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             “you weren’t supposed to see that, it was supposed to be a surprise still!” the boy spoke as he was shaking his head, dropping the items that were in his hand. he had meant to given scott the small box of chocolates tomorrow but he also had expected for the other to show up at his house right now. “i wanted to surprise you..”

scott porter small/medium high quality gif pack

i’m currently making gifs of Scott Porter for personal use, and decided i’d share them for anyone else who might also enjoy this cutie pie’s face. i can’t believe he only has one gif hunt and hardly any high quality gifs i could find. // this is still in the works, so there’s not a ton right now, and i’m not sure when i’ll stop making his gifs (whenever it is that i feel i have a good amount), so just keep up with it every once in a while. // at this point in time (feb. 2016) it’s going to be updated frequently. // they’re all from Hart of Dixie, they’re all high quality (minus some bad coloring choices here and there lmao) and it’s going to include a very nice variety of expressions, situations, scenery, actions, etc, so you shouldn’t be lacking in any area. at least not once i’m further along/finished.

you can find them here. liking/reblogging isn’t necessary, but it’s really nice to know when they’re appreciated. please enjoy

Face Grins On Mars Near Spirit Rover, Feb 8, 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.
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External image
Date of discovery: February 8, 2016
Location of discovery: Mars, Sol 347, Spirit
Source photo:

I found this face above in a Spirit Rover photo a few days ago and though you might be interested in it. Its two meters long from chin to top of hair. It has two large eyes, nostril holes and a long grin of a mouth. Also when the forehead gets to the hair line, the color changes to darker for its hair. 

This photo has a lot of faces in it. The culture that made them all must have been very frustrating to other alien species that just don’t give a rats ass about faces. I understand that feeling, but there they are…all over the freaking place. Apparently they cared…a whole lot. As long as I keep finding them, I will report them, but man! Why so many and so small?
Scott C. Waring

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Full photo below.
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Pages, etc.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday.  

Finish a few pages of revision.  

The “required” reading is a book by Scott Blackwell. “See How Small.”  A difficult novel. Ambiguity in the title, as with the rest of it.  It is only on a second reading that I begin to get it.  

At a loose end when Roger calls.  I go to his place for a beer.  He has no interest in the Super Bowl but I tell him let’s see Lady Gaga sing the National Anthem and then one thing and another happens and we end up watching the game.  I expected young Cam Newton, MVP of the year, to work his magic but it doesn’t quite happen.  

There is a halftime show featuring a bunch of people and they are singing something amid the din but I can’t pick up a word of it.  Beyonce is the big star.  I don’t get it, or her, but I am well out of the demographic.  

The military garb brings to mind Michael Jackson.  Someone, I forgot who, said he looked like a Ruritanian dictator.  

Broncos win.  Surprise. 

Realizing there is little in the larder at home I stop by the little grocery store.  A woman with a strange grin follows me around for a while until I successfully lose her.  Like something out of a horror movie…

 Home at a decent hour but cannot sleep.  (Note: Because the game was played on the West Coast it started 6:30 here.  Had I been in Hartsdale or even Queens it would have been something of a struggle getting back into the city.)

Note: Before the game I heard voices coming from the adjacent apartment and thought a husband and wife were having a lengthy argument.  But when I left Roger’s and was waiting in the hallway for the elevator I heard the same voices talking similarly and realized it was a Super Bowl party.  Duh. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Kuniko’s birthday.  

Very slow to get started.  

Still somewhat distressed about Long Island Phil’s going out of business.  

Try to write.  Do not leave the apartment.  Very bad, this.  I mean, having done some shopping I don’t have to leave.  Can manage.  But should make the effort to go out.  

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fat Tuesday

Talk to David Carp.  I guess you could say I learn something every time I talk to him.  He said he will forward me an obit re the Long Island Philharmonic (making it official).  Very sad about this.  

The phone rings but I do not get to it in time.  Finally, after some doing, get through to Dr. Ficazzola’s office and Claudy (I believe that’s the spelling) picks up and, thank God, recognizes my voice.  I am wondering if this is about an appointment I’ve forgotten.  It isn’t.  She just wants to be sure I get that blood test (re my prostate numbers).  Am relieved that she is checking on me.  

Head out and have a blood test at the local Quest.  Health coverage has changed radically.  I have to pay something up front.  Am in and out of there fast.  Go to Union where Roger’s band is rehearsing.  Afterwards go across the street to Mont Blanc.  Have two glasses of wine (when I only meant to have one).  Ergo, slight buzz as I am heading to class.  

Small, dedicated group at the school and Ms Dormen talks about the L. Bernlin book and class goes quite well.  I think this is only the second time I have been called on…  Funny, this.  

Bus uptown.  Walking in the door and turning on TV I think Bernie Sanders is giving a concession speech (New Hampshire primary) but…it’s a victory speech.  New Hampshire loves Bernie.  

Note: Some post Super Bowl talk about half time show and some are saying the attire was giving praise to the Black Panthers (I always meant to see that newish documentary).  And more talk about Cam’s sullen post game press conference.  


One of my favourite headcanons is that in the year or so between the Fantastic Four beginning and Scott joining the X-Men he became a slight (massive) superhero fanboy.

Especially the kind who makes up a ton of theories about how the powers work and gets really into tactics obviously. He then has to work out ways to act cool and not lame when he meets them, which fails.

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Bryan Lee O’Malley - Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim is a comic book series created by Bryan Lee O’Malley, it ran from August 2004 to July 2010, with 6 books, a video game, a movie and countless merchandise, it’s pretty safe to say Scott Pilgrim has a huge fanbase. Both the movie and book gained critical acclaim from readers.

What I really enjoy about Scott Pilgrim is the art style and the use of it’s comic book format, as it does in fight scenes or certain moments in the book, it changes it up to further get it’s point across. An example would be the lowest series of panels I chose, where Scott meets Ramona for the first time; the panels are slightly rotated to try and get the point across that this is an important scene for Scott as well as the whole point of the book. It could also be suggesting that the scene itself is kind of awkward, with Scott trying to make small talk with her.

Personally, I can enjoy both the black and white, and colour versions as the black and white version is quite stylized and looks very sleek. However, I myself have bought the colour versions because I really like the further implemented atmosphere that colours can bring. I also really like how they kept some areas of black shading because that is apart of O’Malley’s style.

Overall, I really enjoy the Scott Pilgrim book series, mainly because of it’s enjoyable and different art style. The fight scenes are incredibly well done and really get you pumped, even though nothing is actually physically moving, it has a lot of character to it.

Small Dawko tant

Dawko is currently suffering with anxiety (and I do as well-there’s nothing wrong with that!) but he still hasn’t apologised for being rude and slightly angry when some people in the fandom got upset over the mangle suicide teaser
I mean, if he has apologised, then please link us to it, but still, it’s kinda making me mad
-Mod MLG


Gif source:  Magic  |  Pack

Imagine being a witch in Beacon Hills and having powers and doing potions and stuff that save everyone’s asses.

——— Request for anon ———

“Come here, come here,” you sigh, pulling Stiles by his shirt to gently adjust his head so he could drink your potion. “This should get you moving again. Didn’t you guys learn your lesson from the first kanima that was roaming the streets of Beacon Hills?”

Deaton looks up at you from were he’s paralyzed on the floor beside Stiles as Scott gives a small snort across the room, “Apparently not.”

“Hey,” Stiles gasps as you pull the glass bottle back, the potion still rimming his lips as he smiles cheekily up at you, “isn’t that what we have you for?”

Scott chuckles, still struggling to move as you stand from a groaning Stiles who was just starting to get the feeling back in his limbs, “Always saving our asses?”