scott actually follows me on twitter

Not So Bad Chances

Summary: Stiles finds out that the students ship him with another teacher, Lydia.

Happy birthday @lydiastxles! I’m so glad that we somehow started talking on Twitter. Hope you enjoy this.

It started with Scott dramatically dropping his takeout box onto his desk unannounced.

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anonymous asked:

I just read on DL that Sam has 375K Twitter followers and Scott Kyle has 300K followers. Puts Sam's popularity into perspective. I know Kyle courted fans but I'm sure he didn't personally reach out to all 300,000 of them. Kinda makes you wonder.

That is interesting isn’t it. Scott has 319k actually, and follows 300k. He has that coveted blue check, too. His little game of “follow me I’ll follow you” worked brilliantly. Perfect example of: work smarter not harder.

Can you imagine if Sam started doing that? The internet would crash.

Text Confession

Can we talk about the fact that the superfruit account on Twitter has more followers on Twitter than kevin and avi and kirstin who are actual members of the fucking band I mean are you kidding me?!!! And at least avi and kirstin are quite close but kevin is soooo far away.