The Green Lantern on CW

Based on the fact that it does not look like that my favorite Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, will appear in the Green Lantern Corps movie (There used to be a rumor that Kyle will be in the movie, along with Hal and John, but it looks like the movie will be more of a buddy cop movie with Hal and John, no Kyle in sight), I have decided to try my hand at pitching a Green Lantern tv show, with him as the lead. This will include some of the important things of each season, and the characters and actors that I have chosen for each role. I also included one crossover villain that will play a part in the show later on, in a way.

I will only include the first four seasons, as that is how far I have gotten with this. The entire show takes place in a fictional version of Los Angeles, and, based on the fact that most DC shows are on there, it will be on the CW. It will be on the same Earth as Supergirl, which is where he first shows, without a Green Lantern ring, somewhere in a following season.

Warning, this is fairly long. And, if you want, tell me if you would watch this, or just what you think about it in general. Also, I did some edits after the season 2 finale of Supergirl, as you will see. I promise those are the only ones I will make.

Main Characters

Ryan Guzman as Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern/Ion/White Lantern: The main protagonist of the series. He works for Feast Magazine doing a bi-weekly comic strip, and does some freelance graphic art on the side whenever he needs a little extra cash. He becomes the only Green Lantern after a cataclysmic event killed all of the other lanterns. Without any formal training, he ends up having to have more on the job training, always finding new things that the ring allows him to do, and what he can’t do. He lives in an apartment with his girlfriend, Alexandra “Allie” DeWitt, in North Hollywood, where he was born and raised. He was raised by a single mother, and she raised him as an Irish Catholic. At first, he doesn’t really take his job as the Green Lantern all that seriously, but eventually he starts to mature and act more responsible when on the clock. However, that doesn’t stop him from having a bit of fun with his constructs every now and then.

He first shows up, without the ring, in a future episode of Supergirl, while looking for a job at CatCo Magazine. While he does not get it, he does bond with Kara and her friends. Since they are on the same Earth, crossovers between Supergirl and Green Lantern are very likely to happen.

He gets his ring, seemingly, by chance in the pilot. He is given his ring by Ganthet, who says the infamous words “You’ll do.” He eventually rebuilds the Corps, gains nigh-omnipotent powers as Ion (the original way. Pre-retcon), and then proves himself worthy of mastering the emotional spectrum as the White Lantern.

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Nina Dobrev as Alexandra “Allie” DeWitt: Kyle’s girlfriend, who works as a photographer for a newspaper. She’s the voice of reason for Kyle, and one of the first people who said that he can be a real hero. While apprehensive of Kyle being a Green Lantern at first, due to her knowing how immature he can be, she eventually agrees to help him as much as she can, even helping him train and design his new uniform.

(Note: I decided to go with Allie to avoid confusion with the other well-known Alex on that Earth, Alex Danvers.)

(Spoiler alert! She dies in the second-to-last episode of the first season. She is murdered by Major Force in the apartment that she and Kyle share. While Nina does occasional appearances in one way or another, like an alternate Earth version of Allie, Black Lantern Allie, memory, etc., this version of the character stays dead.)

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Kevin Bacon as Alan Scott/Golden Age Green Lantern: A retired superhero. Due to a fragment of the Starheart, a collection of all the stray mystical energies in the universe, that Alan forges into a ring, he has similar powers to a standard Green Lantern. Because of this, Alan was considered an honorary member of the Green Lantern Corps. He refuses to put his ring back on as he believes that part of his life is over, and that its time for a new hero, like Kyle, to shine. Alan acts as an unofficial mentor for Kyle, and is the one to inform him of what had happened to the other lanterns. He provides Kyle with more conventional training, and is a very “tough love” kind of teacher for him. He also attempts to imbue a sense of honor in Kyle, much like the one he has. Alan is seen by Kyle as a sort of father figure. He has been married twice, the first time ending in his wife, Rose Canton, killing herself. He has a daughter from that previous marriage, Jennifer-Lynn Hayden aka Jade, who was given up for adoption by his former wife out of fear that she will hurt the two of them because of a split personality that she had, Thorn, who wasn’t a very nice person. His current wife is Molly Mayne-Scott.

(Spolier alert: His wife, Molly, dies in front of him and Jennifer very early into season 3, by Parallax. Parallax kills Alan soon after, right in front of Jennifer and the rest of the team. Parallax’s reasoning for this is that he wanted to show that he doesn’t have a specific limitation that the Green Lantern Rings have; he can kill, whenever, whoever, and however he wants. He also does it to show that he has absolutely no qualms about doing it.)

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John Cho as Andre Choi: The Art Director of Feast Magazine, and Kyle’s boss. He is initially unaware of his employee’s extracurricular activities, and as such is often left wondering why Kyle seems to be taking so long with his work when previously he could knock out an entire comic strip in very little time. He does care deeply about his employees, although he can come off as a bit of a condescending dick at times. He finds out about Kyle in the mid-season finale of season 2, and becomes a valuable member to the team.

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Khylin Rhambo as Terry Berg: A junior in college and Kyle’s intern/assistant. He finds out about Kyle’s double life, and agrees to cover for him whenever Mr. Choi is looking for him. Once his reached puberty, he realized he is gay, but he stayed in the closet. He gets together with his classmate David O’Hara, but still did not come out to his parents. After having a chat with Kyle and David about it, he came out to his parents, both of them with him as he did it. It did not go well, but both Kyle’s and David’s support and understanding of Terry’s situation helped cement the brotherly bond that Terry has with Kyle, and the romantic one he has with David.

(Spoiler alert! Towards the end of season 2, he is the victim of a hate-crime by a group of thugs. He ends up having a broken right arm, both legs broken, left arm mangled, four broken ribs, and a collapsed lung. He survives, but decides that maybe it is for the best if he left Team Lantern, as he feels he does not really contribute as much as the rest of the group. He’s been having these thought for a while, and the rest of team understand and say their goodbyes. He and David promise not to tell anybody about the team’s secret identities. They leave after they finish school. Terry goes on to write a successful book about his trials and tribulations. He occasionally makes guest appearances to catch up with the team, either by himself or with David.)

