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ME:A Celebration Meme Day 2 - Character Day

The second part of my ME:A Celebration Meme. The first part can be found in the #meacelebrationmeme tag. Enjoy.
Again: English is not my first language, but I hope I didn’t make too many mistakes.

Day 2: Character Day

Scott took a small sip of the ominous purplish drink Sara had brought on board, along with half a ton of “necessities”, which were now piled up in his quarters. Their quarters, now. Goodbye to privacy.
She herself would sleep with the rest of the crew, but her things would have to stay in his room and what had been his quiet corner of seclusion had now been turned into the mobile “pathfinder headquarters”.
“What is this? Other than utterly disgusting, I mean.” He had to resist the urge to spit the drink out and instead swallowed it. It left a nasty, sour taste on his tongue, probably some kind of fruit juice.
“Hm, I don’t really know. I brought a whole assortment of different drinks from Vortex, Dutch wanted me to try them out.”
Scott raised the glass and tried to figure out what in hells name Dutch could’ve mixed in there. This was definitely not from the Milky Way. Way he saw it, it probably came directly from hell itself.
Sara watched his – yes, truthfully a little overacted – grimaces and shook her head, grinning widely.
“Come on, it can’t be that bad!”
She took the glass out of his hands and took a sip herself, just to spit it out right away.
You will clean that up. And this…” He closed the still half-full bottle, “Maybe I will give this to Cora. Tell her it’s Asari and she’ll probably drink it without uttering a single word of criticism. She may even like it, who knows.”
Sara retrieved another bottle, this time filled with a dark green liquid. “You really don’t like her, hm?” she stated with an accusing undertone. Scott raised a second, empty glass and waited for Sara to fill it. “Nah, I do actually. We have our differences, but she gets the job done and if I had to put my life in someone’s hands, she would probably be my first choice. I just find her Asari fetishization – oh my god, I can’t believe I did just say that – very irritating.”
Sara nodded slowly. “How do you like Vetra?”
Taking a careful sip and then a large gulp, Scott leaned into the backrest of his couch and contemplated for a moment. From the very first second, she had struck him as a likeable rogue, with all her work through back-channels and her willingness to bend the rules to get things done. But when he learned of her sister and all the things she had been through, he had gained a different perspective. She was not as light-hearted and simple as he had thought. On the inside, she was a deeply emotional and sensitive person, and with that realization, he came to like her even more.
“She’s… something different. An amazing addition to the team and beside that, an amazing friend, too. I have lost track of how many times we have talked until late at night.”
Again, Sara nodded, but didn’t respond.
“What is this? Some kind of “getting to know people without talking to them”? Or are you profiling me?” Scott sat up straight, trying to read Sara’s expression. But before he could come to a definite result, she suddenly jumped to her feet and pointed her index finger at him, her face broadening into a wide, triumphant smirk. “You had a crush on him!”
For a moment, he stared at her, perplex, then he rolled his eyes. “Whatever. I can’t remember any occasion on which I ever laughed about your dumb crushes, but, like I said… whatever.”
“Except for that one time, when I dated Julian, from university. Or that other time with Ryan, the one who turned out to be the biggest douchebag in the history of mankind…”
“See? I was right about that one!”, Scott exclaimed.
Sara sunk onto the couch, shrugging her shoulders. “It’s not like any of that matters now. It will probably be a while before I even have time for such things again. Being on pathfinder business, you know?”
This time, it was Scott who smiled knowingly. “Well, you never know… Such things always happen when you least expect it and in places you never thought to look.”

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THESE TWO EPISODES WERE GOOD. I can finally say that teen wolf is on it's a-game.Lydia being sassy, Scott protecting the supernatural, my poor baby Liam deserves so much better. I WAS SO UPSET WHEN THE BITCH GAVE THE PACK BRETTS NUMBER. I'm living for these small Scott and malia scenes. I feel so bad for those two kids tho. They did not deserve to die. Theo continues being annoying af but I still love him. Scott is finally after 6 long seasons getting recognized as the true alpha he is

Yes yes yes to all of this!!!

