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Best and Worst BB Players for Each Placement:

Not Including BB9 (which would fill the list), BB7 (good players all around), and BB1 (different format)

(Winner) Best: Dan Gheesling/Dr. Will | Worst: Maggie Ausburn

(Runner-Up) Best: Danielle Reyes | Worst: Natalie Martinez  

(3rd) Best: Janelle Pierzina/Vanessa Rousso | Worst: Adam Poch

(4th) Best: Nakomis Dedmon | Worst: Caleb Reynolds/Corey Brooks

(5th) Best: Shelbey Stockton/Eric Stein | Worst: Howie Gordon/Ragan Fox

(6th) Best: Danielle Lickey/Elissa Slater | Worst: Christine Brecht/Chef Joe Arvin/Roddy Mancuso

(7th) Best: Amanda Zuckerman/James Rhine | Worst: Matt Hoffman/Lydia Tavera

(8th) Best: Daniele Donato/Britney Haynes | Worst: Paulie Califiore

(9th) Best: Helen Kim/Becky Burgess/Bridgette Dunning | Worst: Scott Dennis

(10th) Best: Kaysar Ridha/Jackie Ibarra | Worst: Jase Wirey

(11th) Best: Da’Vonne Rogers/Shelli Poole | Worst: Casey Turner/Dominic Briones

(12th) Best: Amber Borzotra/Steven Diagle | Worst: Mike Dutz

(13th) Best: Jason Roy/Brian Hart/Brittany Martinez | Worst: Cornbread Ligon/Joe Barber/Lori Valenti

(14th) Best: Audrey Middleton/Dominique Cooper | Worst: Jeremy McQuire

(15th) Best: Nick Uhas/Paola Shea | Worst: Jozea Flores/Jillian Parker 

(16th) Best: Da’Vonne Rogers | Worst: Joey Van Pelt

(17th) Best: Cameron Heard | Worst: Jace Agolli

Do you agree of disagree with any of my choices? Please let me know


“why is it called insert?”

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U.S. Names, Officialunitedstates Rankings


A: Sarah, Rachel, Heather, Victoria, Marie

B: Elizabeth, Jessica, Lisa, Kimberly, Michelle, Stephanie, Shirley, Angela, Emily, Nicole, Maria, Emma, Julie, Jacqueline, Hannah, Sara, Julia, Grace, Natalie, Virginia, Sofia

C: Jennifer, Susan, Karen, Ashley, Helen, Melissa, Deborah, Laura, Sharon, Amy, Anna, Brenda, Pamela, Catherine, Christine, Samantha, Debra, Carolyn, Diane, Christina, Kelly, Lauren, Megan, Alice, Ann, Olivia, Rose, Beverly, Amber, Danielle, Brittany, Tiffany, Kathy, Amanda, Cynthia

D:  Mary, Margaret, Betty, Sandra, Carol, Rebecca, Kathleen, Ruth, Katherine, Evelyn, Martha, Cheryl, Jean, Gloria, Teresa, Janice, Theresa, Denise, Marilyn, Madison, Diana, Abigail, Lori

F: Patricia, Linda, Barbara, Nancy, Dorothy, Donna, Janet, Joyce, Joan, Judith, Andrea, Judy, Jane

F-: Frances, Doris, Kathryn, Mildred


A: Christopher, George, Vincent

B: James, Michael, Charles, Daniel, Jason, Jeffrey, Jonathan, Frank, Jack, Aaron, Jose, Zachary, Nathan, Jesse

C: Robert, William, David, Joseph, Thomas, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Christian, Paul, Steven, Joshua, Timothy, Ryan, Jacob, Justin, Brandon, Gregory, Samuel, Benjamin, Alexander, Tyler, Henry, Peter, Kyle, Joe, Ethan, Bryan, Dylan, Alan, Juan, Noah, Phillip, Gabriel, Johnny, Louis

D: Richard, Anthony, Andrew, Brian, Kevin, Gary, Nicholas, Eric, Stephen, Jerry, Douglas, Adam, Carl, Jeremy, Sean, Austin, Bruce, Jordan, Wayne, Russell, Bobby, Howard

F: Donald, Kenneth, Edward, Ronald, Larry, Scott, Patrick, Dennis, Walter, Arthur, Gerald, Roger, Keith, Albert, Willie, Billy, Roy, Eugene, Harry, Randy

F-: Raymond, Harold, Lawrence, Terry, Ralph

Here’s the list of the Swing District Republicans who voted yes on Trumpcare. Do your part to ensure this group is ousted in 2018. (Call to voice your opposition, support Dem candidates in the midterms, campaign, etc.)

AK-AL Don Young
AL-02 Martha Roby
AZ-02 Martha McSally
CA-10 Jeff Denham
CA-21 David Valadao
CA-25 Steve Knight
CA-39 Ed Royce
CA-45 Mimi Walters
CA-48 Dana Rohrabacher
CA-49 Darrell Issa
CO-03 Scott Tipton
FL-15 Dennis Ross
FL-18 Brian Mast
FL-26 Carlos Curbelo
IA-01 Rod Blum
IA-03 David Young
IL-06 Peter Roskam
IL-12 Mike Bost
IN-09 Trey Hollingsworth
KS-03 Kevin Yoder
ME-02 Bruce Poliquin
MI-07 Tim Walberg
MI-11 Dave Trott
MN-02 Jason Lewis
MN-03 Erik Paulsen
NC-02 George Holding
NC-13 Ted Budd
NE-02 Don Bacon
NY-19 John Faso
NY-22 Claudia Tenney
PA-16 Lloyd Smucker
TX-07 John Culberson
TX-32 Pete Sessions
UT-04 Mia Love
VA-02 Scott Taylor


Bunnies & Burrows by B Dennis Sustare and Scott Robinson, Charles Loving cover art for first printing, FGU, 1976.  B&B was inspired by Watership Down and considered an oddity among the early RPGs, but now is recognized as the first to use a detailed skill system and to focus on non-humanoid characters.


Scott Dennis - Bronzed, striated, and bulging.

No matter what happens tonight the Blackhawks will still be my team and I’ll still love them.