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I just really, really wanted more scenes in Teen Wolf that were soft, calm downtime scenes, to balance out all the GRR ARGH. 

The scene where Scott and Stiles were sitting on the couch watching a movie together, and Stiles brushed his fingers through Scott’s hair, a noogie turned gentle, so Scott retaliated with a tickle war. 

The scene where Lydia worked with Kira and Malia to go through their wardrobes to pick outfits for school, and ten minutes later they were mock sparring.

The scene with Liam and Hayden when they miraculously weren’t sucking face, but playing Fussball with Mason and Corey.

Noah in the cruiser with Chris, Ken, Alan and Jordan, “surveying a possible supernatural threat”: eating many different kinds of junk food with promises never to tell Stiles.

Melissa, Natalie and Noshiko swapping horror stories, recipes, and work tips, also eating many different kinds of junk food.

Malia and Liam’s dads meeting at the supermarket.

Quiet, sweet, short scenes that gave the sense that these characters had actual lives amidst the misery. 

Chasing After You - Scott McCall

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word count: 5524
warnings: swearing, angst, mentions of sex, bad soup

“And maybe it’s cause you miss him I don’t know you don’t talk to me about it much, but I could definitely set you up with this guy that used to be in my Trig if you’re up for it, we talk sometimes but he seems chill and he’s single” Malia rambled on as you were blankly stirring the soup bowl in front of you, watching the contents circulate around in the strangely designed bowl.  Malia was your best friend, but she always picked the most awkward places for lunch.

“Mal, I don’t need to date” You said, but was unable to meet her eyes.  She’d been trying to set you up with someone ever since you and Stiles broke it off nearly a year ago, sometime between the mess of the Dread Doctors and Theo Raeken, you’d both just lost feelings for each other.

That being said, it still hurt when he didn’t even say the words, and just left you sitting at your kitchen table, getting up and leaving your house without a second glance.  But somehow you knew that it was the end of your short lasted relationship that had started out so strong.

“I mean it’d be a blind date so it couldn’t be that bad” Malia shrugged a shoulder.  “Worst case scenario, you don’t like him and you leave and try someone else” She said, slurping her own soup in a way that would normally make you laugh.  But you could only pull a tight smile, scooping up a spoonful of the cloudy liquid and watching it drip back down into the bowl.  “And best case scenario, you get to have sex again” She said nonchalantly.

“Uh, what’re we talking about?” You looked up to see Scott had finally shown up, pulling out the chair that was between you and the werecoyote at your circular table.

“Cupid here wants to set me up on a date with one of her weird guy friends” You told him, your tone low, and bored.  Scott’s brows rose just slightly, unable to suppress the shock on his features.

He recalled the night you’d shown up at his house, in old jeans and a sweater.  You stood there at his front door in silence, not even looking him in the eyes as you gathered your thoughts asked him quietly if you could come in.  It took half an hour of sitting in the middle of his mattress, smoothing out his covers before you’d told him that Stiles had broken up with you.  He was astonished, wondering why his best friend would do such a thing, especially with no words shared about it, just abandoning you in your own home.  But Scott didn’t say anything, just set his hand over yours gently, giving you that gentle Scott McCall™ look before pulling you into a hug.  You didn’t cry once, but he had almost wished you did, because the empty and broken look on your face broke his heart in a way it shouldn’t have.

“Yeah” You spoke, pulling him from his memories.  “And I thought Lydia was cupid.  But figures she probably won’t talk to me for a while…” You trailed off, eyes landing back on your still full bowl of soup.   Seeing that she’s dating my ex boyfriend, you wanted to say, but didn’t want to spark a conversation about it, so you kept it to yourself.

You weren’t mad Lydia and Stiles were together, in fact you were happy that they were happy, they both deserved it.  In fact, Stiles and you had patched up a friendship before he’d gotten taken by the Wild Hunt, but your heart ached a little bit when he came running back to Lydia.  You had never been in love with him, you knew that for sure, but there was still that pang in your chest.

“Well we don’t even see Stiles anymore he’s in Virginia then off to college, so we’ll just get you another boyfriend” Malia said, slurping her soup again.  You gave her a look, glancing to Scott for a moment as you both thought about how to reply to the girl without saying she was completely wrong.

“It doesn’t really… it doesn’t really work like that” You spoke softly.  “Besides, I don’t need a boyfriend, I’ve got a month left of summer before I go to college so it’d be pointless anyways” You said.  Scott was quiet as he reached in front of you, gathering a spoonful of your soup and putting it in his mouth.  You didn’t even stop him, even when he gave you a weird look.

“What even is that?” He asked as he smacked his lips, trying to get the strange flavor off his tongue.  You slid him your glass of water wordlessly, and he took a long drink.

“It’s not pointless if you’re having sex, I mean relationships are just-”

“Mal can we not talk about this so loud?” You whispered across the table as Scott was choking on your drink, probably cause he downed half the glass in less than three swallows.  The short hair girl shrugged, and picked up her bowl to drink down the last of her soup.

“Do you want me to set it up or not? It’s one date y/n”  You didn’t say anything, your eyes landing on the empty water glass that was still in Scott’s hand, sitting on the table.

“I don’t know Mal, can I think about it?”

“No” She stated, and Scott gave her a look.  “What?” She asked innocently.

