it than that for explaining why Scott has begun to predominantly use the color in his work. Scott can’t quite articulate what exactly it is though. It is something both more meaningful than all of that and yet more abstract and personal. A. Maybe it began when the artist got his first gold teeth? B. Maybe it is some sort of pathetic compensation for his perceived relative worth existing as an artist in society at large? C. Perhaps the usage is recalling latent childhood Indiana Jones fantasies and the desire to create and possess objects of rare and significant worth? D. All of the above are valid perceptions for the viewer to believe.