scott the magnificent

Hercules: How could Hercules refuse a quest?! A grand and glorious quest like in the old days! My friends, this will be magnificent!

Scott: Or a suicide mission. Also that.

Pietro: If that is what is necessary to rescue my sister, Ant-Man, then so be it.

Bobbi: And yes, I’ll be babysitting. You’re welcome.

Secret Empire #2 by failed politician/nightclub owner/DJ Nick Spencer & Andrea Sorrentino

But, Quicksilver, who is going to rescue me from another mind control storyline?

Love The Flood

(A prompt that got out of control.)


Stiles is new at school and one day Scott discovers his surprising secret. 

“He’s cute, right?” Isaac remarks. 

Scott isn’t listening. Scott knows he’s cute. He’s very, very cute in fact. It’s a fact that Scott has been keenly aware of ever since he first laid eyes on the beautiful mess that is Stiles…Stivinsky? Stanislavsky? Whatever. Scott has absently counted the moles on Stiles face and neck more times than he can remember and it’s only the first week of school. 

“Yes!” Scott finally snaps out of it, addressing Isaac. He gives a late grin. “He is very cute.” 

Isaac looks at him hopelessly and snorts. “You’re obvious, McCall.” He turns and leaves. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Scott calls after him, blushing. 

Stiles tenderly closes his locker, which is just a little bit down the hall from Scott but on the opposite side, just next to the drinking fountain. A girl attempts to use said fountain but the button is faulty and water sprays everywhere, she squeals and to Scott’s surprise, so does Stiles. 

Well, it’s more of a “Eeueyrghh!!!” Than a squeal. Scott sees his body freeze up in shock, like it’s bird shit and not simply water he’s just been sprayed with. This peculiar reaction only makes Scott more interested in him, Scott tips his head to the side, watching curiously. 

Stiles frantically looks around, dropping his books, he dashes into the adjacent boys bathroom. That was certainly faster than Scott had seen him move on the track field yesterday. Scott ambles over and quickly grabs Stiles’ books off of the floor, following him into the bathroom. 

“Hey man, are you alright?” He asks goodheartedly, with a signature Scott McCall smile.

Stiles head snaps around in his direction, his face is contorted and tense, he is stressed out, Scott doesn’t even need to hear his heartbeat to know that. He has a handful of bunched up paper towel in his hand, desperately drying his skin of the water. 

“Uhmm, yeah, man, it’s ok! Like, you can go!” He babbles highly.

“What? Hey, dude, what’s wrong? Come on,” Scott takes a step towards him, putting the books down. 

“Go! Just go! Please-” Stiles chokes frantically, realising it’s too late. 

Scott looks down at Stiles’ hands, which are glittering. Like literally sparkling, like little speckles of light are sticking to him, they almost resemble bubbles. 

“Woah, what-” Scott starts.

Stiles groans as the glittering bubble things suddenly shoot over his entire body and he falls backwards onto Scott who catches him. But Scott wasn’t ready for how heavy Stiles apparently is and he falls to the floor under the weight of Stiles’ sparkly falling body. 

With a loud collapse Scott opens his eyes and looks at the ceiling, blinking away the accompanying dizziness of whacking his head on the tiled bathroom floor. 

“Um-” Scott begins, as he has just become all too aware that Stiles’ entire body is on top of him. Scott can look down and see Stiles’ dark hair, no longer all sparkly but it looks wet, which is weird, but he freezes as Stiles snaps at him. 

“Close your eyes!” He says, startled. Scott can feel that he’s seized up. 

Scott does what he’s told. 

“I’m confused, man-” He tries. 

“What’s your name!” Stiles asks shrilly. 

“Scott McCall,” Scott responds easily, smiling a bit at the ridiculousness of being pinned to the boys bathroom floor by a wet, sparkly boy who is snapping weird commands at him. 

“Well,” Stiles gulps. “Scott McCall, keep your damn eyes closed. I’m going to get off of you, and you have to promise not to open your eyes. Got it?” He says sternly. 

Scott nods and realises Stiles can’t see that. “Alright, you got it boss.” He grins slightly. 

He feels Stiles heavy weight lift off of him as Stiles props himself up and shifts away. Scott hears a weird slap sound and then the sound of something heavy being dragged across the floor. 

“Dude, what is going on?” Scott asks, genuinely confused but still enjoying this. 

“None of your business, buddy. Eyes closed.” He hears Stiles stop moving. “You can go now.” Stiles says seriously. 

Scott opens his eyes and looks towards the showers where Stiles has dragged himself. “You okay?” He calls. 

“I’m fine!” He yells, getting impatient, but Scott can tell he’s scared. “Thanks for- for bringing my books, and stuff.” 

“Don’t mention it,” Scott says, warily getting to his feet. He goes to leave but he lingers. “So… what’s your secret, sparkle boy?” 

Scott feels Stiles seize up before he finishes talking. Maybe he shouldn’t have said that.

“Don’t ask! And don’t call me sparkly boy!” He says loudly, Scott can feel his breathing getting short and his heart beating fast. This is the sign of an animal backed into a corner with no way out and Scott knows it, he has to help him. 

“Look, man, I have to come back there and help you-” The reaction is almost instant. 

“No!” Stiles yells. Suddenly the walls shake and it’s all the pipes in the building give a huge groan. Scott covers his face as the faucets in the sink burst and water sprays up and drenches him. Scott hears the showers do the same and Stiles curses loudly. 

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Stiles exclaims over the sound of shooting water. 

Outside the bathroom he hears squeals and shrieks, like every pipe in the school just burst and the school was getting treated to a sudden flood. 

Scott rushes forward into the showers, too curious about what was suddenly happening and too overwhelmed with the want to help Stiles. He pauses at the door of the showers shuts his eyes in concentration. 

He could turn around now and not get involved, leave Stiles to go it alone like he wants, but Scott knew that wasn’t really an option. He steps forward into a maelstrom of rushing water as all the shower heads have broken, Scott is completely drenched and blinks through the rushing water to see the form of Stiles, shirtless and wet, propped back on his elbows, a “I-flooded-the-school-on-my-third-day-here” look on his face. 

Scott looks down at Stiles magnificent, shimmering blue tail in wonder and amazement. 

“Merman… that’s new.” Scott remarks under his breath. 

St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral was designed as a parish church by Sir George Gilbert Scott and built between 1871 and 1874 on the north side of Great Western Road in Woodside. In 1893 Scott’s second son John Oldrid Scott added the magnificent spire which dominates the local landscape. In 1908 St Mary’s became the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway.