scott mccall fanfiction

Hotel in Paris - Scott McCall

word count: 5508
warnings: smut! (i tried!) and swearing
summary: the 6b plot line is thrown away and instead everybody’s going to France.  But your werewolf boyfriend is sorta in heat…

You were almost finished packing up, even though Scott and Lydia would be there to pick you up in twenty minutes to leave for the airport, you hadn’t brought yourself to actually pack until today.  And even when you’d pulled out your suitcase and picked out the outfits you’d wanted, you hadn’t even gotten around to getting it done until now.

You were frantically folding clothes and stuffing them into your suitcase while also packing a travel cosmetics bag and making sure your phone was charging.  You felt hectic, rushed, and it was making you anxious.

“Babe this whole room reeks of anxiety” You turned around, seeing Scott at your doorway and you freaked out even more.

“Oh my god are we leaving right now?” You asked, the panic evident in your voice.  Scott came into the room and set his hands on either of your arms.

“No, no I just wanted to come early to see you” He said gently.  “Calm down, you’re okay” He continued, and you sighed in relief.

“Thank God” You breathed, and went back to your packing.  Scott smiled at you, and watched anxiously as you put folded clothes into your suitcase.  He came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your middle, setting his chin on your head, then your shoulder.  You giggled at the feeling of his nose nuzzling into your neck.  “What? Why’re you all cuddly?” You asked, rubbing your hand over his that was set on your hip.  You continued to finish up your packing.

“Because you smell so good” He hummed lowly, making your stomach flip over.  His mouth latched to your neck, kissing and sucking on the side of your throat, successfully halting your work.

“Sc-Scott” You whined.  “I don’t have time for this” You told him, and he pulled his lips away from you, giving you a pout.  You turned your head and held his chin in your hand, pulling his lips against yours.  You held the kiss for a few moments before pulling away.

But even as you continued your packing, he kept his arms around you, and awkwardly waddled behind you whenever you moved.  You giggled, but didn’t try to pull out of his hold.  You liked being in his arms too much.  And it was calming you down enough to get all packed up.

“I love you” Scott told you in a wanting voice.  You turned to look at him, raising a brow.

“I love you too baby” You replied, and he stole a kiss from you, making you laugh quietly.  “Are you alright?” You asked him, and he nodded, closing his eyes and setting his chin back on your shoulder.  “Scott?” You asked, finally pulling out of his hold to turn around and face him.  But his arms grabbed onto you again.  “Open your eyes” You ordered.  He shook his head.  You rolled your eyes and curled your fingers around his crooked jaw.  “Scott” You said sternly.  “Open them”

He let out a long huff before opening his eyes, revealing their red color.

“You’re in heat?” You asked, and he hung his head with a sigh.  You giggled softly, and lifted his face with your hands.

“Hey… it’s alright” You said softly, stepping closer to him so you could peck his lips.  “And I promise…” You trailed off, leaning up so your lips were next to his ear.  “When we get there, we can have hot… hotel… Paris… sex” You said slowly.  Scott shuddered, and his hands gripped your waist tighter.

“Fuck baby I love you” He said before capturing your lips in his in a searing kiss.  You moaned, your hands running through his hair and gripping onto the dark strands.  He growled in response, quickly releasing your waist so that he could grip your thighs, lifting you up against him.  You obliged, wrapping your arms around his waist and rubbing up against him eagerly, your lips still locking against his, becoming more aggressive.

“Alright so who’s ready for- AH NO NO!” You leap off of Scott and chased after Lydia, who’d barely stepped into your room before running out screaming.

“Lyds!” You called after her.

“I’ll… I’ll get your suitcase” Scott said, but you were already down the stairs.

“Lyds I’m so sorry” You breathed, and she chuckled, shaking her head.

“It’s fine I’m totally messing with you.  Seems like you and Scotty are getting real hot and bothered together though” She said with a wink.  You flustered awkwardly, knowing he could hear your voices perfectly clear.  As well as your rapidly beating heart.

“Yeah uh… yeah” You sighed.  “Let’s just get going” You said, just as Scott made it down the stairs.  You smiled sweetly at him upon realizing he’d brought down your bags for you.  “Awe, thanks babe” You said, taking your backpack and suitcase from him and pecking him on the cheek.

“Alright! Let’s get going!” Lydia said excitedly, and led the way out the door.

After picking up Stiles and Malia, you were heading to the airport.  You sat in the back of the jeep in between Scott and Malia.  While Lydia sat in the front with Stiles who was now driving.  It was getting dark out as you drove through the town.  Lydia was going on excitedly about the trip, telling Stiles about the food and Malia all about the boys.  But you were just tiredly looking out the window whilst keeping your arm linked through Scott’s.  When you felt his hand caressing over yours, you looked over at him.

“You okay?” He asked, and you furrowed your brows at the question.

“I’m fine, why?” You replied.

“They’re getting all pumped and you’re quiet” He said.  “Just making sure you’re alright” You smiled at his sweetness and let him kiss your cheek.

“You’re the sweetest, you know that?” You asked, before leaning your head against his shoulder.  Scott just chuckled and let you rest there against him.

You were excited for this trip, very excited.  Especially to spend it with Scott.

You were tiredly standing at the gate where your flight was going to start boarding in a few minutes.  Malia was slouched on a chair, as was Stiles next to her.  Lydia sat on the floor, her head lying against Stiles’ legs while he ran his hands through her hair.  But you were standing with Scott, practically leaning against him.

“On the flight, you can sleep the whole way, alright?” He told you.  “It’s a whole eleven hours” You closed your eyes tight at the idea of being on a plane until six in the morning.

“Alright” You finally answered, and tried to relax against Scott.

“Now boarding flight 32, to Paris, France” The stewardess at the desk said over the microphone.

“Whoo that’s us!” Lydia leaped up, pulling Stiles by his hands.  Where s you Malia and Scott were a little more slow and tired to cheer along with them.  “Come on guys come on!” Lydia took everyone’s boarding passes and gave them to the woman at the desk all at once.  She counted through them, then looked up at the group in front of her, looking slightly frustrated.

“Alright, have a safe trip” She said, and you all exchanged excited grins as Stiles took back the boarding and handed them out to everyone before walking into the tunnel connecting to the plane.  Scott’s hand latched onto yours, looking over your shoulder to see what your assigned seat number was.  27.

“Did anyone get 26?” He called, and you smiled up at him while he exchanged tickets with Lydia.  “What?” He asked you, and you squeezed his hand, stepping into the actual plane with Scott close behind.

“You’re so cute” You said, finding your seat, and trying to quickly pick up your suitcase to put it in the overhead stowaway.  But Scott swiftly grabbed it and lifted it with one hand with ease, then put his own up with yours as well.  Again, you smiled and shook your head, then sat in the seat by the window, Scott sitting down next to you.  “What’d I do to deserve you?” You asked him, buckling in your seat belt.  Scott grinned lopsidedly towards you.

“You were being absolutely yourself” He said, making you blush and laugh nervously.  Scott watched you as you settled in, your hands slightly tightened on the armrest of your seat, and your eyes kept glancing out the window, up at the sky.  His brow furrowed as he hurt your quick beating heart.  “y/n?”

“Hm?” You turned your head to look at his concerned brown eyes.  Scott leaned closer, lowering his voice.

“Are you afraid of flying?” He asked you softly.  You opened your mouth to answer, but a short dinging sound rang and the captain’s voice was heard over the com.

“This is your captain speaking,” A man’s voice rang through the plane.  He continued with the general guidelines and safety procedures that the stewardesses showed everyone as example.  But Scott kept talking to you.

“I promise, that you are completely, and absolutely safe” He said, taking your hand in both of his.  You smiled weakly at him, and he placed a kiss on your knuckles.  “Nothing’s gonna happen, I wouldn’t let it” You chuckled and rolled your eyes.

“What a hero, stopping a plane crash” You said quietly, trying not to disturb the safety procedure being displayed.

“I would if it’d keep you safe” He said seriously, and again you laughed quietly.  Only Scott McCall.

Soon after the demonstration was over, the plane began to move, and out of instinct you squeezed onto Scott’s hand, your heart racing in your chest.  You’ve never been on a flight before, and the mere idea of being thousands of feet off the ground really freaked you out.  Your eyes shut tight, begging yourself not to look outside as it began to speed down the runway.

“You’re okay” Scott whispered to you, turning to face you and listening carefully to your heartbeat.  “It’s alright, you’re safe” He continued to murmur.  The wheels began to skid against the ground as the aircraft was lifting off into the air.  A small gasp came from your throat, but in seconds Scott had turned your head to face him, and slanted his lips over yours.  Your heart beat gradually slowed as he kissed you sweetly.  While his stomach was flipping and the beast in him felt his desire begin to pool in his chest, a heat coming over him at the feeling of your plump lips against his, he tried to brush over the feeling and keep the kiss gentle.  When you parted, you smiled at him, and he waited to open his eyes, until he knew they wouldn’t be blood red.

From the look you gave him, he could tell they still were.

“How long will this last?” You asked him, worry in your tone.

“Uhm” Scott swallowed and blinked a few times.

“The color’s gone” You whispered when his eyes were back to their normal chocolate brown.  “How long?” You questioned again.  Scott’s foot tapped on the floor.

“Until I do something about it” He mumbled.  You smiled sadly.

Of course you wanted to help him out now, you surely felt a similar burn that shot from your chest right down to your core that he must’ve felt as well, an intensified arousal.

