scott ramsey

In the extremely unusual occasion that a run in with the FAHC results in an arrest rather than an all out firefight an argument could be made that the members of LSPD are even more displeased than the criminals themselves. It’s not just that many feel the crew members don’t even deserve the luxury of an arrest, think the world would be a better place if they were shot on sight, but also the fact that the interrogations themselves never go to plan. The possibility of being the one who brings about the downfall of the FAHC sours in the face of the intangible feeling that the arrest was intentional, that getting one of the Fakes into an interrogation room is still somehow playing into their plans.

Neither Pattillo nor the elusive Brownman have ever made it to the station, the few occasions which have come close getting cut short before they get any further than the squad car. Pattillo is unerringly polite even while effortlessly knocking out arresting officers, while Brownman is utterly relaxed, putting up no resistance and complaining loudly about losing the chance to sleep away the afternoon in custody when his crewmates drag him free. Dooley, on the other hand, seems to turn up at the station with alarming regularity; the FAHC’s newest member wandering in for anything from paying off minor traffic tickets to reporting petty crime. Its infuriating, the man exuding nothing but appropriate respect and utter sincerity, and without any evidence, without anything but street knowledge of his involvement, they can do nothing but treat him like a regular citizen.

When Ramsey is brought in he is calm, judgemental and obnoxiously sure of himself. He proclaims his innocence, his ignorance, his life as a simple businessman with just enough of a smirk to make it clear he is laughing at them, never once even hinting at anything incriminating. Interrogating the man is always a race against the clock; through bail or legal intervention he’s out of their hands almost as soon as they get him. Once, and only once, a detective tried to go the unethical threatening route, claimed other members of the crew were in unrecorded rooms having one-on-one sessions of their own, that if Ramsey cared about them at all he would just confess and save them all the trouble. It was months before they got all the blood off the walls, and the mysterious failure of every camera in the interview room had the station caught up in internal investigations while Ramsey walked away scott free.

Where interviewing Ramsey is always too short to be satisfying, no detective can be done with Jones fast enough. At first the fact that he doesn’t shut up seems like gift, his rages an easy way to trip him up, trick him into revealing information, but its not. Jones will curse you out, run his mouth about the precinct, the cheif, your mother, his own mother, and the competence levels of his crew but he never says anything of use. Even when they wise up to his methods, realise he is waiting out his time as efficiently as Ramsey in his own way, there is still no directing him; his rants and rages as genuine as they are frustrating.

The observant would note that the vagabond was never once arrested before the force gets a photo of his face, fuzzy and still obscured by face-paint but finally mask-free. When he is brought in, silent and looming but disturbingly amiable, the first thing they take is his mask. Then promptly wish they could put it back on, piercing blue eyes amused and unconcerned as the Vagabond’s smirk only twists his face-paint into more grotesque obscurity. Despite staying utterly silent, being securely chained the the table and making no aggressive moves three separate detectives leave his interrogation room in a near panic, two more refusing to even enter in the first place. Mask or no mask there is no lawyer alive who could argue for the Vagabond’s freedom, but a convenient explosion grants enough distraction for the empty cuffs to be left neatly on the table, a box full of contraband disappearing alongside the familiar black skull.

Interviewing Free feels a lot like signing up to the crew’s personal watch list. He doesn’t have the presence or deniability of Ramsey, doesn’t rage like Jones or ooze threat like the Vagabond. Instead Free is all smiles and winks and cheeky flirtation, derailing the interrogation to ask questions of his own, from opinions on sea monkeys to the statistical likelihood of extra-terrestrial life. For those detectives who play along he will answer questions in turn, talking fondly about the most dangerous criminals in the city, never actually helpful but close enough that it almost feels like a victory. For those who don’t, the detective’s who’s interrogations are aggressive and underpinned by something nastier, Free’s demeanour doesn’t change, but his careless questions do. He asks about their money problems, their monthly AA meetings, the not-always-figurative skeletons in their closets. He’ll ask, still smiling despite the rising tension, about each of their family members by name.




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TWD Season 4 Bonus Material Through Sanja's Eyes

The long-awaited Walking Dead Season 4 DVD/Blu-Ray Sets have finally arrived and seeing how Carylers were granted a limited amount of “physically present” Carol and Daryl scenes, the anticipation for anything extra or even a little more insight in the characters story arcs, has been building up since the final episode and only made the hiatus more difficult.

Based on the previous season releases and the fact that all of them had deleted CARYL scenes included in the bonus material, my expectations while a little more cautious that before were definitively positive and on the hopeful end of things.
Since the end of Season 4 the CARYL spirit has been boosted and empowered from many different angles and Carylers have a lot of reasons to feel optimistic about Season 5 especially regarding the direction the Carol and Daryl connection seems to be heading.

