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Happy 6th Birthday Geordie Shore | May 24th 2011.

So this is something I finished awhile ago but never got around to posting.

Sometime ago, Burnie Burns of Rooster Teeth reached out to me about doing a commission sometime. I, being a huge fan of Burnie’s, between awkward stammer and panic, said of course and to let me know when he wanted it.

After he got back from the Amazing Race, he reached out again and had me do a couple pieces. The first was just him and Ashley. When I finished that, I assumed that was all he had in mind and that was that.

But then he asked me if I wanted to do something more and he pitched me this.

I have never done anything this big or complex. I had to study group shots and figure out workflows to make it work quickly, especially as we were selling/buying a house at the time.

But, I got it done! Like all artists, I see a thousand things I wish I would have done different but I’m happy with this.

I’m still blown away to this day that Burnie asked me to do this. It was such a major achievement for me. I’ve said before if everyone at Rooster Teeth, Burnie would be the hardest for me to meet because of how much I look up to him. So this was quite an experience.


season 9 is coming soon!