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An Unlikely Pair (part 4)

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Pairings: Bucky/(F)Reader

Warnings: swearing!! self loathing, buck and reader are oblivious to each other, wanda and scott being funny 

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 

“I’m so sorry,” he swallowed, his throat bobbing. 

“I messed up,” he cleared his throat, “I… I’m not right for you alright?” 

She spun around to face him. “What in the hell are you talking about? Not right for me? The universe paired us together. We were meant for each other. It is written in our skin to be together. I can’t- what in the hell do you mean you’re not right for me?” 

Okay, she was definitely mad. How could he say that? 

“I am a monster,” he raised his voice and finally met her eyes. His icy blue eyes seemed to entrance her. “I am no good for you. Why can’t you see that?” he was getting more upset. Y/N was getting nervous. “I will ruin you! You can’t have me! I can’t have you!” he yelled, punching the wall next to him. 

She didn’t think twice, she ran. 

“Guys, what the hell is going on with Bucky and Y/N?” Sam said, walking into the room. The Avengers sat around on couches, watching Scott and Wanda duel it out on Mario Cart. Wanda’s thick accent could be heard saying I’ll stomp you, you fucking ant and then Scott’s Whoa

Clint looked up at Sam. “Individual cases or is it between them? Wait, do they even know each other?” 

Steve sighed, “They definitely know each other. They are… they’re soulmates.” 

Scott paused the game. “Hey!” Wanda yelled. 

“Soulmates?” everyone focused their attention on Steve. 

“Yeah. And it did not go so well. He- well he.. I don’t know how to say it.” 

“He finds her repulsive and disgusting? That’s actually a first for Y/N, literally everyone loves her,” Tony butted in. Everyone nodded.

“No! No. He thinks he’s not right for her,” Steve put together. “He thinks he’s gonna hurt her or something.”

Everyone was quiet. “She can hold her own, you know,” Sam muttered. The Avengers nodded. 

“She’s very upset about it,” Wanda broke in. “I read her thoughts. Only because I sensed something was very wrong,” she shot a pointed look at Sam (who often accuses her of invading people’s minds for fun). “She thinks he hates her, she thinks it’s something about her… something he doesn’t like. She didn’t even take in consideration that maybe it is him.” Again, quiet. 

“Steve, and the rest of you boys, you are in charge of Bucky,” Natasha commanded. She had lost her own soulmate before her days at SHIELD, and she didn’t want to see her dear friend Y/N go through the same thing. “Girls, we have Y/N. Oh, and Tony, you are with us. I have a plan.” 

“What? Why can’t I be on the guys team?” Tony whined, ruining the moment.  

“Please shut up, Tony,” Natasha sighed, rubbing a hand across her face.  

“Fine, but I get to make the shirts.” 

Okay, yes, he should have done that differently. Twice, in two days he royally fucked up. 

But every time he gets around her his tongue is fat and heavy in his mouth and his hand sweats and the other one clenches and he is so nervous. He wants to kiss her. Hard. He wants to shove his tongue in her mouth and taste her and hear her whimpering for him and claim her because she is his. 

It’s just not that easy. If it was James Buchanan Barnes from the 1940′s, you bet he would have gotten the girl. Even then, he wouldn’t have deserved her; but then, he was a cocky bastard. 

Sometimes he wishes he was still that guy. Especially when he sees her. He isn’t, though. And that makes all the difference. 

He actually scared her this time. He almost lost it! He knows it. She’s probably sitting in her room now calling her mom and telling her that her soulmate’s a psychopath and wondering why she had to be paired with him. He really did scare her! And it was all because he was mad at himself. He never meant to punch that wall in front of her, he only did it because why couldn’t she see how fucking terrible he was. She looked at him like he wasn’t a monster. 

“Bucky! Hey bud,” Steve chuckled, nervously. Um, what the fuck? he thought. 

“Hello?” his gruff voice spoke. He was grumpy, Steve interrupted his self-loathing session. And now he sees Steve is not alone. 

