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Cecilia Payne (1900-1979) is a real-life astronomer who discovered the chemical composition of the stars (and the fact that hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe).

Because her findings were so revolutionary, Prof. Henry Norris Russell scoffed and called the result “clearly impossible.” He persuaded her to add a sentence to her thesis stating that her findings were “almost certainly not real.”

But her findings were real, and she was right. Four years later, Russell published a book that reached the same conclusions as Payne.

Hence Cecilia Payne’s warning to young scientists:

“If you are sure of your facts, you should defend your position.”

(Image from “Science Sleuths of History: Cecilia Payne” in JILL TRENT, SCIENCE SLEUTH #2, written by D.M. Higgins & Charley Macorn, art by Kelly Phillips & Andrea Scott. Available now on Kickstarter.)


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