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Original description:
I took a clip from the Mission Hill pilot, and made a voice demo for some of my bird characters. I mostly chose MH for material because as I was starting on the comic last week, I imagined Walter with Scott Menville’s voice for Kevin.

But Wendy’s voice is somewhat of a joke, even though I actually think Brian Posehn’s voice kinda fits. :o Initially since her creation in 2009, I’ve actually imagined her with Grey Delisle’s voice for Aunt Sis/Mrs. Warthog. (Which is cool because when I met her she saw the Warthog I drew and did the voice.)


On works like Samurai Jack it’s very easy to forget that animation is a collaborative medium.  This has started to change recently as seen on Steven universe where I argue that the board artists are just as well known as Rebecca Sugar. Samurai Jack is so very linked to Tartakovsky and his vision that i have to force myself to remember that my favorite part of the show (the landscapes) were done by Scott Wills and co. Anyways, watch this guys work and be amazed that this was done traditionally instead of digitally. Last i heard his new backgrounds are gonna be made digitally while trying to retain that hand drawn approach.


Update: Added more to the pop-up wallpapers! Now there’s Steven Universe, Catbug from The Bravest Warriors, Scott Pilgrim and Rigby from Regular Show :)

I was going to make a Bee and Puppycat wallpaper, but failed miserably :(