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Tutte quelle volte che sei a scuola e vedi lui in piedi, infondo al corridoio e tu che non respiri fino a che non lo abbracci. O quelle volte in classe in cui non smetti di guardare l'orologio perché sai che lui é là fuori che aspetta solo te. Te la ricordi quella sensazione?
—  Allison Argent/ Teen Wolf.

stackson week, day 1 - roleswap: jackson whittemore is broke, crap at lacrosse, and invisible to everyone but his sarcastic best friend, lydia martin… until one night, when an incident in the woods changes everything. throw in the new boy stiles, who turns out to be the son of a ancient noble family of werewolf hunters (and the love of jackson’s life) plus lydia being distracted by her longtime unrequited love, popular banshee allison argent - and the meddlings of her boyfriend, bully-turned-lizard scott mccall - and the full moon is never the same.

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Hey! So I read two really good fics where Stiles has a sin and Derek come back to Beacon Hills and helps him. I can't find them, can you help me? Or can you find fics where Stiles as a son?

I’m not sure if  any of these are the two you were looking for. But here is some Single Dad!Stiles. - Anastasia

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He’s Not a Sad Serial Killer, He’s My Brother by eeyore9990

(1/1 I 2,488 I General I Sterek)

Stiles attacks a mass murdering psycho killer with a heavy stoneware popcorn bowl like the bad ass he is. The only problem is the guy he attacks isn’t actually a mass murdering psycho killer. Oops.

A Knight in Shining Flannel by Elpie (Horribibble)

(1/1 I 3,650 I Teen I Sterek  I  Kidnapped!Stiles)

When a frantic phone call from his daughter sends him speeding across town, Derek Hale is prepared for the worst.

What he finds instead are the Stilinskis.


An AU featuring tiny werewolves, awkward single dads, and one bad babysitter.

My World Is Filled With Cheer And You by bleep0bleep

(1/1 I 10,832 I Teen I Sterek I Undercover AU)

“It was a last minute decision. Single parents with children draw attention to themselves in this type of neighborhood, and this department didn’t have a big budget to relocate all the werewolf and werewolf sympathizers that were targeted on this list. We’ve combined a lot of our relocation assignments. It ended up working out that another family, Mr. Stilinski and his son, looked like a good fit for you guys, so you’ll be sharing a home with them for the time being.” Markowski grins at him. “Congratulations! You’re married!”


In which Derek and his daughter are displaced just in time for the holidays, matched up with Stiles and his young son in a government protection program.

Unfairly Attractive Dad by wingedkiare

(4/? I 10,865 I Teen I  Sterek I  Human!AU)

Stiles Stilinski has a 7 year old son, and a problem. A problem with broad shoulders, permanent stubble, and an adorable baby that has the same green eyes as his father. A problem that he’s dubbed Unfairly Attractive Dad.

How’s he supposed to get through life seeing THAT every day?

A Wild Heart’s Desire by mikkimouse

(1/1 I 13,410 I Teen I Sterek, Scallison I Feral!Derek, Magic!Stiles)

If there’s one thing Stiles Stilinski knows, it’s that Deputy Derek Hale absolutely Does Not Like him. The only reason Derek even tolerates him is because their kids are worryingly codependent.

So Stiles is understandably confused when a very feral Derek shows up in his backyard after a call gone wrong and proceeds to move in with him.

The Wolf Den by BigBadLittleRed

(14/? I 33,628 I Sterek,  Berica, Cora/Lydia I Human AU)

Stiles Stilinski works for the Sheriff’s Department in Beacon Hills County. He considers himself a rather invested young father to his only son, Spencer. He knows everything about the boy, except maybe he doesn’t.

On a day where Lydia’s caught up in work for too long, Stiles has to take his son to a weekly event at the library he knew nothing about. He’s especially confused when he finds out it’s hosted by a young man his age with rather eccentric style, and a service dog.

His name is Derek, the kids call him Dee-Dee.

Poker Face by tanwencooper

(1/ I 43,019 I Teen I Sterek I Teacher!Derek)

Is there any punishment in the world worse than parent-teacher night? History teacher Derek Hale doesn’t think so. That’s until he meets the guardian of one of his more troubled young students. Stiles Stilinski has been left to look after his adopted brother Isaac after tragedy stuck their family and Derek is determined to help them if he can. However after Stiles and Derek’s paths repeatedly cross, Derek’s concern soon turns to something deeper. Soon the pair begin the game of attraction. The only problem is neither one of them knows the rules, and both wear their poker face too well for their own good.

