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Prmpt: Stiles & Peter have The Fight. The fight that breaks up couples that have been together for years. Stiles & Peter have only been sleeping together for a week. Instead of breaking up, it somehow ends with Peter down on one knee, proposing

It is the crash ofglass that makes Scott stop at the top of the stairs.  He pauses there just long enough for Derek to spot him from where he’s leaning back against the closed door, yelling coming from within. Scott’s brows scale up his forehead, and he walks over slowly.  

Stopping in front of Derek, he tilts his head and purses his lips. There’s another shatter within the loft, louder shouting, and Scott’s shoulders go tight when he hears Stiles’ voice. He moves to shove through the door, but Derek stops him with a hand at his waist and a firm shake of his head. Scowling, Scott shrugs out of his touch.

“What’s going on in there?” he asks.

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