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Alpha’s Help

Liam x Reader x Scott / Liam x Scott/ Liam x Reader

Summery: Liam normal asks you for help with his heat, but this month he needs a little extra help

Warnings: threesome, anal, oral, Dom!Scott, Sub!Reader, Sub!Liam, Alpha x Beta kink

AN: This is the most cringie and awkward thing i’ve ever written xD but I had the idea for weeks so… yeah, also so much smut!

Liam frowned as you collapsed onto his chest. This had been a deal between the two of you. You’d come over when he needed help with his heat, neither of you would tell Scott because he’d find his own way to deal with it, the two of you were perfectly content with the current situation.

Or at least you had been four hours ago, when Liam convinced you a few more rounds would get his eyes to stop glowing. But he was wrong, you were tuckered out and Liam was to pent up that he was likely to hump anything with a heartbeat that he came across.

“Maybe we should call Scott?” You mumbled as you sat up, straddling him as you watched him carefully.

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My first taste of fucking a cucks man was 2 years ago. I was on scruff and had group listed as something I was into. It was a Thursday afternoon and I get a message from this handsome older guy who is listed as in a relationship. He has a great body and we start chatting. It begins to turn sexual and we exchange pics of my dick and ass and his add. He has sexy tan lines and a hairless hole that looks tight. I ask about his bf and he mentions that he’s younger and an aggressive top. My interest peaks. As we start chatting about the kinky stuff we’re into he mentions watching his bf fuck other dudes. At this point I’m leaking precum through my pants. He says that he is actually looking for a guy to fuck his bf because as a good cuck, that’s his command. I message back that I’m on board and would it be a threesome or just me and his bf. He makes it clear it will only be me and his bf, Scott, and that he may not even be home.

The conversation goes silent for a few hours and I make my way home. Figured it was another dude just trolling to collect pics. At about 7:30 that evening, I get a message from the same guy saying he showed his bf and he definitely wants to meet up. It included his bfs cell number with instructions to set it up with him. I immediately text the number and Scott responds. We start chatting and it turns nasty pretty quick. Scott sends me a pic of his rock hard dick from the bathroom and I send a pic of my ass taking a dildo. Scott asks if I want to come over tonight and I say yes before I lose my nerve. I ask if his bf will be there and he replies only if he agrees to sleep on the couch. He instructs me to come over and ignore his bf.

I shower, put on a jock, shorts, a tank top, and baseball hat. I know the outline of my dick can be seen but I know guys love it. I get to the house and knock. Scott answers the door in sweat pants and a sleeveless softball shirt. His beard is super hot and he looks intensely at me and let’s me in. The bf is nowhere to be seen but I sent him screenshots of our chats before heading over and he mentioned maybe sleeping in a guest room. After a beer or two, scott and I start rubbing each other’s legs and through our shorts and pants it’s easy to see the outline of both our cocks growing. He’s at least 8 inches and thick as a red bull can. Out the corner of my eye I see movement and realize the bf is hiding in the closet that looks directly at the couch we’re sitting on. I can see the outline of the bfs hard cock and know he’s jacking. I immediately pull down scotts pants and start sucking his cock. Scott moans in pleasure and whispers I’m the best cocksucker he’s every had. He pulls off my shorts and starts fingering my hole while I suck his cock. I smile at the closet and then get on my knees with my back to the door and start deep throating Scott’s dick. Scott is moaning and running his fingers through my hair but never looks at the closet. I stand up and slide myself down on Scott’s dick slowly because of his size. I moan and have to go slow at first. Scott tells me it’s only a few more inches so I slide all the way down until I’m sitting on his nuts. I know the bf can see my hole being split open by his bf so I begin riding him. I turn around to face the closet and slide back down on his dick. This time I’m looking right at the closet smiling and I can see the bf jacking hard. As a cuck, he shouldn’t be touching himself so I tell scott to take me to their bedroom and scott catches on and we walk to their room, close and lock the door, and scott fucks me doggie on the bfs side of the bed. I know the cuck is listening so I moan load and scott starts to thrust harder slapping his thighs against my hole. He asks where I want his load and I yell in my hole. I feel his final thrust as he seeds me. I hear a faint moan come from the hall. I grab my phone which was in my bag I remembered to grab and take a pic of Scott’s dick leaking cum. Scott fingers my hole until I shoot and we lay there in their bed making out. I send the pic to the cuck and let him know that I’ll be staying the night and he can sleep on the couch. Scott and I spoon naked the rest of the night and the next morning I wake up to him rock hard. I spit on my hand and slide him in me and we fuck again, this time on my back while we make out. He takes a few pics of his cock sliding in me and we both shoot. We shower together and as I leave, I see the pathetic cuck on the couch rock hard pretending to be asleep. I walk up to the couch,put my lips around his cock, tease him while scott watches, and tell him that he will be seeing a lot more of me.

He messages me later that day to thank me and scott messages right after a video of him jacking at work. We agree to meet up that night at my place. I send the cuck the texts and let him know to not wait up.

Our Secret

Pairing: Scott x Stiles’ twin sister reader.

Requested: No.

A/N: This wasn’t meant to be smut, but hey, one thing leads to another. Smut warningggggg.

Originally posted by holyhalehottness

The only light in your room was coming from the television hanging up on your wall where School of Rock was paused. You glanced at your phone seeing that it was nearing ten in the evening. Scott was usually here by now. You sighed cuddling into your pillow, closing your eyes deciding to have a rest before he turned up.

What felt like two minutes turned into two hours, and you were fast asleep; snoring slightly. Scott glanced through the window, seeing your sleeping figure and admiring the view, something he’s done for nearly a year now. He fixed his shirt, and held the bouquet of roses in front of him as he knocked quietly on the window.

“No, stop, Scott.” You mumbled in your sleep, hearing noises that where disturbing you. Another knock, you moved away from the noise trying to fall back asleep, but then another knock came and you realized who it was. Yawning, you got out of the bed and made your way to the window; only seeing Scott’s grinning face.

“Hey,” He whispered, falling effortlessly through your window and stood tall in front of you. You gazed at the flowers in his hand and a blush made it’s way to your face. “Scott, you shouldn’t have.” You muttered, grasping them in your hand and taking a sniff of them.

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“Oh! Alpha, my alpah!” ~Naughty November~

Prompt: Roug, kinky smut with Alpha Scott

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Word Count: 500


TAGGED: @crysxtal @dunbarkiss @kirsty-lou666 @emo-chick-59-stuff@xxshewollfxx @horror-movies-and-disney@kittencutie245@thejulietfarciertlove @jwowwluv @jkjk-h @migirl323

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winglessrobin  asked:

Write me a ficlet about Stiles finding random love poems/notes written on little scraps of paper stuffed in weird places, like between the seats in the Jeep, in the pockets of hoodie he swore he just washed so how could there be intact paper in there, in his shoes, under his pillow. Who is writing all these notes and how do they keep randomly appearing on Stiles person!?!?!

This is unbeta-d, and I am subjecting you dear reader(s?) to poetry written by me masquerading as English!Major Derek Hale. BASICALLY I’m SORRY ABOUT THE CRAP POETRY OK. also im really fuckin pissed off about the spacing of the poems but tumblr is adamant about pretending to not know what the fuck im trying to do when i try and reformat it i need to stop before i just delete this whole post in a fit of RAGE

For RachelBBY


The first time it happens, Stiles doesn’t think anything of it. He figures he just wrote it himself in English and then forgot. It’s just a neglected scrap of paper hiding amidst other papers under his desk, sacrificed on the altar of a weekly allowance with everything else he throws out as he cleans his room. He only really glanced at it anyway, he was preoccupied with being pissed off at Derek for being Derek, thinks it said something about heartbeats and irregular spaces. So that was the incident, he supposes.

