scott pilgrim vs the world*

blog associations !!

again sorry im just bored

what exactly im doing

im bored again so i decided !!! lets do interactive stuff again!! yes!!!

rules !!

must be following me (ill be checking pls)

reblog this post !! (even if u dont want a blog association pls reblog it,,, help me spread the word)

send me an ask (off anon) with your favourite quote/song lyric (and who said it/what song it’s from)

i’ll be tagging them as “cass does blog associations” if u wanna blacklist

format !

hogwarts house: gryffindor|slytherin|hufflepuff|ravenclaw

aesthetic: peaches and polaroids|dodie yellow|tea and fuzzy socks|ikea coffees and succulents|converse and denim|minimalism and flushed cheeks

movie character: neo (the matrix)|ramona flowers (scott pilgrim vs the world)|mulan (mulan)|sloane peterson (ferris bueller’s day off)|ginny weasley (harry potter)

flower: daisy|sunflower|daffodil|tulip|orchid

planet: mercury|venus|earth|mars|jupiter|saturn|uranus|neptune|pluto

following: no but ur rly cool i promise im the lame one|yes|i am now|if im not following u i have been possessed 

if this gets under 30 notes it never happened okay? okay.