Cause I Built a Home (For You, For Me) by noneedforhystereks

(15/15 I 59,719 I Explicit I Sterek I Human AU)

Derek Hale is a mechanic in the sleepy town of Beacon Hills, where he has lived all of his life. He spends his day in a simple routine: wake up, fix cars, go home, sleep. It’s what he’s good at, and it keeps things simple and uncomplicated. Derek doesn’t let people in and remains emotionally distant from everyone except his sister, Laura, and her daughter. This all changes when Boyd tows in an old blue Jeep that needs a lot of work and Derek meets the owner of said Jeep.

Because once Derek meets Stiles and his kids, he can’t stop himself from caring. And he doesn’t want to stop.

Waiting For Our Superman by tearsandholdme

(22/22 I 95,240 I Mature I Sterek I Mpreg)

Derek knew the moment he opened the front door of his clean and pristine apartment to Stiles Stilinski holding a small boy, a cluster of bags, and a suitcase, he was screwed. In every way possible. Undone by the big brown eyes of a small child and his annoying, witty, and attractive father.

Adding You to My Future by NekoIzumi

(9/9 I 42,252 I Explicit I Sterek I BAMF!Stiles)

“So, I’m Stiles.” he smiled warmly once he had put his unannounced patient down on the exam table. “I will poke and prod you a little bit to check for internal injuries, those that I can’t see because they’re inside you, and some of it might hurt but it will pass, I promise. I will tell you everything I’m about to do and why I’m doing it so just stay calm and this will go like a breeze, okay?”

Now, Stiles wasn’t stupid in any way, shape or form, he knew a were when he saw one… although he had obviously never seen a werecat before, and definitely not one as young as this one.

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users de teen wolf por favor

só vou fazer da lydia, allison, scott e stiles por preguiça sdkbjsnd espero que goste

  • Scott 








mccallegal (uma merda, mas rimou)



  • Stiles









  • Allison


allisonsa (sonsa)




  • Lydia






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hey babes !! so I have a Thing for fics where for some reason derek or stiles are sick/hurt/nightmares (basically suffering, tbh) and the only way for them to feel better is to be near/touching the other. I realize that this is a super annoying thing to look for bc there isn't really a tag for it, so hopefully you can help !! If its too much of a pain, are there any fics where derek is stiles' anchor, specifically? (either werewolf anchor or magical anchor or whatever). Thank you guys so much!<3

Okay. I didn’t find a lot. But I think I found you a few, @tomlinscn.Also for the second part of your ask we have a tag for that! Right here.  - Anastasia

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Nightmares Never Stop (Until they do) by whatidontunderstand

(Complete I 1,413 I Not Rated I Underage Sex)

Things were relatively normal and they were just passing the 5 week mark of their new sleeping buddy arrangement, when on a Tuesday morning as they both were getting dressed Derek just leant over and kissed Stiles. He froze and Derek pulled away embarrassed.

“I shouldn’t have done that. I’m just going to go,” and he grabbed the rest of his stuff and leapt out the window.

“Derek, wait!” Stiles called after him, but he was already gone.

Gravity by switchingplaces

(Complete I 2,284 I General I Sterek I Nightmares)

“Dude, you look like crap,” he said, “When was the last time you slept?”

Derek’s nights are haunted by nightmares. Stiles notices.

We Sweat And Laugh And Scream Here by FunkyinFishnet

(Complete I 2,418 I Teen I Sterek I Angst)

Stiles suffers nightmares after what he went through at Gerard’s hands. But somebody’s voice and touch helps him deal with it and Derek keeps staring at him now and when Stiles puts two and two together, he’s horrified that the Alpha he’s got feelings for has seen him so weak and wrecked. But dreams or not, they’re each other’s comfort.

Lay Us Down To Sleep by FunkyinFishnet

(2/2 I 5,220 I Teen I Sterek I Puppy Piles)

Werewolves start sleeping in Stiles’ bed, when Stiles is still in it, because that’s what packs do. Weird, but it does give him nightmare-free sleep. And Derek seems to be dropping hints, maybe. Or maybe Stiles is just imagining that, since his Alpha-sized crush on Derek is getting out of hand. Or maybe not.

Touch by the_flawless_four

(Complete I 5,936 I Teen I Sterek I Angst With Happy Ending)

Since the nogitsune, Stiles hasn’t been the same. He puts on a smile on his face and joked around but nightmares still plagues him and the aftermath of the nogitsune was unavoidable for everyone.

Or the one where Stiles feels guilty and has nightmares and Derek cuddles him.

In Case The Daylight Never Comes by plume_bob

(11/11 I 82,279 I Explicit I Sterek, Scallison I Hurt/Comfort, Nightmares)

There’s a relentless dark shape tearing through the pack and that’s only the half of it. Stiles just wants to sleep and stop being haunted by the faces of his night-time tormentors. His dad thinks he’s suffering from post-traumatic stress, Scott thinks he’s suffering the after-effects of the ritual; Stiles thinks they’re both reasonable theories, except for the part where Derek Hale is the only thing that can take his nightmares away and it seems that fact is no coincidence.