The second time he’s got his hand stuffed in the crease of Roscoe’s passenger seat in a desperate search for just one fucking quarter, just one, and withdraws a crumpled piece of paper instead. “How long has that been there?” Stiles asks himself as he de-crumples it to read it. He snorts. Obviously quite a while, it’s a poem, and Stiles knows he didn’t write this one, which means it’s circa the Scott/Allison Era.

you laughed

it was Tuesday

you didn’t know I was there

“Not half bad Scotty,” Stiles murmurs, not bothering to finish the rest of it as he tosses it aside and resumes the quest for one measly quarter cause he just wants a burger. Out of life, all he wants is to eat a burger right now. It’s not so much to ask? Right?

He bitches and moans to Scott about his inability to find a quarter and thus eat a burger, but forgets to ask him about the poem thing. The next time he sees Derek, Derek flips him a quarter with a smirk. “Oh, fuck you,” Stiles says, but pockets the quarter and eats him that fucking burger later that night, after they have all managed, miraculously, to not die. “Victory comes in all forms,” Stiles informs Scott sagely in between mouthfuls. So that’s the coincidence, in all its glory.

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Lust and Pizza || Scott McCall

Scott McCall x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Swearing

Word Count: 4,084

Summary: You’re new in the town of Beacon Hills and you’re crushing hard first and best friend Scott McCall. Once fateful night he leaves his phone in your car and you finally have an excuse to go see him. 

A/N: Rough Scott McCall sex is what I live for. Needless to say, writing this was quite fun for me. Also- sorry for not posting for a few days. I was going to post this yesterday, but my cat fell asleep on my laptop and I didn’t have the heart to move her. I feel really bad for not posting the past few days but I think you’ll forgive me after you read this ; )

(Gif below has nothing to do with the story but it hot af)

Originally posted by teenwolf

I pulled up to the McCall house in my black Comet, the roaring engine coming to a stop as I pulled into the driveway. Scott McCall, the boy I had been driving home almost every day since my return from boarding school had left his phone in my car, yet again. Except this time I didn’t notice it until he was long gone. Scott’s been kind to me since I got kicked out of the all girls fine-arts boarding school in San Francisco. Most people just ask me why I was expelled, or how could I possibly waste such an amazing opportunity by getting expelled. It got old fast. Scott was the only one who didn’t ask questions and was always supportive of me no matter what. He always made time for me, even when his friends try to pull him away. Don’t get me wrong, he’s got the physical aspects too. He has these beautiful brown eyes that glow and become gold in the sunlight. He runs his fingers through his hair when he talks to me which I know means he’s nervous. And his lips, oh those lips. Damn, I can’t believe I’m falling for this kid.

I stepped out of my car and saw that a few lights were on in the windows. It meant someone was home. I walked up to the door and knocked on it, but immediately felt dumb as I noticed the doorbell. I fixed my hair in the reflection of the glass door, preparing myself for the possibility that the hot lacrosse team captain was to answer it. When I heard the door click open, Scott was not on the other side. It was a very tall, broad shouldered man in a very intimidating suit. I almost cowered away back to my car but he had already started to talk.

“Can I help you?” His voice was deep and made me want to squeal.

“Uh, I’m Y/N- A friend of Scott’s. Is he home?” Just as I felt as though I was going to faint, a small, beautiful latino woman comes out from behind the door with warm eyes and a bright smile.

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Title: Study Secession

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Warnings: pure smut, oral, spanking, kink, sexual intercourse, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), pure filth.

Authors Note: this took forever, but well worth it.

You were meeting Scott at his house since you had several siblings and your house was always rather loud. After getting out of your car, you gathered your books into your arms and straightened out your rather short black skirt and your v-neck shirt that hugged your bust, complimenting every curve. You’d always been interested in Scott, even before he was popular and a werewolf… but Allison Argent came along and suddenly, you weren’t that important anymore.

But with Allison interested in Isaac Lahey and no longer dating Scott, you were hoping it was your turn. After straightening up, you started walking to the front door, stepping onto the porch to be greeted with the front door opening right away. “Y/N!” Scott smiled, beckoning you in the house. “Come on in!” You smiled sheepishly, nodding as you could feel yourself getting nervous and gripping your books tighter, praying that Scott wasn’t listening to your heartbeat.

Sitting on his couch, you smiled at Scott. “Let’s start with Algebra, shall we?” Scott nodded, digging his own books out. As you opened your book, the pencil you held in your hand hit the book and landed out of your grasp and onto the floor.

“Shoot.” You cursed, setting your book aside and standing up from the couch awkwardly, bending down to reach it from underneath the coffee table. As you bent down, you could feel your skirt rising up a little, showing off your black lacey thong that barely hid anything, smirking when you felt Scott’s eyes on you. “Come on,” you faked annoyance, deciding to tease Scott further and get down on your hands and knees. You could’ve reached it right away just standing up and bending down, but you were really aching to get a piece of the famous Scott McCall. “Ah-ha!” You grinned, gripping the pencil and shaking your bum a little before slowly getting up off the floor.

Sitting on the couch, you smiled innocently at Scott. “Shall we begin?” His face was beat red, flushed with embarrassment, but his eyes told another story. Lust filled. They were dark, his brown eyes almost black. You knew you were playing with the bull and you were more than ready for the horns… well, rather the claws. Scott just nodded, sitting next to you as you began to explain an algebraic expression to him.

“And X equals Y,” you finished, smiling proudly as you explained the last problem on the second page, one more left.

“Thanks,” Scott said quietly, taking the set of notes from your hand as you began to explain the next set. As you were explaining, a hand landed on your right thigh, sliding upwards towards your upper thigh.

“What are you doing?” You asked, surprised and flushed. You hadn’t expected Scott to be so straightforward. You could feel yourself getting aroused as Scott rubbed circles on your thigh, smirking.

“You knew what your were doing earlier, Y/N.” Scott purred, biting your earlobe lightly. “You were a naughty girl, Kitten.”

You swallowed. “S-Scott?”

Scott’s smirk widened at your racing heartbeat. “Oh, c'mon sweetheart, you know you want it.” His fingers brushed your clothed core, igniting a fire you hadn’t realized you had.

“Scott!” You moaned, hips grinding out to try and create friction against his hand.

“Kitten,” Scott warned taking his hand away. “I want you to strip.” He demanded.

You nodded, standing from the couch and slowly taking your shirt off, your breasts jiggling as you did. Scott gulps at the sight of you. You smirk, deciding to tease him even more. Your hands caress your curves, slipping down the curves of your body and slowly stripping your skirt from you. You stand in front of Scott, wearing nothing but your black lacey thong and matching bra. “Scott…” you moaned, biting your lip. As you were slipping your hand down into your panties, eyes closed, you suddenly find yourself shoved against the nearest wall and your hands held above your head, Scott glaring down at you.

“Only Daddy gets to touch your princess parts,” he growls, eyes flashing red. You were slightly taken back. You were only a tease, you hadn’t expected Scott to react like this… especially that Daddy kink. As you keep eye contact with Scott, his eyes glance down at your breasts and then your lips and you find yourself keening for a kiss.

“Daddy…” you moan, licking your bottom lip. That was the last straw, all self control Scott had was out the window. Crushing his lips to yours, Scott gives a bruising kiss to your lips, licking and nipping. Scott nips your lower lip, begging for entrance.

“Baby girl,” he growled. You giggled as one of Scott’s hand gripped your rear end and you find Scott’s tongue in your mouth, wrestling yours for dominance. Of course, Scott wins. After all, you were the vulnerable one here. You whimper as Scott let’s go of your hands, taking his and pushing down the cups of your bra underneath your rather large breasts, pinching and pulling your nipples, smirking as he pulls way from the kiss to see the nipples peaked. Scott goes behind your back, undoing the clasp of your bra, watching as you slid it off, your own hands going to your breasts and playing with them.

