scott x derek


“Tonight’s episode [“Riddled”] actually has one of my favorite scenes that we’ve ever had on the show between Scott and Derek. It’s one of my favorite scenes that I’ve ever done.

It’s very much a brotherly moment between the two, It’s a passing the torch moment. Derek says, ‘You are the Alpha, and I am here to help in any way that I can. I can be the person to give you advice along the way. You are going to be greater than I ever could be, but I can help make you better.’ That’s one of my favorite scenes we’ve ever done on the show. I think Scott and Derek’s roles in each other’s lives will be solidified pretty well in tonight’s episode” -Tyler Hoechlin

The Signs And What They Really Need From Teen Wolf
  • Aries: Brett Talbot kissing Mason Hewitt
  • Taurus: Isaac Lahey returning and kissing Scott McCall
  • Gemini: Alive Allison Argent
  • Cancer: Kira Yukimura stops killing Scott McCall
  • Leo: Malia and Theo making out
  • Virgo: Derek Hale, Derek fucking Hale
  • Libra: Stydia, fucking Stydia
  • Scorpio: Mason Hewitt and Kira Yukimura slumber parties
  • Sagittarius: Liam falling into holes
  • Capricorn: Lydia Martin telling Stiles Stilinski she's in love with him, too.
  • Aquarius: Malia Tate kicking ass and being a Queen Bitch
  • Pisces: Papa Stilinski and Mama McCall making little Scott and Stiles

Time flies

  • Fave character: Death confirmed
  • Me: Haha, show me their corpse and then i'll believe it
  • Writers: It's right there
  • Writers: They're never coming back
  • Writers: They're dead
  • Me: Nah they're okay :')