scott arnold

So I'm rewatching Black Sails

Yeah I know but I’m a glutton for punishment, what can I say??

Anyway on S4 E5 when Madi and Silver are talking about Flint giving away the cache to Elenor. I noticed something: There’s a pause after Madi speaks to Silver telling him she knows that killing Billy will be difficult for him. He paused and then took a breath as if he was thinking about something. Thinking really hard too, his face was serious aF. Silver turns around and looks at Madi for about 5 seconds and then ask the heartbreaking will I be enough question. What if this was the moment Silver was planning on telling Madi about Thomas being alive right then and there but her answer (or should I say, her silence) made him think better of it. Maybe he saw her rejection as a sign that she drank Flint’s Kool-aid so to speak or maybe he knew she wasn’t willing to give up this war not even for him. So Silver decided “betraying” her to keep her safe and alive was his only option. Maybe he even believed her love for him would outshine her angry and hurt, so she would eventually forgive him for what he was planning on doing. @varietiesinlife @slowlyandrogynousmiracle @scottsndsilver @yearof76 @post-febrile @yemme @bowtothepapergods