“Do you want me, Daddy?” You asked, innocently. But you were everything but. “Do you want to fuck me so hard I can’t walk tomorrow? Do you want your baby girl to scream for you? Want me to cum until I can’t take it anymore? Want me cumming all over your pretty cock?” You moaned, glancing down at his prominent erection hah was straining against the zipper of his jeans. You glanced back at him. “Fuck. Me. Daddy.”

You squeaked as your picked up off the floor, ass slapped and thrown onto the couch. Scott leans down, ripping your thong off and instantly going for the prize. “Your so wet, baby girl.” Scott whimpers, his fingers caressing your wetness. “Do you want Daddy?” You nodded, whimpering as his pointer finger swirled your clit. “Where do you want me? Use your words, baby girl.”

You whimpered as his rubbing got harder and you felt your back arch. “I want you there.”

“Where?” Scott smirked, rubbing faster and harder against your clit.

“I want you eating my pussy, Daddy! I want your fingers and mouth on my pretty pussy and eating me!” You exclaimed, whimpering and moaning. Squealing as Scott instantly dives in and starts to nip, lick, and suck everywhere, leaving you into a whimpering mess.

“M-More!” You moaned, hips lifting off the couch and grinding into Scott’s face. “D-Daddy!”

Scott groaned against your pussy, sticking two fingers into your pussy, using a come hitter motion, hitting your spot. You were seeing stars with Scott’s fingers and tongue, moaning and whimpering, the verge of screaming. “C-c-close!” You could barely form the words, back arched completely off the couch.

Scott pulled back, smirking at you as you were completely lost in the oblivion of pleasure. “Cum, baby girl, cum for daddy!” Scott encouraged, hitting your spot in just the right way, you cum screaming.


As you come back down from your high, Scott is already lined up at your core, ready to fuck. “Fuck me, Daddy.” Scott shoves in hard and you cry out in pleasure and pain. He puts his head in the crook of your neck, not bothering to wait for you to adjust. He moans at the feeling of your tight, warm cunt all around his nine inch and rather thick cock.

“Daddy’s gonna fuck you real good,” he teases, gripping your hips and setting a punishing pace, the sounds of your moans and slaps of skin-hitting-skin echoing throughout the living room. You were really praying that Melissa wouldn’t come home early.

“Oh, Daddy. Daddy! Fuck me harder, Daddy! Fuck me harder!” He pounds into you harder, deeper, faster. You scream as you reach your thigh-shaking, earth-shattering, mind-boggling orgasm. Scott’s thrusts begin to become uneven and sloppy, groaning into your neck as he reaches his climax, gripping your breasts tightly as he sucks a spot on your collarbone. You feel him groan as your hips buck underneath him, over sensitive.

Lifting his head, Scott pulls out gently, watching as his cum drips from your pussy. Leaning down, Scott instantly licks your pussy, cleaning it. “Mmmmm, Daddy.” You moan, running a hand through his hair and tugging. Scott’s tongue slowly comes to a stop and he get up and picks you up, setting you on his lap as he sits on the couch.

“Good girl.” He praises, kissing you on the head. “Should’ve done this sooner.” The both of you look at each other and giggle, curling up on the couch before his mom came home.

Love Games. [*Smut]

A/N: Sorry it’s so short. I’m honestly not physically attracted to Scott so he’s a little bit harder to write for. But I’m working on it. So, it’s smutish. lol

Request: Hey can I get a Scott smut please

The ball rolled down the putting green on to the clown’s tongue and out the other end sliding right into the hole.

“Goooalllll.” Scott yelled dropping his putter and throwing his hands in the air.

“That’s soccer.” I frowned “And you’re cheating anyways.” I said crossing my arms with my small putter still in my hand.

“How can you cheat at put put? Scott said with a half smile.

“Well we’re not all werewolves now are we?” I said trying to bite back a smile. Scott pulled me into a hug and chuckled forcing the smile out of me.

“Well, let me show how to do it.” I turned around in his arms, my back to his front, and he slid his hands down to meet mine on the putter.

“Okay, first you put your hands like this.” He moved my hands in the correct position with his.

“And you separate your feet so their shoulder width apart.” I spread my legs in his requested position and stuck my butt out a little for good measure. He cleared his throat nervously and continued teaching me.

“And then you-”

“Scott!” I hissed at him a small smile on my face. “Stop.” I looked over my shoulder at him. His face was twisted in confusion. With my eyes I directed looked down at his abdomen and back at him. His new erection was hard against the back of my thigh. He flushed crimson.

“Everytime.” He muttered. He let go of me to adjust himself and I finally figured out how to beat him at put put. I tapped the ball and it went through the windmill right into the hole.

“Yes!” I cheered.

“Good job.” he smirked. “Game on.” We moved on to the next hole and he went first. He set up his ball and putter getting ready to swing, until I walked over to him from behind. I kissed the back of his neck softly.

“Good luck, baby.” I whispered.

His whole body tensed up, and he swung with out meaning too. The ball rolled and hit the edge of the putting green.

“Oops. You just missed it.” I giggled.

“Who’s cheating now?”

“How do you cheat at put put?” I mimicked. He just shook his head and laughed. Every hole after that I messed with him. Sucking on his ear lobe, gripping his clothed bulge, kissing and sometimes biting on his neck, anything I could do to get him off his game. It was totally working. I ended up winning, mostly on technicalities, but a wins a win. 

“Maybe next time, McCall.” I laughed returning my putter to the front desk. He was quiet, ‘Sore loser.’ I thought. He gave the gentleman his putter as well, and we both headed back to my car. 

“You okay?” I asked once we were inside. 

“I will be.” He smirked. 

I furrowed my brow at him, but he kept the same devilish smirk on his lips. I turn the keys in the ignition, and left the mini golf course. Scott reached over and rested his hand on my thigh as I drove.

“I love you, you know that right?” He asked.

“Yes…” He was being really suspicious. It was weird for him to say something like that out of the blue. His plan was quickly divulged though. Right when I got on to the highway, his hand slowly crept up my thigh, past my skirt, and on to my panties. 

“Scott!” I scolded. “I’m driving.”

“Sucks doesn’t it? Not being able to do anything about it?” he said pressing figures on my clit though my panties. I moaned, doing my best to keep my focus on the road. 

“O-okay, S-scott!” I moaned out. “I’m s-s-sorry.” 

“It’s a little too late for that baby girl.” he chuckled slipping his fingers into my entrance as far as the silk cloth would let him, earning another wild moan from me. My whole body felt weak as he pumped his fingers in and out, but I ached for them to go deeper.

“I want you.” I begged reaching one of my hands out to him while still looking at the road. 

“Not uh, beautiful.” He tsked pushing my hand back. “Both hands on the wheel.” I whined in response, which only made him laugh.

“Put them in.” He had me begging again. “Please, baby.”

He did what I asked and, from the side, put one finger in my now wet pussy. I almost swerved as I let out groaned. My walls wrapped around his finger as he pumped again, this time going deeper into my core. I glanced at him only for a second, and he was watching me intently. He had a ghost of a smile on his beautiful face. He enjoyed watching me crumble at his hand. I sat back into my seat, fingers tight on the steering wheel, allowing him to curl his inside of me. The change of their position threatened to push me to my climax.

“Faster.” I breathed.

He moved his curled fingers faster hitting my g-spot each time. Our exit came up, and I veered on to it. My legs started to shake and I knew I was so close. I dangerously swerved in to the gas station just off the exit and crookedly park behind it. 

“I’m going to come.” I half screamed.

A few more pumps is all it took to push me over my edge. I gabbed Scott’s arm as animalistic moans poured out of my mouth. and I rocked my hips riding out the orgasm.

“That’s it, baby.” Scott said almost smug. 

When I finished, he pulled out his fingers and licked them clean of my juices.

“I’m not going to lie, watching you grind against my fingers like that was so hot.” He smiled.

“You’re such an ass.” I joked tapping his arm lightly.

“Alls fair in love and putput.” He chuckled.

I'd Tell You To Get A Room, But You Already In One


Title: I’d Tell You To Get A Room, But You Already In One
Prompt: #116 (neck kisses), #1(this isn’t going to end well)
Pairing: Scott Summers x Reader
Word Count: 422
Warnings: semi smut???making out???

(the lack of scott summers gif is soo concerning i love him)

A/N: This is probably the closest to writing smut i’ll ever get. my lord this is so cringey i cant even read it anymore, but my friend told me its okay to post it sooo here it is

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Saved.-Scott McCall Smut.-

“Scott imagine where y/n is in love with him and she gets all nervous around him and one night she goes to the school and almost gets captured and scott saves her and then later on it includes smut?? Thank you if you wanna write this x”

Y/N brushed the hair out of her face as she stood around in Derek’s living room with the rest of the pack. They began talking about the Chimera’s they had to watch out for. Stiles began exclaiming they had to worry about Theo the most and to be careful around them.Once they were done,she smiled a bit as she stood up.”Y/N wait!”Scott called after her,turning around she smiled at him.

Y/N played with her fingers before glancing up at him.”What’s up Scott?”She asked as she stared into his eyes.”Are you gonna be alright getting home by yourself?”He asked her as she nodded her head.”Of course! I-I’ll call you once I’m home!”She exclaimed before he smiled.”Sounds good to me doll.”He told her before he watched her cheeks burning up with blush.

Scott watched as Y/N walked out of the house with a grin on his face before Stiles stood next to him.”Will you just ask her out?”Stiles teased before Scott rolled his eyes.”She’s shy and I want to take it slow!”He exclaimed before hearing Y/N’s car going out of the driveway.”I’m gonna make sure she gets home safely!”Scott said as he headed out to his bike.

Y/N drove along the road,her eyes flickering to Beacon Hills High as she slowed down,seeing someone with a broke down car. She watched as the man waved for help,slowly she pulled in.She parked her car before getting out.”Do you need some help?”She asked,walking up to the man who had his back to her.”Actually I could use some help.”The familiar voice of Theo rang through her ears as he turned around with a smirk on his face.

She couldn’t help but back up just a few steps as he moved towards her.”Such a pretty face. No wonder why Scott likes you.”Theo said as he walked towards her while she pressed her back to her car,glancing at her ways away from him.”Oh come on doll,don’t look so scared.You won’t be in that much pain.”Theo said with a smirk as he pressed both of his hands on either side of her head.Y/N began panicking and before she knew it,her knee had lifted and was jammed against his crotch.Once he dropped in pain,she took off,heading for the school.She got into the doors and reached for her phone.

Y/N’s hands shook as she shut the door of a classroom and climbed under the teacher’s desk.She dialed Scott’s number and waited til he picked up before she began freaking out.”I’m at the school.Theo’s here,Scott I need he-”She didn’t get to finish her sentence before she was dragged out from under the desk.”No!”She screamed as she tried to grab onto anything as Theo pulled her along the hallways,ignoring her pleas for help.

“Theo,I’m going to need you to let go of Y/N.”Scott called as he stood at the opposite end of the hallway.Theo was quick to grab a hold of Y/N pulling her to his body as he smirked.”I wouldn’t try anything Scott, you wouldn’t want pretty little Y/N getting hurt now would you?”He asked with a smirk as Y/N began squirming in his grip.”Ah ah ah sweetheart,don’t struggle too much.You don’t want to die now do you?”He asked as he pulled a blade from his pocket.”You could be the next Chimera darling,don’t you want that? We could live a life together.”He said as he held the blade to her neck.

“Theo,let her go right now. No one needs to get hurt.”Scott called as he watched as Y/N stared at him with tears in her eyes.”Scott.”She murmured out as Theo shook his head.”You can’t have her Scott. The doctors and I decided she would make a great Chimera.”Theo said as Y/N began elbowing at him before he pulled her closer to him.”Not too much movement.”He growled before Y/N bit into his hand that was holding the blade.”Fuck you bitch!”Theo yelled out as he dropped the blade and Y/N took the opportunity to run towards Scott. Scott however was wolfing out as he ran past her and attacked Theo.

Y/N continued to run out of the school before she got into her car,looking around in her backseat before she grabbed a hold of the metal bat she had gotten.She ran back inside,seeing Scott standing over a passed out Theo.Dropping the bat on the floor,she ran towards Scott,wrapping her arms around him tightly.She held onto him as she pressed her face into his chest.”Sweetheart you’re safe now.”He murmured as he stroked her back gently,pressing a kiss to the side of her head.”Let’s get out of here,we’ll go to your house.I will be riding right behind you.”He said as she nodded her head and followed him out,grabbing her bat on the way.

Scott got onto his bike after making sure that she was in the car and was able to drive.He followed behind her,making sure she got home safe.Once he was in the driveway,he got off of her bike before following her into the house.”Do you want me to go now?”He asked before he felt her grabbing his hand.”No! I mean can you stay?”She asked quietly,glancing up at him as he smiled a bit.”Of course I can,come on let’s get you in bed.”He murmured to her as he followed her to her room.

Once there,she grabbed a change of clothes,changing when he had turned his head around to look at the wall.She turned around once she gotten changed into an old hoodie that Scott gave her. She reached for his hand and smiled a bit when he turned around to look at her.”You look so much better than I do in my own clothes.”He said with a chuckle before he bit his lower lip.She blushed as she climbed into the bed,glancing up at him.”Come cuddle.”She mumbled quietly before he chuckled,climbing into the bed with her.

Y/N bit her lip as she snuggled up to him,letting her head rest down on his chest.”Thank you.”She murmured as he smiled,wrapping an arm around her waist.”You don’t need to be thanking me.”He whispered to her,kissing her head a bit.”Scott? Do you like me? Uh Th-Theo said you did.”She explained as she bit her lip.

His eyes widened and he took a deep breath before biting his lip.”I do.I do like you. I have for a while.”He murmured to her and she couldn’t help but smile before she felt her cheeks heating up even more than before,her face turning red like a firetruck.She bit her lower lip as she leaned up to press her lips to his. He pulled her up to him,sitting her on top of his lap. He leaned back and rested his back against her headboard as she wrapped her arms around his neck. The makeout continued before she grinded her hips against his,feeling the bulge growing in his boxers.

It was Scott’s turn to blush as he pulled his lips away from hers.”You can just ignore that i’m sorry.”He apologized but let out a groan when she had grabbed a hold of his shoulders and grinded herself against his bulge.”Y/N,”He breathed out,squeezing her hips gently.She bit her lip and shook her head,”I can’t help myself.”She murmured to him as her fingers ran down his chest gently.

Y/N gasped when he grabbed her hips and pulled her down while he grinded up against her.”Scott.”She moaned out before Scott grabbed a hold of her ass.”Are you sure that you wanna do this?”He asked as she nodded her head.”For fucks sakes yes I do please.”She begged and he chuckled a bit.”I’m just making sure sweetheart.”He murmured as he pressed his lips to hers as he grabbed a hold of the hoodie,only breaking the kiss when he tugged it over her head.He discarded it across the room before his hands moved to unclip her bra.She covered herself up when he had dropped that on the floor.She blushed as he smiled at how shy she was.”Don’t hide your beautiful body.”He murmured to her as she bit her lip.

She slowly dropped her arms and smiled a bit as Scott began checking her out,running his hands over the curves of her body before he stopped at her panties.He smirked as he slid them down her legs before he was tackled to the bed.She giggled a bit as she had taken him by surprise.Her fingers grabbed a hold of his shirt,sliding it over his head with a grin as she ran her hands down his muscular chest before she began getting him out of his pants then his boxers.

Y/N licked her lips when she saw his dick spring up after she freed it from his boxers.She was about to have a taste when Scott flipped them over.”Oh no sweetheart.Not right now.”He breathed out,his eyes flashing red before she pouted.”I wanted a taste!”She exclaimed but the pout dropped from her lips when he had pushed a finger into her.

Scott smirked as she began moaning and begging for more as he thrusted his finger in and out of her,taking in all of her sounds.Y/N tugged at his hair and felt herself close to climaxing before he took his finger out of her.”Don’t get upset.I’m gonna take care of you.”He told her as he guided his dick to her entrance,slowly pushing into her. He gave her a few seconds,waiting for her okay before he began to drive into her.

Y/N wrapped her legs around his waist as she arched her back,letting him pound away into her.”Fuck fuck fuck Scott!”She screamed out as she scratched at his back,the lines healing just as she left them.”Please!Rougher!”She begged as he chuckled before doing so. The pleasure he was given her heightened when he began rubbing his thumb against her clit. Y/N was a moaning mess after just a few seconds before she felt herself letting go.”I’m so c-close!”She screamed out before Scott nodded his head.”So am I, come on baby. Cum for me!”He exclaimed before she let herself go, a few seconds after,so did Scott. He pulled out of her and rolled over to lay beside her.

“That was amazing.”He breathed out as Y/N cuddled up to him with a smile on her face.”Yes it was.”She murmured out,leaving a kiss against his chest.”Tomorrow,I’m taking you out on a date.A real date and I’m gonna keep you safe from now on darling.”He murmured to her as the two talked and talked until Scott saw Y/N’s eyes fluttering shut.

”Goodnight doll.”

Sciles x Reader~ Who's better?

Warnings: sexual content, including: threesome, swearing, oral, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, fingering.

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Prompts: Scott x Stiles x reader, threesome.

Second person pov:
Day and night, day and night they fight over you. You’re incredibly flattered to have two such attractive guys want you, but you didn’t know what to do. You liked both of them, but didn’t know who to choose.

And so you hatched an idea to stop the fighting and reach a decision.


“Hey, Y/n!” Scott called from across the hallway as you stopped and waiting while he jogged over to you.

“Hey, I was wondering if you’d want to hang out tonight?” He asked you with a smile on his face, which you mirrored.

You had already made plans with Stiles for him to come over and Scott coming over as well would complete your plan.

“Sure! Come over at 8.” You smirked before sending him a wink, making his face heat up. You giggled at the effect you had on him and you waved a bit before strutting away, swaying your hips.


“Y/n!?” You heard two voices yell up the stairs, making you smirk and let out a chuckle.

“Up here, boys!” You yelled back, waiting as you heard the two sets of footsteps run up the stairs.

“Y/n, I thought it was just going to be us-” Scott’s voice spoke down the hall before pushing the door open, his sentence cutting short as he gazed upon you.

You were stripped down to your red matching lingerie set, along with a pair of black heels. Your hair was down in loose waves, your makeup light.

Both Scott and Stiles had their eyes on you, with their jaws slack in surprise. You giggled as you saw their unwavering eyes.

“Y-y/n? What is this?” Stiles asked, his eyes unflinching from your frame.

“Well, boys. We’re going to play a little game.” Your lips turned up into a smirk, pacing back and forth in front of the boys, your heels hitting the ground echoing throughout the room.

“You both are going to fuck me tonight.” Your vulgar words left your lips, making the boys flinch a bit.

“You’ll each get 20 minutes and whoever makes me cum the most wins.” You explained, a grin evident on your lips.

The two boys sucked in a sharp breath at your words as they began to fidget with anticipation.

“What’s our prize?” Stiles asked cheekily, a smirk now on his lips.

“Me.” You shrugged simply, Scott and Stiles rose their eyebrows at the challenge and licked their lips, hungry with desire.

“Now let’s see. Who’s better?”

You set a timer on your phone for the 20 minutes, and set it down and glanced up at the boys.

“Go.” You mouthed at them.

Stiles was the first to strike. He pinned you to the bed and had his lips on yours instantly. You kissed back, running your fingers through his dark locks as his lips travelled down to your neck, marking your s/c skin with love bites.

Scott sat in a chair facing you both and simply waited patiently and watched, and you smirked at the sight of his hard on.

Stiles shrugged off his flannel as his lips attached to your breasts through your thin bra. Once his shirt and flannel were off he grabbed your breasts in each hand and rolled them between his large palms, earning a soft whimper from you.

He kissed down on your skin as he unclipped your bra with one hand and slid it off. You rose and impressed eyebrow at this, and he met your eyes with a smirk before kissing down your breasts to your panties. You had a feeling he’d try to tease you so you stopped him before he could.

“17 minutes, Stiles.” You warned teasingly.

He growled and ripped the lingerie from your hips, the swift action causing a gasp to leave your lips, as the cold air met your dripping heat.

Stiles quickly then attached his lips to your clit, and began to swirl his tongue around the sensitive bundle of nerves. Your jaw fell slack at the feeling, your hands instantly going to his hair.

“Stiles!” You mewled softly, running your hands through his dark locks.

His soft pink lips sucked on your clit, then he thrusted his tongue quickly inside you, causing you let out loud moans.
Stiles swiftly then began darting his tongue in and out of you quickly.

“F-fuck! Stiless!” You hissed as you rocked your hips against his mouth, making you grunt in pleasure.

He kissed and nibbled at your clit as his fingers toyed with your entrance before slipping in one then another finger.

“Fuck yes, Stiles!!” You moaned before biting your lip, as you erupted in euphoria as you came around Stiles’ finger and tongue.

Stiles kept going, though. His fingers thrusting in and out of your heat. It was when you started to clench around his fingers that he began to kiss to your clit. The sensation started made your knees weak.

You gazed over to Scott to see him palming his large cock through his boxers, making you moan at the sight.

“What do you need, Y/n?” Stiles mumbled against your core, the vibrations of his words made you whimper softly.

“F-fuck me, Stiles.” Your voice small and tired, yet full of anticipation.

Stiles nodded and pushed his fingers in your harder and deeper, causing your eyes to roll back as you felt washed over with bliss. The feeling overcame you as you felt your thighs begin to shake, as you let another orgasm flow, your bliss evident on his tongue.

“Alright, Y/n.” Stiles sent you a wink as he dropped his pants and boxers, revealing his long, hard, member.

He smirked and kissed your lips before he slid on a condom and you felt his tip line up with your slit. He slowly slipped into you, since he knew you were still sensitive from your orgasm.

You whimpered as his length slid into you fully, him letting out a soft groan. He began to snap his hips against yours in a steady rhythm.

As he thrusted in and out of you, groans and moans made their way out of both his and your mouth. Sweat formed over both your bodies in tiredness.

“Yes, Stiles faster!” You bit your lip.

Stiles groaned in reply and began to pummel into you faster, his thrusts growing faster, as well as harder.

Your back arched against the mattress as you felt your high nearing yet again.

“Fuck! Stiles! Oh yes!” You wailed as your toes curled in gratification.

“Oh fuck, Y/n.” He groaned against your skin as he placed a kiss to your neck.

“I’m so close!” You moaned out as you fisted the sheets in your hands.

“Fuck, me too!” His lips parted as pants and moans left them, and his member thrusted deeper into you as you screamed in delight.

“I’m cumming!” You screamed as you released around Stiles, your warmth spilling out of you.

“I’m gonna cum too! Uhh fuck!” He groaned loudly as he filled the condom with his load.

He slowed his thrusts before stilling and pulling out of you, disposing of the used rubber.

“Your turn, Scott.” You smirked.

Scott got on the bed, stripped down to his boxers with his hard on.

“Stiles made me cum 3 times in 17 minutes. If you beat that, you win.” You explained, making him smirk.

Scott simply nodded as his eyes dilated with desire at the challenge.

He started by spreading your thighs apart and lapping up your juices as you whimpered.

Your thighs clenched around his head as he began to lick your bundle of nerves as he slid a finger into you.

“Scott, Ohh.” You took your bottom lip between your teeth as he added another finger.

He thrusted his fingers quickly in you, and your thighs shook as your arousal coated his tongue. This was your fourth orgasm of the day, yet first with Scott.