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Vanessa Hudgens as Jennifer-Lynn Hayden/Jade/Green Lantern: After her birth mother, Rose Canton, gave her up for adoption, she was raised by a nice couple from the suburbs, the Haydens. She eventually sought out her birth parents, and found Alan Scott, who told her about her birth mother’s suicide. She stayed in North Hollywood and got a job at Feast Magazine as a photographer. Because of her father’s exposure to mystical energies, she inherited some metahuman powers which also resembled those of the Green Lantern Corps. She befriends Kyle and, using her metahuman powers, helps him whenever she feels he needs it. She becomes close friends with Allie, and is devastated by her death.She loses her metahuman powers in Season 2, but does go on to also join the Green Lantern Corps. She begins to feel romantic feelings for Kyle, but since he was Allie’s boyfriend, she initially feels guilty about it. After some time, she and Kyle begin a romantic relationship.

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Recurring Characters That Join The Main Cast In Following Seasons

Meaghan Rath as Arisia Rrab/Green Lantern: A former member of the Green Lantern Corps who was made powerless before the cataclysmic event that wiped out the rest of the Corps. She reached Earth and took up the alias of Cindy Simpson. She meets up with Kyle and his friends, and, while initially wary of being around them out of fear of what happened to the other lanterns, she comes around and becomes an invaluable ally to the team.  Becomes a main cast member in season 2. Also, joins the Green Lantern Corps, again, when Kyle rebuilds it. She and Kyle are the “veterans” of the Corps. In season 3, Sodam Yat, a Daxamite, joins the team and she and him begin to have a romantic relationship.

(Edit: In my original pitch, they got together much sooner, but after the season 2 finale of Supergirl essentially making it that every Daxamite had to leave Earth or die from the lead in the atmosphere, Sodam Yat does not join the show until season 2. For an explanation as to why he can come back to Earth and not die, I suggest you look at his part.)

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Rami Malek as Simon Baz/Green Lantern: Introduced in the second season as an engineering grad who found himself financially desperate after losing his job at a factory. He stole a car and was soon accused of being a terrorist because the car he stole had a bomb on board. After being arrested and interrogated, he was going to be sent to Guantanamo Bay, but a Green Lantern ring found its way to him. The ring transported him to Kyle’s apartment. Simon told his story to Kyle, and Kyle believed him. Calling in a favor from his father, he managed to get the charges on Simon dropped. Simon began training to be a Green Lantern soon after. He becomes a member of the main cast in season 3.

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Lindsey Morgan as Jessica Cruz/Power Ring/Volthoom/Green Lantern: Introduced part-way through the second season as the unfortunate recipient of a magical ring, the Ring of Volthoom. A witness to the murder of her friends in the woods, she became traumatized. It was that trauma that led the ring to her. It forces her to accept, and begins to feed off her fear. It constantly takes over her body, forcing her to commit many crimes. She faces off with Kyle Rayner as she is under control of the ring, but he manages to get through to her, since he knows that she is not in control. She manages to fight the ring’s control long enough for Kyle to call in a friend who is very aware of magical objects, Aztek. They manage to de-power and remove the ring from Jessica, but she becomes further traumatized from her time as a “villain.” She develops an anxiety disorder. Towards the end of season 2, she is found worthy by a Green Lantern Ring. She accepts. She joins the main cast in season 3.

(Edit: In my original pitch, she was the last person, that would eventually join the main cast, to get a Green Lantern ring, but now after the season 2 finale of Supergirl, I had to make some adjustments. Now, the last person to get a Green Lantern ring is Sodam Yat. For an explanation as to why, see below.)

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Keahu Kahuanui as Sodam Yat/Green Lantern: One of the Daxamites on the ships that Queen Rhea brought to Earth. He was always critical of the ways things operated on his planet. When the lead was released into the atmosphere in the season 2 finale of Supergirl, Sodam Yat had to leave Earth, but he did not follow the rest of his people. Instead, he hid away on Mars until he felt he could return to Earth. It is there where he meets Kyle Rayner, who went to Mars to recruit for the new Green Lantern Corps. Sodam Yat is found to be worthy to be a member of the Corps, but is hesitant to return to Earth. After finding out that Green Lantern rings offers some cellular regeneration, he accepts and goes with Kyle to get some training. Once he gets to Earth, he realizes that the only way that he can stay on Earth is to always keep his ring on, so that the ring can constantly be healing him from the lead exposure. He is incredibly gifted when it comes to matters of machines, and is genuinely interested in learning about Earth culture. He ends up having a romantic relationship with fellow Corps member, and his trainer, Arisia Rrab. He joins the main cast on season 3. He is the last person on the main cast to get a Green Lantern ring.

(Edit: In my original pitch, Sodam Yat was on the main cast since the first season, and actually got his ring pretty early in season 2. However, after the season 2 finale of Supergirl, I had to make some adjustments to the story. Now, he doesn’t show up until late season 2, and gets his Green Lantern ring after Jessica Cruz, who originally was the last one to get her ring.)

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Important Recurring Characters

Lea Thompson as Maura Rayner: Kyle’s mother who quickly realized her son is flying around saving people. She raised him by herself after her husband, Aaron, left her and Kyle when Kyle was still young. She is a great support system for him, and greatly encouraged his love of art.

(Spoiler alert! She is diagnosed with cancer in season 3. While it looks like she is beating it, she dies in the first episode of season 4. Kyle uses his Ion powers to bring her back to life, but she convinces him to let her go. She tells him that she is ready to move on, and that she is proud of the man that he has become. Kyle undoes what he did, and allows her to move on “to a better place.” Distraught, Kyle goes to remove the power of Ion from himself, and inadvertently creates Oblivion while doing so.)

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Kyra Sedgwick as Molly Mayne-Scott: Alan Scott’s wife and former adversary as Harlequin, although her crimes were more harmless fun and mostly for show. She has an altruistic streak, which lead her to joining forces with Alan Scott on many occasions. She quietly retired from her life of crime after working for the government on intelligence missions in exchange for amnesty. She attempts to have a good relationship with her stepdaughter, Jade, but at times comes on a bit too strong.

