scott slusher

This is my friend, Scott Slusher. He was a photographer, artist, graphic designer. I met him at work several years ago, and felt like he was one of the few people who really got me. We had similar temperaments and feelings about art, music, artistic endeavors. And, of course, we had both fallen into work that had very little to do with our creative abilities, which was something that we both mourned. That I still mourn.

Scott quit that job, went back to school, started up being a photographer hardcore again. We didn’t talk much because of time and distance and the fact that I’m awful about keeping in contact with people such that I never really firmed up plans or made an effort. Whenever we did talk, though, it seemed like no time had passed. That’s the sort of friend that Scott was.

Scott died. Of cancer. Today is his birthday. I thought a fitting birthday gift to him would be to show Tumblr some of his work. Obviously I own none of it, but it’s still in public places on the internet so I don’t feel too awful putting it here. Plus I know Scott would approve. He loved his art so much.