Scott lifted you off your back and positioned you on your hands and knees.
He slid on a condom before you felt his tip at your entrance.

“Ready, Y/n?” He asked you, making you smile at his thoughts of caution.

“Yes.” You muttered almost breathlessly as Scott then swiftly entered you.

A moan left your mouth as you felt him touch your sensitive patch inside you.

“Oh fuck, Scott.” You whimpered as he kissed your cheek quickly, and increased his pace. He began to pound harder into you, hitting your gspot with each thrust.

“Oh fuck, Y/n.” Scott groaned as he kissed your neck and shoulder as he fucked you hard from behind.

“Yes. Don’t stop! Oh yes!” You wailed as your toes curled in gratification, your jaw slack as your eyes rolled back in pleasure.

Your knees grew wobbly and Scott wrapped an arm securely around your waist as he fucked you faster.

“Yes! Fuck yes, Scott!” You whimpered, your eyes fluttering close in bliss.

As he thrusted in and out of you, you both moaned and screamed out in contentment. Your back arched as you felt your high nearing.

Scott hit your spot repeatedly, causing your fifth orgasm of the day to transpire. Scott slowed before halting his thrusts, allowing you a rest.

You sighed out as you came down from your high. Scott made a love bite on your shoulder, making you whimper out, as he picked up his pace and began thrusting into you again.

“Fuck, Y/n.” Scott whispered, his lips agape as small groans and left them, as he thrusted deeper into you as you moaned louder.

“Scott, yess.” You cried, grasping onto the pillow as you moaned and whimpered.

You felt his nails dig into your skin as his thrusting got sloppier, and you felt him twitch inside you.

“Fuck, Scott.” You moaned and your vision began to blur, seeing white stars.

“I-I’m gonna cum.” He said, kissing whatever skin he could reach as his hip met your ass with each thrust.

After a few more thrusts you finally released for the sixth time, and he followed soon after.

Scott collapsed against your body and all that was heard was yours and his heavy panting.

“What was my time?” Scott smirked and asked cheekily as you picked up your phone to check.

“Let’s see, you gave me 3 orgasms in,” you paused as you unlocked the phone and gasped.

“17 minutes.”


A/n: thanks for reading! That ending thoughhh!

Question of the day:
Favorite movie?

Answer of the day:
Coraline or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 👌🏽

51. Beg for it.

Summary{Requested} - He makes you beg durring sex.

Characters - Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Derek, Isaac x reader

Warning: Sexual, smut.

Scott: “No.” He growls, grinding his hips roughly against yours, making you gasp from the contact. “Scott.” You moan, more of a warning due to his constant teasing. “Beg.” He spits, making you growl, but it soon turned into a moan as his fingers met with your glistening folds, his fingers teasingly running along them, trancing your hole. “Beg.” He commands once again. “Please Scott Please touch me.”

Stiles: His rough touch was forgien, different but surprisingly you liked it. His rough hands ran against your hair, playing with the ends, but soon wrapping his fist around the strands pulling your head back. “You’re mine.” His jealously was always bad, and now he was just taking it on you. Stiles bare hand meets with your left breast, taking it into his giant hand. “Beg.” He mumbles against your neck, “Beg for me.” Of course you did.

Theo: Theo’s hand met with your already sore, red ass making another cry fill the room. “This ass is mine, not Josh’s.” He growls, before bringing his hand down slapping the stinging flesh. Theo was already rough the way it it, but add jealously in it, it get’s unbareable. “Beg for me to stop.” He uses his time to grind his hardness against your throbbing ass. With no answer, his hand once again made rough contact, “Please Daddy, Please stop I’m sorry!”

Liam: He smirks looking down at your bare body. He stood almost naked, only clothed in a tight pair of black boxers. His light blue eyes, were filled with ignorance, as a wide smirk played on his lips. Currently you laid against his bed naked, your wrist tied down by what seemed to be his shirt. “Liam.” You warn only getting a small chuckle from him. “I don’t think you have any place to talk right now princess.” Rolling your eyes, your breath hitched due to his hand meeting with your throbbing core. “Beg for it baby.”

Isaac: “Issac!” Your moan loudly filled the room, making a small groan fall from Isaac, as his lips met with your core. Sucking on your clit, finally he moved down, the fat off his tongue meeting with your fold, where he took each one into his mouth leaving them sore. “Beg for me.” He mumbles, his hot breath leaving you whinning. “Beg to cum.”

Derek: Derek’s soft hands met with your breast, kneeding them against his palm, making small moans fall from your lips. “What do you want baby?” His deep voice made you whine, his lips moving down your stomach, to the hem of your jeans. “You.” You moan earning a smirk from him, his hand met with your clothed pussy. “Beg for it baby.” He says. “I want to hear how bad you want me.”

Everybody’s A-Okay

A few weeks ago I came up with the idea of an ‘Alec lives and both twins are okay’ AU, and I decided to write some stuff for it. The basic concept is that while Alec is around to deal with the responsibilities of being Pathfinder and the fallout of the Initiative’s failings, his kids are free to be their goofy, corny selves. 

Title: First Contact (or: Sara Double Dares Scott)

Rating: G

Summary: Alec does his best to ensure the angara’s first impressive of humanity is a professional one. The twins…don’t. 

Keep reading

7. Blowjob

Request: You give him a blowjob and can you add Isaac (ya’ll dirty af js)

{warning: Sexual, explicit language}

Scott: “Fuck.” The word fell breathlessly from his mouth. Your mouth wrapped around the tip of his cock, teasing him as your tongue swirled around him. “Stop teasing me baby.” He moans softly, his fingertips digging into your scalp as you fully take him into your mouth, his hands taking a fist of hair.

Stiles: Stiles watched you, a wide smirk on his face, his hands homing your hair, as you play with his dick, both your hands on his thighs as you use no hands to take him in filling your mouth completely, you gag quietly, the vibrations making stiles moan loudly. “Suck me harder princess.” He begs.

Theo: Theo’s hand roughly pulls you towards his cock, you on your knees staring up at him, batting your eyelashes innocently, the sight making him throb. “You know how I like it babygirl.” Rough, Theo loved it rough. You take him into your mouth making him growl as soon as his cock hits the back of your throat, gagging you.

Liam: “Let me take care of you.” You smirk at Liam, you’ve only knew him for a couple days because your mutral friend Scott. Liam’s soft moan filled the room as soon as you took him into your mouth. His first blow job and you were giving him the best one he ever would have, his head falls back onto the pillow, your name falling from his mouth quietly.

Isaac: “You are going to be the death of me.” Issac moans, as you take his long member into your mouth, gagging often on him. His fingers dug into your into your shoulder, the other hand pulling your hair. “Fuuuck baby.” He moans once again, you now taking his whole cock into your mouth. (if that’s even possible because hes so big)

canceriancommunist  asked:

#48 but you can change parents to any relative/person who counts as familiy if it helps :3; any character and paring from MEA!!!

Reyes puts up a front about a lot of things—the whole Charlatan thing being the first thing that comes to mind—but he’s not shy about his body, by any means. There’s no reason to hide himself, after all, especially not when Scott enjoys him as much as he does.

It does, however, create the awkward situation they’re in right now, Scott kneeling at the end of the bed, holding a pair of pants and a t-shirt, pleading with him.

The t-shirt’s Scott’s. Reyes thinks he must have thought it would help to get him clothed.

“Reyes,” Scott says, putting on the puppy-dog eyes and crawling up the bed on his hands and knees, “please. My sister will be here in ten minutes. Please, please put some clothes on.”

He stretches his arms above his head, a smile spreading across his face as he catches Scott’s eyes follow the movement of muscle and skin. “Don’t enjoy the show?”

Scott colors. “I didn’t say that. But I’d really, really rather not have my boyfriend parading around in his underwear—“

He quirks an eyebrow. “Boyfriend, is it?”

