Women do have very strong relationships with each other and you don’t often see that dramatised on telly. In fact, friendship itself isn’t dramatised terribly well on television. I suppose I do like reflecting on friendships. A lot of warmth and humour can come from the relationships that women have with each other.
—  Sally Wainwright

Scott and Bailey and the Totally Serious Police Department


For God’s Sake, Spank Him (½) ~ Rupert Graves as barrister Nick Savage, Scott and Bailey (2011)

If there’s any character in more need of discipline than this magnificent-looking arsehole, I challenge you to show me one who’s prettier.

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#Silver Fox Saturday


“How’s Kevin? Still writing with crayons? What is he now, head of tables and chairs? Officer in charge of paper clips? How’s his mental furniture, still in storage?”

Scott and Bailey - Superintendent Julie Dodson appreciation post.