The Bonus Material granted does not include a direct CARYL moment like in the past BUT there are several things in the commentary that certainly look and sound like they just might be favorable for our ship.
That being said I have to admit that the extraordinary praise donned on Melissa McBride herself is the star here but then again listening to anyone fan-girling or fan-boying over her brand of fabulousness never gets old with me!

Without Further Ado I Present To You the Highlights;

Episode 1 “30 Days Without an Accident”

*Greg Nicotero commented on the Carol and Daryl first scene - “Just remember I liked you first” and “You gotta learn to live with the love” - by saying;
“I love the chemistry between the two of them, they are great together..”

Now granted this isn’t exactly “new” news and a similar version of that sentiment has been uttered by a almost everyone BUT I still liked hearing Nicotero’s thoughtful take on the “thing” between Carol and Daryl because it highlighted his own emotional approach to creating and interpreting personal scenes between characters. The comment was said as an observational “fact” and not his personal opinion (like he did with his Alone “feeling”)

*This is the BIG ONE (I will revisit this in it’s own post) -

Scott Gimple said that he put a concentrated effort into making sure that the Carol and Daryl interactions in the premiere episode were highlighted and specifically meaningful because they were aware that they were going to be separated for much of the season.

The reason I consider this to be important is simply because it essentially confirms that the relationship Carol and Daryl have is not just different from the ones they have with the others BUT was significant enough to need a strong acknowledgment from the get go so the audience doesn’t completely dismiss it and forget it’s importance to both of them.

It also implies that CARYL will come into play in the future and those scenes were the groundwork for what it’s to come later on.

*The comment about Norman Reedus’s contribution to the whole “finger-licking” part made me smile because it reminded me of the Season 3 Premiere “Seed” and Daryl licking his fingers clean before giving Carol a shoulder massage during the whole “Screw Around” scene on the bus.

Episode 8 - “Too Far Gone”

Scene - “Daryl finds out Rick banished Carol - reaction”

Seth Hoffman (writer):

“Daryl comes in and gives this whole speech about why he knows Carol is going to be a survivor and Norman came up to me and said look I like this speech, at some point in the series I would love to give this speech but this is not where this character’s head is at this point. So we cut the speech and he was completely right and the scene works great as it is.”
“This was one of the scenes that the fans were looking forward to seeing. What was Daryl’s reaction going to be when Rick tells him he banished Carol.”

*Having seen the scene and read other Reedus statements the quote from the writer made actually makes sense - Daryl is a character that needs to process information which is why Norman wanted the scene open-ended. The conversation wasn’t finished and Daryl was too angry and taken aback to make any eloquent speeches - Carol was gone, Rick did it and Tyreese needed to be “handled”!
Had the governor not attacked just then the speech might have been heard later on - Daryl was angry and that part was very clear! (this too will be revisited)

*The anticipation and fan enthusiasm about getting to this scene was plainly and bluntly acknowledged in the commentary - What is Daryl going to do? was HUGE! (Nod to CARYL)

Episode 14 “The Grove” - Andrew Lincoln Version

First I am going to let the quotes speak for themselves;

*Andrew Lincoln - “Can I just say I know I’m supposed to talk smack about Melissa but she is the single greatest actor I have ever worked with. Am I allowed to swear? She’s a fucking alien. She’s so good. Seriously, remember the first time doing a scene in S1 at the camp. she says two things to me. It was so real, so disarming and brilliant, I said to Jon Bernthal who the fuck is that? I’m so thrilled you’ve written this incredible journey for her. I think she’s one of the strongest. She’s one of our secret weapons on the show.”

Scott Gimple - “Not a secret anymore. I watched S1 from home and it was the same reaction. Who was that? From a character standpoint, the thing that is most exciting about her character is seeing characters change and for her to be here from where she started, it was a remarkable thing. “

*Scene - “Lizzie kills Mika and Carol talks her down into giving her the gun and going in the house with Tyreese. Once out of sight Carol breaks down to tears”

Scott Gimple: “The performance Melissa gives here is astounding.”
Denise Hutg: “She’s Amazing!”
Scott Gimple: “It’s one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen!”
Andrew Lincoln: “She’s so amazing, man. So amazing.”
(muffled - almost sounds like he’s holding back tears)

*About working with and writing for Melissa McBride;

Scott Gimple: “When you’re writing something for people. And you know they have super powers, it give you super powers to deliver them material that you know they can do. There’s a weird relationship to fanfiction. Fanfiction on the internet is always based on passion. It’s the same here, just a lot more expensive. Oh man, if I had a dream where I can write for Melissa Mcbride.”

***Now I can’t speak for him but personally I can’t see a guy whose dream is to write material for Melissa McBride killing that DREAM just to further something as unoriginal as man-pain or solve something as tacky as an offensive love triangle!

