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Darkest Hour (2017)

A thrilling and inspiring true story begins on the eve of World War II as, within days of becoming Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill (Academy Award nominee Gary Oldman) must face one of his most turbulent and defining trials: exploring a negotiated peace treaty with Nazi Germany, or standing firm to fight for the ideals, liberty and freedom of a nation.

As the unstoppable Nazi forces roll across Western Europe and the threat of invasion is imminent, and with an unprepared public, a skeptical King, and his own party plotting against him, Churchill must withstand his darkest hour, rally a nation, and attempt to change the course of world history.

Directed by:   Joe Wright

Starring:   Gary Oldman, Lily James, Ben Mendelsohn, Kristin Scott Thomas, Stephen Dillane

Release date:   November 22, 2017


The following are clean gif imagines unless noted beside link. Prompts can be found here.


Steve Rogers-

First Date

Dads finding out you’re dating(ft. Tony Stark)

First Kiss

Setting him up on dates (ft. Thor and the others)

Meeting him through Clint

Early Baby Birth 

Risky Mission


Hydra Agent (Part 1) (Part 2)

Hydra Attack

Interrupted Date

Embarrassed Log Ripper

Distracted by You

Waking up to him

First Love

Showing off

NSFW Growing Out Facial Hair

Prompt 7 & 39

Witchy Business

NSFW Tongues are Great

Prompt 10

Prompt 2

Pietro Maximoff

Pure Jealousy - (Part 1) (Part 2)

Logan Howllet-

Being His Mate

Being Caught Cuddling

Bucky Barnes-


Winter Solider Caused Your Death

You’re Special 

Bad Attitude

Catching him up to the 21st Century (maybe a trigger, mentions 9/11)

First Kiss

NSFW First Time Since Everything

Prompt 60

Prompt 107

Tony Stark

Prompt 92


Playing w/Hair

Peter Parker

Prompt 19

Prompt 78

Prompt 21

Prompt 84


Tony and Steve Take A Vacation

Dads Find Out You’re Dating

Dating Peter


Charles and Erik Fighting Over You

Stop the Drugs

They Be Fuckin

Daredevil/Matt Murdock

Prompt 110

King T’Challa/Black Panther

Prompt 18

Prompt 10

Peaky Blinders

Alfie Solomons

Alfie Gets Interested

Fighting About Business

Tommy Shelby

I Know - Full Length Imagine

Why Are You Up So Early (Prompt 40)

Prompt 107

Having To Betray You

Prompt 22

Not Losing You Again

Prompt 84

Never Going To Hurt You

NSFW Sex with Tommy Shelby

Prompt 52

Criminal Minds

Meeting the Profilers

Spencer Reid

Getting a Cat

First Meet - Full Length Imagine

You’re A Forensic Scientist

Comforting Spence

Excerpt from a fanfiction I’ll never finish - Full Length Imagine

Prompts 23 & 24

Love After Maeve

Taking a Bullet

Helping the Addiction 



Pregnancy Research

Flustered Model

Derek’s Little Sister

BAU Agent - Full Length Imagine

Prompt 10



Meeting In Winter

Watching You With Lagertha

DC Comics

Catching Lex and Bruce’s eyes

Clark Kent-

Meeting Superman (ft. Bruce Wayne)

Saved by Super(man)nerd


Give Me Guidance 

Din Din With Fam

Childhood Friends (ft Bruce Wayne)


Odd Job Meeting

Dating Superman, brother is batman

Revealing Superman for yourself

NSFW Full Length Imagine

Meeting at Daily Planet


Prompt 4

Prompt 35

Prompt 1

Prompt 39

Prompt 15

Prompt 25

Prompt 22

Prompt 23

Prompt 48

Prompt 18

Prompt 16

NSFW Beard

Bruce Wayne

Prompt 75

Prompt 104

Prompt 13

Prompt 34

Prompt 87

Prompt 50

Prompt 9

Prompt 12

Prompt 60

Prompt 18

Prompt 6

Prompt 40

Prompt 2

Prompt 10

Prompt 28

Prompt 48

Prompt 27

Prompt 22

Prompt 48

Prompt 57 

Prompt 78

Prompt 11

How Long Were You Standing There

Lex Luthor

Prompt 10

Prompt 48

Prompt 8

Oliver Queen

Prompt 44

BBC Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes

So he’s not a virgin

Teen Wolf

He asks you out - Preference

Others Before Yourself - (Part 1) (Part 2)

Tied-Up - Full Length Imagine

Broken-Hearted - Full Length Imagine

Liam Dunbar/Derek Hale - Full Length Imagine

Scott McCall

Younger Sister

Stiles Stilinski

Married Couple?

