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Camping Trips - Stiles Stilinski

word count: 1862
warnings: swearing
a/n: you’re scott’s werewolf twin sister and stiles’ gf :)
requested by anon!

“Did we have to leave so early?” You whined, dragging your feet as you wrapped your blanket tighter around yourself.  Your brother rolled his eyes, claiming the backseat of the jeep and laying across it.

“If we wanna get a good spot in the woods, yes” Scott told you, fluffing his pillow on the car seat.  You headed to the passengers side of the vehicle.  Only to find the door already being held open for you by your amazing boyfriend, Stiles.

“Mm thanks” You said, sleepily kissing his cheek before climbing in.

“Who says chivalry’s dead” Stiles said with a wink.  You were too tired to respond, so he just tucked  your blanket around you and found a way to  buckle you in without making you uncomfortable.  “Get some sleep” He reached across and pecked your cheek

He closed the door and quickly walked around the other side.  He got in and turned the key a few times before the engine started.

“Hey wait” Scott said, lifting his head just enough so Stiles could could see him in the rear view mirror.  “You can’t go yet, you didn’t tuck me in and kiss me” He said with a whine and a snicker.

“Fuck off” You muttered, curling up in the seat for better sleep.  “All the stuff’s in the back right?”

“Yep” Stiles answered.  “Scott and I piled all the bags and stuff in last night when you passed out on the recliner” Scott chuckled from the back.

“How much fun can she be camping if she sleeps through everything?”

“Fuck off Scott” You gritted.  A small growl left your lips.  Stiles reached his hand over the console as he rubbed your arm gently.

“Okay okay you two, both of you go to sleep and behave or I’m turning Roscoe around!”

“Stiles, babe, we’re not even out of your neighborhood yet” You said, making both you and Scott laugh.

“For God’s sake just sleep” Stiles groaned.

An hour later, you were eating a pack of Twizzlers while Scott belted out the lyrics to Cool for the Summer.

You looked over to Stiles.  

“I’m your favorite twin, right?” You asked, gesturing to the backseat where your brother was being a dumb ass.  Stiles rolled his eyes.

“What!? She’s your favorite? You were my friend first!” Scott exclaimed.

“Hey hey hey!” Stiles yelled, ready to slam on the horn.  “It changes… here and there” Stiles said, pursing his lips and bopping his head back and forth as he pulled up to a stop light.

“Oh please!” Scott waved his hand dramatically.  “What can she do for you that I can’t do better?” 

You and Stiles turned to look at Scott, silently staring.

“Well, I can think of a few things” Stiles stated.  “But hey if you wanted to test it out man-”

“No, no, just stop” Scott sighed, laying back down along the backseat row.  “I’m going back to sleep.  Don’t wake me till we’re there”

And with that, Scott put in his earbuds, cranked up his music, and closed his eyes.  You looked over at Stiles for a moment, then curled back up in your seat, enjoying the silence that followed.

Another hour passed of you and Stiles making small talks and mini naps.  As well as you insisting on driving so Stiles could rest, but he’d never let another person drive his baby.

“Scott! Scotty hey wake up buddy!” Stiles said as he began the route through the woods.  The alpha jumped up mid snore.

“Wha-what? Are we here?” Stiles chuckled and shook his head.

“Not yet really, but I thought you’d like to help pick out the spot” Stiles said.  Scott turned and looked out the window.

“That clearing right there, with the trees”

“With the trees?” You snorted.  “Scotty, we’re in the woods” 

Leave me alone I’m helping” Scott mumbled.  Stiles pulled over in the spot and parked.  You smiled at him, and got out of the car without a word, already going around the back to open up the trunk.  You grabbed both of the bags containing the tents, as well as as many blankets as you could stack up in your arms.  You were thankful that the boys had seemed to pack all of them.

“Oh hey” You heard Stiles say, and turned to where his voice was.  Not that you could see over the pile of fabrics.  He took a few, enough that you could see.

“Haha, thanks Stiles” You said, and earned a kiss in response.

“Welcome” He said, already heading over to the small clearing, and laing down a bunch of them.  You followed after, and could hear Scott carrying things behind you.

