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tyler posey is a nothing and is jealous of the succes of obrien and hoechlin admit it

IYou are so right to be honest.

I mean it’s not like Tyler Posey has his own clothing line

It’s not like Tyler Posey is a member of the band ‘Lost in Kostko’

It’s not like Tyler Posey’s first role was in the year 2000 when he was just nine years old

It’s not like he starred in a movie alongside Jennifer Lopez when he was just eleven years old

It’s not like he starred in over 20 movies/tv-shows

It’s not like he won a TCA for his acting performances

It’s not like he won an ALMA for his acting performances

It’s not like he presented one of the most popular award shows of all time

It’s not like he’s currently filming two movies, one with the lead role

It’s not like he has had his own documentary about his own life

It’s not like he’s part of a charity programme

And most important: it’s not like he’s STILL, no matter how hard you deny it, the main character of one of the most popular TV shows at this very moment

Yes. I’m so sure he’s a nothing and jealous of others’ succes, because he definitely does not have any succes.

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