scott delacorte

Sharks and Slavery
  • Scott Delacorte: You know, when President Lincoln abolished slavery, it was not a popular opinion
  • Elizabeth Halsey: Mmm.
  • Scott Delacorte: I just hate slavery so, so much!
  • Elizabeth Halsey: Slavery's the worst.
  • Scott Delacorte: If I could go back in time and undo slavery, I would. I hate it!
  • Russell Gettis: I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. Can I tell you guys what I hate?
  • Scott Delacorte: Mmm.
  • Russell Gettis: Sharks.
  • Scott Delacorte: Mmm. Well, sharks can tare families apart.
  • Russell Gettis: But they're also so majestic.
  • Scott Delacorte: They are beautiful creatures.
  • Russell Gettis: But they're also so ferocious!
  • Scott Delacorte: So ferocious! One of natures cruel jokes, I guess.