scott dyleski

Scott Dyleski was convicted of murdering his neighbour, Pamela Vitale, the wife of a prominent attorney, Daniel Horowitz. He received the maximum penalty of Life imprisonment without parole, and was not eligible to be given the death penalty as he was only 16 at the time of the murder.

After finding Vitale dead, police searched Dyleski’s home and found a substantial amount of evidence: two laptops, a computer, several knives, stained bedding and a duffle bag. His mother was initially accused of helping her son destroy evidence, but charges were later dropped after she agreed to cooperate fully with prosecutors.

This is about all I can take from stupid people

Dear YouTube, please ban all idiots from your site or at least keep them from making videos while adding commentary when they clearly don’t know anything about the topic. One main offender who actually inspired this little rant you all are reading goes by the username Tantris999 on Youtube. The video in particular goes by the title Ritual Murder of Woman by Satanic Goth. This video is a news segment from an actual news channel on TV somewhere, and it’s about a kid named Scott Dyleski who murdered a woman apparently for some Satanic ritual. Tantris999 adds commentary throughout the video talking about how goths are involved in vampire satanic cults when they had someone from the actual Gothic community on the news explaining what goth culture was. The whole time Tantris999 was like, “No, he’s not telling the truth. He’s watering it down. It’s all about Satan. Blah blah blah blah” and at that point, I wanted to throw my computer through a damn wall (and my computer is like my child). The person they had on went by the name of Voltaire. He said that goth was more of a style, more of a music scene. He was basically saying that not everybody that is considered “goth” is Satanic. A majority of those in the Gothic community aren’t, but are more interested in the artistic sense of the culture. There are Satanists in the Gothic community, but most of them are not theistic Satanists, and even if they are, they don’t go around killing people. Not that I’ve heard of anyways. Then, this Tantris999 wants to go blaming Marilyn Manson. Manson is very popular in the Gothic community, and the fact that this person (if they were indeed into the goth scene) liked Manson and his music is a complete coincidence. What? Are we going to run around blaming Marilyn Manson for every murder some kid in eyeliner commits? No. People who do this, no matter what they are inspired by, have enough sense and enough brains in their head to know that that is not acceptable and should not be done. If they do it, you can blame nobody but the person who committed the crime. We can’t blame music, TV, movies, talk shows, any of this for some kid interpreting something in his/her own way. That would be ridiculous. Goth is actually a pretty cool culture. Romance, fashion, architecture, art, literature, the best of these elements come from Gothic culture. Edgar Allen Poe? He is regarded by several as a Gothic writer. These eccentric churches? Those are called GOTHIC cathedrals (even though some could argue the two are in no relation). Goth has become one of the biggest fashion trends in the fashion industry. Satanism does not always equal the Gothic community. There are probably tons of people who are Satanists who aren’t “goth”. They were also trying to blame Manson for a Black Dahlia copycat murder because he did a painting depicting it, and the killers were fans of his. The Black Dahlia murder itself could’ve been their inspiration for killing that girl, not Manson’s painting. Basically, the point of this rant is that Tantris999 is an asshole, just because somebody is Gothic, it does not mean they are going around killing people and sacrificing them to Satan, not everybody involved in the Gothic culture is a Satanist or is involved in some sort of vampiric or Satanic cult, and Marilyn Manson is also not to blame for a bunch of idiots running around killing their family, friends, or even complete strangers.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Scott Dyleski looks like Gaspard Ulliel in Hannibal Rising?

I saw Gaspard Ulliel in person once and he really doesn’t look like Dyleski.  Then again, I’ve never seen Dyleski in person.  Maybe in a couple of pictures they do sort of look alike.

Like those two pictures side by side—-yes.  But Gaspard Ulliel looks pretty different in person.