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Can you do Sterek switched bodies. Please and thank you.

Tada! - Anastasia

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(Ok this gif has nothing to do with body swapping. But chibi!Sterek! How can you resist? You can not.)

We also have a body swap tag! 

Motionless by LithiumReaper

(¼ I 5,123 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles pulls his hand away and stares at Derek’s face in the mirror again. His pupils are dilated and his skin looks flushed.


Stiles and Derek experience a little bit of a Freaky Friday incident, and this just sucks, because Stiles is horny and wants to jack off, but he can’t cause Derek. Fuck.

Fuzzy Logic by Sparseparsley

(1/1 I 6,504 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek and Stiles switch bodies because of wizard reasons and Stiles just wants to know what that awesome scent is.

it is so quite new a thing by sheafrotherdon

(1/1 I 8,713 I Explicit I Sterek)

In the last, lazy moment before he opens his eyes, Derek realizes something is wrong.

Your Body’s My Body by derekstilinski

(1/1 I 10,016 I Not Rated I Sterek)

Derek and Stiles get body swapped… Interesting things happen.

copywritten (so don’t copy me) by etben

(1/1 I 12,986 I Explicit I Sterek)

“Oh, shit,” Stiles says, and flops as far backward as their mysterious body-swap connection will let him.

Might Not Make It Back by GotTheSilver

(1/1 I 23,347 I Explicit I Sterek I Witches)

Bodyswap. Because of the fun.

I’m you and you’re me by NicoDoubleLe

(Complete I 24,047 I Explicit I Sterek, Scallison, Jydia I First Time)

It was just an intruder, nothing happened, they all left unhurt and everything was fine, but Derek realises that something has happened when he wakes up in a different room, not just any room, Stiles’ room.

Under My Skin by Renmackree

(10/10 I 36,590 I Explicit I Sterek, Scallison, Berica, Isaac/Erica/Boyd, Jydia I Knotting)

In his defense, Stiles wasn’t even trying to find his way into the supernatural tonight. He had gone to a normal party at Danny’s after their summer Lacrosse practice , met a normal girl who seemed interested in him, left with her to go to her normal apartment in the hopes of having normal sex for the first time.

But, then again, when has anything normal happened to Stiles Stilinski?

Trust Fall by Stoney

(13/13 I 144,224 I Explicit I Sterek I Slow Build)

Stiles is fairly certain that a case could be made for every bad thing in his life coming back to Peter Hale. This time it’s pissing off a powerful witch, who retaliated by swapping Stiles and Derek a la Freaky Friday, because sure. That makes sense. Um, there are GPAs on the line, not to mention the whole thing where his dad wants to shoot Derek on sight. Except who he sees as Derek is actually Stiles, and Stiles did not sign up for filicide.

Great. Wait…does this mean he’s the Alpha until they figure this out? Holy. Shit.


Derek had stood in front of the bathroom mirror for a few minutes trying to control the panic as he saw himself as Stiles. As the loud mouthed human friend of the pack. He was going to kill Peter. He was going to kill the witch, then he was going to kill Peter. Maybe even resurrect him again just to kill him all over.

They were going to have to play this cool. They would have to stay calm and focused. Which is of course why the universe threw him into this situation with someone who physically couldn’t be calm and focused.

Of course.

Holiday Fics You Can Read Instead  of Talking to Annoying Family Members*

*a working title

“What are you doing to do with that degree?”

“Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?”

“When are you planning on having kids?”

“Get your hair out of your face and sit up straight.”

The holidays can be great, time to spend with family you never see and stuffing your face. And of course. 

Originally posted by dreaming-globetrotter

But it can also be a time of annoyance and discomfort. So, instead of answering inane questions all weekend read about your OTP. We’ve compiled a list  and everything for easy finding. If we missed any really great ones let us know. 

Happy Holidays from us and remember you are fantastic and are following your dreams, don’t need a significant other, may never have children and you like your hair in your face. 

Here you go!

From @scruffysterek

Secret Santa by rainbowninja167

(Complete I 7,543 Teen I Sterek I Dad!Stiles)

Derek is already thoroughly sick of Christmas by the time Erica bullies him into dressing up as Santa for a holiday charity. It was only supposed to take a couple hours. Until some kid starts accosting him all over Beacon Hills, insisting that Derek is the real Santa.

You Got Us An Ornament by TheRealNightTempest

(Complete I 18,044 I Not Rated I Sterek, Melissa/Sheriff I Teacher!Derek, Writer!Stiles)

With the Pack out of town for Christmas and his dad and Melissa on the honeymoon they never had, Stiles plans to craft his way through the holidays to distract himself from being alone. When he realizes his plan isn’t as fun by himself, Stiles turns to Derek Hale to help him out as the only other miserable guy left in Beacon Hills at Christmas.

