scott dunn

One day on set, Sam found my high school prom picture in a prop folder. The entire oval office crew took a picture of it an texted it to me at the same time. This is the moment on set when they found it. If you go back into the past seasons, you can see it in one of the scenes as set dressing. I had forgotten that I had given it to set dec, so let me just tell you when you all of a sudden get seven text messages of your prom picture, it’s a weird feeling, and your first question is ‘why are all of these people at my house?’ (x)  


High school redoes graduation for a student who just woke up from a coma

Weeks before he was supposed to graduate from East Juniata High School in McAlisterville, Pennsylvania, Scott Dunn, was in a serious car accident that left him comatose. Upon waking up, Dunn learned he missed graduation, but the school wasn’t about to let that go. His classmates joined in to make this even sweeter.