I absolutely loved these two episodes! Lydia martin killed it. Her looks her sass just everything. And our smol son scott is just so perfect i love him. And yea i got SO angry when they gave them bretts number. That was just rude. I also really loved the coach scene, it was wonderful. Overall im just impressed and so happy i got to see scott being an alpha. I mean i LOVE FOR THAT SHIT.

Puppy Sitting

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Puppy Theo x Reader / Puppy!Brett x Reader

Inspired by a chat with @joeynihil

“You want me to what?” You asked Scott who had a small wolf pup under each arm.

“To babysit Brett and Theo while I help Deaton figure out how to fix them.” Scott grinned as he held them out for you.

“Why… why are they puppies?” You asked as you took them both and Theo started wriggling to get into your house while Brett snuggled up in your arms with his head resting on your shoulder.

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Aug 17, 2017

My Dear Friend and President Donald,

I see that today you are meeting with your friends, Governor Rick Scott of Florida and Small Business Administration Director, Linda McMahon. I am sure they will bring you some solace as you process the last couple of days. I am not sure they will have good advice on how to remedy the situation. Black elected officials in Florida have been critical of Rick accusing him of siphoning power from the first Black elected State Attorney. When she ran her wrestling business, Linda looked the other way when skits included racist and sexist themes. These folks can’t help you understand the Black Experience and I’m afraid that their suggestions will not help you fix the mess you’ve gotten yourself into.

(Linda McMahon is the lady pulling the guy’s hair)

I encourage you to have a conversation with Omarosa. She may not be popular with Black journalists but she does know about racism and might be able to help you understand why calling White Nationalists, “fine people,” troubles most of us. Maybe you understand that already, but if you did, I don’t know why you would incense most of America by defending bigotry. She experienced plenty of racism when she was on the Apprentice so she can tell you all about it.

Perhaps deep down inside you are a Quaker who believes that everyone has God inside of them even though they may be misguided.  Maybe that’s what you meant when you said there were “fine people” on both sides. Not that you agree with their message but that all people deserve love and respect. I doubt you share my beliefs but I write these letters in the hopes of persuading you to come around.

Peace be with you,
Rebecca Ambrose

i had all & and then most of you, some & then none of you

               TAGGING __ // BLAKE & MARCO
               TIME _ FRAME ___//  RECENTLY
               SUMMARY__// While camping with her small group ( Scott and Jackson ), settled down for the night, Blake senses a scent she hasn’t known since she was a teenager. 

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Getting a call that Derek was in jail and needed someone to get him out sure did surprise Scott. He didn’t ask any questions thinking it would be better to do that face to face instead. He took his helmet and hurried to his bike to get as fast as he could to the station. As he entered he was greeted by few familiar faces and hoped that he could get him out of there easily. “Hey Parrish, could I maybe ask you for a favor?” he questioned, hoping that the deputy would still want to help him out. “Apparently Derek has been arrested. Could we work something out? They got the wrong guy.” he asked, looking over at Parrish who held a firm expression, but he could see him slowly breaking beneath it. “This is the last time Scott.” Jordan told him with a sigh that led Scott to break a small smile before walking over to where they held Derek. “Are you alright?” he questioned the older man as he stepped outside the bars.


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“I have to get a solid two to three hours of brooding in per day. Filling quotas." (scott)

dream daddy memes

Charlotte rolled her eyes at Scott, fighting back a small grin. “Listen, I-I find your brooding face about a-as handsome as the next girl, but you know w-what expression I like on you a lot b-better?” Charlotte asked, arching her brows at him. She fought back a smirk, bringing her hands up to his face and pushing the corners of his mouth up into a smile. “This is s-so much better. Look at th-that smile.” She chuckled, wrinkling her nose at him.

A History of Kisses - Stiles Stilinski

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summary: you and stiles have kissed more times than you’d think at first mention…
warnings: swearing
word count: 2837

The first time it happened, you were only six years old, and didn’t think any differently.

You were playing house in Scott’s basement with both him and Stiles.  As always, You were the mommy.  One time you got the chance of being the daughter, but you preferred being the mommy because it meant you got to play with the fake kitchen play set.

