scott pilgrim color edition

Scott Pilgrim Color Hardcover release plan:

vol 3- May 22, 2013
vol 4- late 2013
vol 5- early 2014
vol 6- late 2014

Note: The limited edition versions of volume 3 will debut at TCAF a few weeks before the book is in stores. That is, the Evil Edition and the Collector’s Edition. I don’t think we’ll have the regular edition at TCAF.

Hi Bryan Lee O’ Malley! Well… there goes my entry. I had so many doubts while changing her. I like purple, and I tried very very hard to do it. It seemed so easy, but… nope, I was very apprehensive cause I need to get it, it’s not just a pic, it’s the way (the only way to get one of these special editions for me). I need it. If I get one of these, I’ll be happy forever, seriously. But, if I don’t get it, I’ll be sad, forever, and ever If I don’t get it, I ‘ll go in my imagination to the show of The Sex Bob-Omb again to think about death and get sad and stuff :/ And It ‘ll be sad, so very, very, sad. I need it !I really need. If I actually win, I’ll give it to my boyfriend. Cause he says “I would face her evil-ex'es to have you too.” So I need one of these special editions, I love Scott, but I love my lovely boyfriend too and if he would face my ex to get me, I paint Ramona to make him happy! I need , I need it. I guess I could win. I just, guess…

Me with special edition : *—-* :) =D happy! yaaay!!

Me without special edition : =/ *death* ~darkness~

I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for make us so happy with Scott Pilgrim, Bryan Lee O’ Malley! :D 

Ray Motta