“You can’t just set her up if she doesn’t want to” He said, and she rolled her eyes good naturedly.

“Okay, is this really because of summer ending? Or is it cause of Stiles?” She asked, sounding sure that she knew the true answer.

“I’m over Stiles” You said with a shrug.  “Go ahead, listen to my heartbeat, I’m not lying” You said.  Both of your friends were silent as they focused on it.

“No… but there’s something else” Malia spoke.  Scott kept his head slightly cocked to the side as he stared at your tee shirt covered chest, as though concentrating as much as he could on the gentle beating.  You didn’t comment off of Malia, just pulled out your purse to pay for the meal you’d barely touched.

“You don’t have to worry about it, I just don’t want a relationship before I leave Beacon Hills” You told her, offering a gentle smile.  “I’m fine Malia, I don’t even mind being single, I have you guys” You added, a more genuine grin pulling on your lips as you all stood, Malia leaving money for her part of the meal and shrugging her shoulders with a long sigh.

“Fine, but don’t come crying to me when you’re all horny” She said, Scott becoming an awkward stuttering mess as the three of you exited the restaurant.

“Mal…” You breathed out but chuckled quietly, but gave up on trying to explain to her that dating wasn’t all about sex to you.  “Alright, I’ll cry to myself” You joked, and she just shook her head at you.

“Whatever you strange human, I gotta get going” She said, and your brows furrowed as she dug out her keys.

“You have plans?” You asked out of surprise and she nodded.

“Job interview, actually” She told you, and you and Scott shared an astonished look.

“Really?” He asked, thinking about what Malia in the workplace would be like.

“Mhm” She hummed simply, walking off towards her car.  “You two don’t have too much fun without me” She called, and you waved lightly before turning to Scott.

“Hello” You stated, and he smiled his small crooked smile he’d always had.  “I didn’t get the chance to say so earlier, Malia was busy telling me all the male contacts in her phone” You stated, and Scott chuckled.  “It’s not funny, it included everyone, which means you, Mr Tate, Peter, and a really lot of guys that I don’t even know the names of but apparently went to school with us”

“Come on, let’s go somewhere good for lunch” He said, sticking his hands in his pockets and turning on the sidewalk to go somewhere else.  You smiled to yourself as you followed after him.  “And by the way, I’m hurt that you turned down a date with me” He said, making you laugh and shake your head.  “What’s with the laugh? I’m a charmer!” You rolled your eyes, patting him on the arm a few times.

“You keep telling yourself that McCall” You said.

A date with Scott McCall did sound appealing, in fact, it sounded amazing.  Scott had been your best friend throughout almost all of your life, and had never once left your side, when things were great, when things were falling apart, he was a constant.  You couldn’t imagine being without him.  And being something more than friends seemed relatively simple, like a small little step.

Until you threw in the fact that he was Stiles’ best friend into the mix.

You were in a fit of uncontrollable laughter as Scott was unable to use his chopsticks to pick up the noodles of his lo mein, they just slipped back onto the plate, and he’d stare at it depressingly.

“Scott!” You gasped as you held your stomach with one hand, your chopsticks expertly held between your fingers, a clump or rice between them.  “I can’t breathe please just get a fork!” You begged, but he shook his head stubbornly.

“I can’t use a fork! We’re at Wong’s y/n, I gotta learn to use these!” He said, only to drop his newly grabbed group of noodles.

“Okay okay okay, just let me help” You said, catching your breath from the laughter you’d finally calmed down from.  Scott sighed but nodded his head.  “Alright, hold one like you’re going to hold a pencil” You instructed, demonstrating for him. Scott looked from your hand to his repeatedly, making sure that he was copying every detail.  “Then take the other and pinch- no like- no the other- Scott” You let out a soft giggle as he struggled to hold the second chopstick.  Then set down your own to reach across and arrange them for him, adjusting his fingers to hold it properly.

“This still doesn’t feel right” He grumbled, looking up at your eyes as you fixed his hold.

“Well you just have to practice” You told him.  “You’ll get the hang of it, I’m sure” You said, catching his gaze on you.  Your cheeks flushed and you realized you’d held your fingers over his a little longer than necessary, and retracted quickly, sitting back in your seat and staring at your plate.  “Although it’d be nice if you had a flaw, other than that messed up jaw of yours-”

“Hey!” Scott said with faux offense, his hand coming up to brush over the crooked structure, and you laughed.  Scott smiled at you even as you avoided eye contact with him.

He wondered just how wrong it was to fall in love with his best friend’s ex girl.

When you were finished with lunch, and Scott had finally gone up and grabbed a fork, making a big scene about using it, you two walk back to the parking lot outside The Soup Spoon, where you’d had your first and failed lunch and Scott left his bike parked.

“It’s weird to think I’m going to college in a month” You said, and Scott looked over at you with  a pondering look in his eyes.  “I mean, it feels like just yesterday i fell down the stairs and knocked you over and almost gave you an asthma attack” You said, laughing at the memory of the first time you met Scott, in the first grade, by toppling over him.

“I did have an asthma att-”

“Shut up no you did” You laughed, nudging his side with your elbow.  “You just wanted me to get in trouble”

“No I didn’t!” He defended.  “You pushed me down a flight of stairs! You literally knocked the wind out of me!” You rolled your eyes at him, a smile still tugging on your lips.