(Spoiler alert! You probably already know because of what happened with Alan Scott, but I’ll say it again. She dies, along with her husband, by the hands of Parallax in Season 3.)

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Michael Trevino as Uno/Aztek: Uno is raised from childhood by a secret organization named the Q Society, in Mexico, to be the champion of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. His father, Emilio, was a member of the Q Society, and once he died, the role of champion was passed on to Uno. He is given a magical suit of armor that bestows many abilities upon him that complement his peak mental and physical capabilities. He briefly meets Kyle when he first comes to America. They form an alliance when battling a supervillain. He soon leaves to Vanity City, a place in desperate need of a hero. He does reappear ever so often, providing some magical assistance whenever called upon.

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Demian Bichir as Aaron Rayner/Gabriel Vasquez: Kyle’s father, and Maura’s ex-husband, who is introduced at the beginning of season 2. Born Gabriel Vasquez, he eventually became CIA agent who was undercover as Aaron Rayner when he met Kyle’s mother. He kept that part of his life secret from his family. One day, in an attempt to keep them safe from his enemies, he walked out on his family. He still kept tabs on them, and occasionally was there to witness some of the major moments in his son’s life, albeit from a distance. Aaron/Gabriel found himself face-to-face with his son, although Kyle did not know this. After getting to know him a bit, he eventually told Kyle the truth. It did not go over well with him. Kyle voiced his feelings about it, and revealed that he was the reason that Kyle had many issues, such as abandonment issues. Time passed, and things begin to get better between the two. Not perfect, but better. Aaron/Gabriel begins to be more a part of his son’s life. When Kyle tells him about being a Green Lantern, he acts surprised, but secretly he knew. He managed to put two and two together before Kyle told him.

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Michael Johnston as David O’Hara: Terry’s classmate and eventual boyfriend. While at first he did not think much of Terry, he soon became impressed with Terry’s newfound confidence. Much like Terry, he only recently came out of the closet, however, unlike Terry, when he told his parents, they were more supportive. He is Terry’s first real relationship, just like Terry is David’s. He grows close to Terry and all of the team, but remains unaware of what they do. Terry asks Kyle if it is ok to tell David about the team, and after some convincing from the rest of the team, Kyle agrees. David finds out towards the end of season 2.

(Note: I do not recall the actual David from the comics having a last name, and some research pretty much confirms that. This is why I gave him the name O’Hara.)

(Spoiler alert! David was going to find out earlier, but then Terry was attacked. Terry, while in the hospital, tells David about the team. When David and he finished college, they left town and promised to keep the team’s secret identities a secret. Terry became a writer and David became a police officer. They occasionally come back to visit, either by themselves or together.)

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Liza Lapira/Tamlyn Tomita as Rose Canton/Thorn: Alan Scott’s first wife, and Jennifer’s mother, who took her own life. Also, Rose Canton’s villainous split personality.

(Note: The reason that there are two actresses for Rose/Thorn is because she is already dead, and she died in her early 30s, so we see Liza as her in the following scenarios: memory/flashback, dream/hallucination, time travel (either to the past or she is brought to the future), etc. An alternate Earth version of the character does appear, but, since in that Earth she is still alive and is now in her 50s, she is played by Tamyln Tomita.)

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Crossover Villains

The Crime Syndicate are the villainous doppelgangers of the heroes, that will be the crossover villains for the first season of the show. But the one that I will focus on is…

Ryan Guzman as Kyle Vasquez/Power Ring/Volthoom: Kyle Rayner’s doppelganger who is under the influence of the Ring of Volthoom. He attempts to kill Allie DeWitt, but he is stopped by Kyle. They get into an intense battle, which ends when Volthoom takes over of Kyle Vasquez, gets the upper-hand, but is then shot by Allie in a split decision. The Ring of Volthoom leaves Vasquez when he dies, and searches for a new host, eventually finding Jessica Cruz in season 2.

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Main Antagonists

Season 1

Geno Segers as Clifford Zmeck/Major Force: A prisoner in a high security prison, and sentence to life in prison after several rape and murder charges. He gained powers as a product of a U.S. Federal Project headed by General Wade Eiling. Both he and Eiling eventually join The Quorum, a corrupt top secret government agency. He serves as a physical challenge to Kyle, since the experiments that Eiling had done to him gave him superhuman, strength, speed, endurance, stamina, invulnerability, and an array of other abilities. He kills Kyle’s girlfriend Allie in the second-to-last episode of the first season, and leaves a note challenging him to a fight. He and Kyle face-off, one-on-one, while Kyle is not in the right state of mind, which leads him to eventually putting Major Force in an electric chair construct. The reason he stops is because his friends show up and talk him down. Major Force is soon captured.

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Clancy Brown as General Wade Eiling: Much like his Earth-1 counterpart, General Wade Eiling is a corrupt, ruthless military man who will do anything he feels necessary to reach his end goal, even subjecting people to gruesome experimentation in an attempt to give them powers, like he did with Major Force. A brilliant tactician who primarily works in the shadows from his high-up position in The Quorum, Eiling will offer Kyle and his friends a strenuous mental challenge. His one major flaw is overconfidence, which leads him to being captured in the second-to-last episode of the season. His last order was for Major Force to kill the Green Lantern’s girlfriend, which he gladly accepts.

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Season 2

Sam Witwer as Grayven: Darkseid’s youngest son, born to an unknown mother. His father views him as “not his real son,” that he is “just the outcome of one meaningless night with a women he can’t be bothered to remember.” Fueled by feelings of abandonment and resentment, Grayven leads a campaign of destruction against the cosmos. He eventually finds himself on Earth where he battles Kyle and the newly rebuilt Green Lantern Corps, but he proves capable of defeating any of them without breaking a sweat. He is the first true test of the Corps ability to function as a team.