*About The Grove Episode (in summary)

Denise Huth: “It’s the whole story, the tragedy, the zombies and all of that. The ugliness of what you have to do then you have this scene of just utter grace and forgiveness between two human beings who only have each other left.”

Episode 14 “The Grove” - Melissa McBride and Chad Coleman Version

My favourite quote;

“I think you’re an acting teacher in disguise… You’re so incredibly intuitive and always passionate and always driven to go further. I never had to worry. All I had to do was look at you, babe.”

Chad Coleman speaking to Melissa McBride

*I think the undertone of that statement works for both Tyreese to Carol and Chad to Melissa

“When was the last time Carol had a hug?”

Melissa McBride on Tyreese hugging Carol

***The commentary itself was beautiful and surprisingly light-hearted and worth the listen for Melissa’s voice alone!
****This masterpiece will get its own post!

Episode 12 Still

***I will be including some material from “Still” because there are those out there who use that particular episode to undermine the relationship between Carol and Daryl.
I feel that there are a few things in the commentary that reinforce the platonic/familial bond between Daryl and Beth and confirm claims a lot of Carylers predicted and concluded prior to this release.

*Scene - “Drinking game and the confrontation-breakdown that follows”

Emily Kinney: “Beth hasn’t gotten to be much of a teenager since everything happened…lets do something kind of fun like play one of these games that I remember.”

Julius Ramsay (director) “She thinks she’s coaxing him into having fun but what she’s really doing is antagonizing him…” 

“…she doesn’t know that she shouldn’t confront him about something which is part of the reason I think she does it…”

Many analysis posts have been done on this scene (mine is here)
and the director basically confirms what almost every Caryler suspected in the first place - Beth has no clue who Daryl is, how to approach him or how to talk to him AND ultimately she is still very YOUNG in her ways and her attitude.

The writers went out of their way to portray Beth as a sheltered, vulnerable “teenager” which is confirmed by Emily Kinney herself and the director says outright with no ambiguity that Beth was antagonizing him, pushing his buttons and initiating games for FUN without even an inkling of understanding of what kind of PAIN is brewing inside Daryl.
The commentary indicates that this wasn’t some BIG masterful plan by Beth to heal Daryl’s emotional wounds and help him - she was trying to distract both of them from reality by coaxing some fun and because she doesn’t know Daryl, they have no history together, she doesn’t know that this is exactly what she shouldn’t be doing.

*On a side note - the mere fact that Emily Kinney refereed to Beth AGAIN as a TEENAGER makes this whole shipping contemplation with Daryl just…err…uncomfortable!


I will be honest - a CARYL deleted scene would have been amazing BUT Carylers were given some extra hopeful reassurance about Season 5, Melissa and Carol were clearly celebrated and some of our suspicions and gripes were vindicated!

*My favorite part was Scott Gimple giving Carol and Daryl extra time in Episode 1 because he knew they wouldn’t get it later on - that to me speaks volumes about what this show-runner deems to be important!

CARYL On My Lovelies - There is Hope…so much HOPE!




Virtually Famous (Series 1, Episode 4 - August 11th, 2014)

ARROW RACEBENDING Team Arrow - Season One: requested by kamalaskadoosh and lembeau

Raza Jaffrey as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
David Ramsey as John Diggle
Meghan Markle as Felicity Smoak
Naomi Scott as Thea Queen/Speedy
Hayley Kiyoko as Sin Lance

Note: I got tired of Diggle being the only POC on Team Arrow and I was interested to see an all POC team on a superhero show, which was the inspiration for this graphic.

I also got tired of Thea being kept out of the loop so I decided to have her and Sin join Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity in this version of Season One. And this time the ladies get to have their own storylines.

First, Felicity’s making herself and her IT knowledge known and getting promoted at Queen Consolidated, bonding with Thea and Sin since she’s no longer the only the only female on the team, and getting more in touch with her Jewish heritage while trying to have some semblance of a personal life. Meanwhile, Thea’s patrolling with Oliver and honing that wicked aim of hers, applying to business school while taking over management at Verdant, and helping Felicity with keeping things under wraps. Lastly, Sin’s forming a network of contacts and informants in the Glades, working as Team Arrow’s spy on the streets while bartending at Verdant, and polishing her parkour skills. Also, Thea and Sin become girlfriends along the way.

Of course I have no intention of leaving out Laurel and Sara since I have them joining in Season Two.

Who’s Grave Is It? ARROW

My theory is it’s Laurel. I’d be really upset if it was, but I have my reasons.

At DragonCon when she walked out to the panel, she was taking video and a bunch of pictures. Crystal Reed did this when she left Teen Wolf.

Also, she seemed very emotional during the whole panel. She also seemed kind of distant. I believe she cried a little during the panel.

I don’t know if she wants to leave the show, or if they just killed her off, but I’m almost 100% sure it’s her.