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A post of miscellaneous headcanons about precious dorks:

  • Atsushi appreciates the smiles he receives from passing strangers because it always make his day just a little bit brighter when someone shows a simple act of kindness, and he especially adores the imperfect ones where a smile is wider on one side than the other. There’s just something about it that makes them seem more genuine, and happy looking.
  • One of the simple things in life that Odasaku absolutely enjoys is the scent of freshly brewed coffee being dispersed throughout his apartment, and pouring himself the perfect cup of coffee and taking it out onto the balcony that overlooks the entire city in the morning to enjoy it.
  • Chuuya truly adores the concept of falling hopelessly and madly in love with someone, but it completely terrifies him at the same time. He’s afraid that he’ll fall in love with the wrong person and has to spend the rest of his life trying to convince himself that they are the one.
  • Yosano has always loved the brief calm and stillness of the world before a storm breaks out. And the deep, perfect rumbling in the dark clouds before lightning would strike, and the harsh rain pouring down from the heavens like it was hurting seconds later. There’s just something about stormy weathers that she finds soothing and relaxing and also quite beautiful and magical about it.
  • There’s something so satisfying to Ango when he opens a hardcover book, and there’s a section in the middle of it where it’ll stay open without him having to touch it. It’s small and seemingly insignificant, but he finds a simple delight in odd things like that.
  • It honestly makes Fukuzawa’s heart swoon considerably when he comes across a beautiful stranger picking up a stray cat off the streets and welcoming them back to their home or apartment. It goes to show that there are still good people in the world with kind hearts, and it may even prompt him to stroll over to them and introduce himself.
  • Higuchi has a tender spot for sweet, elderly people. Especially the ones who seem like they’ve been through quite a lot in their life and just want someone to talk and have a decent conversation with since they are often seen to be rather sad and lonely sitting by themselves.
  • Fitzgerald purchases sparkling water in glass bottles to keep at home and ready at his disposal to have whenever he needs to quench his thirst. That’s the only kind of water he enjoys because of how crisp, refreshing and satisfyingly bubbly it feels in his mouth, and because he likes being completely extra and bougie even when it comes to essential hydration, he wouldn’t settle for anything less than that.
  • There was a time in the Mafia where Dazai would purposely say someone’s name incorrectly when addressing them just to remind them of how unimportant they are to him and/or for the pure enjoyment that it gives him. It probably took many months until Dazai finally uttered Chuuya’s/Akutagawa’s name right without butchering it.
  • For some reason, Ranpo has a great distaste for candies or chocolate that has a peppermint flavor to it and avoids them at all cost. If a minty candy had somehow ended up in his mouth by accident, though, he’ll immediately spit it out in disgust and creates a melodramatic scene soon afterward.
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