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Season 3

Jensen Ackles as Parallax: The culprit of the mass murder, and near annihilation, of the Green Lantern Corps. He seeks out Kyle Rayner, and the rest of the Lanterns, to finish the job. He is the most powerful villain they have faced up to this point, with large-scale reality altering powers. Kyle has to become Ion, an equally powerful being, just to be able to stop him.

(Note: Yes, this is Hal Jordan. He has gone crazy and started calling himself Parallax, and refuses to call himself by his real name. The original version of the story. Pre-retcon. No fear-bug business here. It would never be outright stated, but it would be heavily implied. I just think this would be better, storytelling wise.)

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Season 4

Ryan Guzman as Oblivion: The physical manifestation of Kyle’s anxieties, greed, rage, fears, doubts and darker impulses, that is created during the process of getting rid of his Ion powers after the passing of his mother. He is also a manifestation of Kyle’s newfound self-loathing, because he believes that he is somehow responsible for all of the bad things that have happened to those closest to him. It is that self-loathing that leads Oblivion to turn to the dark side. His end game is to merge back with Kyle, this time with him in control, in an attempt to “make things right.” Since he was created when Kyle was still Ion, Oblivion retained a lot of that cosmic power. Only by becoming the White Lantern was Kyle Rayner able to defeat his darker half.

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  • Randall Clevenger


  • Marcus Lovell


  • Joseph Frank Kennedy
  • Jesus Juan Hernandez-Cazares
  • Jack Shlesinger
  • James Davis
  • Reginald Andre Linthicum
  • Dontaze Storey
  • Salvador Zepeda Alarcon
  • Saul Soriano
  • Barry Martin Koeningsberg
  • Annette Garcia
  • Daniel Balandran
  • Steven Hernandez
  • Chinard Kierre Winfield
  • Leroy Barnes
  • Marcus Lemmons
  • Susanne Antuna
  • Charles Antuna
  • Susie Young Kim
  • Marcus Smith
  • Richard Cabrales
  • Avery Cody Jr
  • Pedro Fernandez
  • Woodrow Player Jr.
  • Jose Jimenez
  • Ezequiel Jacobo
  • Howard Gross
  • Jessie Long
  • Guillermo Saucedo
  • Mallard Frazier
  • Oran Eugene Douglas III
  • Darrick Collins
  • Trevion Richard
  • Juan Aguiar
  • Julian Nolasco
  • Dalton Rahman
  • Daniel Carlon
  • Emmanuel Alvarez
  • Mark Smith
  • Juan Carrizoza
  • Jose Ruiz
  • John Aguilera
  • Brian Macias
  • Charles Barrera
  • Albert Valencia
  • Steven Eugene Washington
  • Steven Bours
  • David Kerr
  • OC Deputy Terry Stepp
  • Mario Jaramillo
  • Lejon Robins
  • Alfred Puliot
  • Jose Flores
  • Oscar Morales
  • Stephen Clancy Hill
  • Anthony Aguilar
  • Dexter Luckett
  • Daniel Garcia
  • Zachary Champommier
  • Javier Joseph Rueda
  • Luciano Reyes
  • Pedro Santa Cruz
  • Donnie Butler
  • Tyrone Snell
  • Leonel Mateos
  • Manuel Jamines
  • Richard Mendez Vasquez
  • William Hainsbourgho
  • Kendahl Williams
  • Sylvester Taylor
  • Jesse Carrizales
  • Khalid Lanier
  • Victor Becerril
  • Stephen Willis
  • Ricardo Varela
  • Lonnie Graham
  • Christopher Jackson
  • Steven Vargas
  • John Cooper
  • Juan Castellanos
  • Victoria Roger-Vasselin
  • Bradford Sarten
  • Lejoy Grissom
  • Joseph Larson
  • Freddie Taffola
  • David Sandoval
  • Glennel Givens
  • Jamil Wheatfall
  • Bruce Seward
  • Idriss Stelley
  • Fernando Aguilar-Garcia
  • Michael Valdez
  • Evelyn Vargas
  • Pedro Calderon
  • Gregory Hooper
  • Richard Tims
  • Joshua Russell
  • Rashan Hill
  • Jihad Akbar
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  • Deon Whitfield
  • Durrell Feaster
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  • Cammerin Boyd
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  • Wheatfall
  • Fernando Aguilar-
  • Garcia
  • Ernesto Donald Smith
  • Richard Sharp
  • Pedro Calderon
  • Rashan Hill
  • Jihad Alim Akbar
  • Fred Moraga
  • Rick Escobedo
  • Homero Campos
  • Michael Vega
  • Glennel Givens
  • Kevin Larson Smith
  • Cherie Wallace
  • Cary James Grimé
  • Terrance Mearis
  • Roland Tugade
  • Deon Whitfield
  • Roberto Lombana
  • Rudy Cardenas
  • Glen David
  • Paul Dean
  • Jaden Edward Soto
  • Cammerin Boyd
  • Johnnie Nakao
  • Dyron Mandell Brewer
  • Zaim Bojcic
  • Floyd Neamiah Strong
  • Ezell Ford


  • Jackie Archuleta
  • Damien Steil
  • James Larue
  • Roman Rael
  • Ismael Mena
  • Jack Jacquez


  • Dennis Kissel
  • Bryant Davenport
  • Mack Lucky

District of Columbia:

