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“Chassis & Crossbow”, Low-Tech Autoduelling in Car Wars by Chris Smith, Norman Banduch, and Scott Haring, illustrated by George “Speed” Webber, from Autoduel Quarterly V1, N3, Steve Jackson Games, November 1983.



She loves to go out for a ride, climb to the top of the mountains, and rest there. She likes to stop and see the landscape around her, without being concerned about her average speed. she loves to go fast on the downhills, feeling every part of the road. Her goal is to enjoy, and delight her senses. Her aim is to put every ride in her memories.


Resident evil Vendetta. Leon Scott Kennedy.

Why do you hate me? -Scott McCall Fluff.-

Can you do a Scott one where the reader is Peters daughter and she thinks Scott hates her cause he always leaves when she’s around. But it’s really cause Peter threatened him to stay away.

This is very short.However tomorrow there will be about 5 new stories.Go send some requests for me to do afterwards.

Y/N jogged down the steps into the loft’s living room.She smiled as she saw the pack was there going over a few things.”Perfect Y/N! Just the person we needed!”Stiles exclaims but her attention was on Scott who rolled his eyes and walked away to head out the front door. Y/N wasn’t quite sure why Scott would always get angry and leave when she walked into the room or wherever the pack was.”Hold on Stiles!” She exclaimed before jogging after Scott,seeing him about to get on his bike.

“Scott!”She yelled and when he turned around,she pushed her hands against his chest,only sending him a few inches ahead of her.”Why the fuck do you hate me so much!?”She exclaimed and he just started smirking,shaking his head at her angry outburst.”I’m being serious Scott! You hate my guys and I did nothing to you!”She exclaimed and he grabbed a hold of her wrists when she tried to swing on him again.

“Y/N.”Scott growled before his eyes held Y/N’s at attention.”I don’t hate you.”He murmured to her and chuckled at her confused reaction as she stared up at the boy.”Explain.”She demanded and he ulled away to rub at the nape of his neck.”Well, I thought you were gorgeous when I first met you and I wanted to ask you out but your dad had stopped me before I could. He told me I had to stay away from you because he didn’t want his princess to get hurt.”Scott murmured and Y/N blushed a light shade of red.

“Oh.”Was all she could murmur before she moved to stand in front of Scott.She leaned up on her tippy toes to press a kiss against his lips.”I like you too.”She murmured with a small smile before she heard someone clearing their throat. Her head snapped towards the door to see her Dad,bearing his teeth at Scott.

“McCall! What did I say!?”Peter growled towards the younger man standing in front of him.Y/N watched as her dad took off running towards Scott,watching as he picked Scott up by his collar,pinning him to the tree.She watched intensly to see if Scott was going to fight back but he didn’t.”You little bitch!”He growled out to Scott before Y/N stepped in.

“Dad.I like Scott and you put him down right now.”Y/N demanded,her eyes staring into her dad’s eyes even when they flicked their colors.She growled back at him before watching her dad let go of Scott.”Peter, I’d like to take your daughter out and I won’t hurt her.She’s a great girl and if I ever hurt her,you can kill me on the spit.”Scott said to Peter,although he looked at Scott with uneasiness, he glanced at his daughter to see her eyes silently pleading that he would say yes.

“Fine. Hurt her and both Derek and I will rip you to shreds.”


Derek x Reader

“(Y/N)’s going to kill us.” Stiles groaned as he looked eye to eye with the newly shrunken Derek.


“Who’s (Y/N)?” Derek asked curiously.

“Deader than dead, I’m blaming this on you.” Stiles grunted.


“Well Derek isn’t supposed to be back till this evening and (Y/N) got mad that she didn’t get to see tiny Derek the last time he got shrunk.” Scott shrugged.

“I haven’t been shrunk.” Derek objected, frowning at Stiles and Scott as he followed them to the Jeep.


“Just take him to mine while I go ask Deaton how we get him back.” Scott muttered quickly as he headed over to his bike.

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At the 8 Hours of Bonelli I got 3rd place Elite Men in the 4-Hours Solo category. HOLY SHIT. It was actually my first time trying an XC marathon race like that; learned a lot. With shorter naps I could improve my time! I also need to find a better anti-cramp elixir. 

I loved the race format racing with everyone! 

In the end I completed 8 laps, the last two with heavy cramps. I thought my hydratation and nutrition was actually on point. I blame the cramps on neglected stretching of certain muscles (now I know you adductor longus!) and overall lack of adaptation for this type of event. I’ll get better at this the more I do it.

I’m glad I had the full suspension for this. The first few laps I had the suspension mostly locked out. Then toward the end I was happy to open it more often and recover, even on the bumpy climbs. Bonelli was extra chunky that day!

Chad got the win and Derek came in 2nd, both on 8 laps too. Also congrats to the 8-Hours finishers, you all are nuts!! :)


Reader x Scott

Warnings: oral, fingering, public sex/smut, smut

“We’re going to be late!” You called out as Scott suddenly stopped his bike.

“No we won’t just give me a minute.” He called out as he vanished into the trees.


After a few minutes of far off grunting her returned, offering no explanation as to what he’d been doing and climbed back on the bike. Safe to say when you finally got to school you’d missed a whole class and had to sneak in only for Scott to trip over Stiles’ leg.

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Top 5 sciles things I want to see in 6b:
5. Bedsharing. Look. We have been close a couple times in canon. They can even be shown with Scott’s feet near Stiles’ head if necessary. Just. Bedsharing.
4. Some kind of parallel universe scene where they’re a couple. Hell, it can even be part of a dream. It can simply be alluded that they’re romantic without onscreen kissing. (But, ideally, kissing.)
3. Stiles supporting Scott, telling him he’s incredible, and initiating a hug. Basically, Stiles being tender and fond again because we haven’t seen it in way too long.
2. Stiles on the back of Scott’s bike, climbing off shaky limbed and needing Scott to hold him up.
1. Scott and Stiles walking off into the sunset/off to college together AND/OR walking off to go watch Star Wars together.