Stiles: You’re not no one. You’re someone. Scott, you’re my best friend. Okay? And I need you. Scott, you’re my brother
—  Stiles Stilinski to Scott McCall


You backed away slowly.

“Y/n what’s wrong?!"Scott asked concerned as he walked towards you.

"Your eyes they turnt red"you whispered.

"Which means your an Alpha now, but doesn’t that mean that yo-

"I’m not going to hurt you y/n, I would never hurt you"he said as he pulled you into his arms.

Stiles Stilinski Imagine~Pull the plug

Requested by: Anon

Request: Can you do an imagine where stiles is dating the reader and the reader is in the pack and she goes on like a mission or something and stiles is there with them but she gets hurt or something major happens to her and it shows Stiles pov of him dealing with it and talking to Scott and stuff that was specific yikes but yeah anon please!!

A/N: Well, Anon you sent is as Anon so it is Anon.

Warnings: Sad Stiles

Words: 1.854

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

All of my Imagines


Stiles’ POV.

“Y/n, you are sure the mission is safe?” I ask her. “Stiles, when has a mission ever been safe?” she asks. “Y/n, if it isn’t safe why would you go? You could get injured. I don’t want you to go,” I say. “Stiles, I can’t let you go alone. And I can look out for myself. We’ve done this so much. Why are you so worried tonight?” she asks. “I just don’t have a good feeling about this,” I say. “Go on like that and you will start to sound like Lydia,” she says. “Come here,” I say and I take her in my arms. “We just need to get in, get the stuff and then get out,” she says. “Piece of cake,” I say. “While you are doing that we will mislead them,” Scott says. “You will be in no danger,” doctor Deaton says. “I hope so,” I say and I give y/n a peck on her lips.

“These are your backpacks so if something will go wrong you have this to survive,” Lydia says. “Why do I have the feeling things will go wrong?” I ask. “You are such a pussy,” she says laughing and we put the backpacks on. “You’ll be alright,” she says. “I’ll protect you,” she says. “It actually has to be the other way around,” I say. “Yeah, but that’s less fun,” she says. We walk outside into my jeep. “Stiles, we’ll both get out alive. I promise,” she says and I give her another kiss. “Make sure you can make that promise true,” I say. “Always,” she says and I start the car. “Here we go,” I say and we drive away. It is a silent drive but not particularly in a bad way. She puts her hand over mine and pinches it softly. I smile at her and she smiles back at me. We stop in the woods and we get out of the car. We can’t stop the car too close to the building. It will be suspicious. We walk quietly to the building but I can’t really walk that quiet. I am not a wolf. Suddenly I fall down in a hole with my leg. Y/n, starts to laugh. “Stop laughing and get me out of this hole,” I say and she pulls me out. “Is your leg okay?” she asks. “Yes, there is nothing wrong with it,” I say. I stand up and I can walk. We walk further and she grabs my hand. “Do you remember when you fell in that hole…” “On our first date,” I interrupt her. “I remember it.” “We are there,” she says after a while. I walk to the fire escape door and I open it. It makes a lot of sounds when I open it and we walk inside the building. It is very dark and I can barely see anything. Y/n grabs my hand and she leads me through the hallways. She has her supervision. I accidentally walk against a wall and y/n starts to giggle. “This isn’t funny,” I say and I stand up. “I know. I’m sorry. I can’t laugh about it,” she says. We walk further and we walk into a lab. “Where is it?” I ask. “It should be there,” she says and she points in a direction. I walk towards it and I look around. “Ehm… y/n, there are a few more potions than we thought,” I say. “It is red,” she says. I grab my phone and I shine the light at the potions. “Here I have it,” I say and I grab the potion. “Then let’s get out!” she says and we walk out of the lab. Suddenly I hear footsteps and I pull y/n away. We start to run through the building. Some people are chasing us and we run to the staircase. Suddenly somebody makes me trip but before I fall down y/n grabs me and pulls me up. We run down the stairs and we run to the door. Suddenly someone electrocutes y/n with a Taser. She starts to scream. I don’t think this is a normal Taser. I jump at the guy who holds the Taser and I start to hit him. Nobody hurts my girl! When he doesn’t move anymore I get up and walk to y/n. There is a guy and he stabbed y/n a few times. I run towards him and I jump. He falls and his knife is out of his reach. “Get out before I do something you don’t want me to do,” I say and I stand up. “Get out!” I pull the ends of the Taser out of her and I put her head on my lap. “Y/n, wake up,” I say. “Please, wake up!”