“Yeah right, you were mad cause it put you in the back of the line on pizza day” You said, and Scott thought for a moment, not remembering that small detail.

Truth be told, he almost did have an asthma attack, the most beautiful girl in his class had tumbled down the staircase with him and it had made him lose focus on what had actually happened until your teacher came rushing down after you both and asking if you’d needed to be taken to the nurse.  Scott had replied by shoving his inhaler into his mouth and shooting in three clicks worth of air.  It was an awkward meeting, but after that you played with him at recess because you felt bad, and the more time you spent together, you grew closer and soon became very close friends.

“Huh, yeah I think it was…” He mumbled slightly to himself as he tried to remember the events of that day that didn’t involve you.  But he was mostly drawing a blank.

“It was” You confirmed as Scott consumed himself with his thoughts.  “What’re you thinking so hard about? That’s dangerous you know” You said, and he looked over at you, a sheepish grin on his face as he shook his head and dismissing his moment.

“Nothing, just… thinking” He shrugged, and you smiled softly as you neared his motorbike.  “You need a ride home?” He offered, silently hoping you’d say yes.  He didn’t usually like other people riding with him because it made him nervous he’d get in an accident somehow, but you on the other hand, he loved driving around.  Your arms would wrap around him and cling on tightly, your face usually buried into the back of his shoulder as you pressed completely against him.  He liked the feeling of knowing you felt protected around him.  Which you very much were.

“Actually I was going to walk home, it’s nice out today and I felt like stopping at the library on the way” You said, and Scott tried to not visibly deflate.

“Alright” He said, grabbing his helmet off the seat of his bike.  “Try not to get kidnapped, or murdered, or-”

“I won’t” You cut him off with your laugh, tucking your hair behind your ear.  “I think I can handle myself fine, besides, who’s going on a murder spree at the public library?”

“Don’t jinx it!” Scott said quickly, and you laughed again at his overprotective nature.

“I’ll be fine Scott.  I happen to be a little more worried about you driving that thing” You said, gesturing distastefully towards his bike.  Scott gawked slightly.

“I’m wounded! I’ve never had an acc-”

“In the woods turning Malia back to human” You cut in before he couldn’t finish his false statement.  Scott shut his mouth, realizing you were right.  “Also that time you came over and it was raining-”

“That was different!” He butt in this time.  “You told me your house was being broken into! By an assassin no less!” He yelled his worry aloud and you waved your hand dismissively.  “Plus I was definitely breaking the speed limit and it was really wet so it doesn’t really count” He added.

“Fine fine.  Just don’t get run over by a bus on the way home” You said.

“Only if you don’t get slaughtered” He replied, and you giggled before nodding.

“Alright deal.  I’ll see you later McCall” You said, waving slightly as he got on his bike.  He waved back as you were heading off towards the library.

“Bye, y/n” He said after you were already too far from earshot.

Malia groaned as she headed to her front door, getting annoyed by the rapid doorbell being pushed, accompanied by a quick knocking fist.

“WHAT!?” She yelled at her visitor’s face, causing Scott to stumble backwards at her sudden outburst of anger.  But the girl’s brows furrowed upon seeing her alpha standing there.  “What’re you doing here?” She asked.  Scott never visited, not alone anyways, usually you were there with him, maybe even Stiles and Lydia as well.  But meetings or hang outs weren’t usually held at Malia’s house.

“I need your help, well, your advice” He told her, coming inside without an invitation, and beginning to pace her living room.  Malia shut the door, becoming more and more confused by his actions.

“You want… my… advice?” She asked slowly, as though disbelieving him.

“Yeah” Scott said, walking back and forth in front of her couch.

“Uh… okay” Malia said, wondering what her expertise were that Scott could possibly need her help for.  She jumped over the back of the couch to sit in front of him, his anxious pacing making her frustrated but she tried to keep that to herself.  He seemed worried, and usually when Scott was worried, no good came of it.  “So?”

“I like y/n, no, I really like her, no I love her” He rushed out the words so fast it took her a moment to realize what he’d just told her.  When it clicked, her brown eyes widened and her mouth opened.

Now, Malia Tate was not somebody who understood drama, or social cues, or really anything involving any sort of relationship.  But she knew that this, this bombshell, that Scott had dropped on her, was a big deal.  One of her close friends, was in love with her best friend, who had previously dated his best friend.

“Say something? What do I do? I can’t keep it in anymore and it’s not fair to y/n, it’s not fair to me, it’s not fair to Stiles it’s… it’s not fair to anyone!” He rambled on as she sat there with her mouth agape.  “I gotta do something I gotta tell her…. But am I even aloud to do that? Does the bro code apply? I mean Stiles is with Lyd now and her and y/n were friends but it doesn’t feel the same? Is this wrong? Am I wrong? Malia please tell me what to do!”

“Well…” She licked her lips as she looked around the room, like the answer would magically come to her.  “This is the thing” She said to herself, eyes narrowing slightly as she gathered her thoughts.


“This is the something else” She told him, but it still didn’t make sense.  “Earlier, y/n wasn’t lying, she was just covering something else up, and this is it” The coyote grinned to herself, proud of her detective skills.

