scott pilgrim color edition

Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour Evil Edition Cover Art Revealed!

After what seemed like ages, the final colored edition of the epic Scott Pilgrim series seems to be pushing ahead. 

We got a tease of the regular edition oh so many months ago, and Bryan Lee O'Malley decided to stop torturing us and release his art for the coveted evil edition. The colors are front and center in this one, with the purples and pinks giving off an almost-retro vibe. The fact that Gideon is sharing the cover with Ramona (done up in her Subspace slave outfit, no less) speaks volumes about both of their characters, and I think it was a wise (and sexy) choice on BLOM’s part. 

Plus, come on, who doesn’t love that high difference?

Still no word yet as to when this bad boy is going to be available (or what sort of goodies die-hard fans have to look forward to in the Collector’s Edition), but I’ll definitely be picking this variant up. Not only is Volume 6 my favorite of the series, and Gideon one of my all-time favorite villains, but this is easily the best cover Bryan has drawn out of any of his books.

Do you guys dig this cover as much as I do? 


Wallpapers from Scott Pilgrim Color Edition Covers and Title Cards

Just went through volumes 2-5 (already did Vol.1) and made a WHOLE LOT of wallpapers. I’ll gladly post them all if they’re wanted. Otherwise I’ll just pick out some favorites and post those. Reblog and let me know!