Today Scott had begged to be the son instead of the daddy (his father had yelled at him and his mother that morning, so he hadn’t been in the mood to play as the dad) and Stiles had eagerly said he’d be the daddy.

“Scotty! Dinner’s ready!” You called, setting a plastic plate of plastic food on the mini table.  Scott came running in, excitedly sitting at the seat and pretending to smell the meal you’d cooked.

“Honey I’m home!” Stiles bounced through the doorway that separated the playroom from the rest of the basement.  You giggled at his way of playing the dad.

“Welcome home dear” You said, pretending to stir a soup in a bowl.  He walked more into the room and he planted a kiss on your cheek before sitting at the table.  You’d tensed up instantly, looking from Stiles to Scott, who shared the same look as you.

Stiles however, just sat at the table like nothing had happened.  “What?” He asked out of confusion.

“You kissed her! You’re in love with y/n!” Scott shrieked, and you blushed instantly.

“What? N-no I’m not!” Stiles argued.  “That’s what daddies do Scott” Stiles said in his ‘duh’ voice.  Scott looked at you with a confused look, silently asking you if your parents did that.

Not that you would know, your father didn’t live with you.  Every time you asked your mom when he would visit, she’d tell you he was busy working, or on a trip.  You’d never seen them together once.

“Well my dad does it to my mom all the time” Stiles said, suddenly feeling embarrassed that he’d kissed you at all

“It’s okay Stiles” You chirped up, and set down his own plate of fake food in front of him.  “It’s fun” You shrugged.

And that was that.

The second time it happened, it wasn’t quite so accidental as the first.

When you were twelve years old, Stiles’ mother passed away.  When your own mother had explained the situation to you, she told you how Claudia had been sick for a long time, and that she was in a much better place now.  But you still couldn’t fathom what Stiles had to have been going through.

You went to his house for the wake, but wasn’t able to find him anywhere.  You checked all over the first floor through the groups of people, but couldn’t seem to find him.  You did however, run into Noah Stilinski.

“H-hello Sheriff” You spoke softly, unsure of what to say.  The man looked down at you and gave you a kind smile.

“Good afternoon y/n” He replied.  “I’m glad to see you could make it”

“U-um thank you” You stuttered.  “Is Stiles still here?” You asked, and Noah nodded.

“He’s up in his room, I haven’t let anyone up yet” He told you.  “But go ahead, but just be careful alright? He’s fragile right now” You nodded, and turned to go up the steps, but spun back around and hugged the Sheriff.

Noah Stilinski was your father when your real father couldn’t step up to the plate.

“I’m so sorry Mr Stilinski” You said, and he smiled down at you, patting the back of your head before releasing you.

“I am too kid” He said, before nodding you off to go find Stiles.

You bounded up the steps to his room, and stood outside the closed door for a moment.  When you took a deep breath and knocked, you were surprised that it opened only a few seconds later.

“y/n” Stiles’ voice cracked as he sniffled.  You could see the tears on his cheeks and still leaking from his eyes.  You smiled at him sadly, and didn’t even say anything, just stepped forward and hugged him.  Stiles shut the door behind you before hugging you back.

“It’s okay to cry” You whispered to him without letting go.  He nodded shakily, clinging onto you and burying his face in your hair.

After standing there for a few more minutes, you pulled away from each other.

“It’s all going to be better” You told him, and kissed his cheek.  “Even though you don’t want to hear it”

Stiles was so in shock of your small kiss that he easily nodded and agreed with your words, even though the next year of his life would be miserable.

But he had you by his side, and you somehow made it all seem better, just like you said it would be.

And that was that.

The third time you and the Stilinski boy kissed, it was a purposeful action, and you were old enough to know what it meant.

“Sophomore year of high school, and I still don’t have a boyfriend!” You yelled angrily in the cafeteria, making Scott roll his eyes from across from you.

“Why is that even important to you?” The asthmatic asked.  “Who cares?”

“I do!” You said, and Stiles laughed at your outburst.

“Dating is a waste of time, it’s hard enough managing grades and work” Scott said.  You shrugged, looking sadly down at your plate.