“I’m sorry baby” You said softly, your brows drawn together in worry for him.  “I wish I could help you sooner than later” Scott’s lips quirked up, his eyes flickering in between yours.

“It’s alright love” He hummed, kissing your forehead before wrapping his arm around you, letting you lay your head onto his shoulder.  He held you as close as he could while confined in his seat.  You let out a soft sigh, feeling safe in his arms.

“I love you” You mumbled, eyes beginning to droop shut tiredly.  Scott pressed his lips against your head, holding them there for a minute.

“I love you too baby” He whispered into your hair before you passed out against him.

When you woke up again, you found that both of your arms were wound around Scott’s torso, and the arm that he had around you was gently running his fingertips up and down your spine.  You blinked your eyes open to see that he had a book in his other hand, reading it intently.  You smiled, basking in the moment for a few minutes before he could realize that you were awake.

“Morning sleepyhead” Scott said, still caressing your back.  You sighed slightly out of defeat, and moved to sit up properly, but Scott kept you snug against him.  “Don’t move” He mumbled, turning the page without looking away from it.  You gladly snuggled back into him.

“How long was I out?” You asked, and he made a hum as he checked the time on is phone to think about it.

“About three hours” He said quietly.  You hummed, and looked back at his book.  But Scott closed it and put it in his backpack.  “Have your weird dreams?” He asked, and you chuckled.  Scott always liked to listen to your weird dreams.

“No, not really” You sighed, making him frown.  “No I dreamt about Paris”

He smiled.

“Yeah? What about it?” He asked, his curiosity peaked as he somehow managed to pull you closer against him.

“Just… walking along sidewalks and looking at shops and talking all French-y” You giggled and it was a sound that brought a smile to his lips.

“Was I there?” You hummed and nodded.

“Course you were.  You’re in all my dreams Scott McCall” You said in a playful tone, then leaned slightly off of him to press your lips sweetly against his cheek.  He grinned, holding you close again.

“Well aren’t you soft today”

“Trying to be soft so you won’t be hard” You murmured just quiet enough that surrounding passengers wouldn’t hear, but that his enhanced hearing could pick it up easily.  He sighed, hanging his head for a moment.

“You know, you’re lucky you’re adorable” He breathed heavily, and you closed your eyes, snuggling back into him.

“I wanna sleep some more” You huffed.  “But I can’t now”

“Mm you want to listen to some music?” Scott asked, and you grinned up at him, but he was already getting his phone and earbuds back out.  “Good, because I made you a special playlist, just for this trip” You blushed at him, looking over his arm to see his screen.  But he blocked your view, offering you the earbud closest to you.  “Just listen to it” He said, and you gave him a playful glare before putting it in.

“Alright alright” You said, watching as he put in one as well.  A content smile played on your lips as you closed your eyes before he pushed play, trying to divulge yourself completely in the music.  Instantly the smile grew as an unfamiliar tune played but one that beautifull filled your ear.

Scott watched you as you drifted off next to him.  He wasn’t sure if you were falling asleep, or if you were just enjoying the music.  When your head hit his shoulder and a soft hum of a snore came out of your lips, he figured you were asleep.

His head slumped atop yours, and not long after he was dozed off as well.

You woke up to the feeling of a soft nudge against your shoulder.  You blinked, and looked over to see who had tapped you.  You were surprised to see Stiles was standing in the aisle, the back of his hand had been tapping against your shoulder.

“Mm- what-” You began to mumble, but he put a finger to his lips and nodded to Scott, causing you to look up and see he was fast asleep.  You smiled, adoring his peaceful sleeping puppy-like expression.

“Alright there heart eyes” Stiles hissed quietly.  “I just wanted to know if you were going to eat your cookie” You rolled your eyes, but grabbed the complimentary package off of the tray in front of your seat and handed it to him.  Stiles grinned and winked at you before going back to his seat.  You could hear Lydia scolding him quietly for taking your cookie, which only made you chuckle as you leaned back into Scott, putting back in your earbud.

“y/n?” You sighed slightly when you heard Scott’s voice, looking up at him guiltily.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up” You said, but he smiled and shook his head.

“No worries” He mumbled.  “Besides, it can’t be that much longer of a flight can it?”

seven hours later

“Remember over five hours ago when you said it wasn’t a long flight?” You yawned as you dragged your suitcase into the hotel.  Scott couldn’t even reply coherently.  In fact, everyone was very visibly exhausted.  You were sure that Malia was going to drop onto the floor any moment, and that one of you would have to carry her and her suitcase to your rooms.  You watched warily and with little interest as Lydia and Scott were at the counter, checking in and asking for room keys.  As well as other questions about things like breakfast and towels provided by the hotel.

“Hey” Stiles’ elbow bumped yours, and you blinked slowly towards him when you turned to him.  “You feeling alright? You’ve seemed off”

“Just… tired I suppose” You said, and Stiles gave you a look.  “Okay and I guess that I’m a little nervous this vacation isn’t going to… work” You told him slowly.

“Not going to work?”

“I mean, we’re supposed to be protecting Beacon Hills, what if something happens while we aren’t there? What if something happens while we’re here?”

“Hon, nothing’s gonna happen” Malia said.  You looked over to see she had the handle of her suitcase extended, her elbow resting on it and her hand supporting her head.  You were genuinely surprised she hadn’t fallen asleep standing there.

“We don’t know that” You mumbled with a shrug.  Malia made a big yawn and smacked her lips a few times.

“Pro’lly won’t tho…” You and Stiles looked to each other, both of you wondering if you should do something about her or not.

“Alright you guys, we got the keys finally” Scott and Lydia came back over to you, each of them holding a room key.  “Boys and girls?” The banshee asked, glancing over everyone.

“No way!”

“Definitely not!”

Both Scott and Stiles perked up instantly, shooting down the idea.  You almost jumped at how loud and quickly your boyfriend had spoken, your sleepy state vanishing as a more aware feeling replaced it.

“Really?” Lydia asked with a bored tone, but she was mostly just talking to Stiles.

“Yeah I mean… ya know…” If you weren’t so tired and if Stiles wasn’t so cringey, you would’ve made a comment.

“Babe, it’s one a.m, we’ve been on a plane, for nearly twelve hours, you really wanna-”

“Okay okay okay okay, Malia, come on you’re staying in our room” Stiles said, waving the werecoyote over to them.  Malia dragged her feet after them as they headed to the elevator, their suitcases rolling behind them.

“Guess that means we get our own room” You said to Scott with a quick wink before snatching the room key card out of his fingers.  His throat went dry and all he could do was stare at you.  “317” You read aloud, and handed the card back to him.  “Third floor it is.  Where are the others staying?” You asked as you and Scott began to head towards the elevator your friends had just taken.

“Fourth… wait…. Fifth.  Yeah I think fifth” You chuckled quietly and nodded, leaning against him as he pushed the button, waiting for the shaft to come back to the first floor.  Scott wrapped his arm around you without second thought, his palm running up and down your upper arm.  “You get anymore sleep on the plane?” He asked, and you tilted your hand back and forth as if to say so-so.

“I was, then Stiles woke me up to ask for my cookie” Scott laughed and shook his head.

“None after that?”

“Eh, I was enjoying your music.  You made me a magnificent playlist Scott thank you” You told him with a sweet smile.  He smiled back and kissed your head.

“I’m glad” He hummed before the doors opened.  You stepped in, Scott sliding his arm down around your waist, waiting impatiently for the doors to close again so you’d be secluded.  Luckily no one else was there.

So when the elevator dinged and the doors slid shut again, Scott released his luggage, tugging you closer and smashing his lips against yours.  You moaned instantly out of surprise, but your arms quickly flung around his neck so you could hold yourself more securely against him.  Your lips moved feverishly and all attempts for your tongue to dominate over his failed.  The mere idea of someone coming onto the elevator was the furthest thing from your mind as he shoved you against the wall, moving quickly towards your neck and leaving a trail of kisses everywhere he went.

“Sc-Scott” You barely mumbled out as he found your sweet spot with ease, furiously sucking on it and you swore you could’ve come right then, no stimulation or anything just the feel of him caging you in and his tongue rolling over a newly made love bite just below your ear.

“Shh, we’re on our floor” He spoke lowly, and fixed your hair and outfit for you.  Surely enough, the elevator slowed to a stop, and you shakily grabbed your suitcase before the doors opened again.

You’d give anything to have the room two floors higher right about now.

But you just tried to adjust yourself appropriately and follow him out into the hallways, heading towards your room.  You kept your steps quick, and not once did his grip on your hand loosen.  Even as you reached your room and he slid the keycard through the electric scanner, he still held onto you and pushed through the door.  You rushed in first, grabbing his suitcase in your empty hand and pushed them both into the small closet.  You could faintly hear the door close, but your heart was thundering so fast in your chest with adrenaline and lust that you didn’t register it until you turned to see it had closed, encasing you and Scott in the darkness of the hotel room.  He was already shrugging off his jacket, but took too long so you gripped the sleeves, and yanked them down his arms, discarding the offending coat to the floor and crashing your lips up to his.

A strangled sound that was a cross between a moan and a gasp left his lips upon your sudden action, and he wasted no more time as his hands found your hips, fingers slipping under the material of your shirt and pulling it swiftly up over your head.  It joined his own jacket on the floor.  The alpha smirked at you as he pulled his own shirt over his head, as though the action couldn’t have been done fast enough.  His hands cupped around your face for a moment as he kissed you again, softly but quickly.  Both of your feet blindly moved backwards, hoping to find where the bed was located.  Your shuffling stopped when he abruptly dropped his hands to your ass, lifting you up forcefully against him.  It was like instinct took over as they wrapped around his waist while his mouth leisurely left love bites all over your neck.  Your head tilted back as a filthy moan tumbled from your lips.  This only piqued Scott’s interest as he took to licking a light stripe from your clavical all along the front of your throat.

