scott alan concert


Renée doing an impression of Celine Dion singing Never Neverland.

Meeting Kirstie was a dream come true.

Last year, after the PTX concert, Kirstie rushed off to perform at Scott Alan’s concert so I didn’t manage to chat to her at all or get a selfie with her like I did with the boys.

This year, at the meet and greet, I asked her if she was sticking around afterwards and she promised that she would.

When she came out after the show, I said to her, “you made it!”
And she replied, “of course! I promised you, didn’t I?”
We took a really cute Polaroid together. (I say really cute. She was cute. I looked like a munter. But what can you expect when you take a picture next to a goddess?) I thanked her and she gave me a hug and when she was signing other people’s stuff I said, “tell Jeremy and Olaf I said heeeeey.”
“Oh I will!”
“Although they won’t know who you’re talking about and you’ll probably forget my name anyways.”
At this point she turns to me, looks me dead in the eyes and says, “what is your name?”
She has the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen in my life. We didn’t break eye contact for what felt like hours but must have been only about a minute of conversation. It was like she was looking into my soul if I had one.
“BoBo Lai.”
“BoBo Lai?” She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion and it was adorable.
“BoBo Lai.”
“That’s your name? Your name is BoBo Lai?”
“That is so cool!!”
I told her that was my name on Twitter and everything and then she asks me what my Twitter was. I wore my oyaboó t-shirt today so I just point at my boobs.
She says to me, “that’s your Twitter name?”
“Yeah. You should follow me cos I’m fucking great.”
“I will.”
“I promise.”

Let’s see how well she keeps her promises.

UPDATE: She kept her promise.