“Stiles!” I look up and I see Scott looking really concerned at me. I am sitting in the hospital at y/n’s bed. I must’ve fallen asleep. After the fight I called Scott and I carried y/n outside. We brought her to the hospital. “You look horrible,” Scott says. “Thanks, man,” I say. “You are tired. Go home. Sleep in a real bed,” Scott says. “I won’t leave her alone. I just can’t,” I say. “I’ll get you some food bro,” Scott says and he walks out. I grab her hand and I give it kisses. “Why won’t you just wake up! I miss you,” I say. “You’re so pretty. Even if you lie here like Sleeping beauty. I wish I could just kiss you and you would just wake up. I miss your comments. Your jokes. Your smile. Your eyes. God! I miss your beautiful eyes. Please! Don’t torture me like this.” “I wish I could help you,” Scott says. “I know you can’t,” I say. He grabs a chair and puts it next to me. He sits down. “She’ll wake up. And when she does you can kiss her again,” he says. He gives me the food and I eat it while Melissa comes checking y/n if everything is alright. “Do you know why she doesn’t wake up?” I ask Melissa. “I’m sorry, I have no idea,” she says. “Stiles, she already is here a long time. If she doesn’t wake up soon…” “What then?” I interrupt her. “They are going to pull the plug,” she says silently and she walks away. “They can’t. She’ll survive! She’s a werewolf. She needs to survive!” I say. I feel tears falling down my face. How could they do that? Why won’t she wake up? She’s a werewolf she’s supposed to heal! “Why won’t she heal?” I ask Scott. “She’s a freaking werewolf!” “I don’t know,” he says. “What can we do now? If she won’t wake up fast…,” I ramble. “She will survive, Stiles. She will,” Scott says. Suddenly Scott walks towards her and starts to look for something… I think. “What are you doing?” I ask. “Maybe we can help. I mean normal doctors don’t understand werewolves. But Deaton does. Maybe he can help us,” Scott says. He gets his phone and starts to call. He walks out of the room and I am alone again with y/n. “Did you hear that? You are going to be saved by a veterinarian,” I tell y/n. “I wonder if you even hear me or if I am talking against a wall,” I say. “Maybe I’ll never know. Maybe you’ll never wake up. I can’t let that happen. How could some Taser get you into a coma?” “Deaton is coming as soon as possible,” Scott says when he walks into the room. “Good,” I say. I take her hand and I give it a kiss. “Do you think she can hear me? I’ve told her lots of stories about what happened here but maybe I was just talking to myself instead of her,” I say. “She heard you. She’s going to be wake soon and you know it,” Scott says. “That’s the problem, Scott. I’m not sure if she’ll wake up,” I say and Scott hugs me. Suddenly I see someone standing in the door opening. “Deaton!” “I was nearby so when Scott called me I immediately came here,” he says and he walks towards y/n. He looks at her carefully while Scott and I sit down. I put my hands on my head. If Deaton can’t find anything everything is lost. She probably won’t wake up then and she’ll die. “Wait a minute,” Deaton says and I immediately stand up. Deaton points at the oxygen machine. “There is wolfsbane in here. Someone messed with it. That’s why she couldn’t wake up,” he tells us. Deaton gets rid of the wolfsbane in the oxygen machine and we all wait until she wakes up.

“Guys,” Melissa says. I immediately stand up. I’ve fallen asleep. I look at the clock. I’ve slept for six hours. “What?” Scott asks. “It’s time,” she says with tears in her eyes. “No! She’s going to wake up! She needs too!” I say. “Mom, she is going to wake up soon. You need to stop them,” Scott says. “I don’t think I can,” Melissa says. “Please, she’ll wake up any moment now,” Scott says. “I’ll try to do something but I can’t promise anything. If you won’t hurry they’ll pull the plug,” Melissa says and she walks away. “Pull the plug?” I hear someone ask and I immediately turn around. “Y/n,” I say and I immediately hug her. “Pull the plug?” y/n asks again. “You were gone for a very long time,” I say. “But you are back now.” I kiss her. “I told you she was going to wake up again,” Scott says. “Stiles, can you let her go. She needs to be inspected,” Deaton says. I walk back and I stand against the wall. “I couldn’t have waited so long without getting crazy if it wasn’t for you,” I say and I look at Scott. “You would’ve done the exact same for me,” Scott says. “I can’t find a better friend than you. Not that I need anyone else,” I say. “She is totally clear,” Deaton says. He pulls out the needles and shuts the machines down. I lift her off her bed and we twirl around. “I’m never going to let this happen to you again. I can’t stand not being able to hug you for so long,” I say and I give her a kiss on her nose.