  • Odell Smith


  • Andrena Kitt
  • Joseph Golden
  • Craig Ferguson
  • Donovan Brooks


  • Ray Austin
  • Surafel Assaminew
  • James Williams
  • Robert Jenkins
  • Anthony Fortson
  • Ervin Maynard
  • Ernest Merritt
  • Stanley Bates
  • Buddy Merck
  • William Lloyd
  • Roman Khaimov
  • Tessa Hardeman
  • Chuck Visa
  • Corey Ward
  • Marty Logan
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  • Derrick Brown
  • Dwight McKelvie
  • Lynette Jackson
  • James Eppinger
  • Jairo Gomez
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  • Walter Gay
  • McKinley Pruitt
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  • Ab-Raheem Muhammad
  • John Franklin Brown
  • Snapper Mitchell
  • Efren Hernandez-Ayala
  • Traven Lewis Robinson
  • McKinley Pruitt
  • Walter Gay Jr.
  • Jairo Govea Gomez
  • Jeffrey Jerome Roman
  • James Edward Eppinger
  • Lynette Gayle Jackson
  • Dwight McKelvie
  • Derrick Fernando Brown
  • Kevin Koester Sr.
  • Kelvin Brooks
  • Demetrius Tremayne Hillery
  • Pablo Gutierrez Pano
  • Marty Logan
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  • Chuck Vicha
  • Tessa Hardeman “Teesee”
  • William G. Lloyd
  • Buddy Merck
  • Stanley Bates
  • Ernest Lee Merritt
  • Ervin Bernard Maynard
  • Robert Edward Jenkins
  • James Thomas Williams
  • Surafel Assaminew
  • Ray Charles Austin


  • LaJuanzo Brooks
  • Alicia Pierce
  • Julie Riggs
  • Myron Goodall
  • Pierre Jackson
  • Luis Diaz
  • Joseph Frustaci
  • Angel Perez
  • Phil Hayes
  • Robert Winters
  • Henry Wolk
  • Brandon Haywood
  • Billy Smith
  • Jeffrey Smith
  • Timothy Crotty
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  • LaJuanzo Brooks
  • Alicia Pierce
  • Julie A. Riggs
  • Curtis Collins
  • Myron Goodall
  • Pierre M. Jackso
  • Angel Pérez, Jr.
  • Phil Hayes
  • Henry Wolk
  • Brandon J. Haywood
  • Billy Kash Smith
  • Rodney Craig
  • Gus Kukulas
  • Ocie Butler
  • Sidney Rogers
  • Bogdan Fryzlewicz
  • Frank Redd
  • Miguel Palomo
  • Hector Leyva
  • Mary Jeanne Onderdonk
  • Louis DecQuir
  • Michael Walker
  • Jerry Love
  • Donnell Strickland
  • Edward Siepak
  • Randall David Wright
  • Qing Chang
  • Jadzia Bobek
  • Tremell Celestine
  • Mamie Burrell
  • Bruce Carroll
  • Richard Specker
  • Luther Mitchell, Jr


  • Bruce Carroll
  • Harold Ward
  • Rudy Escobedo


  • Anthony Rosario


  • Kjeston Rodgers
  • Leslie Cox


  • Deandre Brunston
  • James Brissette
  • Edward Lee
  • Marcus Jones
  • Charles Cheatham
  • Leo Brady
  • Wayne Smith
  • Gerard Glover
  • Raymond Ferdinand
  • James Billy
  • Reginald Miles
  • Michael Foley
  • Dennis Crawford
  • Frank Livaudais
  • Dwayne Lopez
  • Ellery Fernandez
  • Bobby Thomas
  • Leroy Drawsand
  • Paul Willis Johnson
  • Ray J. Gonzales
  • Tina Pigott
  • Adolph Archie
  • Lydia Madison
  • George Williams
  • Jermal Hudson
  • Danielle Britton
  • Corey Horton
  • Tiera Tassin
  • Charlene Price
  • Regina Okoh
  • Noah Philson
  • Regetter Martin
  • Cheryl Lewis
  • Delores Mack
  • Willie Daniels
  • Stephanie Murray
  • Michelle Foster
  • Lionel Harris
  • Kim Groves
  • Stephanie Brown
  • Wanda Ford
  • Sandra Warner
  • Henry Calvin
  • Karen “Peach” Ivester
  • Sharon Robinson
  • Cuong Vu
  • Ha Vu
  • Ronald Williams II
  • Sandra Williams
  • James Wilson
  • Lola Porter
  • John Green
  • Christopher Lardner
  • Rob Staley
  • Lawrence Louis
  • Calvin Robinson
  • Erik Daniels
  • Joseph Rideau
  • Sylvester Scott
  • Brandon Jones
  • Dewitt
  • Kenny Strother
  • Vergil Braud
  • Stanley Brown
  • Joseph “Shotgun Joe” Williams
  • Jenard Thomas 
  • Roland Alexcee
  • Raymond Robair
  • Henry Glover
  • Danny Brumfeld Sr
  • Matthew McDonald
  • James Brissette
  • Ronald Madison
  • Anthony Hayes
  • Ronald Goodman
  • Kirk Lewis
  • Terrence Harold
  • Gerald Arthur
  • Herman McMillan
  • Adolph Grimes III
  • Richard Scearce
  • Chris Blevins
  • Shedrick Godfrey
  • Brian Harris
  • Michael Hitzman
  • Jamyrin Points
  • 3 Unknowns