Stars Plummet: a Christmas Story by Peckishdragon

(6/6 I 11,589 I Mature I Sterek I Dad!Stiles)

When Stiles left Beacon Hills, he never thought he would be coming back. Eight years later, he is coming home for Christmas, with a small passenger in tow. Old feelings, never forgotten, are rekindled.

From Anastasia and Emmy

In the New Old-Fashioned Way by linksofmemories

(Complete I 1,970 I Explicit I Sterek I PWP)

“Is this a sin?”

“Jesus Christ, Stiles.”

“It feels like a sin.”

“We’re making out under a tree, how is that sinful?”

The Natural Binding Properties of Pine Sap by uraneiaIf 

(Complete I 4,296 I Teen I Sterek I Deputy!Derek)

Derek saves a nymph from being somebody’s Christmas decoration. As a reward, the nymph grants him a twig of mistletoe.

If Derek had known the mistletoe would come to life and goad him into kissing people at random, he might have tried to refuse.

if i built you in miniature by keskasi

(Complete I 6,836 I Teen I Sterek I Human AU)

Derek quietly loves Christmas and is not afraid to wear the sweaters to show it. He hosts a children’s TV show about science and history, builds model trains, and is painfully awkward. Stiles works in a Hallmark-type store that sells Christmas decorations and model train pieces, and might have an unhealthy appreciation for sweaters. Of course he was going to fall for Derek. Of course he was.

A Hale for the Holidays by rlnerdgirl 

(Complete I 38,095 I Explicit I Sterek I Human!AU)

“I sent you a Christmas card that got sent back to me. Did you get a new apartment?” his dad wonders. The question is all suspicion and little anything else.

A flicker of an idea sparks. It’s not nearly formed well enough for him to say, “Yeah, actually,” and when he follows that with, “I moved in with someone,” he wants to punch himself in the face. He’s living with someone?!

“You’re living with someone?” It’s the same voice and tone as the one in Stiles’ head, just thirty years older.

When You Stop Believing in Santa You Get Underwear by owlpostagain

(Complete I 7,817 I Teen  I Sterek I Hurt/Comfort)

There are some salvageable things though. A virtually untouched heavy slate sign that says, engraved in an ornate script that confirms at least one person in the Hale family had a sense of humor (Stiles has a horrible suspicion it might have been Peter), When You Stop Believing in Santa You Get Underwear.

A Missing Jacket by MellytheHun

(Complete I 10,437 I  Explicit I Sterek I Post-Nogitsune)

The Pack is still mourning their loss and Stiles makes an effort to cheer everyone up by focusing on a group effort; to make Derek Hale a little less of a Grinch. Stiles may have his own reasons for wanting to make Derek Hale a little happier.

My World Is Filled With Cheer And You by bleep0bleep 

(Complete I 10,832 I Teen I Sterek I  Fake Marriage, Kid Fic)

“It was a last minute decision. Single parents with children draw attention to themselves in this type of neighborhood, and this department didn’t have a big budget to relocate all the werewolf and werewolf sympathizers that were targeted on this list. We’ve combined a lot of our relocation assignments. It ended up working out that another family, Mr. Stilinski and his son, looked like a good fit for you guys, so you’ll be sharing a home with them for the time being.” Markowski grins at him. “Congratulations! You’re married!”

Stay. by paradis

(Complete I 15,357 I Explicit I Sterek, Scallison I Angst)

He leaves because the press of Derek’s lips and the sting of his teeth against Stiles’ neck are still burning his skin, and he can’t stop touching them, but then he remembers Derek telling him he’s not pack, he never was, and that he doesn’t belong here.

He leaves because Lydia asks him too, but he doesn’t go back to Beacon Hills because no one asked him to come back.

Mistletoe Never Lies by CarolineLahey

(8/8 I 19,220 I Explicit I Sterek I Fake/Pretend Relationship)

Derek Hale loves his family, he really does. He just wishes they weren’t so determined to set him up. When he finally blurts out that he has a boyfriend, and quickly gives his mother the name of the barista at his local coffee shop as his “boyfriend”, he figures that buys him a little peace.

He probably should have been paying attention to the part of the conversation where he agreed to bring Stiles home for Christmas to meet the family.

Cupboard Love by mklutz

(2/2 I 32,682 I General I Sterek I College AU, Human AU)

He’s carefully balancing the sandwiches and the two biggest tupperware containers he could find that both had functioning lids when the front door opens and he almost drops everything right there in front of the stupid fountain.