“Don’t change the subject,” Scott says, as his ears turn pink with embarrassment. “I don’t need Sara ragging on me about this anymore than she already does.”

“You’re afraid of her?” Reyes says, still refusing the clothes from Scott. He groans, and flops onto the bed. Reyes bats his eyelashes and watches him fondly. “My dear Scott,” he says, “you are the Pathfinder! You can handle her!”

“You don’t know my sister. She’ll spend the first hour flirting with you and the rest of the visit telling me how I always was one for the flirty, bad boys–”

He chuckles, then, reaches out to pull the pillow from where Scott has it covering his head. Scott eyes him, suspicious. For a man as important as Scott, who has moved worlds to get things done, it’s incredible that he can fell Reyes with a look. But he can, and he does, and Reyes is helpless to resist, so he reaches out and runs his fingers through Scott’s hair. “She thinks I’m a bad boy?”

“When she finds out you’re the Charlatan?” Scott nods, his expression a little wild.  “She won’t just think it. She’ll know it.”

“A Ryder unaware of my soft side,” Reyes says, tapping his chin. “Hmm. I could use that to my advantage.”

“You’re impossible,” Scott moans, rolling onto his back. “Absolutely fucking impossible.”

Reyes makes a noise in his throat, and reaches forward for the t-shirt. “I suppose,” he says, rubbing the fabric of Scott’s favorite shirt between his thumb and forefinger, “a good first impression would be in my best interests.”

Scott turns to him with a glare. “Don’t,” he says, pointing at Reyes as he pulls the shirt over his head.

“Don’t what?” Reyes says, leaning forward to drop a kiss to Scott’s mouth, brushing his thumb at the corner of Scott’s lips after he pulls away. “I assure you I have innocent intentions.”

“Yeah, right. You don’t think having two Ryders in your good graces wouldn’t be beneficial to you? Especially Sara, you know the kind of experience she has with the Alliance—“

Reyes laughs as he stands from the bed, taking the pants Scott had brought nearly half an hour ago now and putting them on, making sure to pull them slow over his hips when Scott glances his way. “That’s not what I meant. I was thinking more along the lines of ensuring she believes her brother to be in good hands.”

“Hey,” Scott says, “she already knows that.” He sits up on the bed, pulling Reyes towards him until he’s standing between Scott’s open legs. “You don’t get to hear how much I talk you up.”

“I’m the Charlatan,” Reyes says, draping his arms over Scott’s shoulders, “I know more than you think.”

Everyone deserves a Punishment (Derek Hale x Reader x Scott Mccall) *smut*

Request: Hey can I request a rough threesome between Reader, Scott, and Derek? -Anon


Word count: 725

Warnings: Smut, language

You got of the shower, water dripping off your body and the steam came out from the shower cubicle and filled up the room. “It’s like I’m in Twilight here.” You said to yourself. You began humming as you got dried up and changed in your panties on but your bra was nowhere to be seen. “Must’ve left in my bedroom.” You got out of your room and to your surprise you saw Derek and Scott…and your bra. You quickly covered up your naked breasts.

Derek stretched his arm out and got the bra on his index finger, he cocked his eyebrow. “I don’t think that is going to fit you.” You giggled. He couldn’t help but laugh and even Scott. “Come and get it.” He said. You bit you lower lip because you knew what was going to happen. You walked towards Derek; you got hold of your bra. Derek’s hand found your waist and he pulled you closer to him until you sat on his lap. You could already feel the hardness. He began kissing up and down your neck. He traced circles with his tongue on your smooth skin. You wrapped your arms around his neck and began grinding.

Derek let out a low growl. You looked at Scott who was watching you with want. You reached out for Scott but Derek immediately stopped you. “He’ll get his turn.” In a drop of a hat, you were on the bed without your panties. Derek began sucking on your erect nipples, letting out a moan every now and then. You got rid of his shirt and pants. Scott was still sitting on the chair, staring at us with puppy eyes. I got out my finger and made the ‘come hither’ at him. Scott stopped half way; he lowered his head and gently licked your wet core. “Holy shit!” You moaned. Derek began sucking on the other breast as he fumbled with the other one.

Scott began sucking your clit and bit it every now and then. Your orgasm was building up fast. Scott’s fingers began rubbing your clit roughly. “Guys! I-I-” You threw your head back and your hands found Derek’s hair and you tugged on it. Scott inserted two fingers inside you, stretching you out. He was hitting your g spot just about right. Derek got rid on his briefs to reveal his hard member. You let out a moan. Derek put his member in your warm mouth. Your lips slid down his dick; Derek let out a moan.

Scott, who was on a lower level, thrusted his fingers faster. In a few minutes, you came. You writhed under Derek and Scott, you were a moaning mess. Scott got his fingers out and licked them clean. Derek thrusted his hips in and out of your mouth and you bobbed your head. Scott opened your legs wider and he slapped your wet pussy. You bucked your hips wanting more. Derek’s member was twitching and he soon came in your mouth. “On all fours.” Derek ordered and you obliged.

Derek got off the bed and came up from behind you. He slapped your ass; you let out a loud moan. He slapped you over and over again until you felt him enter your ass. You felt your knees giving away. His thrusts were fast; his hands found your breasts and he began pinching them. Scott put his member in your mouth. You licked up his prominent vein that was pulsating in your mouth. “Fuck Y/N.” Scott praised you. Derek got out of your ass and entered your tight wet pussy. Scott came in your mouth and you swallowed. Derek soon began twitching and he pulled out and Scott moved so that Derek could come in your mouth. Scot licked your wet lips and inserted his tongue in your core.

You clenched around his tongue and came. When it was Scott’s turn to fuck the life out of you Derek stopped him. “We have to go.” He said. Scott gave Derek an angry look. “What?” You asked.

“Lydia saw Peter. Let’s go.” Derek kissed your lips passionately. “I’ll finish you off tonight.” He said. Derek and Scott got dressed up and got out your room. “Dude why didn’t you let me fuck her?”

“That is what you get for teaming me up with Stilinski.”

Originally posted by berezneva-tw

I Won’t Hurt You: Void Stiles

This is for the anon who requested Void Stiles, Enjoy! Xxxx

Crying in the shower had become my new thing. Everything that had happened had all become too much. Like something was building up in my chest making it hard to breathe. But something about the warm water, the smell of my apple shampoo, it made me feel calmer.

So that’s where I was now. I’d spent a good fifteen minutes in the shower, sitting on the floor, crying about my brother. What had happened to him? How could I have let this happened to him?

I should’ve seen it coming. With every nightmare I’d coax Stiles out of. Every random riddle he’d be yelling that I would slowly explain to him. The fact that he was getting thinner and paler and I never said a goddamn word.

Slowly I shut off the water, wrapping a warm towel around me.

This was my least favourite part. With every rub I was slowly losing my blanket of warmth and comfort.

Sighing I pull on a pair of sweatpants and Stiles lacrosse jersey. Sad I know.

I towel dry most of my hair, lazily throwing the perfectly fine towels into the hamper as I couldn’t be bothered folding them.

I resumed my usual spot on my bed, picking up my phone before I hear a key in the lock on the front door. I frowned and got up going to the window. Dad wasn’t supposed to be home for hours.

His car wasn’t outside. So who the hell was that walking through my kitchen?!

I scanned my room quickly before picking up Stiles’ baseball bat that was propped against my bed.

I slowed my breathing, slowly creeping to behind the door. I could now hear them ascending the stairs, their footsteps loud and meaningful.

My heart was racing but I still controlled my breathing. But I’m guessing whoever that was is most likely not human and can already hear my heartbeat. But they had a key, I told myself, my hands shaking slightly,

They were right outside my door now, I could see their shadow under the door.

Slowly the door handle was pulled down and my door was pushed open. I swung around from my hiding place, bat aimed high and forceful.

A cold white hand gripped the metal bat, stopping it in the air just above his head. It was Stiles.