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Being Scott’s little sister would include:

Originally posted by teenwolf

-being twins

-keeping you in the dark about him being a werewolf at first

-but then stiles let’s it slip out to you

-”what the hell do you mean my brother’s a werewolf???” 

-”ya, know, a stereotypical werewolf!”

-rolling your eyes

-being friends with lydia and allison

-”i have no clue how the hell you deal with him.”

-derek not knowing at first you and scott are related



-picking on your brother

-you asking him if it was, “that time of the month again”

-him rolling his eyes at your remark

-being brother/sister goals

-being human

-liam developing a crush on you

-”i’m way too old for you liam,”

-”yeah, man, she’s a fucking grandma”

-”fuck you too scooter”

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Any Fics where one person forgot about a date and didn't turn up while the other person did and was waiting and thought they got stood up?

Originally posted by doafhat

Blind Date by some_where

(1/1 I 1,031 I General I Scira)

Scott’s been waiting for almost two hours. The waiters keep throwing him pitying glances. He should’ve known it would not go well, but Lydia had insisted. She had also insisted on having the date happen in a fancy place, so Scott is wearing an expensive dark suit and his favourite red tie. But he just got stood up by his blind date and all he wants to do is go home, eat pizza and sleep. But just when he’s about to get up and leave, a small tornado enters the restaurant, almost trips on her own feet, and finally stops before him, sitting at his table.

Stood Up and Standing Out by kitsunequeen

(1/1 I 2,416 I General I Sterek)

For the prompt: “It’s been an hour and my date still hasn’t shown up, I’ve been basically stood up, and to make it worse everyone is starting to give me these apologetic looks, but all of the sudden you come sit with me, explaining loudly why you didn’t make it earlier although I’ve never seen you before, and we end up having the best non-planned date ever.”


By eight o’clock, Derek has begun playing on his phone, because really, who could judge him harder at this point? Besides, it’s better than exchanging looks with Puppy Dog Eyes.

He’s just leveled up in Candy Crush when someone practically bursts in through the front doors.

“Oh my gosh,” the man says loudly. It’s not enough to silence the restaurant, but it does make most of the patrons glance over. “I am so sorry. I’m here for dinner with Mr. Hale,” he tells the maître d’, and that certainly catches Derek’s attention. “The reservation should be in his name. Is he even here still?”

“Erm, yes, Mr…” the man behind the desk says, and Derek can easily picture his disapproving frown.


here in the forest dark and deep by grimm

(1/1 I 56,572 I Explicit I Sterek)

There’s a boy in the woods.

There’s a boy in the woods and he’s always there, rain or shine, day or night.

There’s a creaking in the hall and a knocking on the door and no one is ever there.

Five people died in this house and Stiles Stilinski is not at all sure they’re gone for good.

Good Guy - Theo Raeken

“You’ve barely touched your drink Y/N, come on enjoy yourself” Lydia filled her own red cup with more alcohol. “When was the last time we had a night off?” She smiled and walked off, out of the kitchen.

Lydia had a point, since Scott introduced you to the supernatural world things had been crazy. One night off couldn’t hurt. You downed the remainder of your drink and poured yourself another one. Just as you were about to take another sip of your drink, none other than Theo Raeken appeared at your side.

“Woah, you might want to slow down there princess.” His arm snaked around your waist. You put your cup down on the counter and removed Theo’s arm from your body. 

“Well you might want to keep your hands to yourself.” You spoke sweetly, fluttering your eyelashes and giving him a big smile. Then you picked up your cup and confidently walked out of the kitchen. 

“Y/N wait!” Theo called after you, you laughed to yourself and walked up the stairs, away from the party but mainly away from Theo. That was until you heard him following behind you, you turned on your heels to face him.

“What do you want Theo?” He jumped back slightly and swallowed hard.

“I wanted to talk to you.” He took a step forward then it was your turn to take a step away from him. All the confidence you had was completely gone as Theo towered over you. You leaned back against the wall and Theo looked intensely into your eyes. 

“What do you want to talk about?” You spoke in almost a whisper. You both took a deep breath and you hadn’t noticed that Theo was standing so close to you.