Crushing but he too dumb to realize 


Taking a Bullet

Fight me

Dread Dicks Doctors

Matching Tattoos

Little Hale

Doctor Fears

NSFW First Time

Prompt 27

Prompt 6

NSFW Riding in the Jeep

Cuddles and Kisses

Awkward First Meeting AU - Full Length Imagine

First Date - Full Length Imagine

Moving On - Full Length Imagine

Lydia Martin

Spending the Night (Could be NSFW)

The New Girlfriend

Who Needs A Boyfriend

Get Confident

Peter Hale

Prompt 69

Issac Lahey

Prompt 23

Liam Dunbar


You’re A Jerk

Parrish’s Little Sister

Confessions of A Teenage Werewolf

Little Green Monster

Derek Hale

High School Sweetheart

Lips of an Angel - Full Length Imagine

Protective - Full Length Imagine

Brett Talbot

Confliction - Full Length Imagine


You A Witch

Dads, I’m Dating


Born Different

Soulmates - Full Length Imagine

Dean Winchester

Spending The Night

Preparing To Meet You

Forgetting The Pie

After The One Night Stand

Bad Surprise

Okay so, there’s a baby

Sleeping with the Enemy

Pep Talk

Feeling Denial



Trying to Sext


Sam Winchester


NSFW First Blow


Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Running Away

Vampire Diaries/The Originals

Klaus Mikaelson

Looks (Full Imagine)

NSFW Friends w/Benefits



Powerful Witch

Elijah Mikaelson

Getting a Puppy

His Lap

Damon Salvatore


The Outsiders

Dallas Winston

Spending the Day

You Got Her Pregnant? (Prompt 97)

Prompt 16


Ponyboy Curtis


Gotta Love Blondes - Full Length Imagine

Little Talks - Full Length Imagine

Sodapop Curtis

You Get Jumped

War - (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6)

Prompt 21

Game of Thrones

Jon Snow

Marriage is an Alliance

Age Difference

Robb Stark

Arya’s Verdict

Hemlock Grove

Meeting Peter and Roman

Mr. Robot



Once Upon A Time

Killian Jones

Intrigued Bar


Peter Pan

Escaping Neverland - (Part 1) (Part 2)

Kingsmen: The Scret Service

Eggsy Unwin

Sneaking Out

Guardians of the Galaxy

Peter Quill

Misunderstandings - Full Length Imagine

Jurassic World

Owen Grady

Yeah I Do

I’m Not Letting You Go


Tom Hiddleson


Taron Egerton

Meeting in an Interview

Rami Malek

New Girl

Sebastian Stan

Admitting His Love

Chris Evans

Prompt 98

Meeting Chris on New Years


Dating Ponyboy and Being Dallas’ Sister

Dating Sodapop

Dating Dallas Winston

Dating Scott McCall

Dating Captain America/Steve Rogers

Sam Winchester (NSFW)

Tommy Shelby (NSFW)

Spencer Reid (NSFW)

Bruce Wayne (NSFW)

Sex w/Peter Quill (NSFW)

First Date w/Liam Dunbar

Dating Liam Dunbar

Dating Derek Hale (NSFW)

Dating Stiles Stilinski

Dating Tony Stark



TOP: Col. Guion S. Bluford Jr. (US Air Force)  First African American Astronaut in Space

1st ROW (L to R):  Bernard A. Harris Jr., M.D. ||  Col. Benjamin Alvin Drew, Jr. (US Air Force)

2nd ROW: Maj. Gen. Charles Frank Bolden, Jr.(U.S. Marines) || Capt. Robert L. Curbeam Jr. (US Navy)

3rd ROW: Robert Lee Satcher, Jr. MD, PHD || Capt. Winston E. Scott (US Navy)

4th ROW: Lt. Col. Michael Phillip Anderson (US Air Force) || COL. Frederick Drew Gregory (US Air Force)

BOTTOM: Ronald E. McNair, PhD (Died in the Space Shuttle Challenger accident, January 28, 1986). R.I.P.

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Attacked by a Griever; Comforted by Newt

Prompt: Y/N gets attacked by a Griever, but barely escapes.
Prompt: Newt calms down Y/N after they almost get stung by a Griever.
(I hope you two don’t mind that I combined these! They just fit really well together! But for the person who asked for Newt to be the one to calm Y/N down, you can skip to the second line and read from there. It’ll just skip over Y/N in the Maze, being attacked by the Griever.)


I ran through the Maze, my heart pounding and my adrenaline pumping through my veins. I was behind schedule. Very behind schedule. The doors would close in the next twenty minutes and I was still a good thirty minutes away. I forced myself to run faster when I heard something. I slid to a stop, my heart hammering in my ears. For a moment, I heard nothing. Just as I was about to run, however, I heard it again. I turned my head, searching for the source of the noise.

Finally, I heard it clearly. Something was clicking and whirring, sending chills through my body. My blood ran cold. Around the corner, just fifteen feet away from, came a Griever. I had never seen one, but there was no doubting what it was. It was bulbous and dark, with spikes, shears and rods poking out from far too many places to be safe. I was frozen as it uncurled itself completely, seeming to stretch and turn. First, it looked opposite of me.

That’s when Minho’s words echoed in my head, “The number one Runner rule: ‘Never. Stop. Running.’”