“Hey Buck!” Sam grins. Motherfucker, he rolled his eyes. What is everyone doing here? 

“What are you up to?” Scott creepily smiled. 

Bucky glared, “What does is look like I’m doing?”

Scott’s smile faltered, “You’re hilarious. You’ve always been hilarious, right guys?” He wiped the sweat on his forehead. Bucky almost laughed. 

“Listen Buck, we were all gonna go out and we were wondering if you wanted to tag along?” Steve asked. 

“I think I’ll stay home on this one, sorry Steve.” 

“Um, no that’s- that’s fine. I guess we’ll see you later.” Steve smiled sadly, and Bucky almost reconsidered, but he didn’t. They all awkwardly shuffled out of the room. Well, all except Clint. He took one final look at Bucky and just grinned, and then shaking his head, he left. 

What the fuck? 

Wanda nodded showing Natasha the text, okay target acquired. Natasha rolled her eyes and took the phone texting back what the fuck scott. Some people couldn’t be helped. 

“Hey Y/N!” Wanda smiled, walking in to the kitchen behind Natasha. 

“Oh hey guys!” Y/N smiled back. It was a half smile. Where’d our Y/N go? Natasha thought. 

“We were all about to go grab some dinner if you wanted to tag along?” 

Y/N pondered it for a moment. She hadn’t been out in a few days. She just sat around like a sad sack of potatoes. Fuck love. “Sure, I’ll go get ready real quick.” 

“We’ll be waiting here,” Wanda smiled.

Y/N nodded and made her way up to her room. She put on some jeans and a nice t-shirt and checked herself in the mirror. She thought back to that morning. She ran only because she knew Bucky needed space. He was trying to let her down easy, and that was the gentlemanly thing to do. It was thoughtful and very mature, but she saw right through it. He got a bit upset, but she figured that was only because he realized she wasn’t oblivious to the fact that she was the problem, not him. She was the fuck up and he was stuck with her. 

She found herself softly running her finger over her ‘JBB’. Oh, how she wished he wanted her back. 

 She mussed her hair and touched up her makeup. Still, she didn’t think she looked pretty. She sighed and shook her head and was interrupted by a knock on the door. 

“Hey sugar lips, listen I got a problem,” Tony greeted. 

“Um, hey Tony, what do you need?” she spoke, surprised at his unexpected appearance. 

“Okay, I am looking for a key. It’s about this big,” he squeezed his fingers together, “silver and blue, blue only on the top and- you know what just follow me. The last time I saw it was in the lounge.” 

“Tony, I can’t Wanda and Natasha-” 

“PLEASE,” Tony cut her off. Her eyes widened slightly. “Y/N, you don’t understand, I need this key. Please, if you help me find it, I will love you forever. I’m begging you,” he clasped his hands together. 

“Okay! Fine. I’ll help you find it.” she sighed. What a child

She followed him all the way to the lounge and when she stepped in the room she looked around and asked “Now where is the last time you saw it?” but when she only heard silence she looked up and Tony met her eyes. 

“Sorry, Y/N but until you two make up, JARVIS?” Yes, Mr. Stark? “Lock this room and don’t let Ms. L/N and Mr. Barnes leave until they are on better terms. Maybe they’ll even kiss.” 

Cold chills shot down Y/N’s back when she heard Mr. Barnes. She never left Tony’s gaze. He shrugged, “Sorry, Y/N.” He left and the doors made an audible click. 

He would regret this. 

“I had nothing to do with this, I swear.” Upon hearing his voice, her shoulders slumped. She closed her eyes and released a sigh. 

If I see one more person (◡‿◡✿)

insist that Scott was “justified” in violently throwing an abuse survivor against a wall (◡‿◡✿)

because he “broke the bro code” (◕‿◕✿)

I will teletransport myself to your room via the sheer explosive power of my rage and destroy your laptop, your phone, and every wifi-accessing device you own, so you can never spread your shitty abuse-apologizing victim blaming BULLSHIT on the internet again  (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

okay? (✿◠‿◠)


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