“Wha- how the hell is this the something else?” Scott asked.  “She couldn’t possibly know about this-”

“Not that dumbass” The back of her hand smacked against him hard.  “Her own feelings, not yours” She told him, and Scott thought for a moment.

“You mean… you mean she likes me too?” Malia shrugged.  

“Maybe, I dunno”

“That’s not helpful” He groaned, falling back onto the recliner in her living room.  “I gotta know!”

“Then ask her” Malia said simply.  “I mean, you’d know if she was lying, right?” Scott rubbed his face with his palms.

“But what about Stiles?” He asked her, to which she just shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t know what you want me to tell you Scott, I already told you what I thought you should be talking to her.  If you’re so doubtful about telling her maybe you don’t-”

“Don’t tell me that I’m not in love with her” He grumbled.  “I’ve known for too long and- you know what? I’m going over there right now” He said, standing up and heading back towards the door.  Malia didn’t follow him, just turned and watched him as he opened up the door.  A part of her wanted to text you right now, ask you about your feelings towards Scott, but as he quickly rushed out, she figured that she’d rather just let it play out and hear from you what happened, whenever it happens.

You wandered over to your door when you heard the knocking, holding your glass of wine delicately between your fingers as you opened up the door.

“y/n I need to-” Scott stopped abruptly when he saw the glass in your hand, his heart sinking in his chest slightly.

“Hey Scotty” You grinned wide and stepped aside to let him in.  “Wanna spend the night? I’m watching Marvel movies upstairs” You said cheerfully, hoping he’d say yes and keep you company.  Scott let out a small sigh before nodding.  “Yay! Want a drink?”

“I can’t get drunk but… why are you drinking?” You looked down to your half full wine glass, then shrugged a shoulder.

“Nothing better to do” You told him as you closed the door.  But Scott heard the skip in your heartbeat, a tell tale sign you were lying.  “Now come on let’s go upstairs” Your grin returned, and you skipped off towards the staircase, running to your room.  Scott followed after you quickly, coming into your room to see you dancing slightly as you pushed play on the DVD player, your feet spinning you around on the floor, causing your drink to slosh up the sides of the glass.

“Alright- alright let’s just take this” Scott said, fingers wrapping around your glass and setting it on your dresser.  “Before you spill it” He said, and you shrugged but nodded your head, still dancing slightly for a reason unknown to him.  “Now, why are you drinking and dancing around?”

“I dunno” You shrugged.

“y/n, I can tell that’s probably your second glass, and I know for a fact you aren’t a lightweight, so I’ve still got time for real talk with you” He said, and you bit the inside of your cheek.  You sat down on the edge of your mattress, the only sound in the room being Iron Man 2 playing quietly in the background.  Scott walked over closer to you, crouching onto the floor in front of you.  “Hey,” He said gently, looking up at you with the softest expression.  “You know you can talk to me about anything right?”

“Not this” You muttered, wishing you had your wine with you, but knew at this point it wouldn’t do you any good.  Part of you wanted to stare at Scott, right into those puppy brown eyes that you’d fallen for so long ago, and just sit and get lost in them.  But the other part, the slightly more logical and less tipsy part, knew better.  Knew that he’d catch right on to what was happening, and it would only make you feel worse.

“Why not?” He asked in his kind voice, his hands grasping around yours lightly.

“Because it makes me feel guilty” You muttered, hanging your head to stare into your lap, hoping you wouldn’t have to look at his expression.

“Well… well sometimes I feel guilty too…” Scott trailed, just barely brushing on the topic he thought you were talking about, but being careful with his wording.  Your eyes flicked to his briefly, seeing something… weak… there, then shooting right back down to your hands.

“It’s a really bad guilt” You continued softly.  “The betrayal kind” Scott nodded solemnly.

“Yeah I know what that feels like” He murmured to you, his fingers hooking under your chin, and lifting your head so you’d look at him, but you kept them downcast.  “y/n, y/n look at me” He prompted in the same quiet whisper, and you let yourself meet his gaze.  “Nothing you say to me is gonna change anything”

“What if it changes everything?”

“Will it?”

“Maybe” You responded quickly, your y/e/c eyes flicking between his, searching them intently for an answer, trying to figure out if the both of you were talking about the same thing.

“Then so be it” Scott said like it were simple, like everything was an easy yes or no choice.

“But what if it hurts someone else?” You asked him.

“Fair” Scott said, and you silently begged him for a different answer, the opposite answer.  “But what if that won’t matter, what if this- what if you…” He caught himself before trailing off.  “What if you feel better afterwards… what if this is something Stiles would want for you” Your heart beat rapidly in your chest at the words, the ones that practically confirmed what you had hoped to be true.

“What if it’s wrong?”

“Does it feel wrong?” Scott questioned, his thumb rubbing over the back of your hand, his other hand sliding from under your jaw to lay over your cheek.

“Sometimes” You murmured, unable to help yourself from pressing further into his warm and comforting palm.  You registered that you were leaning, and that you weren’t doing anything about it.  “Sometimes not so much…” You continued, your breathing growing a little more staggering as the tip of your nose brushed over his.  Your eyes trailed down to his lips, looking soft and inviting.

“Well maybe you’ll have to find out for yourself… you won’t know unless… you try…” Your eyes glanced back into his then back down to his lips.  Your empty hand that wasn’t held in his hesitantly laid on his shoulder, focused intensely as they neared yours.  Scott’s eyes slowly beginning to slide shut, as he pulled you closer to him slightly, your lips barely brushing over each other before you spoke.