  • Bert Bowen
  • Thomas Shea
  • Luis Gonzalez
  • Laveta Jackson


  • Zachary Adrian
  • Abu Jeilani
  • Martha Donald
  • Chris Anderson
  • Shaun Askelin
  • Louis Barrett
  • Charles Berry
  • Theodore Bobo
  • Franklin Brown
  • Christopher Burns
  • Walter Burks
  • James Cobb
  • Steve Cole
  • Walter Collins
  • David Croud
  • Rocco Dandrea
  • Roger Davis
  • Benjamin DeCoteau
  • Efrain Depaz
  • Lorenzo Doby
  • John Doyle
  • Brian Feist
  • Dominic Felder
  • James Fye
  • Walter Gordon
  • Artis Graham
  • William Hayek
  • Sean Hayes
  • Jesse Heller
  • Larry Hill
  • Richard Hiltner
  • Renardo Holmes
  • Frankie Howard
  • Kerry Howk
  • Maria Inamagua
  • Dale Johns
  • Thomas Kantor
  • Stanley Larry
  • Fong Lee
  • Kenneth Lessley
  • Richard LeGarde
  • Gerald Lehn
  • Basee Lor
  • Ryan Mosher
  • Tycel Nelson
  • Eric Netters
  • Perry Parks
  • Thomas Peterson
  • Mark Richards
  • Johnnie Rogers
  • Calvin Sam
  • Alfred Sanders
  • Barbara Schneider
  • Sal Scott
  • Demitreus Sesler
  • William Shotley
  • Abdullah Simmons
  • Mark Sinclair
  • Lloyd Smalley
  • Gregory Stampley
  • Jenni Stebleton
  • Michael Truchinski
  • Hosie Walton
  • Lillian Weiss
  • Michael Wessels
  • Gerald Whitten
  • Anthony Williams
  • Courtney Williams
  • Kesha Williams
  • Scott Winder
  • Ki Yang
  • Thia Yang
  • Raymond Ziegler
  • Zachary J. Adrian
  • Chris Anderson
  • Louis W. Barrett Jr.
  • Franklin J. Brown
  • Walter C. “Wally” Burks
  • Charles Craighead
  • Roger L. Davis
  • Benjamin DeCoteau
  • Lorenzo Doby
  • Martha Donald
  • Dominic Felder
  • James C. Fye
  • Steve Gundersno
  • Bill Hogetvedt
  • Sean Hayes
  • Jesse Heller
  • Renardo A. Holmes
  • Maria Inamagua
  • Kieber Jacome
  • Darwin Vivar
  • Abu Kassim Jeilani
  • Kenneth Lloyd Lessley
  • Ryan Dwight Mosher
  • Eric Von Netters
  • Perry Parks
  • Johnnie B. Rogers
  • Alfred Charles “Abuka” Sanders
  • Barbara Schneider
  • Demitreus Sesler
  • Abdullah K. Simmons
  • Jenni Stebleton
  • Michael Harold Wessels
  • Anthony M. Williams
  • Courtney Williams
  • Ki Yang
  • Raymond Ziegler


  • Willie Johnson
  • Michael Brown
  • Kajieme Powell
  • Vonderrit Myers

New Jersey:

  • Alfred Moton
  • Richard Nordstrom
  • Joel Torres
  • William Gainous
  • Curtis Good
  • Pablo Burrios-Salas
  • Boangeres Mota
  • Darryl Clayton
  • Gregory Alli
  • Fernando Cruz
  • Michael Newkirk
  • Eric Quick
  • Jose Ives
  • Justin McCarthy
  • Robert Jacovelli
  • Nicholas Barrett
  • Michael Simmons
  • Jelani Manigault
  • Santiago Villanueva
  • Dominick Galliano
  • Gail Galliano
  • Christopher Galliano
  • Gary Williams
  • Tina Williams
  • Jason Remillard
  • William Davis
  • Cindy Lee
  • Bilal Colbert
  • Shuntez Everett
  • Randy Weaver
  • Keion Williams
  • Warren Lee
  • Emil Mann

New York:

  • Marvin Fulford
  • Marcos DeJesus Alvarez
  • Santiago Urena
  • Michael Romero
  • Wilson Alba
  • Juan Aponte Huerta
  • David Glowczenski
  • Yuekor Yuen
  • Silverio Del Rios
  • James Wilson
  • Rashawn Sharif Moody
  • Dante Pomar
  • George Perez
  • David Guzman
  • Rashawn Moody
  • Donte Pomar
  • Juan Huerta
  • Jamal Blount
  • Leroy Smalls
  • Thomas Cipolla
  • Timothy Stansbury
  • Desean Cathcart
  • Russell Wimbush
  • Renardo Powell
  • Stephen Seignious
  • Melvin Sylvester
  • Othniel Askew
  • Calvin Washington
  • Juan Vasquez
  • Jose Mateo
  • Ousmane Zongo
  • Alberta Spruill
  • Carlos Lopez
  • Floyd Quinones
  • Etzel Faulkner
  • Anton Goldenburg
  • John Lagattuta
  • Allen Newsome
  • Wilson Alba
  • Eric Hines
  • Sean Bell
  • Timur Person
  • Patrick Ryan
  • Patrick Bryan
  • Georgy Louisgene
  • Patrick Dorismond
  • Eric Garner
  • Kymani Gray

North Carolina:

  • Michael Sipes
  • Rigoberto Briones
  • Patrick Howell
  • Charles Moses
  • Gilbert Barber
  • Gerald Abney
  • Ronald Tew
  • Lethaniel Glenn
  • Luke Cardenas
  • Mark Moore
  • William Lewis
  • Charlie Crowder
  • Tarik Rodgers
  • Laquinnis Dye
  • Garfield Brown
  • Steven Pearson
  • Tino Coppotelli
  • Tommy Bennett
  • Ronald Surrett
  • Christopher Woods
  • Eric Barnes
  • Robert Guy
  • Kenneth Suggs
  • Gary Rummer
  • Sherman Glenn
  • Eugene Boseman
  • Bill Drye
  • Christian Griggs
  • James Rutherford
  • Ratmir Gasanov
  • Jaime Bonilla
  • Matthew West
  • David Buchanan
  • Everett Davisson
  • Brandon Burnett
  • Francis Cortez
  • Jason Webb
  • Floyd Houser
  • Alex Daughety
  • John Myers
  • David Summers
  • Quentin Reed
  • Antonio Miller
  • Dominique Hurtt
  • Erica Stevenson
  • Antoinette Griffin
  • Kenneth Terry
  • Jonathan Ferrell
  • Sidney Templeton
  • Allen Grimes
  • David Baker
  • Billy Oxendine
  • William Rochelle
  • Ricardo Garza
  • Teyreze Odoms
  • Antonio Pryce
  • Phillipe McIver
  • Heather Fredell
  • Harold Ledet
  • David Ridge
  • Robert McPherson
  • Donald Kennedy
  • Batrone Hedgepeth
  • Arvie Fudge
  • Nyles Arrington
  • Rodney Watson
  • Ronnie Boles
  • Curtis Dixon
  • Milton Gaines
  • Navon Ligon
  • General Martin Grant
  • Ronteze DeLoatch
  • Robert Morgan
  • Hugh Locklear
  • Lee Dunn
  • Yalonda Patterson
  • Jamie Bonilla
  • Norman Dove
  • Edmond Banks
  • Jason Boston
  • Jessie Davis
  • Jeoy Grindstaff
  • Danny Johnson
  • Tywain Neal
  • Jeremiah Presnell
  • Mark Thomas
  • Rigoberto Olvera
  • Jerry Hendricks
  • Ronald Poole
  • Douglas Hutchinson
  • Charles Potts
  • Jack Crooks
  • Joseph Brown
  • Damon Kearns
  • Warnie Patton
  • Donald Mosley
  • Movell Davis
  • Jackie Gearheart
  • David Sivak
  • Carolyn Boetticher
  • Joseph Hoffman
  • Henry Brown
  • Malachiah McQueen
  • James Cooper
  • Daryl Howerton
  • Kenneth Fennel
  • Vinson Harris
  • Peyton Strickland
  • Gilbert Alexander Barber