If that’s Derek Hale, he’s definitely not a mountain man.

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Do you have any good sterek club fics? 😀

We do! I haven’t read these so I can’t vouch for the goodness but here are some club fics for ya @rangergurlgleek1211! - Anastasia

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Erasing Him by scarlettletterr

(1/1 I  2,058 I Mature I Sterek, Scallison, Berica, Jydia I Soulmates)

When Derek was 15, he thought he met his soulmate. But then, she burned his family.
When Stiles was 8, he met his soulmate. But he wanted nothing to do with him.


Soulmate AU where even if you get your soulmark removed, it shows up under UV light.

“We’re going clubbing!” by MezInWonderland

(1/1 I  2,526 I Mature I Sterek I Mates)

“I’m sorry we’re doing what?!” Stiles was incredulous. They couldn’t be serious. Really they couldn’t be. Lydia and Erica were staring at him in amusement. They must be joking.

“Yes Stiles,” They replied in ominous harmony. “We’re going clubbing.”

“I’m looking at you and hearing clubbing but my head is saying no they can’t mean that. They can’t mean let’s take a group of adolescent werewolves, who can barely contain themselves on a good day! to a club, with people. Real people. But it’s okay. Because I know Derek would never agree to this.”

“Actually,” Lydia looked evil, with the current smirk she was sporting, “Actually he already did.”

Dirty Dancing by EscapismOfTheHighestForm

(1/1 I  2,835 I Mature I Sterek I The Jungle)

Basically just a Sterek fic about Jungle. In the gay club scene when stiles and Scott follow Jackson in to keep an eye on Danny.
Just instead of it being Scott and Stiles its Derek and Stiles, as you can imagine things get a little steamy.

reGuardless by raisesomehale

(1/1 I  3,521 I Mature I Sterek I First Kid!Stiles)

The president had been to the point when he explained to Derek the rules of the job.

Stiles was in the room while these rules were recited: Never take your eyes off of him in public. That’s how he liked to dodge his last bodyguards. No more than an arm’s length apart. He’s more slippery than you’d think. Escort him to and from appearances. Intervene in any situation that might tarnish the Stilinski image

The list went on and on. As did the games of chicken Stiles initiated to test Derek with these rules.

BeautifulMonster by SerenityShadows

(2/2 I  3,924 I Mature I Sterek I Girl!Stiles)

When everybody except her Dad and her Drag Queens friends forget her birthday, Stiles feels pretty upset. She gets invited to a club to forgot about it and meets someone she really likes. But, this birthday girl is going to get more surprise gifts then she expects.

lift you to your higher ground by verity 

(1/1 I  4,842 I Explicit I Sterek, Derek.OC I Crossdressing)

Derek takes a deep breath before he looks up. “I was going to Jungle to pick up a guy.”

“Huh.” Stiles taps his fingers against his bottom lip. They come away red; there’s already lipstick on his teeth. “You know, there’s an app for that. Grindr. You're—I bet you could just get guys to come over, like pizza delivery.”

“I don’t like pizza,” Derek says.

One Night Pancakes by literaryoblivion

(1/1 I  5,643 I Explicit I Sterek I Single Dad!Derek)

Derek loves his kids. He does. But… every once in a while he needs a break from them. It’s natural. It’s totally fine. He needs some “me” time occasionally. It’s allowed, okay?

At least this is what he keeps telling himself when he drops the kids and their overnight bags off at his older sister Laura’s house.

The First Chapter in Our Book by SuperfluousEmi, Winchesterek

(1/1 I  6,610 I Explicit I Sterek I Kid!Fic)

Derek takes his daughter Ariana to the library to hear local author Stiles Stilinski read his new book: The Adventures of Ruby the Cat! Derek falls harder than he expected.

Stiles Stilinski’s Guide to Flirting by JessicaMDawn

(1/1 I  8,256 I Teen I Sterek I Awkwardness)

Stiles meets Derek when he’s sixteen. Over the next eight years, he tries to flirt with the hottest guy he’s ever seen and fails to ever get it quite right.

 Not If You Were the Last Fake Boyfriend on Earth by ElasticLove

(1/1 I  8,313 I Mature I Sterek I Fake Boyfriends)

One of Derek’s ex-boyfriends is headed to town and Derek’s not feeling inferior at all.
…yeah that’s a total lie. He needs something to make his life look less pathetic and he thinks maybe a boyfriend would do the trick.
Derek’s willing to let the pack help out… but he draws the line at Stiles becoming his fake boyfriend. No way. Not even if Stiles was the last fake boyfriend on Earth.