“Fuck” You whispered, never having had him do that before, but it was hot.  You lowered your head again to kiss him roughly, biting gently down on his bottom lip, and before he could even react, you were slipping your tongue into his shocked and now open for entry mouth.  This time Scott was prepared, his own tongue winning the battle of dominance before yours could even try.  You whined at your loss, but Scott didn’t seem to care.

“Awe, poor baby” He murmured, the tip of his nose sliding temptingly along your jaw, settling and nuzzling into the sweet spot below your ear that he’d previously left a small but deep purple mark.  You fisted your hands into his thick hair, a silent beg for something to happen.

And he granted this wish, dropping you completely onto the mattress which emitted a small yelp from your lips as you fell back, but you took the moment apart to wiggle out of your cozy travel leggings and kick them desperately to the floor.  Scott grinned, his hands wrapping around your ankles and pulling you to the edge of the bed.  You smirked up at him briefly before he slanted his lips over yours hungrily, a groan deep in his throat.  The sound only spurred you on further, hands flying out to the buckle of his belt and undoing it in lightning speed.  Scott chuckled.

“Eager are we?” He asked, and you looked up at him as you pulled the leather strap from all the loops around his jeans.  You grinned, getting up on your knees on the bed so that you were eye level with him.  His belt being dropped to the floor as you loosely laid your arms over his shoulders.

“Scott, I love you” You started sweetly, but leaned closer and seductively whispered, “But there’s something really fucking sexy about you when you’re in heat” He rose a brow at you, as though questioning your statement.

“Really?” He mused, and before you could reply, you were pinned back onto the mattress, his body hovering over yours.  “Because I think you forget how this goes” He growled out, causing all the air in your lungs to be lost.  “You think I’m going to beg for you?” Scott’s lips moved slowly as he spoke, a mere inch away from yours and you so terribly needed to feel them against yours again.  “You’re mine” He uttered, fingers trailing down your bare side, dancing along the hem of your panties and making you squirm.

“Scott” You whimpered, and he smirked at you.

“You’re the one who begs, I take what I want” He said in a smugness you’d never heard before.  He ducked his head down, lips planted wet kiss down your chest and between the valley of your breasts.  “These?” He kissed the swell of either breast, “Are mine” He continued, kissing down your stomach as it dipped in while you sucked in a harsh breath.  He looked up at you as he reached the hem of your panties once more, your eyes connecting and something fiery igniting inside of you.  Scott kept this gaze as he took two of his fingers, and stuck them into his mouth, hollowing his cheeks as he wet them.  You stirred on the blankets, but his other hand kept your hip planted down against bed.  “This?” He whispered, tucking the inner silk fabric to the side.  You hissed as he blew cool air against your wetness, then swiped his fingers up the slick entrance.  “Mine” He uttered, and again licked his fingers clean.

With that, he yanked your panties down your legs, and crawled back up your body to plant a hard kiss against your lips.

“So,” He murmured, kicking off his own boxers.  “You better start begging”

“Please” You cried out quietly, your brows scrunching together as you tried to wiggle up towards him, hoping to relieve some of the tension, but he kept you firmly pressed against the covers.

“Please… what?” He taunted, a smirk playing on his lips.  You groaned, hands wrapping over his shoulders at the base of his neck, pulling him down closer to you.

“Fuck me” You uttered out, and he smirked, lining himself up with your now dripping entrance.  He grinned, and without warning slammed into you.  You gasped, your hold on him tightening and your nails digging into his skin at the deliciously rough movement.  There wasn’t even time for you to adjust to his size, before he was rolling his hips again, your tits bouncing as your head rolled back, eyes fluttering shut as more and more desire flooded through your body.

Scott’s hands rose from where he kept himself up on the mattress, to grip onto the headboard, thrusting into you again, then keeping is quick pace.  Quicker than usual that is.

“Sc-Scott” You moaned, jaw quivering slightly as you met each of his thrusts, gasping slightly as he hit a spot deep inside you that made your muscles quiver.  “F-fuck fuck keep doing that” You pleaded, barely opening your eyes enough to see his own irises were glowing a blood red color.  Scott complied, and you could hear the wood headboard hitting the wall as is grip on it tightened.  Your shaking legs wrapped up around his hips again, allowing him further inside of you.  You snuck a hand down your stomach, your middle and forefinger coming into contact with your swollen clit and rubbing quickly over the sensitive nub, only making your moans louder.

You only cared about being heard by others in the hotel for a mere .2 seconds.

Once Scott swatted your pleasuring hand away and replaced your fingers with his thumb, rubbing tight figure eights over your clit as he continued pounding into you, you lost all care.  You practically screamed his name, along with other incoherent but dirty cries.  Scott leaned over slightly, eyes flickering from yours to his lips, his movements not stalling once as he kissed you roughly, teeth catching your plump lip before rolling his tongue over the area.  Your eyes fluttered open, meeting his as he pulled his mouth away from yours.

“I-I’m close” You stammered, your open lips brushing against his as he continued on.  “Scott harder p-please” You whined, and he obeyed, a snug smirk toying on his lips as the hand that had previously been rubbing feverishly on your clit, gripped onto your hip to stop your own movements, and slam your hips against his roughly.  You gasped and you were certain that every single muscle in your body was shaking, and you could feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge with every thrust.

“Fuck y/n” Scott grumbled, and you barely saw the red in his eyes before your vision flooded white and you were overcome with a wave of pleasure.  You screamed out his name one last time, and soon after you could feel hot semen flowing inside of you.  Your eyes had fallen shut, and you felt the bed shift as he fell to his side next to you.

Your chest heaved and you both layed sprawled naked (though in all the rushed madness you hadn’t even taken your bra off).  Your hand blindly reached for him, the back of your knuckles resting on his chest for a moment.  Scott turned his head towards you, taking in your exhausted state as he clasped his hand around your momentarily before getting up.  He pulled his boxers back on, and went over to where you’d haphazardly shoved them.

You were almost asleep when you felt him adjust your legs, slipping a soft new pair of cotton panties and kissing your forehead as he maneuvered your body up slightly so he could undo the clasp of your bra, and pulling the straps off your arms.

“Back for more?” You mumbled sleepily, and he couldn’t help his chuckle as he helped you into a tee shirt he’d packed just for you to sleep in.  You smiled gratefully, your arms wrapping around his neck before he could move away.  “Stay”

“Baby I am” He said, another small laugh, but you wouldn’t release.  So he just lifted you up and scooched you over slightly so he could crawl into bed, adjusting the covers to lay over your body and his.  You smiled lazily and snuggled right up next to him.

“Do you feel better now?” You whispered as you got comfortable against Scott’s chest.  He smiled, rubbing his thumb over your forehead comfortingly as he dropped a kiss there.

“Much” He hummed in response.  “I love you” You smiled, pulling back enough so you could hook your finger under his chin and pull his lips down to yours in a soft kiss.

“I love you too” You whispered out, kissing him again and then laying your cheek against his chest, warming you up instantaneously.  Scott sighed, his hands rubbing along your back, fingers trailing on your arms.

“Goodnight baby” He finally spoke quietly, his velvety lips still bushing over your head.

“Goodnight, Scott” You yawned back before falling asleep.

scott mccall in heat is my actual kink
(i could use feedback cuz i’m still new to smut?)

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the kinky stuff // completed version (stiles one shot)

Summary: Stiles Stilinski asks you to dominate him in bed. What, are you just not going to ride his face?

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x reader

Rating: Mature for heavy swearing, graphic sexual description

A/N: This contains part one of the kinky stuff (or where stiles wants y/n to dominate him).

Originally posted by 40daddyskitten

“You’re all mine, pet.”

Stiles whimpered as I rasped into his ear. I never thought I’d get so much satisfaction out of blindfolding my boyfriend, handcuffing him to a chair, and reducing him to incoherent begging. But this was all his idea.

When Stiles had so casually suggested over pizza that we spice up our sex life, I was caught off guard—and a little offended. Did he think I was too boring? Too… vanilla? Stiles was the only one I’d ever been with and up until that conversation, I assumed he was just as satisfied as I was with our usual routine. After fumbling apologies, he explained that that was precisely the problem. Routine. Predictability. Formula.

So that’s how he wound up taking me to his closet and showing me the handcuffs he’d stolen from his dad last summer and asked me to dominate him.

Things were awkward at first to say the least, but I think I surprised both of us with how proficient I was at… the kinky stuff.

Stiles panted, “I’m all yours, only yours. Please, baby…”

Without warning, I fisted his hair and sharply tugged his head back.

“What was that, pet? Did we forget something?” I taunted. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down the elegance of his outstretched neck as he gulped.

“Ma’am, sorry—I meant ma’am,” he stuttered.

“Good boy,” I cooed, lining kisses up the column of his throat.

“Only for you,” he breathed, gasping when I bit down on his bottom lip and gently tugged.

“Oh, you’re too sweet,” I praised. I tried not to revert back to my normal self, who would typically swoon at Stiles’ compliments. I tried to remember that I needed to stay in character. For Stiles. This was his fantasy and I was here to make his dreams come true.

With that in mind, I begrudgingly pulled away. His bottom lip jutted outwards in a pout as he stomped his foot in retaliation.