“Maybe for you” You mumbled.  “But I want it.  I want to be taken out and held hands with, I want to be walked to class and I want my first kiss to be perfect” You sighed.  Stiles ears perked at the last part.

“And it will be.  When you have the time to balance it-”

“I get her point” Stiles cut off Scott, earning a small smile from you.  “Who doesn’t want to be loved, right?” The boy with the buzz cut added, and you nodded, pointing at him with your fork.

“See? Stiles gets it” You said.  Scott rolled his eyes at the irony, but luckily for Stiles, kept his mouth shut.

You didn’t think much about the conversation at lunch until later that night when Stiles brought it up.

“You really haven’t had your first kiss?” He asked you in the middle of Star Wars.  You made a scoffing sound, stealing some of his popcorn.

“Don’t patronize me, you haven’t either” You replied.

You had been watching the Star Wars movies all night, already in position with snacks and blankets.  Stiles was on the end of the couch, with you practically on his lap and your back against the armrest.  The popcorn bowl sat on your lap and you had a blanket wrapped over your shoulders.

“Well no that’s why I was wondering like-like… okay don’t think I’m weird” He started, and you turned your head from the screen to wink at him.

“Too late for that” You said.  “But continue” You tossed another piece of popcorn into your mouth.

“Well-well what if we were each other’s first?” He asked, and you blinked in surprise.  “Kiss! Not the other thing!” He recovered quickly, which made you giggle.


“I mean we don’t have to I just thought it’d be easier to get it out of the way and it won’t affect anything and I really don’t mind but if you don’t want to-”

“Stiles” You spoke up, making him stop his babbling.  “I said okay”

“O-oh” To say he was shocked was a bit of an understatement.  “Okay, cl-close your eyes” You listened, your eyes fluttering shut, and your heartbeat picked up nervously.  Stiles took a deep breath, sliding a hand over your cheek and pulling you closer, until closing his own eyes and pressing his lips timidly against yours.  You were slow at first, but when you got used to the feeling you kissed him back, and splayed your hands over his cheeks as you kissed him again.

When you parted, you still had your hands on each other’s faces, and there was something warm and familiar about the touch.  Both of your eyes opened slowly, and both of your minds were spinning with the same question.

Is it always that good?

You smiled at Stiles sweetly, before leaning your head on his shoulder, going back to watching the film.

“W-was it okay? Was that okay?” He asked you nervously, and you smiled up at him.

“Much better than okay Stiles” You told him sincerely.

And that, was that.

The tale of the fourth time it happened, was one that would be burned into your memory for the rest of your life.

Junior year, Lydia’s huge birthday party.  Everyone was going, and Lydia was your friend, so you were obligated to you.  As badly as you didn’t want to.

“It’s gonna be fine” Stiles told you on the ride to her beach house.  You looked over at him and winced.

“Last time you told me that you got possessed” You said bitterly, and Stiles rolled his eyes.  “In fact, I can’t think of a time ever that you’ve told me that and things actually turned out fine”

“You know what I’m trying to be nice” He said in feigned hurt.  You looked over at him as he drove, cracking a smile before giggling quietly.

“Alright, I’ll believe you this time” You said, putting your hands up in surrender.

And you did believe him, for the first thirty minutes he was by your side.  As soon as he left to go get you both drinks, your anxiety decided to kick it up a few notches.

You were suddenly very aware of the crowd of bodies moving around you, and that the hem of your skirt didn’t reach your fingertips, and how badly your throat begged for some kind of liquor to numb this ansty feeling.

“You okay sweetheart?” You spun around to see a blonde gel haired boy with a narrow face and striking eyes.

“Sorry did I run into you?” You asked.  “There’s so many people I promise it was an accident” You told the stranger, who just smirked.

“You didn’t, you just seemed dazed is all” He told you.  “I’m Garrett” He introduced.

“Uh, y/n” You replied uneasily.  He had a dangerous glint in his eye that all your years with Stiles told you not to trust.