“Hey, uh, guys?” Scott called.

“Yeah buddy?” Stiles replied as you began laying down blankets with Stiles.

“Where’s the other tent?” Scott asked.  You cocked your head to the side.

“What do you mean?” Scott chuckled, setting his things down and settling his hands on his hips.  “Well, one two three..” He pointed at each of you, then looked at the two cases of tents in your arms.  “One… Two” He finished.

“Oh, well y/n and I were just gonna share one” Stiles shrugged, taking one of the tents from you to set it up.  “I mean, we’re past the asking for your blessing to sleep with your sister, right?”

“It’s just… I don’t know I thought we’d all be separate tonight” Scott said with a shrug.

“Oh me too” You said, and walked over to Stiles, who was on his hands and knees setting up the tent.  “But Stiles got too scared” You said in yur best baby voice, pinching his cheeks.

“Ha.  Ha” He monotoned, and you giggled.  Scott went back to setting up the other tent.  Which he finished before Stiles could even understand what the instructions were saying.

“Do we need firewood or something?” Scott asked.

“Oh yeah! That’d be great” Stiles grinned, and Scott high fived him on his way to scavenge in the woods for such.  As soon as he had left, you wandered over to Stiles, and helped him set up the tent.

“Something’s wrong with Scott” You told him, and he stopped trying to set it up.

“What do you mean?”

“I feel like he’s… lonely” You said softly.  Stiles watched you intently as you propped up the tent, locking the pegs in place.

“You think e’s lonely? He just spent two hours in the car with us-”

“Stiles” You said softly as you finished the tent.  “Think of it this way” You walked over and stood in front of him.  “He had, what you and I have now” You gestured between you.  “He had all of the sparks and laughs and random late night ‘let’s stay awake for no reason and talk about the random things’ he had everything in his hands, and then she died” Stiles sighed, already seeing where you were going with this.  “He got it again, took him forever to let it happen but it did” You murmured.  “And she had to leave too” Stiles breathed out heavily, looking at the ground.

“I see” He sighed.  You smiled sadly and took both of his hands.

“He lost this,” You squeezed his hands, staring into his eyes, then placed a quick but soft kiss on his lips.  “Twice, Stiles” You said quietly.  “And I know he’s my brother, and we argue, and fuck, he can be a real stick in my ass, especially with those morals” You and Stiles both laughed quietly.  “But… but maybe tonight we really all stick together?”

“I can agree to that” He said, releasing your hands to pull you in for a hug.  “But now what about that rendez vous?” You chuckled, and tilted your head back to look up at him.  You almost had to do it all the way.

“Well maybe” You murmured lowly.  “If you do this solid for me..” You leaned up, planting a small kiss on his cheek before brushing your lips against his ear.  “Then when we get back to Beacon Hills… I’ll do that thing you like…” You didn’t see Stiles’ brows raise dramatically, but you figured he had some kind of contorted expression right now.  “In a certain Leia costume I ordered a bit back”

“Holy shit you didn’t-” Stiles let go of you to look you in the eye again.

“Thought it’d be a good birthday present” You said with a wink.  Stiles grinned, his hands cupping your face.  “God I love you” He said, pulling your lips against his quickly and passionately.

“Okay guys I- WOAHLY SHIT!” You sprung off of Stiles, spinning around to see your brother with a heap of wood in his arms.  “Jesus, I’m gone for a few minutes and you’re all over each other!” You laughed and shook your head, then walked over to Scott.

“Come on you big dummy, just give me some of that to carry” You took a big stack out of his arms and put it in the ring.

It was late, but you weren’t sure what time it was.  It had been a while since you’d checked your phone.  You were too busy being cuddled into Stiles’ side, playing catch using marshmallows with Scott, except with your mouths instead of your hands.  It was quiet, no one really talked, but that was okay.  You were enjoying the quiet and warmth.

After a while, Scott stood up, and headed for his tent.

“Hey- hey Scott?” You called, and he turned back.

“Yeah?” You bit your lips for a second.  “You okay?”

