scott must be proud

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what happened to scott in the soulmate hc???? im crying so hard

I told you: he sold the house and moved to a forever bachelor pad. He still becomes a great ice dancing coach, but that’s it. He comes to an empty home every night.

But now, when he has to go to a hospital to see a friend or accompany his student, he visits the maternity ward to glance at the newborn babies on display.


A/N: The inspiration of this one came from this post by @the-almost-constellation. Thank you for that!

The way of the world was always set in black and white for you; there were no other colors on the spectrum. There were no confusing grey areas; you didn’t see flashes of red when you were angry, no feelings of blue when sadness plagued your heart, green didn’t pulse through your body when envy did, pink didn’t make your heart flutter when you told your parents you loved them, colors didn’t mess with your head or heart and you were okay with that.

Scott was white, a True Alpha who had gained his powers through himself and not by taking it from another.

The Dread Doctors were black, taking innocent children and turning them into uncontrollable chimeras without their consent.

This was easy; this was your life, hunting the bad and protecting the good. End the Dread Doctors to save Scott and your pack.

It was Theo that forced color into your world, with his bright blue eyes that sparkled with mischief and cherry red lips that seemed to have a permanent smirk.

“Your view of the world will get you killed.”

“So far it’s the only thing that’s kept me alive.” You took a step towards him, nose dangerously close to brushing against his chin.

Theo shook his head in disbelief, “The world isn’t always black and white, bad can be good and good can be bad. Beacon Hills has to show you that everyday.”

“It shows me black and white everyday.”

His head tilted slightly, eyes narrowing as he took you in, “What color do you see me in?”

Your mouth dried up as you stared at him because suddenly you were colorblind.

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Okay but Scira kitsune kids whose first tail each gets displayed in a place of prominence by a proud Scott who shows them off to any and all guests. And non supernatural friends not in the know all just nod politely and whisper to the McCall kids - ‘what’s with your dad? are those like arts and crafts projects or what?’ And then supernatural guests come over and are all ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh’, and ‘how amazing, having their first tails so young, you both must be so proud.’

And Scott slings an arm around Kira. ‘They take after their mom. First tail at seventeen,’ he boasts. Kira just rolls her eyes. ‘Please. That’s all their dad. Alpha at sixteen.’ Their kids melt into the floor in a combined puddle of embarrassment and regret. ‘OMG Mom, Dad, please just stop talking.’

Because let’s face it, as embarrassed by her dad as Kira gets….Scott and Kira’s children would have it 1000 times worse. The two of them would be the most well meaning, interfering, obliviously embarrassing parents in the history of ever.

But also, Scira kitsune kids shrieking in outrage when their werewolf siblings put their mangy paws all over their tails and hide them because they’re the worst brothers or sisters ever, obviously. Or giving their tail to their first boyfriend/girlfriend and Kira rubbing her temples at the kitchen table while Scott pinches the bridge of his nose and makes a point to breathe calmly, because they absolutely don’t want to diminish or dismiss how intensely their teenager feels for their first love, but still ‘You don’t just give your tail to the first boy who kisses you!’ And said boy is just super confused and like ‘umm, is tail code for something? Because we totally haven’t done that yet, I swear Mr. McCall!’