Ficlet: post s4 finale, Scott & Bailey, Gill x Rachel. Rating: Teen.

“Will’s asking after you.”

Rachel doesn’t turn, she knows better than that. Gill’s had a few, but her diction is razor sharp as ever. It’s still reflex to expect a bollocking, despite the fact that Gill stopped being her boss at least four hours ago.

“Don’t you start,” Rachel grumbles in response, taking a long drag of the last Silk Cut from the pack she conned out of the ancient fag machine in back. “I’ve had Janet playing Cilla out here for the past ten minutes. Shouldn’t you be on the karaoke by now, boss?”

“Is it the karaoke you’re hiding from? Or Will? Or…”

“You?” Rachel finishes, because she’s well into her second bottle of Shiraz and caution was never her strong suit. “I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be appropriate. It’s your party.”

“And I’ll get pissed if I want to?” Gill steps out of the shadows under the makeshift porch, taking up position right by Rachel’s elbow. “It’s not about appropriate anymore, is it? You didn’t even need to call me ‘boss’ just then.”


“Just like them,” Gill nods to the half-smoked ciggy. “Got another? You can call it my leaving present.”

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