“There’s been this thing that’s just been annoying me for a while,” You could feel Theo’s breath on your face. “I just feel like I’m drawn to you for some reason, I don’t know what it is but it feels like love.”

You stood frozen, your breath hitching in your throat. You had never seen this side of Theo before, the pack had always told you to steer clear of him but something was now drawing you to him.

“Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.” You watched as Theo’s eyes saddened slightly.

“Maybe tonight I can be the good guy?” Theo’s eyes shifted from your eyes to your lips and he closed the space between the two of you slowly and you let him, his hands were on your waist and his body was pressed against yours. The kiss felt amazing, you had never felt anything like it before. Theo pulled away painfully slow and you let out a small whine at the loss of contact. Theo smirked at you before gently pecking your lips. He rested his forehead against yours, “I think I love you.” 

You heart dropped into the pit of your stomach and for a second you forgot how to breathe. Maybe Theo wasn’t such a bad guy.

The Coach’s Daughter-Scott McCall

Part 2 of The Captain

Teen Wolf Imagine:#54 Prompt:#…none

Word Count: 2,512

Warnings: None?

A/n: Part 2 for The Captain, I’m so excited about this!! I loved writing the first one and I loved writing this one and I love Coach and ugh I hope you like it.

As you all probably have noticed the last few days/weeks (I don’t even know how much time has passed since it all happened) have been really rough on me and I don’t see an end to it any time soon. It was more than losing my grandfather it was like losing my dad, that’s the only thing I can equate our relationship to. Anyway enough with the sad, I appreciate you all being so patient with me during this difficult time. I don’t know when I will have another writing up as the next two I planned on doing are smuts and those are hard for me so just hold on with me a little bit longer. But until then I hope you enjoy this writing because it was really fun to write even though it might not be up to my usual standards of writing.

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Coach Jr ; Scott McCall ; Teen Wolf- Wattpad
Imagines dedicated to the TV Show, Teen Wolf. •Requests Open ; Info In First Chapter• I do not own any of the characters on the show but I do own the charac...

Requested on Wattpad


“Have you heard Coach has a daughter?” Scott, the lacrosse team captain ask.

“She’s probably exactly like him…” Stiles said. Scott and Stiles looked at each other wondering what she would look like, then shivered and walked to their lesson.

* * *

“Why do we have to do this” Stiles complained as he struggled to complete the lap.

“I heard the coaches daughters coming here” Liam said, running a lot slower to talk to Stiles and Scott.

“There’s lots of hear telling going on” Scott said.

“Terrible. Horrifying. Is that everyone?” Coach shouted as everyone crossed the line and sat down. “Did I say you could rest? Get up” he said, looking over his shouldered. “You’ll be having an assistant coach until you get better. This is Coach Jr”

“She looks nothing like him!” Stiles said.

“I wouldn’t complain about that” Scott said.

“Maybe she sounds like him” Liam said. They were all staring at her in disbelief. She gave a small smile to Scott and turned to stand next to the equipment.

“Have you finished?” Coach yelled, “Right. Now get your stuff and line up. Today’s target practise!”

Scott, Stiles and Liam were the last to walk up to y/n . She smiled, “Nice to meet you, I’m y/n” She stuck her hand out for one of them to shake it, Scott did.

“Scott, you’re in our year right?” He asked, remembering she was in some of the higher classes with Lydia.

“Yeah I am. Just no one knows my dads Coach” She said with a little laugh. She looked over at her dad, he was shouting at the other players to hurry up. “Erm. I should warn you, we’re looking at this game to give people new roles…”

“Even team captain?” Stiles asked.

“Especially team captain, my dad just likes to change it up a bit…” She trialed off realising there was no way to make the first half of that sentence any better.

“McCall! Dunbar! Bilinski!” Coach shouted.

y/n glanced at her dad and began to walk with Scott, Liam and Stiles, “Stiles, he does know what your name is, you know” She said, she wanted to make some friends this year.

“Really. Doesn’t seem like it” Stiles said, y/n wasn’t sure if it was sarcasm. Scott glanced at y/n, she looked slightly upset.

During practise, y/n watched making notes on all the players, because her dad never did. “Greenberg! Take a lap! That was horrific!” Coach shouted and y/n looked up and seen Greenberg skulking off to the running track. y/n wrote it down and then stood up to tell her dad what she had seen so far.