“Scott what’re you… what’re you doing?” You murmured, your brows cinching together.  His eyes opened, looking into yours with a sort of sadness held within them.

“Exactly what I came here to do” He told you, but, you pulled slightly away from him, standing up and walking away from the bed where he was still  crouched at.

“You- you can’t- you can’t do that” You stumbled, running your hands over your head, pushing all your hair back but it just fell right back in front of your face.  “It’s not- it’s not right you can’t” You said, and he stood up, walking over to you.  “You and Stiles it just.. It just-” You couldn’t say anything, just stand and stare at him.

“y/n, listen” He sighed, looking down for a moment before back up at you, his hands cupping around your cheeks.  

You wanted to say something, almost anything that had previously been stirring in your mind would have sufficed, but you couldn’t.  So instead, you did as told, and you listened.

“In the seventh grade, and yes, that long ago, Stiles told me had a crush on a girl.  He told me he was so in love with her, that she was beautiful and smart and funny and kind, and that there was nobody else” You nodded when he paused for a moment.  “And when he said it was you, I wish I’d had the courage” He sighed.  Your brows cinched together , confused by his words.

“The courage?” You repeated in a questioning tone.

“The courage to say me too.” He murmured, before pulling you gently closer, hesitating for just a few seconds, as though he was waiting for you to reject him once more, but when no sign of resistance came, he leaned down and slanted his lips over yours.

You weren’t surprised by the kiss itself, you could see it in his eyes, in his short pause of thought before he initiated it.  But the feeling that it gave you was so strong you nearly let out a small gasp as you wound your arms around his neck, pressing your chest against his and passionately kissing him back.

You weren’t sure you’d ever had such a life-altering kiss before.  It was an out of body experience, like you were gazing down into your own room, watching your body being held against Scott’s as your lips softly moved in sync together.  This couldn’t be real, the butterflies in your stomach had multiplied by the thousands and any shroud of doubt that you’d previously had in your mind about being with Scott, withered away.

Finally, and desperately, when you pulled away, your eyes still shut and your nose still pressed against his, you slid your hands to his crooked jaw, speaking softly, invisibly.

“I was worried I’d never get to do that” You admitted, and after long last looked up into his eyes.  Some days Scott seemed taller than he was, and now, with his head bent down so he could reach you properly, he may have been closer to eye level, but it just drew more attention to how he towered over you.

“I wasn’t” He said, a small smirk pulling on his lips, but it softened to a smile as you giggled quietly, your eyes lighting up like the stars as you gazed at him happily.

“You should do it again” You murmured through your gentle breath, already leaning up towards him, your bare feet standing onto your tiptoes on the carpeted floor.  Scott removed his warm palms from your cheeks to encircle around your waist, tugging you impossibly closer to him.  Your mouth was still open in a wide smile as he kissed you eagerly.  A smile played it’s way onto his own lips as well when one of your hands ran through his thick dark locks of hair.

“So you’ll go on a date with me?” Scott asked, almost unsure of himself, but you smiled, stepping back slightly and nodded, biting your lip to keep you from grinning too much.

“I would love to go on a date with you” You whispered back, and Scott was so thrilled that he lifted you up and spun you around in circles.

“Great! He said, kissing you once more but much more quickly and chastely.  “I’ll pick you up, and we’ll go try that soup place again” You stuck your lip out in a pout and made a quiet whine, but Scott just laughed and shook his head.  “I’m kidding love, we’ll do something better than that” He assured you as he pulled you in close and planted his lips against your cheek before hugging you tightly.  Your hands were in fists as they grabbed the back of his shirt, illogically thinking he’d never be able to pull away from you if you held on tight enough.  The tip of your nose was buried into his neck, filling your senses with his wonderful scent of outside, pine, you thought.  Your eyes fluttered shut as you memorized the scene of your life being played out in your life at the moment.

“I love you so goddamn much, that I was afraid I’d never be able to be with anyone again if I couldn’t have you” You told him, lips moving softly and quietly against his shoulder, but he heard you clearly, and you could tell, because his hands rubbed circles in your back and his lips dropped a lasting kiss on the crown of your head.

“I still would’ve been chasing you around” He assured, swaying you back and forth slightly.

“Really?” You asked, a smile pulling on your lips.  Scott nodded, one of his hands reaching to push your hair back behind your ear, cupping the side of your face in his hand.

“Yeah I would’ve followed after you for the rest of your life if that’s what it took” Your cheeks tinted pink, your lips pulling wider at his sweet words.  You figured if he stared hard enough, that he’d see hearts in your eyes.

“You would’ve?” You said softly, leaning up closer to him and rubbed your nose against his, eyes fluttering shut.  He smiled, nodding and humming before kissing you softly.  You giggled against him, leaning further until you were walking with him, his feet shuffling backwards and yours forward.  He tilted your head to the side, his lips covering over yours in a new angle before the back of his legs hit the edge of your mattress.  Scott pulled away from you, looking down at you questioningly, and you just smiled and nodded, and Scott leaned back onto the mattress, you crawling on after him.

“This is okay?” He asked quietly as you laid onto the bed next to him, your chest pressed against his.  You nodded your head slightly.

