Photo: Scott Alario

Fatherhood and Folklore: Behind Scott Alario’s Photographic Fables

Photographer Scott Alario set out to create a fantasy land for his daughter in his lush, black and white photos. Now nearly six-years-old, she’s calling the shots, and pushing his work in the direction of a dreamy documentary of family and fatherhood.


Scott Alario

By collapsing cosmology onto intimate moments with his wife and daughter, our next featured artist creates images that suggest the esoteric spirituality present in family life. Using a large format camera to create his atavistic photographs, Alario says that “We are on a search for the spiritually significant, the magic in every day. What will we find that’s worth passing down? What will we conjure?”

Alario received an MFA in photography from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2013, and a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2006. He was named a 2011 emerging photographer by Art New England, and received a 2012 Fellowship Merit Award from the Rhode Island State Council of the Arts. Alario lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island.

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Aviary Gallery is pleased to present Star/Fruit. Star/Fruit is a two person collaborative exhibition of new photographic work by Harry Gould Harvey IV and Scott Alario

Recently married, Harvey self-published the book Canadian Fruit, a collection of portraits and still lives surrounding his honeymoon. The exhibition pairs work from Harvey’s book with Alario’s images of his own wife, Marguerite, made over the course of their ten years thus far. Interspersed, and framed similarly, the lines between the true narratives are blurred. The show sets portraits against strange still lives and other abstractions, to create a visual tension akin to that which exists within relationships. Having no shortage of images of their better halves, the two used the collaborative show as a way to pay homage, and give thanks to their muses. And although it’s an old trope in photography’s history, with countless precedents that both artists would list as inspirational, the weaving of their two stories arrives at something fresh- and it’s as simple, or perhaps as complex, as love itself.


I would love for anyone in the Boston area to come out!

You can RSVP to the Facebook even page here

Opening Reception on Thursday, October 3rd from 6-9. The show will be on view from October 3rd through October 31st


48 South Street, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130

show flier done by the wonderful Morgan Brill

What I Am Up To (Reviewing Scott Alario @ Kristen Lorello on Searching for the Light, “Scott Alario’s work makes me very happy. As I get older and remain single, more and more people I know are pairing off and starting families. Some of these people I don’t see all that much anymore or when I do it generally involves activities that focus on small children, which is fine, but kids do seem like a lot of work. I can’t help but wonder if I could be a parent and still do a lot of what I’ve built my life around. I am sure the lack of time to make art, or write about art, would be balanced out emotionally with the amazingly enriching experience of the love of a child and all, but a part of me worries that I would miss my current life. It is very comforting to see parenting as reflected in Alario’s work, where the world seems to have been turned into a more magical place.”)

(via Searching for the Light: Scott Alario, What We Conjure @ Kristen Lorello)

#5 – Scott Alario, Rupee and Stars, from Our Fable.

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We salute you all folks and inform you that this is our messy attempt to introduce to you an artist that we truly admire, and I think it will specially be recognized by the Sigur Ros community and therefore all the other circles of art and connections that this band has lead us to (at least for us haha thank god they exist right!). 
The name of this wonderful human is Scott Alario (!!!), as you may know you bunch of lil’ moomin trolls and snufkins have listened to his vocals and bjutiful ukelele (and what not) in his ever so organic and raw and dazzling and precious golden band “Parachutes” alongside the majestic presence of yet another flawless bean Alex Somers, and of course eventually a cool pack of sweet icelanders! If you ask me that Somers/Alario friendship is bloody brilliant, I mean, look at their art it feels like they bjutifully complement one their visions. Ahhh, the good art.., isn’t it sweeet! 
Anyway, Scott, my dear friends, is a charming photographer as well, therefore the neat pics above, which include photographs from a series of projects that are called “What We Conjure”,  "Night Walking", “Suns”, and “Our Fables”. I almost also got into a crying fit because those girls right there are his family and they just look so lovely together that they shatter my soul in lil’ pieces and join them back again with honey (or agave if you wish aheh). You should really read the descriptions of each project and appreciate every element of it, it is uh-mazzingg. In the about section there are also a bunch of interviews or press I think, that I must remind myself to read in its entirety because Scott is one of those great people that I enjoy listening to and reading their opinions/ perspective/thougths/ideas. He is just fabulous, because despite the fact that there aren’t oceans of information about him and what he does you just feel his greatness ya know?
I will gladly put the links here:

 And did ya kno’ he also has a tumblr: 

 If anyone takes part of their precious time to read this and has not yet listened to Parachutes, go do it now, I highly recommend it gurl! Umm.. there are a few songs on youtube, and there are more in grooveshark I guess, but what I did is just that we downloaded them from their MySpace site, but if they aren’t there still then you can still write “download parachutes” or something in the google search bar and you will probably find it hidden somewhere. (hah I know that piece of advice kinda sucks but it work for me the second time I downloaded it). There are three lovely albums filled with lovely songs. Sorry if I extended this thing too much, but ahh it just makes me so happy to share things!

Long Life Scott Alario and Art Appreciation. I love you all! 

Group Show at Louis B. James

Touch the Moon

Scott Alario, Anna Betbeze, Chris Caccamise, Christian Dietkus, goldiechiari, Anna Sew Hoy, Kelly Jazvac, Joshua Johnson, David Malek, Demetrius Oliver, Adam Shecter, Bret Slater, Josh Slater, Kara Tanaka

12 December 2013 - 26 January, 2014

Opening: 12 December, New York


Louis B. James Gallery
143b Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002