“Look at you, pet.” I slowly circled Stiles, the clicking of my heels communicating my location. “Do you know how beautiful you are right now? With your hair all in disarray, your mouth so red and open like that…”

I came up behind Stiles and slowly ran my palms down his chest. My nails scratched his nipples on my way down and he gasped. Stiles turned so that his cheek nuzzled against my arm.

“Do you really think I’m beautiful?”

I smiled; he sounded so small and vulnerable beneath me, like he was clinging to every word, every touch.  

“Of course, pet,” I replied softly. “You’re so fucking beautiful, I can’t stand it.”

Stepping in front of him, I untied Stiles’ blindfold and pried it loose. I almost sighed in relief when he finally blinked his eyes open and I encountered his warm, brown irises.

“Welcome back, pet. How’s the view?”

“[y/n]…” Stiles gave me a once over. I flushed red as he took in my outfit, his eyes going wide. I stood in front of him only in a pair of matching black bra and panties. He helplessly struggled against the cuffs, his shoulders spasming away from the chair.

“Please, let me touch you,” Stiles pleaded. “I need to touch you.”

“Now, now, let’s not get impatient,” I teased.

I took him in. He was even more beautiful up close. This might be my new favorite Stiles, with his cheeks dusted red, sweat matting his hair to his forehead, veins straining against his neck because it’s all he can do to not to explode as my hands trailed up his thighs.

Bracing myself on his shoulders, I descended onto his lap. “Do you have any idea what you do to me, Stiles? How hard it is to control myself around you? How wet you make me?”

“God, [y/n], you’re driving me crazy…”

“Good. Then you finally know how it feels.” I smirked. “But don’t worry, pet. I’m gonna take good care of you.”

“Fuck, [y/n]—touch me, please,” Stiles quietly pleaded. His words sparked fire inside me, heat rushed directly to my core. I involuntarily arched my hips against his crotch, grinding down on him. Stiles let out a throaty moan.

“Now, I know you can ask nicer than that.”

“Please, I’ll be good, I’ll be so good for you, ma’am. I’ll do anything you want. I can’t take it anymore. Please,” Stiles begged. Sweat collected on his top lip as he spoke. The prominent bulge in his pants confirmed his pleas.

“Hmm, now was that so hard?” I rolled my hips once more against him, relishing in the way his erection hardened against my panties.

“Fucking hell, yes—God that feels so good. Just like that. Yes, anything. Please, I want to touch you.”  

I leaned forward and clamped my teeth down on the shell of his ear. Stiles buried his face into my shoulder and groaned.

“Patience, pet. All in good time,” I whispered. I pulled back momentarily, then closed my mouth over his lips. He wasted no time as he shoved his tongue into my mouth, grazing over my teeth. I responded immediately, unable to contain my moans at his urgency. I grabbed the sides of his face and mushed our lips harder together.

While Stiles was preoccupied with my mouth, I unbuckled his belt and snuck my hand into his pants, rubbing him over his boxers. He bucked his hips into my palm, causing me to gasp.

“Eager, are we?” I playfully mocked.

“You have no idea.”

I grinned down at him. “In a moment, I’m going to uncuff you. And when I do, you are not allowed to touch me unless I tell you to. You are not allowed to come until I tell you to. You are not allowed to do anything unless I tell you to. If you obey, you will be rewarded. If you don’t, you will be punished. Do we have an understanding, pet?”

Stiles bit his bottom lip and gazed up at me.


I lovingly stroked his hair. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

I smiled warmly at him. “Perfect.”

I made a show of reaching into my bra, pulling out a small metal key. As I stepped around to Stiles’ joined hands, I heard him exhale. I inserted the key into the lock and turned. As soon as I heard the small click!, Stiles pulled his arms forward and above, stretching and rowing. I merely stared at his back, captivated by the way his muscles moved under his skin, ebbing and flowing with his movements.

Passively, I wondered if Stiles would continue to comply as earnestly with my demands.

“Alright, remember what I said,” I warned as I stepped around. I used his shoulders as leverage and leaned down low in front of him. “You’ll do exactly as I say, right?”

Stiles nodded this time as he blatantly stared at my cleavage, smirking as he rubbed his wrist. I couldn’t help but blush, feeling some of my authority slip away. He continued to silently watch me, his knees spread open in a wide stance.

I shot up and crossed my arms over my chest, suddenly insecure. I cocked my head to the side.

“What the hell are you staring at?”

“Sorry, you’re just so goddamn beautiful.” Stiles leaned forward, his hand reaching forward as he brushed his fingertips against my mid thigh.

I swiftly slapped the back of his hand, the resounding smack! reverberating through the room. I smirked at Stiles’s shocked expression and cupped his cheek, forcing him to look up.

“Stiles?” I said sweetly.


“What did I say about touching me?”

“Said not to,” he mumbled.

“Good. Try something like that again, and I’ll make you regret ever suggesting this. Now, take off your clothes.”  

Stiles faltered slightly, then recovered almost immediately as he stood up and cooperated. He maintained eye contact the whole time as he kicked off his shoes and socks. He pulled his belt loose and shoved his pants down, standing completely naked before me with his arms crossed over his chest, mirroring my stance.

He quirked an eyebrow, like he was challenging me to make my next move. I kept my head high, refusing to cower away.

“Right,” I began confidently.” “Go lay down.”

I motioned dismissively towards the bed.

He nodded and obeyed. I trailed behind him, not too subtly checking out his ass. I stopped at the foot of the bed, pausing to admire the sight before me. Stiles had chosen to lay down completely flat with his legs crossed and his hands joined together behind his head. He had that same smirk adorning his expression, that familiar air of arrogance he knew would turn me on.

I stood at the foot of the bed, staring down at him.

“We had a little bit of a slip up, but you’ve been good aside from that. I think you deserve a reward now, don’t you?” I tapped my chin, pretending to consider something.

“Yes, m…“ Stiles trailed off as I began to crawl over him. When I continued past his waist, his breath hitched. “Fuck. Fuck.

Biting my lip, I stifled a string of nervous laughter as I came up to straddle his head, one knee on either side of his face. I reached down to stroke his hair and looked directly into the pair of amber eyes that peeked out from between my thighs.

“Can we try something new, pet?”

Stiles nodded fervently.

I shivered as his warm, frantic breaths fanned over my wet core.

“I—“ I was cut off by my own giggle as I pondered the absurdity of my next statement. “I was wondering if I could ride your face.”

Without even replying, Stiles set into action. He didn’t even close his eyes as he pulled me all the way down and placed a kiss right on my panty-clad sex.

“Stiles!” I yelped. I gripped his headboard to keep from crushing him as my knees gave out.

He cheekily winked at my reaction before shoving my underwear aside and leaning forward to run his tongue over the entire expanse of my bare slit. He clasped my thighs, squeezing the soft flesh. In turn, they clamped tighter around his head as my back concaved inward, unable to handle his sudden lapping against my sensitivity.  

“Does that feel good, baby? Do you like it when I do that?” Stiles urged.

“Yeah that-ah! That, that’s good. Like that,” I stuttered out, too enraptured to correct his use of pet name.

“I want to make you feel good. I’m gonna make this so good for you, baby. You’re gonna come so hard.”

“God, Stiles…” I moaned as Stiles continued to mutter some of the filthiest things he’s ever said. He punctuated his promises by sucking furiously on my overly-stimulated bundle of nerves.

“Fuck!” I cried out when he suddenly grazed his teeth around my clit. As if that wasn’t enough, he proceeded to tug on it and rapidly flicked his tongue against it, effectively turning my legs into jelly.

I nearly keeled over when Stiles slipped in two fingers without warning. I gripped to the headboard for dear life as Stiles edged me towards climax.

“Shit, Stiles. I can’t, I’m gonna, I’m—“ My brain shut down as my orgasm took over. I reached down and tugged on Stiles’s hair, burying his face deeper inside me. As my mind turned to mush, I rode out my orgasm on his face, just like I said I would.

I’d never felt dirtier or sexier as Stiles lapped up my dripping slit, his hands grasping my ass so tight.

My vision felt slightly foggy to match the state of my thoughts. I squeaked when Stiles started kissing the quivering flesh of my inner thigh, breaking me out of my post-orgasm haze. I was still giddy as fuck as I collapsed on the bed beside Stiles.

“Woah… fuck. Are you okay, Stiles? Did I hurt you?”

“No, of course not! I’m fine, I’m fine but—how did I do? Was that good? Did I do a good job?” Stiles rambled. Looking over, Stiles was gazing at me starry-eyed, his cheeks flushed and wet, mouth swollen and pink. I nearly came again at the satisfaction of knowing that I did that to him. Because he’d asked me to.

“You did amazing, pet,” I panted. “What about me? With the whole… domination… thing.”

“Baby, that was the hottest thing I have ever experienced. You were fucking fantastic. We’re doing this again,” Stiles stated matter-of-factly.

I felt heat spread across my chest and up my neck. I leaned over and kissed him roughly and I could smell myself on his face and taste myself on his tongue and the paradox of it all was a bit overwhelming, that he could do so many dirty things to me and still be so innocent and he made me feel so free but I knew I was tethered, so wholeheartedly anchored to this boy.

I pulled back and pecked his nose, which he crinkled in response. I giggled at his expression. “God, stop being so cute all the time.”

Stiles smiled shyly and ducked his head.

“You first.”

I snorted and extended my arm towards him.


Stiles snuggled into my embrace, nuzzling his face cozily into my chest. I ran my fingers through his scalp, mumbled sweet nothings into his hair. “I’m actually going to love you forever. You know that, right?”

