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She (1935, USA) - 01 by Jim

Utterly fascinating insights from Fred Astaire’s beautiful daughter, Ava (photographed here with her father in 1958 by Ralph Crane), from an article she wrote in 2012:

“Despite things that have been written, Daddy and Ginger had great respect for each other and liked working together. Perhaps they weren’t great social friends, they had their own lives, but they certainly did not fight. I remember Ginger coming to the house in Beverly Hills and all of us eating in the casual day room rather than the formal dining room.

Although I was unaware of it at the time, in retrospect I realise that I grew up in a magical world. Our neighbours were Charlie Chaplin on one side and Mary Pickford on the other. Among my parents’ good friends were Cole Porter, Merle Oberon, Sam Goldwyn and David Niven. Randolph Scott was my godfather. Clark Gable was a regular visitor to our ranch in the San Fernando Valley, and I remember going to Liza Minnelli’s birthday party where there were elephants.”