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Models that went/go to university
  • Christy Turlington: Graduated cum laude in 1999 from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study of New York University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in Comparative Religion and Eastern Philosophy and later continued her studies at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.
  • Kate Grigorieva: Has a Bachelor’s degree in marketing from the Murmansk State Technical University.
  • Sasha Pivovarova: Studied art at the St. Petersburg art institute and even hosted her own exhibit in New York City.
  • Anna Selezneva: Has psychology degree from Moscow State University.
  • Cindy Crawford: Studied chemical engineering at Northwestern University before dropping out to pursue modeling.
  • Iman: Studied political science at the University of Nairobi and speaks five languages.
  • Cameron Russell: Studied economics and political science at Columbia University, graduating with honours.
  • Edie Campbell: studied at The Courtauld Institute of Art, which forms part of the University of London and was awarded a first in her history of art degree.
  • Joan Smalls: Graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico.
  • Amanda Murphy: The American model is also a radiology technologist, who split her time at college between the runway and the hospital but gave up the former for two years of in-hospital training before heading back into the fashion world with Proenza Schouler and Prada exclusives.
  • Julia Nobis:  She began studying a Bachelor of science and applied science through Melbourne’s RMIT while walking for almost every big name in fashion and is currently working towards a postgraduate degree in medicine with dreams of becoming an ER doctor.
  • Karlie Kloss: After a week-long program at the Harvard Business School, she lelf Victoria’s Secrets and enrolled at the New York University’s Gallatin School. She has also spoken of her love of coding and after attending a two-week course at the Flatiron School donated a scholarship to the school for 20 young women to study coding aptly named Kode with Karlie.
  • Lily Cole: After trading the runway for library, the model’s hard work paid off, graduating from Cambridge University in 2011 with double first class honours in art history.
  • Lyndsey Scott: Graduated from Amherst College with dual majors in theatre and computer science.

Derek shows up to his first pack meeting after moving back to Beacon Hills wearing worn out jeans and a faded flannel, chest hair popping out near the top. His beard is full, his hair is longer, almost long enough for a bun, his eyes have smile lines. He’s happy. 

Stiles walks in late, his hair disheveled, his jeans a little tighter than they used to be, his black teeshirt clinging to his arms and chest in a way that made Derek’s mouth go dry. And don’t get him started on the tattoos, the vines and runes that twist up Stiles’ arms.  

“I thought I heard someone brooding,” Stiles says before he really even sees Derek, but when he does his jaw drops, “Who are you and what have you done with Derek Hale?”

And Derek, he laughs, “Hi Stiles, you look good.”

“Me?” Stiles sputters, his heart racing and his eyes wide, “Have you seen yourself? You look like a sexy lumberjack.”

Derek’s eyes go a little wider, his lips tug up in a private smile. It’s like they’re the only two people in the room. All he can hear is the steady beating of Stiles’ heart, all he can smell is the cinnamon and clove scent that is Stiles, all he can see are those honey brown eyes, at least until Scott clears his throat. 

“Uh guys, can you maybe eye fuck some other time? We’ve got three trolls in the preserve and we need to get them out before they kill someone,” Scott says, eyes darting between his returned pack member and his emissary. 

“Yeah, sure, yeah, we can fuck later,” Stiles says sounding a little dazed. Derek swallows and nods, eyes still on Stiles.

“That’s not what I said,” Scott mutters, turning away from the two of them and back to the rest of the pack, “I think we’re going to have to take care of this without Stiles and Derek’s help.”

“Can you manage that?” Stiles asks, shaking his head a little, “Something just came up and I’m busy now.”

“Just go,” Scott says with a small laugh. 

Stiles and Derek are out the door before Scott’s done talking. They emerge from Stiles’ apartment two days later both smiling and holding hands. 

hamlet, the almeida

I went to see Robert Icke’s Hamlet, with Andrew Scott in the title role, at the Almeida last night (free tickets for under 25s all this week! Go if you can!! If not, def try to see it when it transfers to the Harold Pinter theatre later this year)

My god, it was 4 hours long and absolutely stunning.

Some thoughts -

  • It’s modern dress, and employs the use of CCTV in ways similar to Greg Doran’s production. It’s a simple concept but I really like this.
  • Andrew Scott is 100% on point. He is made for this role, honestly. The awkward physicality, the simmering emotion in his face and in his gestures, the tears in his eyes, his sardonic smiles when he shares a joke with the audience (usually at Polonius’ expense)…all were top notch. He’s a very depressed but very funny Hamlet. I’ve not seen Andrew Scott in much before, but this performance seriously took my breath away and I’m definitely gonna be looking out for him in other things now. Also I was pleased that he kept his own Irish accent for the role; he’s got such a lovely soft, gentle voice, and when he raises it in a rare explosion of anger it’s incredibly evocative. 
  • I love the intimacy of the Almeida, it’s such a small theatre which really gave a lot of power to the moment he gave his ‘to be or not to be’ soliloquy. So close to us that we can stare into his eyes and really, properly feel it. He doesn’t shy away from catching people’s gaze and I love that.
  • The ‘get thee to a nunnery’ scene was one of the most powerful interactions between two characters I think I’ve ever seen on stage. 
  • Jessica Brown Findlay (who looks so different from her Downton days in this) gives a childlike Ophelia, who is very physically affectionate with Hamlet/Laertes/Polonius (wrapping her arms around them, burying her face in their chests, jumping up into their arms, etc) and very physical in general - in later scenes, she hits herself repeatedly in her anguish. 
  • I absolutely loved this Polonius (played by Peter Wight - second only to Andrew in terms of best performances in this production, imo.) The spying on Hamlet scenes were hilarious (esp as Hamlet ofc realises what he’s up to.) He’s brilliant!!
  • The only weak link I felt was the guy playing Claudius (Angus Wright), who rushed through every single line he spoke. He had the authority and the evil glint down well, and what this production did with the ‘play within a play’ scene was an excellent way for us to see his fear/guilt written all over his face, but his actual delivery of the lines was nowhere near the quality of…well, let’s face it, no one is ever gonna live up to Patrick Stewart in this role. 
  • I also much preferred Doran’s versions of a) the scene where Claudius is revealing his guilt in prayer (as opposed to in this production, where he and Scott’s Hamlet are staring right at each other, the latter holding a gun; I don’t think this had as powerful an impact as Tennant’s Hamlet sneaking up behind him with the knife, iirc) and b) the final scene of the play. But those were the only points I felt this production faltered.
  • (I also prefer the casting of the Ghost/Hamlet Senior in Doran’s production, being played by Patrick Stewart too, I loved that idea. In this, the Ghost/Hamlet Senior is played by the same actor who plays the Player King (David Rintoul) who gives a really great, authoritative performance tbf. But Patrick…  <3 lol.)
  • Notable mention: Luke Thompson’s Laertes was great! I really liked him. I think sometimes Laertes can be made to seem pretty unlikeable, but in this production you really feel for him.
  • Also, Rory Kinnear was in the audience near us :D Love that dude.
  • 4.5 stars!!! So very nearly perfect for me.