Broken Cookie, Shattered Glass by clawstoagunfight

(1/1 I  36,301 I Explicit I Sterek, Scallison, Peter/Melissa, Stanny, Laura/Lydia, Cora/Boyd, Danny/Isaac I Roommates)

After Stiles’ best friend moves out of the apartment the two of them have shared for the last five years and into his own in a different city with his fiancee, Stiles is in desperate need of a new roommate. After a dinner with the Hale family, Stiles finally has a new roommate. The only problem is that he seems to hate Stiles’ guts.

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do u kno any fics where stiles is in a coma? i love hurt!stiles

You are not alone, bb. Emmy and I estimate that at least 80% of the asks have to do with whump Stiles. *pets him* So enjoy all the pain! - Anastasia

Originally posted by readersleepingintheforest

Samwise Gamgee by iamnightbird

(1/1 I  1,052 I Teen I Sciles I Motel California Rewrite)

Don’t go where I can’t follow.

The flare accident at the motel goes horribly wrong. And in Stiles’ attempt to save Scott’s life, his own is put in jeopardy. A hard, blunt force trauma from hitting the ground hard puts the teenager in a coma. And, despite not having any other scratch on him, he’s been out for three and a half months.

A Feeling of Rightness by OneSmartChicken

(1/1 I 1,260 I Not Rated I Sterek I Happy Ending)

Stiles is in a coma.

He dreams.

Running From Control by summerad

(2/3 I 1,977 I General I Sterek I Nogitsune)

When the nogitsune tries to kill Scott, Stiles finds the strength to overpower it and kill the nogitsune leaving Stiles in a coma, however while in the coma Stiles thinks his attempt failed making the nogitsune more mad and is forced watch as he kills everyone he loves. How will stiles deal with the aftermath of watching everyone he loves die? will he ever get out of his coma to find out the truth??

Strange Beginnings by mbwalrus

(1/1 I  2,722  I Teen I Sterek I Red Band Society AU)

The guy looked up from his book, startled by Derek’s voice, his mouth falling open and his eyes wide. “Hi…what are you doing here?”Derek chuckled. “I was hoping you could tell me that…are we dead?”Stiles snorted and shook his head. “No, I’m in a coma.”Derek furrowed his eyebrows in concern. “What? Am I in one, too?”Stiles shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know, are you? What’s the last thing you remember?”“I had to get an emergency appendectomy.” Derek replied, rubbing his side.

We’re Only Lost Children by Dandalion

(4/? I  7,095 I Mature I Sterek, Scallison I Future Fic)

Stiles wakes up from a coma only to find himself 28 years old and married to none other than Derek Hale. He might have some adjusting to do.

People Watching, a Guide by Stiles Stilinski by ElleBassist

(6/? I  10,474 I Teen I No Pairing I Hurt/Comfort)

Waking up in a hospital, as some can tell you, can be a very scary thing. Usually though you don’t wake up and see your own body in the bed. Stiles can tell you, that’s not a Bucket List worthy experience.

Invisible To Everyone But You by splash1998 (FFN)

(10/10 I  19,333 I Mature I Sterek I Mates)

After a deadly car crash, Stiles is in a coma, fighting for his life. When he comes back a ghost, Derek is the only one that can communicate with him and see him. Whether its the mating bond, or not, Derek and Stiles realise its a bit more then just mating with them, and Derek has to do something big to stop Stiles from being gone forever.

Wake Me Up by ToAStranger

(7/7 I  22,401 I Explicit I Steter I Hurt/Comfort)

Stiles has been in a coma for six years. Now he’s awake.

Please, Believe Me by AngieStilinski

(10/10 I  25,424 I Teen I Stydia I Angst)

Stiles only wanted his father to believe him. To give him a chance. But on his one chance, he didn’t expect to be driving at a fast rate at, at least 80 mph. Especially when you’re heading towards an intersection…

Hunger For Your Touch by WhoNatural

(1/1 I  42,066 I Explicit I Sterek I Ghosts)

“I got you, my dad, a gorgeous home… a freaking cat… Guess I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

It does.

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any fics w/ stiles being a tease??? bc im in desperate need. also you guys are probably the lights of my life, just sayin'

Ahhh yuuussss. This is my kind of ask. I love these kind of fics. - Anastasia

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Here wolfy wolfy by LucifersHitman

(1/1 I 930 I Explicit I Sterek I Xenophilia)

Anonymous: First of all: THANK YOU ALL FOR THE GLORIOUS PORN!!! Secondly: i don’t know if you write full shifted Derek (alpha wolf form) porn, but if you do, could you write some? With Stiles teasing Derek until he just can’t handle it anymore and he shifts into his wolf shape and Stiles just loves being fucked by the large wolf. Add some huge dick or something? I get it if you rather not write it, if its not your cup of tea, half shifted is also fine. And again, thank you for the amazing porn

We’re Adorable by alphagottadonk

(1/1 I Not Rated I Sterek, Scira I Crack)

“Yes, because popping a boner in a car full of people who have to smell it is just adorable,” Isaac scoffed, shoving at Stiles’ feet when he pushed them against Isaac’s leg.

