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Sea turtles ultimately grow from the size of a dinner plate to that of a dinner table. In the case of the leatherback sea turtle, this can take up to a decade. Happy World Turtle Day!

From the TED-Ed Lesson The survival of the sea turtle - Scott Gass

Animation by Cinematic Sweden

The Original!Cars Crystal Gems


Doc Hudson- Dumortierite Quartz

Smokey- Jasper

Louise Nash- Blush Quartz

River Scott- Black Phantom Quartz

Junior “Midnight” Moon- Dendritic Quartz 

Henrim Gass - Astro Green Quartz (deceased/shattered)

Mine and @lunan95 

The original five Crystal Gems before their separation. Doc thinking they were shattered and the four thinking Doc was. Doc soon had to rebuild his rebellion to continue his mission of protecting the earth and allowing other gems to be liberated.

Henrim Gass, who were a former Homeworld Quartz, a former member of the original Crystal Gems and inactive. He was proud, arrogant and believed himself above other Quartzes. He was like Jackson Storm, but in Doc’s era.

He makes a grave mistake, first time since he were made and since he were suppose to be the perfect Quartz, he were to be shattered. Doc chose to save him and it was one of the reasons that started the Rebellion. Along with Smokey, River, Midnight, Louise and Hemrim, they escaped to Earth to protect it together and fight Homeworld.

In the middle of the Gem War and during a hard battle, Henrim saw Doc were going to be destroyed by a weapon by a Homeworld soldier and would result in shattering him. Henrim took the blow instead and got shattered, leaving Doc devastated and he made the choice to seperate from his friends, so no one else would die for him.

On a later point, Doc finds all of the gem shards of Henrim and bubbles them, keeping it by his side at his created base.

Written by @lunan95


The survival of the sea turtle - Scott Gass (by TED-Ed)