  • Calico Markies Smalls
  • Jermaine Sanders
  • Craig Bickerstaff
  • Steve Moore
  • Joseph Finley
  • Jeffrey Hopkins
  • Ricardo Mason
  • Malcolm Hoyle
  • Ricardo Mason
  • Joseph Pearly Finley, Jr.
  • John Crawford


  • Austin Haley


  • Kendra Sarie James


  • Neil Begin
  • Scott Mackelvey
  • Barron Wright
  • Kermith Sonnier
  • Brian Weaver
  • Eugene Griffy
  • Kenneth Walker
  • Michael Ellerbee
  • Bernard Rogers
  • Andrea Umphrey
  • Damian Jordan
  • Charles Dixon
  • Dion Hall
  • Johnny Santana

South Dakoda:

  • Albert Six Feathers


  • Tony Wayne Johnson
  • Jose Vieira
  • Timothy Terry
  • Aubrey Hardcastle
  • Robert Meadours
  • James Gross
  • Ramon Bautista
  • Ricardo Moreira
  • Luis Torres
  • Jose Vega
  • Jimmy Madeley
  • Jack Stuart
  • Serafin Olvera
  • Victor Meza
  • Oliver Hampton
  • Michael Goodman
  • Esau Marin
  • Catalina Rico
  • Marcus Alexander
  • Waseem Jung
  • Daniel Damian
  • James Fields
  • Mario Romero-Mejia
  • Christopher Menifee
  • Damarcus Celestine
  • Leonard Mosqueda
  • Salome Garvajal
  • Alfred Gamble
  • Thomas Monce-Grissom
  • Arthur Magana
  • Katrina Sarkissian
  • Edgar Vera
  • Washington:
  • John T. Williams
  • Robert Thoma
  • Anthony Shuster
  • Joel Silvesan
  • Vandy Thepvongsa
  • David Walker
  • Robert Thomas
  • Aaron Roberts
  • Joshua Morgan
  • Shawn Maxwell
  • Guadalupe Martinez
  • Nelson Martinez-Mendez
  • Rosa Hammer
  • Robert Harrison
  • Adam Alexander
  • Gary Burow
  • DeOntrel Davis
  • Cristino Vargas Mendoza
  • Eugene Culp
  • Dennie Trujillo
  • Rick Camat
  • John Steinbaugh
  • Samson Bounthisane
  • Herbert Hightower
  • Randal Dobbins
  • Chauncy Jones
  • Willie Smith III
  • Ricky Sampson
  • Lawrence Owens
  • Duong Pham
  • Ryan Rozsonits
  • Damian Henderson
  • Robert Robison
  • Desseria Whitmore
  • David Fesili
  • Jason Tucker
  • Harold McCord
  • Crystal Judson
  • Timothy Cullison
  • Cristino Mendoza
  • Kevin Woo
  • Joy Miller
  • Murray Morrison
  • Diane Stults
  • Samuel Page
  • Richard McCartor
  • Gregory Garner
  • Gary Fitzpatrick
  • Mylo Harvey
  • Stephen Edwards
  • Dalton Culp
  • Steven Davis
  • Larry Adams
  • John Buckendorf
  • William Pio
  • Connie Pearsall
  • Kareen White
  • Carnell Porter
  • Norman Pribnow
  • Vince Boutillier
  • Gerardo Martinez
  • Brock Loshbaugh
  • Abdul Ali
  • Mick Morgan
  • Kyle Sheets
  • Russell Whitaker
  • Christian Fairbank
  • Michael Okarma
  • Lonnie Davis
  • Patrick Folk
  • Steve Grieves
  • Richard Jones
  • Marylou Jones
  • Miles Schulmeister
  • Devon Jackson
  • Tyrone Thomas
  • Kelly Loomis
  • Phillip Roberts
  • Steven Covyeow
  • Susie McDowell
  • Elaine McDowell
  • Andre Waldon
  • Arien Weaver
  • David Roehr
  • Daniel Delfierro
  • Juan Rodriguez
  • Adam Boston
  • Thomas Morgan
  • Charmine Sneatlum
  • Randy Piotrowski
  • Mauro Montez
  • Phillip Montgomery
  • Terry Nelson
  • Brian Jim
  • Edward Post
  • John Patrick Steinbaugh
  • Samsong Bounthibane
  • Herbert Hightower
  • Chauncey Lee Jones
  • Ricky Owens Sampson
  • Lawrence J. Owens
  • Duong Pham
  • Ryan Allen Rozsonits
  • Robert Ian Robison
  • Desseria Whitmore
  • David Taiese Fesili
  • Jason Tucker
  • Harold McCord Jr.
  • Crystal Judson
  • Cristino Vargas Mendoza
  • Timothy E. Cullison
  • Kevin Dale Woo
  • Joy Saunders Miller
  • Herbert Roland
  • Murray J. Morrison
  • Diane Katherine Stults
  • Samuel Page
  • DeOntrel Marcelle Davis
  • Richard L. McCartor Jr.
  • Gregory Garner
  • Gary Fitzpatrick
  • Mylo Harvey
  • Shawn Howell
  • Dalton Culp
  • Larry Adams
  • John Buckendorf
  • Gary Dean Burow
  • William Pio Jr.
  • Kareen White
  • Carnell Porter Jr.
  • Norman Pribnow
  • Robert Lee Thomas Sr.
  • Vince Edward Boutillier
  • Vandy Thevongsa
  • Gerardo V. Martinez
  • Shawn Jerel Maxwell
  • Abdul Ali
  • Mick Morgan
  • Kyle Sheets
  • Russell Whitaker
  • Adam L. Alexander
  • Christian D. Fairbank
  • Marylou Jones
  • Anthony James Shuster
  • Steve Grieves
  • Devon Jackson
  • Rosa Hammer
  • Nelson Martinez-Mendez
  • Tyrone F. Thomas
  • Herbert Roland
  • Aaron Roberts
  • Kelly Loomis
  • Joshua Morgan
  • Joel Silvesan
  • Phillip Lee Roberts
  • Steven Covyeow
  • Susie McDowell
  • Elaine McDowell
  • Andre Waldon
  • Arien Lee Weaver
  • David Terry Roehr
  • Juan Manuel Rodriguez
  • Adam E. Boston
  • David John Walker