Stiles looked up and frowned at me before leaning forward and placing a kiss right under my chin.

“I mean, I’m going to, so you might as well,” he sarcastically replied. Old Stiles was back.

I kissed his forehead in response. Stiles started to feel heavier on my form.

“Wait, no! Don’t fall asleep! I still have to, you know…”

“Whaaat,” Stiles whined.

“I have to return the favor.”

Stiles’s looked at me so witheringly unamused, he could’ve put Derek’s resting bitch face to shame.

“I love you, [y/n], but you’re fucked out. And so am I. Go to sleep.”

He resumed his position snoozing on my chest. I nearly protested, but decided I really was too tired, and opted instead to continue stroking his hair. We slept for hours.

The next morning, I sucked him awake, and we both agreed that I’d effectively returned the favor.

the 1 rule for watching teen wolf:

don’t get emotionally attached because you will get emotionally attacked

Camping Trips - Stiles Stilinski

word count: 1862
warnings: swearing
a/n: you’re scott’s werewolf twin sister and stiles’ gf :)
requested by anon!

“Did we have to leave so early?” You whined, dragging your feet as you wrapped your blanket tighter around yourself.  Your brother rolled his eyes, claiming the backseat of the jeep and laying across it.

“If we wanna get a good spot in the woods, yes” Scott told you, fluffing his pillow on the car seat.  You headed to the passengers side of the vehicle.  Only to find the door already being held open for you by your amazing boyfriend, Stiles.

“Mm thanks” You said, sleepily kissing his cheek before climbing in.

“Who says chivalry’s dead” Stiles said with a wink.  You were too tired to respond, so he just tucked  your blanket around you and found a way to  buckle you in without making you uncomfortable.  “Get some sleep” He reached across and pecked your cheek

He closed the door and quickly walked around the other side.  He got in and turned the key a few times before the engine started.

“Hey wait” Scott said, lifting his head just enough so Stiles could could see him in the rear view mirror.  “You can’t go yet, you didn’t tuck me in and kiss me” He said with a whine and a snicker.

“Fuck off” You muttered, curling up in the seat for better sleep.  “All the stuff’s in the back right?”

“Yep” Stiles answered.  “Scott and I piled all the bags and stuff in last night when you passed out on the recliner” Scott chuckled from the back.

“How much fun can she be camping if she sleeps through everything?”

“Fuck off Scott” You gritted.  A small growl left your lips.  Stiles reached his hand over the console as he rubbed your arm gently.

“Okay okay you two, both of you go to sleep and behave or I’m turning Roscoe around!”

“Stiles, babe, we’re not even out of your neighborhood yet” You said, making both you and Scott laugh.

“For God’s sake just sleep” Stiles groaned.

An hour later, you were eating a pack of Twizzlers while Scott belted out the lyrics to Cool for the Summer.

You looked over to Stiles.  

“I’m your favorite twin, right?” You asked, gesturing to the backseat where your brother was being a dumb ass.  Stiles rolled his eyes.

“What!? She’s your favorite? You were my friend first!” Scott exclaimed.

“Hey hey hey!” Stiles yelled, ready to slam on the horn.  “It changes… here and there” Stiles said, pursing his lips and bopping his head back and forth as he pulled up to a stop light.

“Oh please!” Scott waved his hand dramatically.  “What can she do for you that I can’t do better?” 

You and Stiles turned to look at Scott, silently staring.

“Well, I can think of a few things” Stiles stated.  “But hey if you wanted to test it out man-”

“No, no, just stop” Scott sighed, laying back down along the backseat row.  “I’m going back to sleep.  Don’t wake me till we’re there”

And with that, Scott put in his earbuds, cranked up his music, and closed his eyes.  You looked over at Stiles for a moment, then curled back up in your seat, enjoying the silence that followed.

Another hour passed of you and Stiles making small talks and mini naps.  As well as you insisting on driving so Stiles could rest, but he’d never let another person drive his baby.

“Scott! Scotty hey wake up buddy!” Stiles said as he began the route through the woods.  The alpha jumped up mid snore.

“Wha-what? Are we here?” Stiles chuckled and shook his head.

“Not yet really, but I thought you’d like to help pick out the spot” Stiles said.  Scott turned and looked out the window.

“That clearing right there, with the trees”

“With the trees?” You snorted.  “Scotty, we’re in the woods” 

Leave me alone I’m helping” Scott mumbled.  Stiles pulled over in the spot and parked.  You smiled at him, and got out of the car without a word, already going around the back to open up the trunk.  You grabbed both of the bags containing the tents, as well as as many blankets as you could stack up in your arms.  You were thankful that the boys had seemed to pack all of them.

“Oh hey” You heard Stiles say, and turned to where his voice was.  Not that you could see over the pile of fabrics.  He took a few, enough that you could see.

“Haha, thanks Stiles” You said, and earned a kiss in response.

“Welcome” He said, already heading over to the small clearing, and laing down a bunch of them.  You followed after, and could hear Scott carrying things behind you.

“Hey, uh, guys?” Scott called.

“Yeah buddy?” Stiles replied as you began laying down blankets with Stiles.

“Where’s the other tent?” Scott asked.  You cocked your head to the side.

“What do you mean?” Scott chuckled, setting his things down and settling his hands on his hips.  “Well, one two three..” He pointed at each of you, then looked at the two cases of tents in your arms.  “One… Two” He finished.

“Oh, well y/n and I were just gonna share one” Stiles shrugged, taking one of the tents from you to set it up.  “I mean, we’re past the asking for your blessing to sleep with your sister, right?”

“It’s just… I don’t know I thought we’d all be separate tonight” Scott said with a shrug.

“Oh me too” You said, and walked over to Stiles, who was on his hands and knees setting up the tent.  “But Stiles got too scared” You said in yur best baby voice, pinching his cheeks.

“Ha.  Ha” He monotoned, and you giggled.  Scott went back to setting up the other tent.  Which he finished before Stiles could even understand what the instructions were saying.

“Do we need firewood or something?” Scott asked.

“Oh yeah! That’d be great” Stiles grinned, and Scott high fived him on his way to scavenge in the woods for such.  As soon as he had left, you wandered over to Stiles, and helped him set up the tent.

“Something’s wrong with Scott” You told him, and he stopped trying to set it up.

“What do you mean?”

“I feel like he’s… lonely” You said softly.  Stiles watched you intently as you propped up the tent, locking the pegs in place.

“You think e’s lonely? He just spent two hours in the car with us-”

“Stiles” You said softly as you finished the tent.  “Think of it this way” You walked over and stood in front of him.  “He had, what you and I have now” You gestured between you.  “He had all of the sparks and laughs and random late night ‘let’s stay awake for no reason and talk about the random things’ he had everything in his hands, and then she died” Stiles sighed, already seeing where you were going with this.  “He got it again, took him forever to let it happen but it did” You murmured.  “And she had to leave too” Stiles breathed out heavily, looking at the ground.

“I see” He sighed.  You smiled sadly and took both of his hands.

“He lost this,” You squeezed his hands, staring into his eyes, then placed a quick but soft kiss on his lips.  “Twice, Stiles” You said quietly.  “And I know he’s my brother, and we argue, and fuck, he can be a real stick in my ass, especially with those morals” You and Stiles both laughed quietly.  “But… but maybe tonight we really all stick together?”

“I can agree to that” He said, releasing your hands to pull you in for a hug.  “But now what about that rendez vous?” You chuckled, and tilted your head back to look up at him.  You almost had to do it all the way.

“Well maybe” You murmured lowly.  “If you do this solid for me..” You leaned up, planting a small kiss on his cheek before brushing your lips against his ear.  “Then when we get back to Beacon Hills… I’ll do that thing you like…” You didn’t see Stiles’ brows raise dramatically, but you figured he had some kind of contorted expression right now.  “In a certain Leia costume I ordered a bit back”

“Holy shit you didn’t-” Stiles let go of you to look you in the eye again.

“Thought it’d be a good birthday present” You said with a wink.  Stiles grinned, his hands cupping your face.  “God I love you” He said, pulling your lips against his quickly and passionately.

“Okay guys I- WOAHLY SHIT!” You sprung off of Stiles, spinning around to see your brother with a heap of wood in his arms.  “Jesus, I’m gone for a few minutes and you’re all over each other!” You laughed and shook your head, then walked over to Scott.

“Come on you big dummy, just give me some of that to carry” You took a big stack out of his arms and put it in the ring.

It was late, but you weren’t sure what time it was.  It had been a while since you’d checked your phone.  You were too busy being cuddled into Stiles’ side, playing catch using marshmallows with Scott, except with your mouths instead of your hands.  It was quiet, no one really talked, but that was okay.  You were enjoying the quiet and warmth.

After a while, Scott stood up, and headed for his tent.

“Hey- hey Scott?” You called, and he turned back.

“Yeah?” You bit your lips for a second.  “You okay?”

“Yeah it’s just uh… do you want to stay in our tent tonight? Like a sleepover that we used to?” 

Scott looked between you and Stiles for a moment, then smiled slowly.

“I’d really like that” He said, and Stiles shot up from next to you.

“Sleepover!?” He yelled ecstatically, rushing into the tent to set up all the blankets and sleeping bags.  Scott chuckled, and wandered over to you as you put out the fire.

“Thank you” He said.  You looked at him with a smile.

“No prob, we haven’t had a sleepover since the ninth grade-”

“I mean for earlier” Scott said, and again your head shot up, but faster, bearing an expression of surprise.

