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Imagine if 803 will mean we will se a Bethyl hookup at 8x03... In a car. MYY LOORD that would be amazing and Scott Gimple is a genius. Are there any other numbers around BETHYL (not Beth or Daryl alone?). Xxx! :D

That would be amazing. Fingers crossed that’s exactly what it means. ;D

As for the numbers, the biggest one I can think of is 7. We saw groupings of 7 candles twice in Alone. I’ve always assumed that means that we will see Bethyl again in S7. If she returns in one of the next two episodes, then that interpretation is probably right. If she doesn’t, the other possibility is that the 7 simply means perfection or completion. In biblical numerology, 7 is considered the most “perfect” or “godly” number. So it could still point to Beth as being the Christ figure. But I’m really hoping that it also means the return in s7. ;D

And you know, you bring up a good point about it being around both of them, not just her. I think it works bc, as I’ve posted about before, Daryl “died” too, but in an emotional rather than physical sense. So it’s around both of them bc when she returns we’ll see the resurrection of both characters in some way. 

Anyway, great points! Thanks so much, Nonny! Xoxo! ;D

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I'm sure someone has already mentioned this but on Talking Dead, Gimple was asked a question about Morgan's character arc and Gimple responded saying that in able to prepare for Morgan's arc he started planning before season 5. This means he could've easily planned Beth's arc way from the beginning and have had this all planned out for her return (btw I love your blog 😍)

Gimple seeded possible storylines he wanted to explore when he was still just a writer in Clear. One of those storylines was Rich0nne. Morgan’s wall writings had some Beth eggs/references like No KIA on BEF (which is an acronym for blue-eyed female): X. Gimple created Beth with her suicide storyline in season 2, so of course he would want to develop her character. It’s no accident that her character really had her own storyline in season 4, once he became showrunner. Emily also bought her Georgia apartment during season 4 filming (X). It makes sense that Gimple and the other writers would inform her early on, so she could have time to prepare for the ensuing subterfuge. Gimple is a long-term planner. 

And thank you for all of your support.