“I was actually going to ask you if you wanted to dance-”

“Oh, I have a boyfriend” You said before he could finish his proposition.  He nodded, lips parting slightly as he stared at you skeptically.

You blessed whoever was up there when you saw Stiles coming out of the kitchen.

“Actually here he is now” You said, smiling and widely as you could when Stiles came over to you, handing you a red plastic cup.  You took it and gave him a secret look.  “Hey babe” You said.

Stiles almost instantly picked up on what you were doing, and responded with a wink as he took a sip of whatever alcohol was in his cup.

“Who’s this?” He asked, nodding to the boy that stood in front of you.  His once over of the young looking teen turned into a glare when he realized that the stranger had been drinking you up.

“Garrett” The boy said.  “And you are?”

“Both too old for you” Stiles said before he could think through what he was doing.  y/n’s head sharply turned as if warning him on what he was doing.  “So thanks, but no thanks, find another freshman to prey on” Stiles said, wrapping his arm around y/n’s waist protectively.  It was almost on instinct.

“Please, I don’t even believe whatever it is you’re trying to pull off here” Garrett said, gesturing to you and Stiles.  “She’s way too out of your league”

“Well fucking believe it” You spat, suddenly just as angry as Stiles as soon as he’d criticized your best friend.

“I don’t” Garrett shrugged, pursing his lips.  “Take an acting class, or prove it” Stiles’ eyes narrowed, and he opened his mouth to say something, but your fingers hooked under his jaw, turning his head so you could press your lips against his quickly, but lengthening the kiss as you passionately wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing your body completely up against his.  Stiles deepened the kiss, figuring that if you were gonna put on a show, might as well do it well.

Neither of you even noticed when Garrett walked away.

But when your ‘proving’ was deemed over, Stiles kept his arm around you the rest of the night, and made sure not to let you out of his sight again.

And that was that.

The fifth time, well… it didn’t start very smoothly.

You yanked on Stiles’ arm and sprinted into the library, your brain in total survival mode.

While you and Stiles were trying to fix up the Jeep, Donovan had thought it was a prime time for revenge.  When he’d gripped onto Stiles’ shoulder, who swung around and hit him in the side of the head with a wrench, you didn’t even register what had happened until he pulled on your arm and told you to run.  So now you were hiding in the library.

“I know you came in here!” The wendigo taunted as he entered.  Stiles’ breathing became uneven, and you shoved on his shoulders down until he sat behind a bookshelf hidden there.

“y/n get down” Stiles scolded in a hiss, his hand reaching for yours and pulling you down next to him.  You scooted up close to him as he released your hand.

Donovan continued to taunt Stiles, but it wasn’t until he mentioned his father that you realized how pissed it was making your friend.

“Stiles” You whispered, putting a hand over one of his trembling ones.  “Breathe”

“I want him dead” He muttered, and you maneuvered yourself to be sitting in front of him.

“I do too, but we can’t survive this if you lash out” You murmured, wrapping both of his shaking hands in your small ones.  You stared intently into his angry eyes.  “Anchor yourself, it’s not just a werewolf thing you know” You told him.

“Where is the little bitch!?” Donovan screamed, and Stiles almost moved to stand up, as though he was going to run after him, but you pushed him back down.

“Find one” You told him as sternly as you could in your soft voice.  “Right now-”

Before you could finish your threat, he’d leaned forward and captured your lips in a searing kiss.  You eyes widened as his thumb and forefinger held your chin in place, and they stayed open until he pulled away.  You continued to stare at him, your lips still pursed like he was still kissing you.  When Stiles opened his eyes he sighed deeply.

“I’m sorry”

And that was that.

You didn’t talk about what all happened night of your fifth kiss until the night was over.  Until you had safely returned to his house, and put on warm pajamas.  It was a silent agreement that you were staying overnight with him.  And it was what brought you to your sixth kiss.

You stepped into his room, wearing his his tee shirt and long sweatpants that even when rolled up were three sizes too big on you.  But you didn’t care, they made you feel safe.  Stiles was sitting on the edge of his bed, his head in his hands.  You almost cried at the sight, but held it back as best you could.

