SO… This was a collab I had the idea for about, welp, half a year ago? |D Anyways, obstacles aside, here it is~ <3 For full size, click on the name of the person drawn, the [X] goes to the blog of the artist!

First Row: Scott -  [X], Russ - Kiwa [X], Snake - Pinkie [X]

Second Row: Ken - Tuna-sama [X], Sup Guy - Coffeene [X], Cry - Nina [X]

Third Row: Raven - Jesselcouth [X], Red - Kat [X], Minx - Mexie [X]

Fourth Row: Sp00n - Juubei [X], Kirbykat - Zinxie [X], Ziegs - Jess [X]

With honorable mention to Zomz [X], whose drawing we couldn’t use in the collab. ; v ; / Enjoy! 


I’ve been working on this since 11th of January and it’s the longest time I’ve ever spent on a drawing. I’ve been advised to draw something more detailed than I hormally draw so I gave it a shot. I quite like how it came out. Not too great but not bad either.

Hope it’s not too dark and actually view-able.

I tried. Enjoy.

Here it is! Finished the new “podcast” image for Late Night with Cry and Russ. This time I added Ziegs! Sorry you weren’t in the last one, Ziegs. I was new to who you were when I made that last image. 

Anyways, I’m SUPER happy with how this turned out. The tattoos and the meme shelves were the hardest parts but I’m happy I was able to work with them.

What’s your favorite part? Can you find all the stuff I hid?