“Yeah it’s just uh… do you want to stay in our tent tonight? Like a sleepover that we used to?” 

Scott looked between you and Stiles for a moment, then smiled slowly.

“I’d really like that” He said, and Stiles shot up from next to you.

“Sleepover!?” He yelled ecstatically, rushing into the tent to set up all the blankets and sleeping bags.  Scott chuckled, and wandered over to you as you put out the fire.

“Thank you” He said.  You looked at him with a smile.

“No prob, we haven’t had a sleepover since the ninth grade-”

“I mean for earlier” Scott said, and again your head shot up, but faster, bearing an expression of surprise.

“Oh I… I didn’t know you heard that” You said quietly.  Scott chuckled and held his arms out.

“Come ‘mere” He said, and you hugged him tightly.  “And by the way, you’re a wider stick in the ass” 

“Way to ruin the moment” You muttered, pulling out of the embrace.  “But still.  You’re my brother.  And I’m obligated to love you” He laughed.

“Oh yeah, and I’m the moment ruiner” Scott laughed at you.  You smiled softly.

“I know you miss them but you won’t talk about it” You said in a quiet voice.  He gave you a sad smile.

“I don’t have to worry about it.  I have you guys” He assured.  “And you two wackos are all I need”

You hugged him again before you both went into the tent.

And the night ended with a lovely argument over who got to cuddle with Stiles.

no sweet note here but… scott never did really mourn for kira. not that she died but like ??? she just dropped off the show completely.  did he even know they used her sword to get theo back? wouldn’t that arise some kind of feeling of remorse in him? idk it’s 2:15 AM and i’m starving so maybe i’m delusional

xoxo ~ jordie

Mommy Dearest//Theo Raeken

Characters: Theo Raeken, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Liam Dunbar, Lydia Martin, Reader.


“I don’t care what you do with it just put it down!” You yelled at your friends, Scott and Stiles, who were currently tossing Liam’s phone back and forth.

“We’re just playing, Y/N. Come on.” Scott smiles.

Liam sat on the couch, pouting.

“I said now. You two are seventeen years old. Act like it.”

Stiles rolls his eyes and hands Liam his phone back. Liam snatches it out of his hand and puts it in his pocket.

You glance at Theo sitting in the corner who has a huge smirk plastered across his face.

“I don’t want to hear a word out of you.” You point at him.

He throws his hands up in defense, laughing. “Yes ma'am.”

You sigh as you sit down on the couch, “You’d think for a group of kids who save the world a lot, you’d be more mature.”

“We’re mature.” Scott defends.

You look at him out of the corner of your eye, “immature.”

“Whatever.” He shrugs.

“Who wants dinner?” You ask everyone raising a hand.

“Pizza or do you want me to cook?”

“Will you make that thing you made last week when we were here?” Stiles sits up.

“The chicken?”

He nods.

“Coming right up.” You get up and go to the kitchen, Theo hot on your heels.

“Where’d you learn how to do that?” Theo sits on the counter.

“Do what?” You start grabbing ingredients.

“The whole motherly thing.” He watches as you move around the kitchen.

“Oh..I didn’t learn it, it’s just kind of instinctive. I feel like I have to, I guess.”

“I think it’s cute…I actually think it’s pretty hot.”

“Wow.” You chuckle, “Deep-seated mommy issues?” You joke.

“Actually yes.” He laughs. “I don’t know, I just like seeing you protect and care.”

“I feel like I have to. Half the time I don’t even realize I’m yelling at someone until they call me mom.”

He laughs, “Hey.”

“Yeah?” You turn and looks at him as he hops off the counter.

He smiles, “You’re going to be a great mom.”

“Thanks.” You grin.

“You’ll be a milf, that’s for sure.”

“Of course you had to make this dirty.” You smack his arm. “Go in the other room.”

He smirks, “Your wish is my command.” He leaves, looking at you over his shoulder. “You look hot in those shorts, by the way.”

“I said go!” He laughs as he rounds the corner.

You finished dinner and called everyone into the dining room. You sat beside Theo who immediately laced his fingers with yours.