You crossed the room to him, kneeling in front of him and gently taking his hands in yours, revealing his grief stricken face.  You didn’t break the silence as you lifted his head in your hands gently, and stared into his eyes.  Through everything you’d been through together, you’d never seen him this broken.  You closed your eyes, and pressed your forehead against his, leaving a small kiss on the skin you could reach.  His upper cheek, just under his eye.

Stiles’ hands wrapped around your waist and tugged you closer to him until you stood up to crawl into bed.  He adjusted the blankets around you before leaving to turn off the lights and shut the door, then coming back to lay with you.  It was silent, and no one moved for a few moments.

But soon enough, Stiles’ arm wrapped around your front, and pulled your back against his chest.  You turned in his arms, facing him in the dark.

And in the dark, you managed to find his lips with yours, giving him a small, gentle kiss.  One that neither of you sure what all it meant other than ‘we’ll get through this together, i’m here for you’.

When you pulled away, you laid your hands on his chest, and pillowed your head.  You fell asleep to Stiles drawing on your back with his fingers.

And that… was that

this is something a lil different i thought i’d try out…

xoxo ~ jordie

Late Night Cuddles - Scott McCall

word count: 797
warnings: none for once
requested scoot fluff! (from a long time ago this has been sitting in my drafts for months)

You were peacefully sleeping, dreaming of things like picnics in meadows and flowy dresses that spin around your legs as you run barefooted through the soft grass.  Wide crooked white smiles and soft puppy brown eyes as his warm hand was intertwined with yours…

Key word here, is were.  As you were woken up by the ringing of your phone.  You grumbled and groaned, reaching a restless hand towards it, groping around your mattress in search of the source of noise.  You swiped your thumb across the screen, answering the call without even opening an eye.

“ ‘ello it’s y/n” You mumbled sleepily.

“y/n-y/n it’s Scott” You heard your boyfriend say.  Now you opened your eyes, pulling your phone from your ear to check the time.

“Scott? It’s three in the morning-”

“Can you come over?” He asked before you could finish.

“Ri-right now?”

“Please” You sat up, already going to your closet for leggings and a sweatshirt, changing out of your sleep shirt and shorts.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in ten, unlock your window” You said.

“Okay okay I will” You were putting on shoes and opening up your own window.

“I’m running over now” You said.  “I gotta hang up, I don’t want my parents to know that I’m gone” You said quietly.  “I love you” You added, hoping to help soothe his evident nerves.

“Love you too” He responded, and that was the end of the call.

You slipped your phone into your sweatshirt pocket, and tip toed out of the window.  Luckily, your room was on the first story, so it wasn’t difficult to sneak out.

You ran as fast as you could along the side walk, Scott’s house was about two blocks away.  Not too far, but enough that you were winded when you got there.  You climbed up the back ladder that got you to Scott’s window, and knocked quietly on the glass.  He was sitting on the end of his bed, and his head shot up as soon as you knocked.

You slid the window up, and climbed in.  You only had one leg in the room when Scott’s arms wrapped around you and scooped you up into a tight hug.  You let out a quiet gasp of shock, and he helped you the rest of the way into his room.

“Hey” You said softly, rubbing your hands in circles on his upper back.  “Hey, hey what’s wrong?” You whispered, and he tangled his hands in your hair.

“They got you, they got you” You waited a few moments, letting that settle in before speaking again.

“Who got me?” You asked.

“The Ghost Riders” Scott answered, not releasing you.  “The Ghost Riders got you and I- I” His voice cracked, and you pulled away slightly, running your fingertips along his jaw.

“Baby” You said softly.  “They’re gone, they’re not coming back” You assured.  “They aren’t coming back” You repeated in a whisper.

“Yeah but I couldn’t do anything-” You kissed Scott quickly and gently before he could get too worked up.

“I’m here now, I’m okay…I’m okay…” You placed another chaste kiss on his lips.

“Okay” Scott said, and you watched him take in a deep breath.  

“You wanna lay down?” You asked.  “We can cuddle” You added in a higher octave.  Scott broke into a small smile, he could never turn you down for cuddling.  He tugged you back towards the bed, falling onto his back.  You smiled and crawled onto the mattress next to him.  He pulled you over, until you were lying on top of him fully.

