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everyone has that one character in a show they watch where during every ep they’re usually just waiting for that specific character’s scenes to come on and enjoy everything about them from the way they talk to the way they walk and smile whenever that person comes onscreen. a scene without that character in it feels like it’s just missing something and in your eyes they’re the best thing about the show and you don’t want anything bad to happen to them ever


the flash browns (and legends of tomorrow) (1/?)

special shout out to @slut4snart for helping and putting up with my bullshit

(honorable mention to: henry hewitt, blackout, jason rusch, and dr. mid-nite)

I like to imagine that if the Arrowverse “sub teams” all took commemorative pictures together, then the others would make it nice and stuff, like Oliver Barry and Kara (Team Title Card) all smiling and junk but then Team Tech walks in front of the camera and they’re like, shaking it out, pushin back the hair, gettin pumped, and Cisco’s like “Okay, 3, 2, 1,” and they all just strike this pose.

(I know Team Tech would technically be bigger than this, counting Curtis or Ray or Jax, but these three are def the Team Captains)


It’s Wednesday! - Nova #6

We’re back for another issue, this time to answer the mystery of what happened to Rich in the Cancerverse! 

Also by now it’s public that Nova will be ending with the seventh issue so we’re doing our best to finish off the run so it will be a great trade paperback for future readers.  Thank you for all the kind words from the Nova fans, wish we could have stuck around a bit longer but your support means a lot to the team.  See you for the final time around next issue!

Written by Jeff Loveness & Ramon Perez, Art by Scott Hepburn, Colours by Me!

Sidenote: Scott Hepburn is the artist for this one, continuing from the final pages of issue 5 and also he’s one of the first artists I ever worked with.

  • Salazar: I've send my right hand to dispose of you!
  • RE4 Leon: Your right hand comes off?
  • Vendetta Leon: [closes his eyes and deep breath] Oh...My...God...
  • xxxxxxx
  • RE6 Leon: Zombie Express...
  • Vendetta Leon: Help...
  • xxxxxx
  • Damnation Leon: I gotta play Santa Claus!
  • Vendetta Leon: I'M SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS!!!!!!
Imagine Barry and Cisco meeting other packs

“Ughhhh,” Cisco groans loudly, dropping onto the grass and flailing his arms. “That was such a bad idea.”

Laughing, you sit down beside him as Barry joins you. “What made you think that this was going to end up good?” he asks, rolling her eyes as your phone rings in your pocket.


“Hey Y/N. This is Scott.”

“Hey! It’s been so long!” you say happily.

Scott laughs, but quickly sobers. “Listen, Y/N. I would love to catch up but …”


“We’ve got a problem here in Beacon Hills. Mind coming home?”


“This place is amazing,” Cisco says breathlessly, staring out the window at the passing streets.

Barry laughs, but he’s more in awe than Cisco.

“This is it,” you say, taking a sharp turn into a driveway. Almost immediately, Scott comes bounding out the door, Stiles following close behind.

“I’ve missed you so much!” you say as Stiles and Scott pull you into a hug. Lydia waits until they let you go to wrap you up in her arms, Theo taking his turn after.

“So whats the problem?” Barry asks once everyone is inside and the introductions are over.

“Ever heard of the Dread Doctors?” Lydia says in reply, handing Barry a packet. On the right hand side of the top paper, was the cover.

Theo takes over the story, explaining everything.


“Okay, wait,” Cisco says, stopping everyone. “So you’re all werewolves?”

“No,” Scott says, laughing a little. “Liam and I are the only werewolves. Lydia here is a banshee, Theo, Tracy, Corey, Hayden, and Josh are chimeras, Malia is a werecoyote, Kira is a Kitsune and Stiles here - well he was a Nogitsune.” Seeing Cisco’s incredulous look, he elaborates. “He was possessed for a while.”

If possible, Cisco looks even more surprised.

“And you’re all in one pack?” you ask.

“Nah. Theo, Tracey, Corey, Hayden, and Josh are one pack and the rest of us are another.”

Barry makes a choking sound, and you look at him, concerned.

“There’s so many of you,” he manages.

At this, everyone laughs. “So this is your pack?” Liam asks, gesturing to Barry and Cisco. “What are you guys?”

“We’ve got one more,” you say. “Caitlin. She stayed back to work on some new things for Barry’s suit, but this is Cisco and Barry. Barry- Well Barry, uh, can run really, really fast.”

“How fast?” Stiles asks, a slight taunt in his voice.

Barry smirks as he stands up. He makes a big show of stretching before jogging slowly where he stands.

“Come on Barry,” you laugh. He winks before zooming off, ruffling everyone’s hair and the packet of papers on the table. After making a few rounds around the room in a few short seconds, he stops right in front of his chair before plopping down to survey the room.

Almost everyone, well, anyone who could, was mid-shift.

Barry looked surprised at the furry faces and sharp, bared teeth. “Well that was not what I was expecting.”

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