“Yeah” You whispered out.  “Very okay” Scott smiled at you softly, before sliding on his side over and setting one knee between his legs the other on the other side.  You stared up at him as one of his hands lay on your hip, the other still holding your cheek delicately.  Neither of you said anything for a second, just looked over each other’s features.

“I love you” He finally spoke, his thumb swiping gently from your bottom lip to your chin.  You blinked, smiling at him, not getting enough of this.

“I love you too” You replied, fingers runnings along his jaw.

With that, he leaned down, and pressed a kiss to your lips.

And truth be told, you would’ve chased after him as well.

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“Heart Beats” - Scott McCall

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*hey guys, i’m back with a new imagine in honor of the end of teen wolf. so this turned out longer and crappier than i wanted but i hope you’ll enjoy it still. (ps. (Y/N) is a werewolf).

Scott and (Y/N) walked into the hallway of the high school. It was dark and empty – which is to be expected when you break into a high school in the middle of the night. All that could be heard were the footsteps of the two teenagers as they made their way further into the building.
“You know, this place really creeps me out.” (Y/N) stated as she shivered. “I’ve spent more time in here fighting evil creatures at night than I spent time in class during the day.” She added.
Scott shook his head and let out a quiet laugh.
“It won’t take long.” Scott reassured her. “We’ll be out of here before you know it.”
“I’m counting on it.” (Y/N) replied.

The two teenagers were on a mission to break into the guidance councelor’s office, Miss Monroe, hoping they would find proof of her involvement in the hateful murders which had been happening all around Beacon Hills lately. Someone was getting rid of all supernatural beings, one after the other, and Scott and his friends suspected Monroe to be behind it, or involved in any way.

When they reached Monroe’s office, Scott was surprised to see that the door wasn’t locked.
“Great. I was never good at picking locks. Because, you know, they make it look so easy in movies but-”
“Did you hear that?” Scott interrupted her.
“Hear what?” (Y/N) asked, frowning.
She used her supernatural hearing but all she could hear was Scott’s heart beating faster than it should. (Y/N) turned to him.
“Why is your heart beating so fast?” (Y/N) asked.
“What?” Scott said, confused. 
He felt himself blush. The truth was that being around (Y/N) always made his heart beat faster than usual.
“Why is your heart beat-”
Before (Y/N) could repeat her question, she felt an atrocious pain in her thigh and her eyes glowed a bright yellow as she roared loudly. The young girl fell onto her knees. Someone had shot an arrow in her leg.

Scott helped (Y/N) back on her feet and hurried inside the guidance councelor’s office before locking the door behind them. (Y/N) fell heavily onto the floor, her back against the wall.
“It was a trap.” Scott said, angrily. “They knew we were coming.” He said referring to the hunters.
Then, Scott remembered something. The hunters used all sorts of poisons to kill supernatural beings, which meant that the arrow they shot (Y/N) with was probably infected with wolfsbane, otherwise they would’ve targeted her head.
Without a warning, Scott pulled the arrow out of (Y/N)’s leg and she screamed in pain.
“How about a little warning next time, huh?” (Y/N) said out of breath and wincing in pain.
“The arrow is poisoned.” Scott said as he noticed a purple substance reflecting in (Y/N)’s blood, on the pointed end of the arrow.
“Wolfsbane.” (Y/N) said as she noticed it too. “That should explain the burning pain.”
“Here.” Scott held out his hand. “Let me take your pain.”
“No.” (Y/N) shook her head. “I’m good.”
“Come on, (Y/N). For once, let me take your pain.” Scott insisted.
In the past, (Y/N) had always refused to have her pain taken by Scott or any of her supernatural friends. She didn’t want to bring suffering on the people she loved.
“I said no.” (Y/N) said firmly.
She took her phone out of her pocket and Scott did the same.
“Great. No signal.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes.
“They must have jammed the signal in the whole building.” Scott sighed.
“So, we’re trapped here.”
“We have to get you to the animal clinic. Deaton can help take the wolfsbane out of your system.”
“We can’t leave. There must be dozens of hunters waiting for us to come out so they can put a bullet between our eyes.” (Y/N) explained.
“I can take them.” Scott said, getting up.
“Scott!” (Y/N) Grabbed his arm to hold him back. “They will kill you.”
“We don’t have a choice. Once the wolfsbane spreads to your heart…” It pained him to say the words but he forced himself to anyway. “You’ll die.”
“So will you if you walk out of this room.”

There was a short silence between them as they looked at each other. Scott’s eyes were full of worry for (Y/N)’s well-being an (Y/N)’s were begging him to stay right here with her.
After a moment of hesitation, Scott gave up his terrible plan to face the hunters alone and sat beside (Y/N)’s trembling body.
“How much does it really hurt?” Scott asked, quietly.
“Not much.” (Y/N) replied, trying not to wince.
“Tell me the truth.” Scott said.
(Y/N) looked at him but didn’t say anything. The truth was that the pain was making her body go numb, her head spin and her teeth chatter. She was breaking a sweat but was actually very cold. She was intoxicated with wolfsbane, a poison which had been made to kill someone like her, a werewolf, and she could feel it burn in her veins. But telling Scott the truth would cause him pain, and that’s the last thing (Y/N) needed: to cause pain to the person she loved.
Scott knew that (Y/N) was trying to be strong but he could see in how much pain she was in, and it broke his heart. He wanted to help her, to go out there and fight the hunters or die trying, but deep down he knew (Y/N) was right, it was a stupid plan and getting himself killed was not going to help (Y/N).