“Oh I… I didn’t know you heard that” You said quietly.  Scott chuckled and held his arms out.

“Come ‘mere” He said, and you hugged him tightly.  “And by the way, you’re a wider stick in the ass” 

“Way to ruin the moment” You muttered, pulling out of the embrace.  “But still.  You’re my brother.  And I’m obligated to love you” He laughed.

“Oh yeah, and I’m the moment ruiner” Scott laughed at you.  You smiled softly.

“I know you miss them but you won’t talk about it” You said in a quiet voice.  He gave you a sad smile.

“I don’t have to worry about it.  I have you guys” He assured.  “And you two wackos are all I need”

You hugged him again before you both went into the tent.

And the night ended with a lovely argument over who got to cuddle with Stiles.

no sweet note here but… scott never did really mourn for kira. not that she died but like ??? she just dropped off the show completely.  did he even know they used her sword to get theo back? wouldn’t that arise some kind of feeling of remorse in him? idk it’s 2:15 AM and i’m starving so maybe i’m delusional

xoxo ~ jordie

do you wanna touch me (there) - Isaac Lahey one shot *smut*

Summary: After an exhausting day of running errands, you were disappointed to return home to an empty loft. Or so you thought.

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x reader

Rating: Mature for graphic sexual content, heavy swearing

Originally posted by smutdiaries

“I’m home!” you announced as you entered the loft, struggling to carry a week’s worth of groceries. Thinking you could hulk it out, you had grabbed all the bags from your car at the same time. Second trips were a bitch.

One of the bags slightly teetered against your arm, threatening to topple over. “Anyone here? I could use some help!”  you desperately requested. You were met with silence.

“Guys?” you squeaked. Still nothing.

Yeah, you regretted everything. 

Feeling like a rejected soccer mom, you huffed against a lock of hair that had fallen over your face. You trudged across the loft and into the kitchen, gingerly setting the groceries onto the counter. 

“Children,” you grumbled bitterly to yourself. Even though you were all the same age. Well, excluding Derek.  

“Everyone just runs around town chasing their little monsters, trying to save the whole damn world when they can’t even take care of themselves… So I’m just supposed to cook, clean, AND do their shopping for them… Which, okay fine, I don’t even mind that much. But it’s not like anyone has ever offered to help me with anything… “ You continued to mumble grievances under your breath as you stored the food away.

You placed Stiles’ favorite Cap’n Crunch cereal into a cabinet and Isaac’s cookie dough ice cream into the fridge followed by Lydia’s fat free Greek yogurt and Derek’s ample selection of lean meat and vegetables. Then, you put Scott’s specially requested three different flavors of Lay’s chips into the pantry and arranged Allison’s vegan cheese and bread on the counter.

You sighed as you leaned against the counter to relieve your sore feet. 

Suddenly, you heard a crash followed by a swift “fuck!”

You swiveled around, startled by the unexpected outcry. Sounds like someone was home after all.

Irritation bubbled under your skin as you set off to track down the source of the noise. You were rather curious as to who it was and what they were doing because apparently it was far more important than responding to your cries for help.

One by one, you kicked open the doors lining the hallway. You were feeling dramatic. 

All of the rooms were vacant so far, but there was one left at the end of the hall.

It belonged to Isaac.

You narrowed your eyes at his door, ajar and unsuspecting. You marched forward, ready to FBI his sorry ass when suddenly a deep, guttural moan broke through the air.

“Fuck… yes…”

You froze. Was he…? 

No. No way.

But it couldn’t hurt to confirm.

Creeping towards his room, you carefully nudged his door, peeking inside. What you saw caused your jaw to drop to the floor. 

It was Isaac, laying naked on his bed with a fist wrapped resolutely around his cock. He was a sight to behold with his mouth gaping, eyes screwed shut, face twisted in ecstasy as he stroked himself up and down. A sheen of sweat was visible on his forehead and chest. His cheeks were tinted bright pink. He looked divine, ethereal even, a sharp contrast to the filthy moans that tumbled sporadically from his lips. 

Irritation quickly forgotten, you stood dumbly outside his door, transfixed by his movements. Well, this explains why he couldn’t hear you earlier. Looking down at his floor, you saw a broken lamp discarded by his bed. You thought back to the loud crash you’d heard. Perplexed, you wondered how in the world this kid managed to break his lamp trying to have a wank.

A faint whimper redirected your attention to Isaac. His bed was positioned against the wall of his doorway, so he was facing away from you, but you had a full shot of his body. You couldn’t help but just stare at him. You knew it was wrong, lurking like a creep behind him. Even though basic human decency would dictate that you leave immediately and give your friend his privacy, you physically couldn’t turn away, too afraid to miss a single moment. 

He was somehow more beautiful than you’d imagined. His body, splayed out in careless abandon, was something straight out of a Michelangelo painting. His arm strained to maintain his pace, muscles taut under glistening skin. A light smattering of hair adorned his chest, followed by a provocative trail leading down to his considerable erection.

Captivated by its sheer size, you swallowed your gasp, inspecting all the prominent lines and veins that decorated his cock. You licked your lips, mouth dry with desire. You’d never been so turned on before. 

It’s not that you weren’t sexually experienced, but those other guys barely lasted thirty seconds before they finished without you, leaving you unsatisfied and underwhelmed. Seeing Isaac pleasure himself was getting you off more than any of them ever had. 

You closed your legs, rubbing your thighs together in a feeble attempt to quell some of the tension pooling in your stomach. You weren’t even in the same room as Isaac and he was sending you over the edge. At this point, oxygen was becoming an issue as your struggled to even out your breathing. In response, your heart rate spiked, trying to restore equilibrium to your wanton state. 

Passively, you wondered why Isaac hadn’t sensed your body’s reaction yet, what with his werewolf hearing and smell. He should’ve heard your heart pounding or at least caught whiffs of your arousal. You were embarrassingly drenched. 

You strained your ears, trying to listen to what Isaac was saying. For about a minute, all you heard were soft moans until a rather strangled grunt caught your attention.


Your mouth fell open, eyes widening in shock.

Did he just say your name? Did Isaac Lahey just moan your name as he jerked himself off? It seemed more likely that you had finally reached the point of being horny where you just straight up start hallucinating.

In your everyday life, Isaac never regarded you as more than just a friend. You let him copy your Chemistry homework and he helped you train, running miles with you and teaching you fighting techniques, insisting you needed to learn in case he “wasn’t there to protect you.” 

Sure, every once in a while, he fell asleep with his head in your lap and you pretended that he didn’t nuzzle your inner thigh with his nose. And sometimes, he pulled you towards him and wrapped his scarf around your neck because he said he liked knowing you were warm and you ignored how good he smelled up close. 

But just because you fancied that there could be something deeper between you two doesn’t mean that he felt the same. It was impossible that Isaac was getting himself off thinking about you, especially because he was seemed so engrossed in his actions that he didn’t even notice that you were standing less than six feet away from him.

You were definitely hallucinating. 

“[y/n], fuck,” Isaac grunted again.

Or not.

He was louder this time, rubbing himself more aggressively. You sucked in a breath. Nope, definitely hadn’t imagine that.

This was real. Isaac was saying your name. Not Allison, not Lydia. You. 

You leaned pitifully against his doorway, your knees giving out at the realization that you were the driving force behind his euphoria. Out of all the resources at his disposal, he chose to think about you. You were the reason he was panting like a dog, gripping his sheets and muttering obscenities, one hand still deliciously twisting around his engorged shaft. 

“God, fucking dammit,” Isaac gritted, his voice quivering with desperation. He was close. 

You started to bounce on your toes, all of a sudden torn between your feelings. Fear hit you first because all you wanted to do right now was straddle him and help him finish, looking directly into his eyes as he repeated your name again and again. But what if he got angry that you’d been spying on him? You were currently in major violation of his privacy and if this went south, your friendship might not sustain the awkwardness.

A wave of courage surged through you. What if you decided to be bold? And what if he actually reciprocated your feelings? It seemed your lust, combined with your infatuation and dangerously inflated ego, had fostered a new brazen personality. You were tired of always putting others first, never pursuing what you wanted. 

Fuck it. What did you really have to lose? If he rejects you, you could just tell him to go fuck himself. Literally. While moaning your name.

Also, not only did you really want to do this, but you’d always considered yourself a good friend. If Isaac wanted to get off, then you were going to help. 

Taking a deep breath, you confidently strode over the threshold of Isaac’s bedroom, slamming the door into the wall. Your sudden intrusion alarmed Isaac out of his reverie. His unfocused eyes met yours, then widened in bewilderment.

“[y/n], shit,” Isaac scrambled around, seemingly trying to stand up and cower away at the same time. You swiftly made your way over, mounting his thighs and pushing his shoulders back down. He looked up at you, stunned in disbelief. You were both surprised by your dominance. 

“Hiii,” you chimed, your mouth tugging up at one corner. “What’s up?” 

You affectionately brushed away some curly tendrils stuck to his forehead. Isaac stilled at your touch, almost imperceptibly tilting his head into your palm. He swallowed, still unsure of what was happening. Frankly, you didn’t know either, improvising as you went along.

“[y/n], what’s going on?” he asked nervously, still panting a little. 

“I could hear you from the kitchen.”

“Oh–wait the kitchen?! You heard me… all the way from the kitchen. Great,” he finished lamely. “Was anyone else with you?”


“Okay, that’s–that’s good. Yeah,” he stuttered. “Um, did you hear everything I said?” 

“Yeah, I was standing outside your door,” you bluntly confessed. His face turned a deeper shade of red.

