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indie movies that remind me of the signs
  • aries: american beauty; scott pilgrim vs the world; fight club; the bling ring; cry baby; dreamgirls; pulp fiction; the avengers
  • taurus: 500 days of summer; scarface; amélie; eternal sunshine of the spotless mind; la dolce vita; django unchained; 13 going on 30; the princess diaries
  • gemini: mean girls; the breakfast club; life of pi; ferris bueller's days off; boyhood; hairspray; peter pan; spring breakers
  • cancer: forrest gump; titanic; closer; edward scissorhands; mommy; buffalo '66; the devil wears prada; blue valentine
  • leo: american psycho; silver linings playbook; sleeping beauty; lucy; heathers; the family addams; lolita; grease
  • virgo: trainspotting; blue is the warmest color; matilda; memento; black swan; elephant; submarine; psycho
  • libra: tree of life; lost in translation; the virgin suicides; clueless; napoleon dynamite; the grand hotel budapeste; romeo + juliet; little miss sunshine
  • scorpio: 10 things i hate about you; donnie darko; gone girl; requiem for a dream; moonrise kingdom; the craft; breakfast at tiffany's; a clockwork orange
  • sagittarius: vicky cristina barcelona; dazed and confused; the perks of being a wallflower; kids; detroit rock city; drive; billy elliot; taxi driver
  • capricorn: léon: the professional; the godfather; inception; beetlejuice; nightcrawler; the dark knight; the wolf of wall street; girl interrupted
  • aquarius: her; rebel without a cause; moulin rouge!; the rocky horror picture show; ghost world; birdman; big fish; alice in wonderland
  • pisces: almost famous; palo alto; juno; mister lonely; the great gatsby; stand by me; daisies; kill bill
victor nikiforov vs. the world

a scott pilgrim vs. the world inspired au ( a loose au)

okay so here’s an au i’ve thought about quite a bit (AND FORGOT TO ADD TO MY LIST HAHAHAH GOOD JOB ME) but idk that i’ll get around to writing it? i’d like to but also here’s the au as not!fic:

  • Victor is obviously Scott Pilgrim. You can fight me on this. We will have words. 
  • Battle of the bands sponsored by ass man industries.
  • in this au knives is JJ who has a one-sided crush on victor b/c DAMN IT HE JUST WANTS VICTOR TO REMEMBER HIS NAME
    • “jean jorts le forge?”
    • “john jacob jingleheimer?”
    • “Jack Jeffery leCanada?”
    • he’s also an evangelist vegan
      • who misses canadian bacon EVEN THOUGH IT’S NOT REAL BACON
  • He has to fight Yuuri’s seven evil exes except, well, some of them are not so evil:
    • Yuuri:…..exes???? who are you talking about
    • *cue stampede* *line forms*
    • definitely features the harem of chads
    • seung gil wanted to date phichit but thought yuuri and phichit were a package deal so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ at least his dog liked yuuri
      • they’re still dog friends
      • victor is the in law seung gil doesn’t like
    • phichit is yuuri’s ex only because they got married for tax reasons 
      • “also yuuri wouldn’t could a lot of the others. i don’t really want to fight you so…selfie contest and then shovel talk and then sushi?” 
      • Victor: *weeps in relief*
      • also victor: so did you guys sign a pre-nup or??? how quickly can we get that divorce to go through?
    • yurio fights victor mainly because of his TERRIBLE TEENAGE CRUSH on yuuri. Victor wins, though Yurio will argue he cheated. Yuuri is just like “oh wow, your form has gotten a lot better” but then Victor is all draped over him and it made Yurio have a feeling. 
      • yurio CAN’T HANDLE IT
      • until otabek, who has literally been waiting in the same alley for the entire story just WAITING for yurio zooms up and then they go and get burritos
    • yuuko and takeshi are the twins
      • just let me have my nishigori sandwich
    • chris is the final boss (pre-canon yuuchris what up) and gives Victor the sword, complete with suggestive puns and innuendo b/c 
      • Chris:“the Power of Love could mean a lot of things. I’m open to interpretations. If you want to share..”
      • Victor: OKAY BYE YUURI IS MY HUSBAND NOW *smoke bomb*
  • Georgi is obviously Victor’s drunk heterosexual roommate (though maybe popnaughty is an option in this au IT’S FLEXIBLE *rim shot*)
  • mila, sara and leo are victor’s band mates
  • yuuri is also in a band because REASONS
  • obviously victor also has to fight off all the people who are falling for yuuri so he’s constantly busy
  • victor and yuuri, buoyed by the power of love buy a farm in the country with their 27 poodle sons and daughters. 

I started thinking about the Scott Pilgrim AU where Miles fights Phoenix’s seven evil exes again, and like, got entirely too thoughtful about it

as we know, the potential for hilarity is even higher than normal since Miles Cannot Fight and would therefore try to challenge them to chess instead. Some would relent and lose immediately, some would be unexpectedly amazing, some would refuse, at least one would break the chessboard over Miles head, to his scandalized rage.

Dahlia would obviously be the Final Boss and I’m thinking Kristoph would be one of the later ones, since they’d increase in difficulty- he’d be the first one actually really good at chess. I’m thinking he’d be third-to-last and second-to-last would be Iris, who it turns out it not actually evil and is just doing this because Dahlia asked. 

She’d be the only one to immediately agree to the chess match, would be panicky and heart-not-in-it the whole time, so Miles would just stop playing and instead do ~logic chess~ on her (aka talk to her but he has to be weird about it) and we’d actually get a lot of non-Phoenix rated character development the game didn’t give her where she talks about her issues with Dahlia and hidden resentful feelings about being abandoned by the Feys etc. Maybe she’d even realize her thing with Phoenix was less about her actually being in love with him and more about wanting to defy her sister on something. 

Anyway, she’d join the side of justice after that and help take down Dahlia.

So that’s three slots fllled but a lot left open and not much canon indication of who could fill them. I would consider throwing some really bizarre ones in there like:

“GASPEN PAYNE? Are you KIDDING me Wright?”

“Oh wow I honestly forgot that happened. and that he existed.”


“oh yeah, now i remember. it only lasted like 3 days. it was a during a very dark time in my life”



(Ps I’m thinking Ema could fill an altered version of Knives role in this. Similar to the games she has a completely unnoticed crush on Miles, but like Knives resolution in the comics, she realizes she actually would never want to date him and moves on to date Kay). 


explosionshark i liked the idea so much i had to post it full size ;-)

edit: OMG i just realized Chloe’s hand has the thumb on the Inside when it should be on the outside. That’s what you get for flipping the image all the time when you draw.

#i fail anatomy forever

ID #45541

Name: Ashley
Age: 15
Country: UK

Hi! I am a weird person with likes and dislikes. This includes having opinions and interests.

To be more specific:
TV shows - Doctor Who, Dirk Gently, Black Mirror
Movies - Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Fight Club, The Lego Movies
Video Games - Portal, weird indie titles, Bioshock
Youtubers - Nerdcubed, Emma Blackery, Ashens, TomSka, Game Theory
Books: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The Meaning of Liff and Dirk Gently’s Holistic defective Agency… basically anything by Douglas Adams

I should mention: I am reading Homestuck, and like other stuff like drawing, film and computing.

Preferences:  If possible, please be 14-16… Thank you!