You smile and kiss his cheek.

“Babe.“ He looks over at you.

“What’s up?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” You grin at him.

“Gross.” Stiles groans.

“Shut up. I know what you and Lydia get up to.”


“I’m a werewolf. I hear everything.”

Lydia and Stiles exchange a look and Theo shakes his head before kissing your nose.

After everyone had left Theo hung around with you. “Let’s go cuddle.” He wraps an arm around you.

“My mom’s home.” You look over at him and smile.

“We’ll keep the door open.” He raises an eyebrow.

“Fair enough. Beat you there.” You grin before running up to your room, Theo gets there a couple seconds after you, grabbing you and tossing you on the bed.

You squeal and giggle as he lies down beside you. “I love being with you.” He looks at you, smiling as he admires you.

“Yeah?” You smile as you prop up on your elbow.

“I’m going to marry you, I swear. When we get married we’ll have 200 kids.”

“Wow. 200? We better get started then.”

“I said when we get married. Don’t be so eager to have my babies.” Theo laughs and he pulls you close. “You’re my favorite.”

“Good thing you’re mine too.” You kiss him and he smiles.


Endless Dan and Amy Edits: 35/? (Sunday edition - Season 6 Finale)

Like a storm, I ’ll turn my love
Suprah and the profit are both in the business of souls

- The (Shipped) Gold Standard by Fall Out Boy
DT to all the Power Rangers stans!!

For all you PR stans who are looking for deleted scenes, I have found a YT account that has posted them (as well as behind the scenes)!!

If the link doesn’t work or something like that, look up a YouTube account called ‘On the Set’ and you can probably find them!!

(I swear I’m not a sponsor, just a dude trying to help out)


Kira/Scott/Stiles famous YouTuber/musicians AU (ft. established Scott/Stiles + ftm!Scott)
WC: ~6.5k
Rating: E

Scott knows he’s a lucky motherfucker. Scott thanks God every day for giving him and his best friend a hit single that exploded to #1 in over 30 countries at the tender age of 16. He and Stiles couldn’t believe it then, and they still can’t believe it now, 4 years later, with two equally successful albums under their belts. They’re not the same dumb teenagers they were at the start of this journey—quite literally since Stiles recently turned 20, and people are finally starting to call Scott the right name and use the right pronouns. 

Scott cried the first time a headline surfaced with “Scott” instead of “Scarlett.” Stiles cradled him to his chest and rocked them back and forth until Scott could breathe properly again. He’s not quite so emotional anymore, but he never fails to smile when he thinks about how far he’s come. 

Scott knows he’s luckier than most, but that doesn’t mean he and Stiles don’t want an escape every now and then. Fame and fortune are fun until they take over Scott’s life, until they inundate him in old pictures of a person he doesn’t want to be anymore, until they demand answers about his identity that Scott doesn’t even know himself some days. 

Hence Stiles’ infamous undercover adventures in whatever city they’re touring in at the time as a way to circumvent the chaos. The tabloids have a field day whenever they catch the inseparable duo decked out in Ray Bans and nondescript hoodies. Their label makes sure to publicly chastise them, but secretly loves the gossip it stimulates. Scott and Stiles get to explore the local hot spots and live without a camera in their faces for a bit. 

Everyone wins. 

Unfortunately Scott’s luck doesn’t seem to to extend to tiny, hole-in-the-wall coffeeshops in Nowheresville, California. 

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  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: You can't tell me the whole Scranton branch didn't shut when Michael and Holly got married. That they didn't fly out to Colorado to see Michael marry the girl of his dreams. You can't tell me Michael didn't try to get Ryan to be his best man but when Ryan ran away, he asked Dwight instead. That Jim wasn't a groomsman. That Cece wasn't the flower girl. That Andy didn't sing the song Michael and Holly danced to. That Kelly and Andy didn't have another dance off and this time, Andy didn't have to go to the ER. That Phyllis, Pam, and Erin didn't cry when they said I do. That Michael didn't ask Erin for a dance. That the whole office didn't plan a flash mob like at Jim and Pam's wedding. There is no way none of this didn't happen.