“It is adorable. Look at how embarrassed he is because of me,” Stiles hummed, grinding down against him to punctuate the ‘me’ and Derek groaned before pressing his mouth against Stiles’ shoulder to try and muffle it.

Stiles Stilinski resident Tease. by LucifersHitman

(1/1 I 1,254 I Explicit I Sterek I Knotting)

Prompt: Hi, can you make a sterek fic where derek is too afraid to go all the way with stiles for fear of hurting him so stiles makes a plan to turn him on all day by baking, doing chores, and saying certain things sexually until derek can’t take it anymore?

Persuasive Monologue by Sheepnamedpig

(1/1 I 2,410 I Explicit I Sterek I Dirty Talk)

Stiles and Derek have sex. Hypothetically.


Stiles talks dirty and Derek comes. Twice.

Driving me Insane by Viet_joker

(1/1 I 2,604 I Explicit I Sterek I Knotting)

Stiles is seriously driving Derek insane. He always had control, up until the worker at the drive-thru window had an interest in Stiles, and Stiles seemed somewhat surprised and probably interested. Derek was going to show that Stiles belonged to him and only him.

Tease Me, Please Me by Emela

(1/1 I 2,727 I Explicit I Sterek I Dirty Talk, Mates)

“It would be a shame if the birthday boy was the only one not to get laid on his special day, wouldn’t you agree?”

Derek nods. “Most definitely.”

“Care to make my birthday wish come true…?”

“Derek,” he supplies, unable to resist leaning in to lick a stripe up the boy’s neck, pleased when it makes him lose his bravado somewhat. Oh, Derek is definitely going to ruin this kid.


The one where Derek meets Stiles at a club and bathroom sex ensues.

Wet by har1ey_quinn

(1/1 I 3,459 I Not Rated I Sterek I 5 + 1)

Derek didn’t run to his car. He just walked really fast.

(Or 5 times Stiles was wet -not that kind of wet- and 1 time Derek gave in)

Call Me Maybe by minhotherunner

(1/1 I 3,466 I Teen I Sterek, Jydia, Scallison I Lifeguard!Derek)

“Derek is a lifeguard and the Beacon Hills kids take a trip to the beach.”

Three Weeks, Two Days by TroubleIWant

(2/2 I 4,463 I Mature I Sterek I Fluff)

Stiles pushes himself away from the wall, towards Derek. “You wanna know how much longer I’m seventeen? Three weeks, two days.”

That’s all it takes; no way his better judgment is standing up to an invitation like that. “Three weeks, two days,” he says with one eyebrow cocked, and just like that they have an agreement.

Five Times Derek Is Confused and the One Time Derek Discovers Stiles’s Wireless Vibrator by Delta_Immortal

(1/1 I 7,143 I Explicit I Sterek I Voyeurism, Exhibitionism)

It looks like a seizure, Stiles falling down and twitching and writhing on the floor. His limbs are shaking, his body trembling, but afterwards Stiles always tells him it isn’t a seizure. Derek isn’t so sure. If it’s not a seizure, what could it be?

Arrogance by AsexualDerek (Cammerel)

(9/9 I Explicit I Stackson I Infidelity, Bondage)

Stiles and Jackson’s secret affair takes a sudden, unexpected turn that at least one of them isn’t ready for. It was easier when it was just about sex, but even he knows that things can’t continue on if they stay the same.

Bad Habits by Fudgebug

(12/12 I 108,298 i Explicit I Sterek, Berica I Human AU, High School AU)

“Mmmmh pretty.“ Stiles purrs in a way that makes a wild fire torch the planes of his skin.

He knows Stiles is drunk and that the boy would probably stroke a pineapple and compliment its attractiveness, but Derek can’t help the way his heart starts to be a huge backstabbing dick, thundering uncontrollably against his chest.

It’s painful, because Derek knows it isn’t real.

A story about goody-two-shoes Derek crushing on a Polish Prince Charming with a drinking habit - also the universe keeps on shoving astral poop into his face. It’s utterly spectacular.

anonymous asked:

Hey I love you guys!!!!!!! Do you have any fics where Derek is like so helplessly in love with Stiles? Like Derek is so dopey and lame around him cause he's ACTUALLY head over heels in love with him?

Here is a whole bunch of Fluff and Derek is Bad At Feelings. Hope that satisfies. - Anastasia

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I Hear Symphonies in my Head
 by manicSaturday

(1/1 I 998 I Mature I Sterek I Established Relationship)

Is it weird that your ass

reminds me of a Kanye West song?

or the one where Derek loves Stiles’ everything.