“Da- Coach” She corrected herself, they had an agreement since she started at the school for him not call each other pet names and for her not to call him ‘Dad’. “I’ve made some notes on the players in the chart I made and it looks like Scott’s still going to be team captain” She said.

“You like him- Stiles! Bench!” He shouted as Stiles fell to the floor. y/n smiled, holding in a laugh but went back to a straight face when Stiles looked over. “-its really obvious”

“No I don’t! He has all the aspects a team captain should” She raised her voice.

“The aspects you used that Scott has?”

“No! The ones you told me to write down!” She yelled but walked off and back to the changing rooms.

y/n threw the book on Coach’s desk, she was going to leave it there to see if he would use it. They didn’t talk about Lacrosse at home, they would end up winding each other up. That was their other agreement, to not talk about Lacrosse at home. They still had an hour of practise left. She decided that she wasn’t going to go to the others, she would do the theory work instead.

y/n picked up her bag and plonked it onto the desk, taking out her folder, beginning to write.

In no time at all the team came flooding in but coach wasn’t there. “Hey beautiful” One of the team said, leaning against the doorframe. “I’m not busy if you want to go catch a movie”

“No thanks, I’m busy” She said, turning her attention back to her books.

“You know you shouldn’t be in here… or is it you want to catch my abs” Another boy said, he was shirtless and y/n stared at his face then simply got up, walked to the door, keepung her eyes on his and shut the door in his face and pulling the blind down, grinning.

Scott, Stiles and Liam had seen this happen and they couldn’t stop laughing, the two players stood there in shock. “Looks like they’ve never been turned down before” Scott said.

* * *

“Hey” Scott stood in front of the lunch table y/n was sitting at, “Can we sit here?” He asked.

“Oh. Yeah, I’m nearly done” She said, thinking they just wanted the table.

“No. We want to sit with you” Scott said, still standing even though, Liam, Stiles and Lydia had took a seat. Liam on y/n left, Lydia on her right and Stiles in front of her.

“Oh okay” She said, watching Scott sit down in front of her.

“Why haven’t you been at practise?” Scott asked, beating Stiles to it.

“Coach… I don’t know… I’ve been in the office doing other work” She said, she didn’t know how to explain why, she couldn’t say it was because Coach wasn’t listening because he never listens to anyone.

“Well the rest of the team are really missing you” Liam said.

“Meaning they miss staring at me and trying to ask me out. It’s not good for the team-”

“But it’s good for your self esteem” Lydia said. y/n looked at her. She wished she was that pretty, but Lydia thought the same about her too.

* * *

y/n hadn’t been to many practise sessions but when she had gone she knew her dad had been using the notes she had made. He never put down her note book. It was now the big game. If they win this, they get the trophy, the school hasn’t had one of them.

While the team were getting ready y/n was sitting on the bench at the front already. Lydia by her side. After the day they sat with her at lunch they all became friends and they had learned a lot about Coach Jr, as they all called her. Just like her dad does. “Are you excited?” Lydia asked as they looked at the other team.

“More nervous, I think” y/n admitted.

“You have nothing to be nervous about…” Lydia trailed off. Stiles had told her Scott wanted to ask y/n to be his girlfriend and if they won he would do it.

In the changing room, Stiles asked, “Are you excited?”

“More nervous, I think” Scott replied.

“Well yeah, I’d be too, being team-”

Coach cut him off, “This is a big game and I’m confident we will win this!” He shouted, clutching y/n’s notebook, she had gone to stay with her mum for a while and Coach hadn’t spoken to his daughter and he hoped she was okay and he really hoped she was going to come home. He had read all her notes on the players and her 'How to Win’ list, he had followed every plan of hers. From how to run practise and other games they had played and now they were in the final. He was so confident this was going to work. He hoped she would be here.

When nobody moved, because they thought he would have more to say as he normally would he shouted, “Asses on the field!” He watched at they made their way out, he thought about leaving the book in his office but then he took it with him, holding it tightly in his hand.

y/n watched as the team ran out, she didn’t stand up to scream, Lydia didn’t either. She knew y/n hadn’t seen her dad in about 3 weeks. When coach did walk out, y/n saw he was clutching her notebook. She smiled, hoping Coach would see her but she couldn’t spot her. She sighed.

