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some fun pre development facts about mass effect andromeda before you play :)

  • if you bought the super deluxe secret mega pack for $101.99, you’ll get a cute lingerie set that’s locked to scott. just to scott. for the low price of $1.99, scott gets a cute lingerie set.
  • 10 lucky individuals will recieve a code on the inside of their andromeda case. 9 of these codes will cause the system in question to literally just fucking explode, but one lucky user’s ryder will be permanently equipped with a 10 gallon hat. if you try to take it off, liam will show up behind you, gently chid you with a ‘yaint gonna forget your hat now are ya’, and place a replacement hat on your head. 
  • there was talk of copying fallout 4′s radio system, but sheryl chee ruined this by demanding the station genres be locked to vaporwave, dubstep and nightcore. “vetra only listens to nightcore,” she stated, “vetra ONLY listens to nightcore!” she said nothing else on the matter. the rest were so unsettled, this plan was scrapped
  • david gaider, who never worked on a mass effect game, did not actually leave the studio. he just replaced mike gamble, and slinks around the edmonton building posing as his double, periodically banishing people who break in to a terrifying pocket dimension.
  • the original hero’s last name was intended to be “Fry”, and they were to have stumbled upon the Andromeda Initiative’s cryopods wholly accidentally when they fell backwards into one while delivering pizza on a new years eve.
  • contrary to popular belief, cora is not a single soccer mom. she’s three soccer moms piloting a single uniform soccer mom suit.
  • carver and bethany hawke, well known for their roles as “bethany and carver hawke” in the critically commercially universally acclaimed panned enjoyed controversial game ‘Dragon Age 2′ are returning to the studio that gave them their start in the roles of Sara Ryder and squadmate Nakmor Drack, respectively
  • the reason scott ryder allegedly has such a small ass is because bioware’s Good Ass Budget was divided between Sebastian and Vivienne. truth be told, there is no more ass budget. anyone you see with an ass is just pretending.
  • if you put your ear up to your console or pc tower when playing a disc version of andromeda and listen closely, you can still hear ashley williams telling you to fuck off in a serene, smooth soothing voice usually reserved for her friends and family