“Shit, okay, you know that I wasn’t being some creepy guy just jerking off to your name, right? I mean, I was jerking off… and saying your name… But it isn’t like that, I promise. You’re more special than that, okay? I didn’t even know anyone was home! Fuck, [y/n], you have every right to hate me–” 

You swooped down suddenly, pressing your lips against his, cutting him off mid-rant. Isaac sharply sucked in through his nose, going rigid under you in shock. You kept some distance between your bodies, supporting yourself on your hands to avoid overwhelming him all your weight. You lingered for a few moments, your hair curtaining your joined lips as you waited for him to recover. Hesitantly, Isaac responded, parting his lips as he leaned up to meet your movements.

Gradually gaining confidence, he lifted his hand to the back of your head, fisting your hair and bringing you flush against him. He cradled your jaw, holding you in place as he kissed you back emphatically. 

Your hands instinctively gripped his shoulder, clinging to him as your mind swam in delight. But when Isaac started to grind his bare hips into yours, you swiftly pulled away, surprised that you’d gotten carried away so fast. You sat up, taking in the flustered expression on his face, his eyes half-lidded in disorientation. You bit your lip, stifling the laughter bubbling in your chest.

“So, I guess I don’t hate you,” you remarked casually, gently caressing his cheek with your knuckles. You brushed your thumb against his bottom lip, which was still very red from your previous ministrations. 

Isaac blinked, absorbing your words, his chest heaving up and down. He looked forward at where your clothed sex hovered a few millimeters above his still erect cock that now rested against his stomach. 

“Christ, [y/n],” Isaac breathed out. You could tell he was still wrestling with his emotions just like you were earlier. His eyebrows were scrunched in concentration. Patiently, you waited for him to sort out his thoughts.

“Let me get this straight. So you just barged in here, fully aware of what I was doing, then climbed on top of me, seemingly oblivious to the fact that I am naked.” Isaac’s voice inflected at the end as he flippantly motioned to his persistent erection. “Then, you kissed me. And pulled away like ten seconds later!”

You nodded thoughtfully, then burst into giggles, amused by how baffled he sounded. If this is how people reacted when you stepped out of your comfort zone, you never wanted to play it safe again.

“And your point is?” you inquired innocently, a smirk teasing your features. 

He raised an eyebrow at you, locking his jaw. 

“I mean, was there a problem with what I did? Because if you’d prefer to just take care of yourself, you can tell me. I’ll just leave you to it,” you shrugged nonchalantly, slightly lifting off the bed. You were abruptly pulled back down by Isaac’s large hands clasping your thighs, squeezing the flesh as he held you down. You huffed out a breath of laughter, placing your hands on his torso to balance yourself.

“You shouldn’t start something you’re not going to finish,” he warned evenly, his thumbs tracing circles on your inner thighs. You sobered at his tone, now trying to hold back a whimper. 

“What if I want you to finish?” you challenged. “What if I want to watch you finish, hear you say my name over and over like you were doing earlier.” 

He raised his eyebrows, an amused smirk pulling at his mouth. Neither of you had ever experienced your smug side before.

“Tell me what this is, [y/n], and we’ll do anything you want. Tell me what happens next,” he demanded, his voice so commanding that you felt it rumble through your core.

You exhaled, considering the implications of his questions.

“Well, I don’t know what ‘this’ is… but I know I don’t want to stop,” you offered candidly. 

“Yeah?” Isaac murmured with a small smile, kneading his hands up and down your thighs. “I don’t want to stop either.”

“That’s good,” you whispered airily, shivering as his fingers trailed the bare skin just below your ass. “And as for what happens next…”

You crossed your arms over you body, grabbed the hem of your t-shirt and lifted it over your head. 

“That depends on you telling me exactly what you pictured me doing while you were touching yourself.” 

Even though you spoke confidently, you secretly wished you’d worn a different bra. Maybe something lacy or black, just anything that wasn’t white and cotton and thrown on in haste. But Isaac didn’t seem to mind, staring open-mouthed at your chest. 

He looked at you, rendered speechless by your initiative. He quickly regained his composure, his eyes a darker shade of blue than before. 

“This looks about right, actually,” Isaac approved. He folded his hands behind his head, propping himself up. He observed you, cocky and thrilled that you were giving yourself to him. “We’re just missing one thing…”

You frowned, cocking your head to the side. What did you forget? 

He chuckled lightly at your questioning look, answering you silently by gently tugging you forward to slam his lips against yours. Oh. 

You smiled into the kiss, giddy with contentment, thinking back to before when you’d pulled away a little too early. You were eager to act out all of Isaac’s fantasies, but you would’ve also been happy if this is all he wanted to do tonight. 

Because right here–you wrapped in his embrace, his hand in your hair, your tongue in his mouth–was exactly how you pictured it.

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Summary: A family gathering at the Stilinski household turns into an embarrassing mess for Stiles and the reader.

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1,340


“Ha! Suck it, McCall!” You boast obnoxiously, dancing around Scott in a circle. You just won the third air hockey game in a row and the feeling of victory never gets old.

“Just wait, Y/N. You’re awesome at air hockey but everyone knows you’re shitty at pool. And I can’t wait to kick your little ass!” Crouching down to your level, your best friend condescendingly pats the top of your head with a shit eating grin.

“I can’t wait to see that, Scotty. Honestly. We all know you need a little confidence…since Allison shot you down last night. Must hurt the ego.” You giggle at his bitch face before bolting out of the game room. You may be ridiculous but you’re not crazy, Scott’s go to move when annoyed is chucking his drink at your face. With a small squeal. you rush down the hallway to find your boyfriend Stiles.

A few months ago, there was a huge snow storm that trapped both you and the brown haired man together. It was then that you two finally transitioned from best friends to lovers. And all it took was a little bravery along with a big ass bottle of Johnny Labinsky Kentucky Whiskey.

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Soulmates - Scott McCall

word count: 1456
warnings: Deucalion’s your Dad so… that sux

Soul mates were a tricky thing, as your father had once explained to you when you were young.  There were no hints, no clues as to who they could be.  For the humans, all you had to do was touch once, and that was it.  You knew that the one you’d made contact with, was your one and only.  But for werewolves and other supernaturals, it was a bit different.  You still had to make physical contact, but you would know that you’d found your mate if their eyes glowed upon making contact.

Some people went their whole lives without finding their soulmate.

Others died, never knowing who their mate was.

On the contrary, some met their soulmates as young as four, and spent their entire lives together.

You, had not met your soulmate.  And quite frankly, it wasn’t a top priority of yours.

But it had happened so abruptly…

“Derek!” You yelled, running down the stairs of the loft.  “Derek I’m starving and there’s no food left in my little fridge thing” You reached the bottom, about to complain because you just knew your best friend had ransacked your room in the middle of the night.

“Not now y/n I have guests-” But you’d already walked into the living room, and seeing Derek’s big group of friends.  Friends, you were surprised.  He really only spoke to you Isaac and Peter, but you guessed he lied about that.

Everyone in the room froze, turning and staring at you.

“Derek…” A girl with fiery hair spoke cautiously.  “Are you a father-”

“Good God no, this is y/n” Derek said, groaning and waving a dismissive hand.  “She was supposed to stay up in her room, but she doesn’t listen to me anymore, now, do you?” You looked at him, held back a snicker, and stared at your feet for a moment.

“Alright… and who… who is that?” The pale boy next to the previous speaking girl asked.  He was shifting his weight from foot to foot.

“She’s… I captured her” Derek said boldly, flashing a large smile.

“Saved” You coughed.  “Saved me”

“Saved you? From who?” A petite asian girl asked you.  She walked forward, giving you a timid smile but she had kind eyes.

“My father” The girl in front of you frowned.

“Oh, sweetheart I’m sorry, were you in an abusive hom-”

“My Dad’s Deucalion” you stated and her eyes widened instantly.

“O-Oh” She turned, looking to the group of friends for a moment then back at me.  “I didn’t think he’d had a daughter” She mumbled.

“Kira don’t be ridiculous” A dirty blonde haired girl said.

“Now wait he could have” The pale freckled boy spoke.  “Maybe with Kali… a long time ago she looks out age..”

“I’m seventeen” You said firmly.  “And I can hear you clearly.  I don’t mind the questions you don’t have to be all secretive about it”

“I’m Lydia” The green eyed girl spoke, walking over and shaking your head with a large smile.  “Resident banshee of the McCall pack” you nodded.

“y/n” you replied.

“That’s my mate, Stiles.  He’s a human” Her red slicked fingernail pointed to the pale dark haired boy, whom she smiled at.  “That’s Kira, she’s a thunder kitsune” The black haired girl grinned at you.  “That’s her mate Malia- and oh! That’s our alpha Scott” She pointed to the guy who just walked into the door.  He was wearing a brown leather jacket and a motorcycle helmet, kicking off his shoes at the door.  Though it’d probably be smarter to keep them on, you knew Derek never cleaned.  He walked in, and pulled off his helmet.

“Hey guys did he know anything about Berserkers-” His eyes landed on you, and you tensed slightly under his stare.  “Hi-hi” His mumble of a greeting made you laugh quietly.

“Hello” You said back, wrapping your arms around yourself.

“Scotty, this is y/n” Lydia said.  

“Hi- hey- I’m Scott” He came forward, setting his helmet on couch and walking over to you, holding out his hand.

“y/n” You say, holding out your hand to shake his.  Your fingers had almost brushed but you were interrupted.