“Mm see this is nice” He hummed, and you nodded, tracing his hairline with the tips of your fingers, all along his jaw and cheek bones.

“Yeah it is” You smiled, and leaned down, pressing your lips against his, but your hair got in the way.  Scott chuckled, pushing it all to the side.

“I love you” You smiled, lips still brushing over his, not in a full kiss, but skin in skin.

“I know” You responded, and Scott huffed, rolling his eyes playfully.  You couldn’t even fully giggle until he flipped you over, both of you on your sides now.

“I…” He placed a kiss on your forehead.  “Love…” Another peck on your nose.  “You” A long, sweet kiss on your lips.  One that made you squeeze your eyes shut, and tangle your hands into the back of his hair as your mouths moved softly in sync together.

And when you finally parted, and he was stroking your cheek with one hand, his other arm wound securely around your back, you stared at him with total adoration.

“I love you too” You whispered, kissing him chastely, then nuzzling your head into the crook of his neck.

short, but something.

xoxo ~ jordie

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Presses a small kiss to Jyu's cheek as he sleeps next to him. Scott a happy banana; he got a friend that he likes a lot and wants to hang out with him even if he has a few mental problems from his head injury. "Night Jyu-chan."


                                       " NIGHT, NIGHT! “

          Sleeved covered hand reached up to gently, oh so gently, pat Scotts head. To say Jyushimatsu was worried was an understatement. ( It was apparent in his eyes ) He wanted Scott to be safe, to be happy, to smile happily. Jyushimatsu wanted to help him with so many things. The yellow clad wanted his name to be called from this boys mouth. It was such a sweet thing. Yet it pained him whenever he saw his dear friend hurting

          Fingers wiggled out of his sleeve and ran through Scotts hair. Slowly….they started downward now caressing the latter’s cheeks as they slept soundly. ( What could he do? ) His chubby legs moving to intertwine with the other’s long ones. ( How could a NEET help? ) It was quiet and Jyushimatsu closed his eyes to take in this sad yet wonderfully drawn silence as he pulled the other in for a hug.

No matter what.

No matter where.

No matter how.

Even if there are chains holding him back, he’ll break them.

Even if there are walls, he’ll smash them down.

Only for you Scott.

Goodnight. “

Heidi Kendrick; A Cabot Creek University Character Teaser…


                   ________________________“I have big dreams, I just have to summon the courage to go after them. It’ll come in time. I hope”________________________

  1. She hums as she walks, even without her headphones in.
  2. Bravery does not come easily for her, but curiosity does.
  3. She longs for more confidence.

❛   SCOTT.   ❜   the small brown haired boy yelled as he held his lunch box in his hand,    looking down at the items that had spilled out of it while he was trying to zip it.    the juice splattered all over the floor along with the    leftover pasta    that he was taking with him.   the sight of all of it mixed together made the boy’s stomach start to swirl in disgust     &&    before he knew it he was throwing up onto the floor.    definitely    not what he was planning to be doing,    but sue him,    he had a weak stomach.

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Tiger Appreciation Day 2: Pocket Tiger (2/5)

Upon stretching a hand, Scott attempts to channel his negative energies into reverse the polymorph spell… only for it to backfire. Almost literally. As soon as the stardust makes contact onto the Tiger’s fur, he bursts into flame. Swarna bellows and leaps away, racing away from the magician as he bounds off the hill. 

“Oh no!! Sumit, I’m sorry! Come back!!” They take chase… 

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Home invaders kill man in wheelchair, chase down caretaker

(NBC News) A caretaker ran for his life after two gunmen shot and killed a man using a wheelchair in a home invasion/homicide in the Tioga section of Philadelphia overnight.

The armed men forced their way into a home on the 3300 block of North Gratz Street late Thursday night as the caretaker helped the unidentified man inside, Philadelphia Police said.

“They just returned home,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said. “The caretaker was helping the 36-year-old who was in the wheelchair up the steps and into the front door of his home.”

from Propaganda Guard