Except it wasn’t.

This was not my brother. This was not the boy I knew and loved.

His skin was deathly white, with black circles around his dark soulless eyes. His lips were chapped and I nearly cried just looking at him.

I opened my mouth to scream, to shout, too at least say something!

“Speechless, sweetheart?” He smirked. Even his voice was cold. Like a slap in the face. And sweetheart?

Slowly he began lowering the bat to my side. I didn’t stop him.

“Let’s go sweetheart. Time to leave.” He spoke to me like I was a child. I backed away from him, my feet catching on the carpet. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

“Now Y/N,” He pouted slightly, and I stared into his eyes. His dark black eyes that were so different from Stiles’ golden amber one.

“Y/N, don’t be difficult.” I shook my head, still not uttering a word.

He sighed, looking at something on the wall. He leaned over to it and pulled a picture off of me and him… no! Of me and Stiles on our first day of freshman year.

“So Y/N,” He said, looking up at me like I was a fascinating piece of art that he was trying to understand.

“What will it be? Will you come with me?” He held up the photo facing the picture side at me, showing me the two smiling faces. “Or them?” And he nodded to the dark Omni that had evaporated in behind me, their glowing green dots of eyes staring at me.

I stumbled backwards away from them, straight into Void Stiles’ arms. “Good choice.” He remarked as his hands went over my eyes and everything was dark.

I couldn’t quite grasp what was happening to me. I was thinking, I was breathing and I could definitely feel the cold heavy arms wrapped around my torso. But I couldn’t speak or move. And I hated it.

The feeling passed and I let out a gasp, feeling my lungs burn like they’d been starved of air.

He took his hands away from my eyes like he was revealing some big surprise or something.

I was in a classroom at the school. In fact I’m sure this was my biology class.

There was a chart on the chalkboard in neat immaculate curly handwriting which was definitely not my brothers.

One half said deaths and the other said deaths to come. Both were blank.

Void Stiles had walked away from me, instead he was standing in front of the board like he was about to give a speech. I’m sure he was.

“So Y/N,” He started. His voice was so calm and eerie. Like he wasn’t planning on killing everyone.

“I want you to come up here and fill in the answers.” He said brandishing a piece of chalk at me.

“But I’m not a banshee.” I whispered. It was the first thing I’d said to him.

He looked at me and smirked. A smile would have looked all too wrong on his face.

“Oh I know what you are, Y/N. But what I want you to do is just too simply write an estimate on what you think I might do.” He explained as he threw the chalk at me. I caught it easily and slowly with little thought I shuffled to the board.

I thought back to all the reports I had read, all the news I’d been told and put and estimated guess of 150 people in the death column.

Then I thought of my friends. I counted them, Scott, Lydia, Derek, Ethan, Aiden, Kira Isaac, Alison, me… and Stiles.

I wrote a shaky 10 on the board, each of my breaths getting caught in my throat.

Void Stiles raised his eyebrows interested by my answers. “Curious.” He said.

“What do you want from me? A long and detailed plan on how I you’re going to kill my friends? How I think you’re going to kill everyone I love. Or just how you’re going to kill everyone in general?” I snapped now. Whatever the hell he wanted from me I didn’t care.

“I’ve already gotten what I want from you.” He says, amused. “You see, I know what you do to the pack and now, thanks to you of course, Scott’s on his way here right now.”

A stone cold weight dropped in the pit of my stomach. “No.” I whispered.

“Sorry, sweetheart.” Void Stiles says, because with one swift motion he slaps me across the face and I fall to the ground, out cold.

I woke back up again because of all the screaming. My head shot up from next to the desk, looking for the source of the shouts.


He was leant against a desk, Void Stiles directly in front of him.

I slowly pulled myself to my feet. No one noticed.

I moved barely a footstep to the left and what I saw nearly made me scream. Scott had a sword through his stomach. And that wasn’t even the worst part.

Void Stiles had grasped the hilt of the sword and was slowly and agonisingly twisting it, dark veins of pain prominent against his ivory white skin.

“Stop it!” I screamed, the force of my voice billowed Void Stiles backwards and I ran in front of Scott.

“Y/N?” Scott moaned, and I saw the pain in his eyes.

“Shh, it’s okay. It’s okay.” It very clearly was not but I had no time to think of anything else as Void Stiles got back up.

“Nice little trick.” He told me, but I was too caught up on how different he was from earlier. Earlier was like the calm before the storm. Earlier Void Stiles was just like an off version of my brother but now I didn’t even recognize him.

He looked chaotic.

“Now Y/N,” He spoke to me in that same patronising tone as earlier, like I was a disruptive child. “That wasn’t very nice.”

I felt my fangs grow, jutting over my lip and my eyes burned.

“Ooh, purple’s a good colour on you.” His voice was full of malice, but the sheer calmness of it was enough to terrify me.

I blinked at his words. I never knew they turned purple.

He brought his hand up to my face and immediately I snarled dangerously at him, my hands clasping at Scott’s arm behind me. He groaned and the sound screamed in my ears.

“Its funny sweetheart, my main goal was always Scott but as times went on I think I’ve changed my mind.” He looked sideways at me.

“I think I’ll kill you first.”

My body reacted differently to what I told it to. I wanted to fight. To run. To do something. Instead, I simply flatten myself further against Scott, trying to protect him.

I closed my eyes, bracing for the worse.

Nothing happened.

When I opened my eyes again Void Stiles’ hand was aimed right at my heart. But I felt nothing.

When I looked at him now he looked severely distressed. “What’s happening?” He shouted at me but I stayed frozen.

Out of frustration he threw a punch at me but as if there was a wall between us his fist froze.

“Why can’t I touch you?!” He roared, as his hands flew to his ears, covering them as if we were all shouting and we were too loud.

He fell to his knees, shouting. I turned round to check on Scott, and he nodded slightly at me, wincing as well.

I carefully crouched down next to him. When he looked at me this time his eyes were big and golden. Stiles’ eyes.

“Y/N?” He gulps. I nod and immediately pull him into a hug. It only lasts for around 5 seconds before Stiles pulled away.

“I can’t keep fighting him. He’s getting too strong.” He told me, his eyes swimming in tears. “But I couldn’t let him hurt you.”

“Then this should help with the battle.” Deaton suddenly appeared out of the shadows, brandishing a long needle filled with curious looking yellow fluid.

Both me and Stiles jump, my hand instinctively clutching Stiles shoulder

Slowly Stiles nodded, staring between me and the needle.

“Stiles,” I said hurriedly, looking my brother dead in the eyes. “Keep fighting him, Batman, because we won’t give up. Remember that whatever happens, you’re still my brother.” I quickly peck his cheek just as Deaton pushes the plunger down into Stiles’ neck.

As soon as Deaton was done Scott howled in pain, coughing up blood down his t-shirt.

I looked at the sword in his stomach. It had gone all the way through. I looked at Deaton in horror but he remained calm.

“Y/N, hold him still.” He instructed and immediately I take Scott’s hand and he locks eyes with me, his glowing their alpha red and mines burning purple.

As soon as Deaton had even grasped the hilt of the sword Scott was squeezing my fingers. I got an idea and imagined pushing the happiness I had right now into Scott to override the pain.

I thought about Stiles words, “I couldn’t let him hurt you.” And how hard he was fighting and that filled me with determination and I watched in wonder as Scott looked up at me, composed.

He hadn’t even realised the sword was out until I slipped my arm around him, steadying him. “Let’s get out of here.” I told him.


Reader x Scott

Warnings: oral, fingering, public sex/smut, smut

“We’re going to be late!” You called out as Scott suddenly stopped his bike.

“No we won’t just give me a minute.” He called out as he vanished into the trees.


After a few minutes of far off grunting her returned, offering no explanation as to what he’d been doing and climbed back on the bike. Safe to say when you finally got to school you’d missed a whole class and had to sneak in only for Scott to trip over Stiles’ leg.

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