“y/n if you’re going to restock your fridge there’s stuff in the basement freezer” Derek said, and you dropped your hand to the side.  “We’ve got pack business now” You stepped back from the others and left the room in silence going down the stairs.

“Scott, hey hey Scotty” Stiles began to snap his fingers in front of his friend’s face.  “You there buddy? You’re staring”

“S-sorry it’s just- did you see her? Was she real? She was gorgeous did you see?” Lydia let out a chuckle.

“Yeah she was real Scott, good job”

“Oh.. was I-”

“Foolish?” Lydia offered.

“An idiot?” Malia tried.

“Lovestruck?” Kira spoke.

“She was beautiful…” Scott slumped onto the couch, holding his helmet in his lap and staring off somewhere.  “Do you think I acted too weird?” Stiles chuckled, patting his friend on the shoulder.

“Yikes buddy…”

You came back up from the basement, a new abundance of snacks.  Scott had walked over to you, but you’d gone up the stairs too quickly.

“Should I call for her?” Scott whisper screamed to Stiles.

“No Scott, don’t be dumb just- just come back to the pack meeting”  Scott made a pout, staring up the spiral metal staircase.

But he listened to his friend, and walked back into the living room with everybody else.

“So, Derek, what do you know about Berserkers?”

You’d sat in your room for the next few hours, nose stuck in a book.  You’d changed into leggings and a sweatshirt that you swam in, but you were too cozy to complain about it’s size.

It was dark, ten o’clock maybe, and you hadn’t eaten.  Now sure, you could snack from your new gathering of treats… or… since Derek was sleeping… you could sneak down the stairs for a snack.  You smiled to yourself, slipping out of bed and tiptoeing towards the door.  Slowly, you turned the handle as not to make much noise.  You opened the door and stepped-

“Scott?” You jumped back when you nearly ran into him.

“Sorry- sorry I’m sorry that was creepy- oh my god I feel like a stalker-”

“No n-no it’s fine you’re fine, just surprised me is all” You blushed and tucked your hands up into your sleeves.  “So uh- what uh- what’re you doing here?”

“Well the pack mostly passed out and we’d ordered a pizza and I-I thought you’d like to uhm, to have s-some?” You broke into a big grin and nodded your head.

“Pizza sounds delicious” You said and went down the hall and descended the stairs instantly.  Scott followed you into the kitchen, where a bunch of pizza boxes sat on the counter.  You grabbed a slice of your favorite and danced on your toes with excitement.  “I can’t remember the last time I had-” You spun, and bumped into Scott.  His hands instantly grasping your arms to catch you before you fell.

His eyes flashed red, as did yours.

“S-Scott? Y-you’re- you’re my-” He nodded, blinking a few times as though he didn’t believe it.

“Yeah-yeah I guess I-I am” He slowly let go of your arms, and rose his hand towards your face, gently brushing against your cheek.  You blushed instantly, and smiled.

“Do you… do you feel that too?” He nodded, and your hand clasped over top of is against your face.  “It feels good” You whispered, leaning up just slightly.  Again, Scott nodded.

“Yeah.. yeah it-it does” Your eyes flickered from his deep brown was to his lips.

“God I know nothing about you but I just really wanna kiss you” You breathed, and he smiled crookedly for a short moment, then closed the distance between you.

Now, you’d never kissed anyone before, but this was mind blowing.  You wrapped your arms around his neck, and his hands still cupped around your face.  You parted for a short moment, gasping in a breath before standing on the tips of your toes to kiss him passionately again.

“You’re my soulmate” He mumbled against your lips.

“Mhm” Your hands rose and tangled into his dark locks of hair.

“W-we should go out sometime” he said, and you pulled away from im slightly.  Enough to smile softly and look into his eyes.  You nodded shakily.

“Ye-yeah we sh-should” You stuttered.

“Okay- okay how about next friday? W-we can go bowling- or-or something else” You nodded, a shyer smile pulling on your lips.

“Bowling sounds great” You said softly, and he smiled, his eyes crinkling as he pulled you back in for another soft kiss.

What an interesting night.

soulmate aus are my fav… and i just read an AMAZING scott soulmate series by @mccallifornia that y’all should SOOO check out, edge of my seat with each chapter… for real go read it!!

xoxo ~ jordie

People only mention Stiles and his ADD/ADHD as a one liner to describe him or a quirky character trait that makes him ~different~

Coming from someone who actually has ADHD, the way the misinformation is spread makes me sad (and a little angry). But if you know, you can write Stiles and his ADHD way better, so:

  1. ADD isn’t a term anymore, it was officially stamped as outdated three years ago. There’s now only ADHD, with three subcategories: innatentive type, hyperactive-impulsive type, and combination type
  2. Realistically, Stiles wouldn’t be on Adderall. Adderall is a drug that lasts four, five hours tops before it wears off. This makes it one of the easiest drugs to get addicted to. He’d most likely be on something time released that lasts for hours, like Vyvanse or Ritalin. If he does have Adderall, it could be for when the other medication has worn off and he needs something to focus, like for homework (that’s what I have)
  3. The importance of Stiles and his meds is never talked about except for in a few fics. Sure, they’re instant working drugs, but they still need to be taken everyday. We never read about how Stiles takes his medicine in the morning before going to school
  4. All his quirky pencil tapping or knee bouncing? Or some other random action that makes him look like he’s about to vibrate out of his skin? Unrealistic. He might still be a little twitchy, but most of that should be taken care of by the meds. This is, however, very realistic if he hasn’t taken his meds
  5. And most notably, we never see the side effects of the meds. It’s different for everyone. I take mine at the same time every morning, and at three in the afternoon exactly I get exhausted. I pass out and wake up around eight or nine. A friend of mine doesn’t eat the entire day because the pills suppress his appetite, but around eight at night he gorges when all that pent up hunger hits him. And we both take the same time released drug. So if Stiles IS taking just Adderall, he’ll experience side effects every four or so hours. Besides that, you often suffer from insomnia, irritability, increased metabolism, and you’re garunteed to lose weight. I’ve dropped maybe ten, fifteen pounds? Went from a size ten to a size six in four months.

My point is, Stiles is supposed to have ADHD. And maybe it’s just me, idk, but I’d really love to see him written as if he has actual ADHD


Summary: Stiles’ protective side comes out once he hears that the reader is going undercover.

Prompt: “You might not be aware but staring at my tits is unprofessional.”

Characters: detective!Stiles x cop!Reader


“I don’t love this idea, Y/N.”

“Did you see the cool lipstick that they gave me? There’s actually a small knife hidden in there. It’s awesome.” Pulling it out of your purse, you twist open the mauve disguise to reveal the weapon to your co-worker Scott. He also happens to be a long time best friend who tends to get a bit wary over your choices.


“Shut up, Scotty. This is happening whether you like it or not. I got this.” You stress to him, furiously pacing in your insanely high metallic heels.

“Ok but…”

“The bastard has killed five girls so far, dude. If this is what it takes to bring the fucker down then so be it.” You declare dramatically, trying to avoid the worry in his brown puppy dog eyes.

You have no one to blame other than yourself for getting into this dangerous situation. Your sergeant offered a high priority assignment and you jumped the gun, foolishly accepting it without hearing all of the details.

How did you get into this predicament? You’re extremely determined to nail down this case so you can finally become a detective. Of course it would’ve been nice to know ahead of time that you’ll be bait for a vicious serial killer. Also that you’ll have to portray a call girl that he found on Craigslist and meet him in some seedy motel.

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(written by my fabulous friend)
- Scallisaac: Isaac’s Side of the Story (written by another faboo friend)

a/n: requests are always open! though they may take a while i love hearing from y’all :3

Alpha’s Duties

Author: sumcp

Chapter One: The New Girl

Characters: Scott McCall x Reader

Word Count: 1737

Warnings: maybe some occasional swearing, and terrible sentence structure/grammar ( I am working on it)

Setting: Okay so I wanted a background about this fic. The Pack is safe (for now), Stydia is a thing (bc I ship this so hard and so does Scott), Theo is an acquaintance of the pack, and Liam, Mason, and Corey (no Hayden, bc what was the point of her anyway) are the 3 best friends that anyone can have.This is taking place after The Ghost Riders, the pack comes back to school after winter Break, everything has been “normal” since the Ghost Riders left town taking the Nazi with them. This is a Y/N reader but I had to give a set last name, it will make sense soon, promise :) 

Summary: Stiles, Scott, Malia, Lydia, and Theo are ready to finish up the last 4 months of Senior year and graduate in peace. That is until a new girl shows up, bringing a dark past and a dire warning for the McCall pack. Even though Scott has forgiven Theo for all he’s done since saving Liam, Scott has learned not to be as trusting as he once was. Can Scott put his new found trust issues aside and see the bigger threat or will it be too  late.

Next Chapter

Originally posted by writer-girl-16

Regression to the mean. That’s all Scott has been thinking about the past month. It seems too easy to believe the Ghost Riders are gone. Everything has gone back to normal and he still can’t shake the feeling that something else will happen. Stiles has even relaxed, something Scott never thought could happen, although that may have something to do with his strawberry blonde banshee girlfriend. 

“Scott what’s wrong?” Malia sniffed the air, turning her nose up in disgust, “ You smell like Stiles usually does.”

“High-strung with anxiety and fear of impeding doom?” Stiles offered with a chuckle as he slung his arm around Lydia on the couch, while Malia just nodded looking to Scott for an explanation. The whole pack was gathered in his living room since it was there last night of Winter Break watching a movie that he promised Stiles that, if he made it out alive, he would watch. 

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