They were losing. They still had half the game left and y/n wasn’t going to let them lose. “I’m going to help” She said to Lydia. Before Lydia could acknowledge what she said y/n was running up to Coach. “Dad” She tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and smiled, “I’ve come to help, turn to page 15” She instructed. As he was reading she watched the players. “Greenberg! Let’s Go!” She shouted. “Pass the ball! Pass the ball!” She shouted. Coach watched her, he was proud and he realised she was more like him than he had thought. He realised what he needed to tell the players and when there was a huddle, he did just that.

The game changed for them. They were close to taking the lead with only minutes left. Scott was clear. “Pass the ball!” Coach and y/n shouted to Liam and frantically pointed at Scott. Liam did so and when Scott caught it he threw it at the goal. It was now seconds.

“That’s my boy!” Coach shouted as it went in and the buzzer went off.

y/n was jumping up and down and she ran towards Scott, who was being thrown in the air by the team. He ended up dropping his gloves and helmet as he was put down. y/n wasn’t sure if it was an accident or not. She ran to him and pulled him down into a hug. “That was amazing!” She said, pulling her head from his shoulder to see his face.

“Thanks to you” He said, just above a whisper and kissed her. If he hadn’t of done it then he may have never done it. She kissed back instantly and when they pulled away, Scott asked “Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes” She giggled.

“Our turn!” Stiles joked as him and Liam stood next to them. y/n turned to look at her dad and laughed when she saw his face.

She couldn’t wait to come home, her home was with her dad. She laughed and ran up to him to hug him and tell him she was staying with him.

She hugged him, forcing him back with how fast she was running. “You look funny when you run”

“I get it off you” She said back, “Can I come home?” She asked.

“Of course you can cupcake” He kissed the top of her head.

“Then your stuck with me forever”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way. Coach and Coach Jr” Coach smiled at her. She grinned. “But if Scott hurts you, I’ll break his head”

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I love Coach! Thank you for making a request with him in it!

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Stiles and stimming.

Hey there Nonnie!  I only found one with Stiles stimming, but found a super cute notfic!headcannon of Scott stimming, so included that as well.  Hope you like!  -Emmy

Originally posted by missmonroes

Shutdown by sneksonaplane 

(2,589 I Not Rated I Complete)  *steter

Stiles hasn’t shut down in years.

Of course, when he does shut down for the first time in ten years, he does it in front of Peter Hale, of all people. Lydia would have been okay to be around, Derek or Scott would have been ideal if he had to choose someone to witness this. Instead he ends up stuck with Peter.

OR the one where Stiles is autistic and Peter comforts him through a shutdown. (I also mention Derek being autistic even though he’s not present in this fic because I can and there aren’t enough autistic characters or headcanons)

And the Scott headcannon on tumblr can be found here.  :D

I just want non-latinxs to know that calling a latino character your “papi” is not a compliment. I’ve seen David Castro (Raphael from Shadowhunters) being called “my spicy latino blood sucking cinnamon roll” and that’s just…  A friend told me back when Hannibal fandom was a huge thing Raúl Esparza (Chilton, Rafael Barba on L&O SVU) talked about how he was their “Cuban bb/papi” and the amount of hyper sexual headcanons I’ve seen about Poe and Rafael is pretty uncomfortable. 

Like, it’s cool if you find these guys attractive (I do too!) but also think about how Latino men have hyper sexualized which is dehumanizing and also look into the Latin Lover stereotype. Again, it’s not a crime to find latino men attractive, but we should also be critical of how we display that attraction and if we’re being dehumanizing in the process. 

As a latina it makes me uncomfortable to see a seemingly overabundance of headcanons, fic, comments, and art that reduces latino characters to sexual imagery and purpose while also fetishing their race and ethnicity. Raúl is an attractive, talented man, I’m a huge fan, but he’s also a huge inspiration to me as a bisexual latina woman (since he’s a bisexual latino man). Calling him, or David, “papi” is fetishizing our language and culture to me. I call my deceased grandfather “papi”. It’s not an inherently sexual thing, there are plenty of other affectionate terms that we call our partners in Spanish. This is just taking one word in our language and hyper sexualizing it for your own purpose and I’m really over it. 

Spanish isn’t a fetish! It’s a language, one my family has been ridiculed and threatened for using for years because of racism. 

So yeah, this is just something I’ve noticed and have heard has happened with other latino characters (Scott McCall, a character from Overwatch, Lance from Voltron, Jamie Reyes from DC Comics). If anyone wants to discuss this with me in more detail please feel free. But I just had to get this off my chest because it’s been a seemingly increasing occurrance and it’s been making me very uncomfortable.