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George Harrison, Mad Day Out, 28 July 1968. Photo presumably either by Don McCullin, Stephen Goldblatt or Tom Murray.

“Everybody lives their lives thinking this is reality and then say to people like us, ‘Oh, you’re just escaping from reality.’ They seriously term this scene - of waking up, going out to work, going home again, going to sleep, dreaming, waking up again, and all that - reality! But in actual fact you’re into illusion - it’s nothing to do with reality, because reality is God alone. Everything else is just an illusion.” - George Harrison, Rolling Stone, 1968 [x]

loch ard gorge.

port campbell. australia.

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George Harrison during the Mad Day Out photo sessions, London, 28 July 1968.

Photo © Apple Corps Ltd.

“He was easy to be with, gentle, kind, and caring. Although I was supposed to be taking care of him, he would always concern himself with how I was doing. He had a bashful, soft-spoken manner with friend and stranger alike and always appeared to care about others.” - Ken Mansfield on George Harrison, The White Book [x]