Surprise? by Red_City

(1/1 I 1,158 I General I Sterek I Confessions)

“God, I love you.”

Time stops. Derek freezes,his eyes flicking up, wide and terrified. Stiles stops, mid-rant, hand in the air, and just slowly..turns around to face Derek. His mouth is slightly open and his eyes squint, as if he isn’t sure he heard. When he sees Derek’s face, though, his posture shift immediately - he stands straight up, dropping both arms to his sides and his jaw clicks shut.

if you got beauty (booty) by GodModeSue

(1/1 I 1,300 I Teen I Sterek I Grocery Store AU)

When Derek finally comes into the shop Stiles says gleefully, “You’re here to look at my butt!”

And Derek just stares.

The shop is dead quiet, and then someone sniggers. Stiles begins to feel a bit awkward. “Or … to buy groceries, which people also come here for?”

Derek turns around and leaves.

“Huh,” says Stiles.

The sniggerer sniggers again. “Shut up, Isaac,” Lydia snaps.

Afterwards Lydia, Allison, and Erica sit him down for a chat.

“Huh,” Stiles says again.

i thought androids were supposed to be numb? by muchachos

(1/1 I 1,432 I Teen I Sterek I Android!Derek)

android!derek really loves stiles and basically two idiots in love with each other.

Because Falling’s Not the Problem by PriPri

(1/1 I 2,314 I Teen I Sterek I High School AU)

Derek sighed and watched and longed for what Stiles had—longed for Stiles.

Wherein Derek is pining for Stiles and afraid of his feelings.

Blooming Marvellous by thearrowsoflegolas

(3/? I 5,071 I Not Rated I Sterek I Flower Shop AU)

“What did you do to your head?” white-shirt asked, gesturing to the gash in Derek’s forehead.

“I had an argument with a shelf” Derek deadpanned, and a burst of laughter escaped from white-shirt’s mouth. The sound was so infectious that Derek couldn’t help but grin as well.

“Well I hope you won,” white-shirt replied, lifting up his flowers and taking a deep inhale, smelling them.

Jesus, Derek was struggling not to leap over the desk and jump him there and then.

Stiles, the Human Incubator/ Submarine (if He Goes Underwater) by orphan_account

(1/1 I 4,526 I Teen I Sterek I Mpreg)

Stiles thought Deaton was joking about the cool looking plant that could ‘go against the laws of the universe’. He wasn’t.


Stiles is newly, accidentally pregnant and emotional, and Derek is the sweetest, most over protective mate that ever existed.

he’s the fucking Sun by the_boy_and_his_wolf

(1/1 I 6,346 I Not Rated I Sterek, Scallison I Prom Fic)

The one where Derek is very distracted by Stiles’ mouth, suspiciously invested in his dating life and adores the way he smells but there’s no fucking way he has a crush, OK?!

Handsome Hobo by relenafanelSwing Set in December (swing_set13)

(1/1 I 8,853 I Teen I Sterek I Human AU)

Derek should probably stop rummaging through garbage if he doesn’t want people to assume he’s homeless.

Tell Me You Love Me, But Tell Me the Truth by Lehuitt

(1/1 I 10,062 I Mature I Sterek I Truth Serum)

He looked over at the younger man, hands moving with surprising grace as he cut up a pepper. The light was soft in the kitchen, causing his long eyelashes to cast shadows on his pale cheeks. Derek’s eyes took in the moles scattered on his face and down his neck like stars spread out against the sky. His eyebrows were pulled down as he concentrated, making his nose scrunch up in a way that Derek could only describe as adorable.

Stiles scooped up the dices of pepper and dropped it in the large silver bowl in front of Derek. His tongue poked out of the side of his mouth as he moved on to the next pepper. Derek felt mesmerized.

Stiles was captivating. His mind was echoing with the words, “You are so beautiful.”

Light brown eyes snapped up to meet his and he realized he had said it out loud.

Resident Assistant by Stereklover11

(8/? I 13,085 I Explicit I Sterek, Scallison I College AU)

Derek is excited about his new job. Or at least, as excited as he could be. He’s going to be a Resident Assistant in a dorm hall full of freshmen boys and he’s certain that the perks of his new job will outweigh the cons. That’s all of course before he meets one Stiles Stilinski, who is the epitome of annoying, inappropriate, and, infuriatingly enough, cuteness. Even though Stiles constantly pushes Derek’s patience to the edge, he can’t help but be drawn to the mesmerizing freshmen.

Safety in Silence by Survivah

(5/5 I 66,901 I Mature I Sterek, Stiles/OMC I Mates)

It’s perfectly understandable. Even Derek wouldn’t want to be Derek’s soulmate.