Before I could move, the Griever turned to face me. The world froze. I couldn’t see the creature’s eyes, but it opened its mouth in a metalic like screech that sent my heart pounding. There was no time to think. I ran.

Blood pounded in my ears, but I could still hear the slaps of my feet hitting the concrete ground and the sounds of metallic clicking as the creature followed. I had never ran so fast, never pushed my body so hard - I had never been so afraid.

Newt’s words popped into my head, the same thing he said every morning before I left. “Be careful out there, Y/N. You come back to the Glade.”
I pushed myself harder. Each Glader popped into my head. Alby, Minho, Gally, Scott, Jeff, Winston, Alec, Wyck, Frypan, Doug, Rob, Zart - and so many more. Each Glader brought a new source of why I should run. A new source of why I should push my body past its limits to get away and make it back. If I could manage it.

The sounds of the Griever was growing louder. I took a sharp left turn, my body struggling to keep going at my current pace. I was almost to the Glade. I just needed to do another left turn and then a right turn - and then I would have to hope I could make it before the Glade sealed itself shut for the night.
As I made the final turn, I caught sight of several of the Gladers standing just outside the doors, waiting for me. My eyes landed on Newt.

Before I even realized what had happened, one of the Griever’s appendages reached out and snatched me. I screamed as loudly as I could, fear forcing my heart to beat until it felt like it would explode, and tears blurred my vision. I was going to die.

“Come back to me,” Newt whispered, hugging me. It was my first day running alone and I was a bit nervous. “Come back to me, Y/N. Don’t get stuck out there.”

“I’ll always come back for you, Newt,” I promised. And I meant it.

The Griever unleashed its stinger, aiming it right at me. Just as it sprung its stinger forward, I swung my body up. The Griever missed. I grabbed onto an exposed wire that was in the arm holding me and pulled on it with all my might. The Griever began to shake, twisting this way and that. Over the Griever’s noises, I heard the sounds of the wall beginning to close.

The Griever held me up by its face, screeching. I pulled back and with all my strength slammed my first forward, hitting the creature right in its face. It dropped me. I landed roughly on my back, but didn’t give myself enough time to feel the pain. I rolled over, springing to my feet and forcing myself to run. Everything was hurting. I rounded the corner and noticed the Griever wasn’t after me anymore - but I also noticed that most of the Gladers had left. The only three still there was Clint, Alby and - Newt. His hair was messed up, as if he had been constantly running his fingers through it.

“Y/N!” Newt shouted. He went to step forward, but Alby stopped him.

The doors were almost completely shut by the time I made it to the end. The walls were pressing down on me, uncomfortabley tight. Newt and Alby both grabbed my arm, pulling me through the rest of the way before the walls slammed shut. I fell to the ground between them, gasping for air. My body was covered in sweat and I couldn’t stop the tears from leaking from my eyes.
“Did it sting you?” Alby demanded, crouching down beside me.

Newt wrapped his arms around me. “Y/N, you’re okay. You made it. It’s okay.”
Alby put a hand on my shoulder. “Did it sting you?”


Clint sat down in front of me. Somehow, I had ended up in Newt’s lap. He was holding me tight and whispering comforting words into my ear.

I was vaguely aware of being told that Clint had to check me out for any injuries, but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stand. When Newt adjusted me and stood up, I realized that I would not be walking. I would be carried.


Later, I was laying on a cot in the Homestead, still lightly shaking from the incident. Clint had checked me out and said that, minus some bruising around my hips from the Griever grabbing me and a few scrapes here and there, I was perfectly fine. Still, they refused to let me leave the Homestead until tomorrow. I didn’t complain.

Newt sat on a chair beside my cot, never having left my side. He looked tired.

“I was so worried, Y/N. When Minho and the others got back and you hadn’t… I thought you weren’t going to bloody make it, Y/N.” Newt grabbed my hand. “I’ve never been so scared.”

“Newt, don’t leave me tonight. I don’t want to be alone.” I didn’t tell him about how I could still see the Griever. I didn’t tell him that I could still hear it coming after me. I didn’t have to.

“Here, move over. I’ll lay down with you.”

I slid over, lifting the blanket for Newt to slide under. Once he was under the cover, I let it fall on us. He pulled me to his chest, allowing me to rest my head there. Our hands were intertwined.

“I don’t want to run for awhile,” I mumbled.

“No one is going to make you go out there again, Y/N. I promise. I won’t let them.” Newt kissed my head, giving me a comforting squeeze.

We laid in silence for several minutes, just enjoying each other’s presence and the fact that I had made it back. Finally, Newt broke the silence.


“Yeah, Newt?”

“I’m glad you’re here.”

I sat up slightly, supporting myself with my elbow so that I could look down at Newt. I gave him a tiny smile. “Me too.”

I leaned down and kissed him. It wasn’t anything passionate - it was just a simple kiss that told him how grateful I was that he was with me.



“I love you.” The blond smiled at me, his hair a mess and his brown eyes full of emotion.

“I love you, too, Newt.”

He pulled me down and kissed me sweetly once more.