Tessa and Scott - Rise Up


Tessa and Scott comeback announcement on CBC. February 20th 2016.


“We’ve decided to return to competition and we are so excited. I don’t think that will come as a surprise to many people - we still have that fire and we’re really anxious to get back onto that competitive ice.“ | Virtue and Moir Return to Competition


Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir // Sorry - Japanese Stars On Ice 2016


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FS March Challenge: Day 7 - Make a Happy Post about Your Favourites

This happy post is inspired by a post made by @babypadawan Some of the GIFs are mine (please credit me if you use them), others I credited to their respective owners, others I could not trace back to anyone, so if you know whom they belong to send me a private message and I will edit accordingly :-)

This post is about Tessa and Scott’s love story because, make no mistake, theirs is a love story, however they choose to define it… or not define it. And it makes me happy :-)

I want a “just checking in” kind of love

A “baby did you eat today?” kind of love

A “you’re the first person I told” kind of love

GIF credit: @merveiyeux

Gif credit: @merveiyeux

An “I gotta kiss you before you leave” kind of love

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An “I love you” before we say bye kind of love

An “I noticed that you need this so I got it for you” kind of love

GIF credit: @virtuexmoir

A “we’re not going to bed til we’ve made up” kind of love

GIF credit: @fyeahvirtueandmoir

A wipe my tears away kind of love

GIF credit: @overloadfelicitysmoak

A non-stop joke fest until I smile again kind of love

GIF credit: @chloehunts

A goofy smile when I walk in the room kind of love

A hold me until my panic attack passes kind of love

A rub my back after work kind of love

I just want to feel completely, totally, truly loved

GIF credit: @fyeahvirtueandmoir

GIF credit: @ohyeahvirtuemoirgifs

GIF credit: @virtuexmoir

GIF credit: @doce-ntimento

Tessa: I thought you were going to say Tessa is my best friend… Cause I just recently got him to admit that I’ve been working on that for a long time. Scott: shh my buddies still don’t know that I call you my bestie.

‘One night he wakes, strange look on his face pauses then says you’re my best friend and you knew what it was. He is in love.’ -Taylor Swift