  • Darrien Hunt
  • Dillon Taylor


  • James L. Knee
  • Gregory Velasquez
  • Michael Moreno
  • Brian Lamb
  • Timothy Whettam
  • Jose Cesar Contreras
  • Dontre Hamilton 
  • Derek Williams
  • Michael Bell


  • Travis Posselt
  • Randy Lee Linder
  • Michael Owens
  • Travis Posselt
  • Paul Reynolds
  • Luis Vazquez
  • Justin Adams
  • Robert Dick
  • Bruce Weigel
  • Steven Smith
  • Shawn Eli Armajo
  • Collin Pulford
  • Laurie Martinez
  • Casey Shields
  • Thomas Clearwater

This is nowhere near the complete list of individuals killed by law enforcement. Please feel free to add on names!

Day 12: Zombie girl

Give her a hand.

She’s dead to me.

She made me lose my mind.

The girl was cold-blooded.

She had a biting wit.

She always liked a man with brains.

She was always falling apart.

She emphasized brain-food.

Drop-dead gorgeous.

Girl like that would eat me alive.

But I know she’ll keep an eye out for me.

(Soft lob over to Scotty and Nickey-D)

BOO! Welcome to Ghost Reviews, where everything is either ghastly or ghostly, or just plain stupid!
The first order of business today is a webcomic called F@NBOY$. For those of you who can’t read that, it’s Fanboys. Fanboys is a webcomic made by the wonderful Scott DeWitt. If I’m not mistaken, (but I probably am) Fanboys was made in 2006. It is a Gamer webcomic, so by definition, people just assume that it’s either THE BEST THING EVER OMG or that it’s hideous, as at least 99% of Gamer webcomics are horrible. But Fanboys is one of those rare, exceptional Gamer webcomics that is…well….good! At first the art was horrible, AND drawn in MSPaint(no offense, Mr. Hussie). The thing is, it had amazing writing! For several years, fans of Fanboys bothered and pestered Mr. Dewitt to get art classes, so I’m told, and when he came back, BAM! Everything changed. But for the better, mind you. His character’s facial expressions are out of this world! That’s one of the reasons I would recommend this comic. If you are interested in reading it, then I would suggest starting at the comic, The Boys are Back.
The roster of characters is as follows: Lemmy, a guy who never exactly left adolescence and is the household Nintendo Guy, and goes crazy when someone disses Nintendo. He was raised by video games.; Paul, the Sony Guy who has made a deal with death to never die through paying him every so often. He is a master of DDR.; Sylvia, the XBox gal, who is very intimidating despite being a girl(I’m being sexist against my own sex! GASP) who wears pink(even MORE discrimination!); and finally, Patches the cat. I…can’t actually remember if Patches is a girl or a boy. Sorry!

Okay, so here’s how everything’s gonna be thrown down, as far as ratings go.
Family Friendliness- Wether or not your 5 year old cousin could read this and you wouldn’t get kicked out of the house for showing him this
Art- Wether or not your eyes will BLEED from looking at this
Consistency- How often it updates, or if it updates at all
And finally, Plot- if there is one, then this comes into play.

For Family Friendliness, I would say that it’s for teens and up. It does have some of what one might call, ‘suggestive themes’, and a bit of swearing if I’m not mistaken.
Art- It deserves a triple thumbs up for this. I mean, come on! It’s amazing!
Consistency- It’s not doing so well with consistency in updating, but that’s okay. Mr. Dewitt has a busy life! I can’t really give him a thumbs down for being busy, can I?
Plot- It’s a Gamer webcomic and doesn’t need a plot. End of story.

So there you have it! A Ghost Review, fresh of the griddle, steaming hot and filled with chocolate chips. Please join me again on Thursday for another

So krudman aka Scott Dewitt took some time during his stream to give a quick inking lesson for me since I was hanging out there and since he took time out of his work schedule, late as it was to show me a few things, I wanted to say thanks.  So I did this on the fly, I hope you like it man! There’s like…  EVERYTHING wrong with this and Sylvia’s face looks more panicked then happy but I’m kinda happy with how a -few- things turned out!

Sylvia and Fanboys © Scott Dewitt

A few months ago I showed Scott these fan-strip roughs and he liked it well enough. Shortly afterwards an incident involving a bike ride, an open laptop bag and a rainstorm completely destroyed my hard drive, which sort of  made me lose heart in the cleanup effort, so I’ve decided to post it here for the first time, with the implication that maybe someday I’ll get back to it.

"It's sad that the next iteration of what was my system of choice for the last 6 years will be a system that I'm making a point to avoid. Microsoft has made a console that on paper has the company in mind before the consumer, and that's incredibly disappointing to me."

- Scott DeWitt on the Xbox One

I always think it’s interesting to see similarities in art styles between siblings who are both into art, like how Sephiramy and Kayzig clearly shared a lot of  the same influences growing up even though the genres and subject matter of what they gravitate towards is very different, or how Scott and Nick DeWitt have styles that are very unique in a way that’s similar to each other.