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Something that struck me as odd before The Final Problem came out was the fact Andrew Scott (Moriarty) was planning on going to the Sherlock Con in Los Angeles in late May. He didn’t announce he was going to the 2016 London one until like a month beforehand. I get it, actors and their schedules are hard to predict. So why was Andrew Scott like, “Yeah I’ll fucking be there, bro!” months and months ahead of time? There may be no meaning to it at all. Maybe he just cleared his schedule 7 months in advance for no reason. Or maybe he wouldn’t miss this particular convention for the world.


Triplett and Scott 1864 Patent carbine

Made by Meriden Manufacturing Company for the Kentucky militia c.1865 - serial number 1239.
.56-50 rimfire Spencer ~7 round tubular magazine - in the stock, unique rotating breech action.

The magazine is located off-center in the stock, and sticks out above the trigger guard as seen in the very last picture above. To cycle the gun, the militiaman would rotate the front part of the gun to the right, up from the breech - clockwise, which ejects the spent round, open up the magazine’s mouth until the breech is in line with it, popping a round in the chamber and allowing the gun to be turned back into place, counter-clockwise.
Although it was not that complicated to use, it was complicated to manufacture and not a whole lot of people were interested.


This Is Football (Ladies edition) 

“When it comes to top skaters who are training mates, they were normally like Yagudin & Plushenko or like Tessa/Scott & Meryl/Charlie. They didn’t really like each other. That’s why I think everyone is so into Yuzuru & Javier’s friendship, because it’s so uncommon.”