“You’re shaking.” Scott said. “Come here.” He opened his arms to hold his injured friend.
(Y/N) groaned, even the slightest movement was painful and spread a burning pain through her body. She rested her head on Scott’s chest and closed her eyes. Listening to his heartbeats was calming and peaceful. She knew she had to fight it but she wanted to go to sleep. And right now, the idea of letting go was very much pleasant.
“(Y/N), you have to stay awake, OK?” Scott told her. 
The current situation felt like a déjà-vu to Scott. The last time he had been holding a wounded girl – a girl he had been in love with, it was Allison and he had not been able to save her. Allison had died in his arms. Scott was not going to let history repeat itself, he couldn’t lose someone else he loved, he didn’t want to think of a world without (Y/N).
“OK.” (Y/N) replied as she slipped into unconsciousness anyway. Her body was on fire because of the poison in her blood.
“(Y/N)?” Scott called her name but got no response. “(Y/N), open your eyes.” He gently shook her but her eyes remained close. 
Scott was consummed by fear and worry. He could hear his own heart hammering against his chest.
“Come on, (Y/N). Not like this.” Scott said with a trembling voice.

Scott took (Y/N)’s hand in his and took away as much pain as he could bare. His veins turned black and he groaned in pain. (Y/N) opened her eyes as she could feel some of her pain disappear. When she realised what Scott was doing, she pulled her hand away.
“I told you not to take my pain.” (Y/N) said. Her voice was quiet and weak.
“(Y/N).” Scott said, relieved to see that (Y/N) had regained consciousness. “You scared me. You were gone for a moment there.” Scott told the girl, holding her tighter into his arms.
“I just closed my eyes for a second.” (Y/N) said, sugarcoating the situation.
“Right. Well don’t do that again.” Scott told her.
“Well don’t take my pain again or I will kick your ass, Scott McCall.” (Y/N) said which made Scott smile a little.

(Y/N) coughed and there was blood on her lips. Her eyes were glowing but the bright yellow Scott was used to seeing in her eyes was slowly fading away. Her body was fighting the poison, but her supernatural ability to heal was not enough.
Scott listened to her heart and it was beating agonizingly slow and the alpha was scared to stop listening to it in case it might cease to beat.
“Your heart is beating too slow.” Scott said. He looked like he was about to fall apart and it broke (Y/N)’s heart to see him like this.
“Yours is beating too fast.” She told him.
“Because I’m scared to lose you.” Scott confessed.
(Y/N) lifted her head from Scott’s chest and tried to sit up straight to look at him. He looked at her too, really looked at her. Her face was something he never wanted to forget.

Then, (Y/N) gently put her lips on Scott’s and kissed him. The alpha was surprised but kissed her back almost instantly. There were so many words said into this kiss. (Y/N) pulled away to breathe.
“Why did you do that?” Scott asked.
“You know why.” (Y/N) replied. “I love you, Scott. I am stupidly and deeply in love with you.”
Scott was lost for words. He was deeply in love with (Y/N) too, but the last time a girl told him she loved him, she had died in his arms seconds later.
“Don’t. Don’t say this like it was goodbye.” Scott said, fighting back tears.
“I’m not. I promise.” (Y/N) told him. “I’m going to fight, for you. Because you are worth fighting for, Scott McCall.” (Y/N) said, choking on her own blood.
She had never had to fight so hard to stay awake, to stay alive. Scott left a gentle kiss on her forehead and (Y/N) felt his tears fall onto her face. (Y/N) closed her eyes but opened them again when she heard gunshots outside the door. Scott tightened his embrace around (Y/N), wondering what the hell was going on out there.

Then, someone kicked the door open and Scott had never felt so happy to see Chris Argent.
“Come on. We’re getting out of here.” Argent said.
He helped Scott carry (Y/N) to the car and drove to the animal clinic.
“You’re gonna make it.” Scott told (Y/N) as he held her aching body in the backseat of Argent’s car.
“Listen to it.” (Y/N) said.
“Listen to what?” Scott frowned.
“Listen to my heart.” (Y/N) told him.
“Why?” Scott asked, confused.
“Because it’s still beating, and you, Scott McCall, are the reason why.”

Silence (Stiles Stilinski imagine)

Summary: With college calling, it’s time for you and your best friend to part ways. 

Word Count: 3.3k

Warnings: Some light swearing

A/N: Wow I wrote something that’s actually platonic and doesn’t spiral into romance? Unbelievable.

This started out as an ode to Teen Wolf but really just…turned into something else. It’s sort of representative of Stiles eternally having a place in my heart, despite the show ending. I hope you enjoy reading!!!

((I haven’t kept up with season 6 of Teen Wolf at all, so there’s some canon divergence.))

“I can’t open it,” you announced, pushing your phone across the bench. You were sitting in the park, surrounded by your closest friends. All of you were waiting on the emails that would tell you whether or not you were accepted to your dream colleges, so it was fair to so that nerves were running high.

