scott wygmans

‘Metalheads’ Vol II by Scott Wygmans

This is a collection of some very metal one pagers by Scott Wygmans called ‘Metalheads’, Vol II.  Wygmans knows his way with ink and fills the page with some solid and serious lines.  His 2 metal pals are at once completely recognizable guys who are always lurking in the back of every local punk and metal show, drinking cheap beer and being real serious about being poor and crusty and terrible things, but caricatured to the point that they look like a viking warrior and his goblin pal; which is the kind of character and lifestyle I imagine most metalheads are aspiring to. 

each strip contains wonderfully hilarious gags in reference to the subculture, such as the above.  Little goblin guy has decided to form the most awesome band ever, him and a corpse.  One member is dead, the other totally sucks, its gonna be awesome as shit.  I formed a little punk band recently, my first in 20 years or so, just as a fun little thing to do on the side and not take seriously.  Dudes like the ones in the strip came out to our first show and stood in the front row so seriously taking in how much we sucked and were so seriously loving it.  Dudes like these will always be around, they are the dudes who keep the music scene alive. 

But, again, the drawings, the fucking drawings; man!!  This guy should be drawing band posters, illustrations for D&D modules, and metal and punk album covers all the time.  Dude has serious talent.  Like, really, I want to do a Kickstarter to get this guy to design and illustrate a D&D module, would be the most bad ass thing ever. 

and the above, another great one.  Dude’s legs are rotting off and it gives him a great idea for a band name…  INFECTION!!  Gah, I think I lived with these guys about 20 years ago.  8 of us in a house and only 2 doors down from a liquor store, we sustained ourselves on Colt 45 and nothing else for a solid year straight. 

Anyhoo, can’t find a way to buy this guys’ stuff online but I’m sure if you follow him on tumblr or bug him he’ll get you a copy.  Or just follow him on tumblr, he’s got tons of great drawings up on there: