Teen Wolf | SDCC 2016 | Full Panel

They’d better bring back Isaac, Derek, Jackson, Braeden, Morrell and Kira. They’d better make a suitable amount of mentions of Erica, Alison and Boyd. They’d better explain where Theo went. They’d better fix every mistake they’ve ever made in this series. If this is the final season, it needs to go out the right way.


*jeff davis throwing Kira away like she’s trash*
*jeff davis baiting stydia for fan service even though DOB was there for 3 eps*
*jeff “scott mccall who” davis
*jeff “murder stalia” davis*
*jeff “this is the end gotta zayn” davis*

Teen wolf fandom : wait WHAT?????

stereks sitting in corner sipping wine: we warned y'all, we warned ya..