“Y/N,” Stiles said, a hint of warning in his voice. You turned to the side and pulled a face, quickly pointing to where his own phone was completely black.

“I don’t see you checking it either, Stilinski,” you retorted, voice carrying no heat. You could tell by the tenseness held in his shoulders that he was feeling just as nervous as you.

“You should open them,” a third voice - Scott - chimed in. You glanced across the bench, watching closely as the Alpha unlocked his phone. From beside him, Malia and Lydia were doing likewise.

“I can’t,” you said, shrugging lightly. “I can’t face the rejection.”

“Any college would be lucky to have you, Y/N,” Scott mumbled, distracted as he quickly tapped at the screen of his phone. You made a grunting noise and glared at your phone, unable to bring yourself to check your emails.

“Let’s make a deal,” Stiles piped up. “I’ll open yours, you open mine.”

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anonymous asked:

Kitten Stiles derailing Scott's and Deaton's plan to get rid of Peter. Possibly with Allison brotp with Stiles and disillusioned about her first love. Enjoy! IgnisFelicis

Stiles tried to handle the check up with a certain measure of dignity, knowing Deaton and Scott didn’t realize that the kitten they were taking care of was Stiles. Honestly, Stiles should’ve seen this coming after wandering around in his full shift, but it hadn’t exactly been his intention to have the little girl find him and for her mom to bring him to the vet as a stray. And he didn’t feel like revealing his best kept secret just yet either, so.

“He looks healthy,” Scott said, brushing gentle hands down Stiles’ back. Stiles purred, arching his back to encourage scritches. Scotty was great at scritches.

“He does,” Deaton agreed. “Very healthy for a stray, actually, but maybe he’s a house cat that wandered off. We’ll keep him for a few days and see if anyone reports him missing.”

Uh, no, they would not. Actually, they would come into work tomorrow and realize that the kitten had disappeared, but Stiles would let them have their fantasy.

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hale pack adition
  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: vernon boyd
  • looks like they're gonna kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: derek hale
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll: isaac lahey
  • looks like they could kill you and is actually gonna kill you: erica reyes
When you Try Sometimes

(Happy Valentine’s Day!)


He has this in the bag, man. In the bag, zipped up, squared away, a hole in one, sealed and, laminated and—it was a lie, all of it.

Because the chocolates Stiles made two days ago? Yeah, those were eaten. By his dad. And the first heart-shaped card he bought? He gave to the nice old lady who just lost her cat of 20 years, because that’s true love, and anyone who says differently is a monster.

The second card got thrown away, because of reasons. The third card was a ‘hand-made’ card, with lots of cut paper and glitter and it ended up stuck to his ceiling. Along with a few other glue-infused things. They’re still up there now, while Stiles pulls his most recent failure out of the oven.

“Nice, perfect. I’m sure Derek’s favorite flavor is Chocolate-Triggering-Charcoal-Cookies. Tastes that remind you of family.”

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lydia and scott holding their boyfriend’s hand (aka mcmartinski is real)

Blame It On The Alcohol


in which alcohol has some unintended (though not unwelcome) effects on your night

pairing: scott lang x reader

word count: 2k

prompt: #46 from this list

warnings: smut, unprotected sex (wrap it up, kids!), mentions of alcohol

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You’re Not Only Human (Pack x Reader Request)

‘Can you please do #4,14,96 with the pack fro m teen wolf where the reader feels useless or something?- Anon.

‘Can you do something with teen wolf a pack imagine of something where the reader says #14?’ - Anon

Prompts: ‘You don’t need to protect me.’ ‘Nobody trusts me to do anything important!’ ‘I’m sick of being USELESS.’

Characters/Pairings: Pack x Reader, Lydia, Scott, Stiles, Malia, Liam.

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 979

Notes: Decided to combine these requests since they weren’t too specific.

Originally posted by thealpha

‘You okay y/n? You seem a little… grouchy.’ Lydia asked quietly as we stood by our lockers before we headed home.

‘I’m fine.’ I answered. Lydia stood with her arms folded.

‘If you’re fine, did you need to snap at that freshman who was in front of your locker?’

‘He was in my way, so what?’ I shrugged.

‘Well what about going off on one in gym? You were told to sit out since there were too many players and you took it as if it was the end of the world you couldn’t play volleyball.’ Lydia’s glare intensified.

‘Yeah, she left all the crappy players out of court, it was such a bad game.’ I snipped back. I shut my locker and we began to walk out of the school. I shuffled alongside Lydia who always seemed to walk tall.

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Requested By Anon, Based On This Preference List.

Warnings: Sex, Smut, Fluff

“(Y/N)?” Scott called out quietly. “Hey, your Mom let me in.” Scott whispered when he found you somewhere under a pile of blankets.


He gently unwrapped the blankets until he found you, hot and so out of it he wasn’t sure if you were even awake. He slid an arm under your neck and slowly moved his other hand over your abdomen, concentrating as he absorbed your pain and you became aware of him snuggled into your bed with you.

“Do you feel better?” Scott asked as he kissed you softly.

“Yes, thank you.” You hummed grateful and kissed him again.

After a few minutes of gentle kissing Scott growled and rolled you over, your hands running through Scott’s hair as he bit your lip. You moaned and Scott snapped, his hands were everywhere all at once and it was all you could do but hold in the loud moans that threatened to slip out.

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