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Hurry Up & Just Kiss (Isaac Lahey prompt ft Pack)

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Request: Hey💗since requests are open again, could I get something with Theo or Isaac with prompts 31,92, 97, 104, 144? Maybe they are at a sleepover with the whole McCall pack or something? Or if you have something other in mind then you can also do that bc it would be amazing too! It’s totally up to you about what you want to write! Thank you💗

31) “fuck you” “yes please” “not literally” “oh”
92) “you know what you are?” “what?” “a little shit” “you’re mean”
97) “are you okay?” “no, I was choking” “yeah, choking on my-” “say it and I will end you” “dick” “that’s it!”
104) “can you please move your phone” “that’s not my phone”
144) “you’ll have to sit on my lap”

Warning(s): curse words, fluff and sexual references

I arrived at Scott’s house with my bag and pillow, I rang the doorbell and patiently waited for someone to open the door.

When the door opened, I smiled when I saw Theo, “Hey loser” I greeted and he moved aside for me to get through.

I set my stuff down and walked towards the living room, “(Y/N)!” Everyone exclaimed as soon as they saw me.

“Hi guys!” I grinned and looked around to see that everyone was there. I went to sit down but Isaac beat me to it and took the last spot.

“You’ll have to sit on my lap” Isaac grinned, I sighed and sat on his lap and moved around a bit to get comfortable.

“Isaac, can you please move your phone” I stated and turned to see his face red. “That’s not my phone” He answered, “Just kidding, it’s my phone” he added and pulled his phone out.

I got up to make more popcorn for myself and the others, I stood waiting for the second bag to finish popping while eating a few from what was left in the bowl.

I started coughing when a piece of popcorn kernel got stuck in my throat, I grabbed water and chugged it down till it was all gone.

I heard footsteps jogging and saw Isaac, “Are you okay?” He asked concerned, “No, I was choking” I stated with a raspy voice. Isaac snorted, “Yeah, choking on my-” I held my hand up to stop him, “Say it and I will end you” I warned, “Dick” He added. I put the bowl down, “That’s it!” I screamed and tackled him.

The pack laughed as they watched me tackle Isaac to the ground, but eventually Scott stopped us.

“Alright, alright. Let’s play some games now” Scott chuckled.

“What game?” Stiles asked.

“Monopoly!” Mason, Corey, and Liam exclaimed. 

“Twister!” Malia, Lydia, Theo, Isaac, and I all yelled.

“Twister, it is!” Stiles shouted and went to grab the game.

Lydia, Isaac, Liam, and I all went first.

“Right foot blue, left hand green” Scott continued to call out.

“Left foot blue” and I reached out and stretched my foot to reach the color.

Lydia and Liam fell, which left Isaac and I.

“You’re going down, I’m so going to win” Isaac teased.

“Fuck you” I glared,  “Yes please” Isaac smiled and I scoffed, “Not literally”, “Oh”.

Stiles called out the next one and Isaac leaned over to reach across me and knocked me over resulting in me losing and I groaned.

Isaac laughed and stuck his tongue out, “You know what you are?” I asked. “What?” He questioned back, “A little shit” I glared at him, “You’re mean” he pouted.

“All this sexual tension is making me hungry” Corey commented and everyone agreed.

“Yeah, this is intense” Mason added.

“You guys need to hurry up and just kiss” Lydia pursued her lips.

Isaac and I looked at each other and suddenly we got pushed into each other.

When we pulled away with widened eyes, we turn to see Malia smiling.

“Boom, done. I made them kiss, can we eat now? We can leave these two alone”. 

You Came Back? (Requested with Derek)

can u do Derek Hale season 6b (the reader is scotts twin sister)

A/N: Hi! I hope you enjoy :) ♥

Warnings: Violence, a swear or two, and incoming angst. But don’t worry, there’s some cute fluff at the end, I promise.


We can never seem to catch a break, you think bitterly.

They came out of nowhere, trucks packed with hunters pulling up to surround you. And then the shooting started. You all scatter for cover under the overpass, the sound of the guns cracking like firecrackers in the air. One of the trucks has a mounted spotlight, shining into the darkness so that you’re easier to see, structural pillars casting shadows across the expanse underneath the overpass like prison bars. Fitting, you think again more cynically, considering they had you trapped like animals. There were at least seven of them, maybe more, all equipped with heavy duty firepower. 

You look for your friends, and see that Lydia has ducked behind a pillar with her hands clamped around her ears, next to a beat up blue dumpster which Malia is crouching behind. Column stone is breaking off around them, puffs of dust hanging in the air. Your brother, Scott, has found cover at the other end of the underpass from you, trying to peer out from around a column to assess the situation. But he’s forced back into hiding by a spray of bullets every time.

You catch sight of Deucalion, dragging himself across the pavement for cover as he bleeds out. You take a steadying breath, crinkling your nose at the strong scent of blood, and follow Peter, darting across the open space. He ducks behind a metal barrel, and you manage to throw yourself behind another pillar across from Lydia and Malia. When there’s a break in the gunfire you drop to your knees, crawling out from cover to get to Deucalion, pointedly ignoring the look of admonishment Peter sends you. 

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Title: Yellow eyes

Liam Dunbar Imagine

Requested: Yes

Word count: 2.9k

Song suggestion: Monster - Meg and Dia

requests are open

When you are a mystery it leaves a lot to wonder why, why am I a mystery, why do I have to be a mystery. You had that constant thought, why would my mother want to keep me hidden from all of the world, but you stopped wondering shortly after you found out who your father was. You were the daughter of the infamous Derek Hale, the lone wolf once turned alpha and then lone wolf once more, you hadn’t thought much about who he was, you didn’t care.

After Derek went missing from Beacon Hills, your mother decided it would be a good idea for you to go and get some actual socializing. That’s why you were here, your first real day of high school, you had been homeschooled up to this moment. You sat in the passenger side of your mother’s car, staring out of the window as she tried to comfort you, “don’t worry, everything will be alright.”

Your mother had a sweet smile on her face, the kind that would be willing to make any depressed or scared teen comfortable. You opened the door, turning to face your mother with a happy smile, but under all of it you were completely nervous. She drove off as you turned to face the school, people hurried in, hoping to get inside before the bell rings.

The bell rang lightly, so you followed behind a group of people, hoping they would somehow notice you were new and perhaps help you to the office. The final bell rang and everyone filled into their classes, causes a mass chaos as you stood in the middle of it. People were hitting you left and right, causing you to topple over and land on your knees, when you looked up it was almost like magic, everyone was gone.

“What the hell..?” You climbed to your feet, standing in the tiled floor hall with walls lined with blue lockers, you sighed loudly and started to walk towards the door you came from. A silent ran over the halls until you heard a door open and a terrible sound of shoes screeching on the floor, you turned to see a boy running right for you.

He wasn’t looking and you couldn’t move out of the way fast enough, he crashed into you, causing you to hit the floor, slamming your head on the ground. You let out a groan, reaching for the back of your head as the boy continued to lay on top of you. He looked up at you, he had cerulean blue eyes that stared at you with concern, the boy climbed off of you quickly.
“I-I’m sorry.” You felt the back of your head, expecting there to be blood, but there was nothing, not even a drop, just a severe headache. “Oh you are bleeding.”

You were confused as to what the boy meant, but you looked down at the floor, there was a blood smudge exactly where you landed. Another hustled sound came from the same door, you turned to see two considerably larger boys chasing after the blue eyed one.

One of them had a crooked jaw and puppy dog brown eyes, the other had spiked brown hair and light eyes, “Liam, what the hell!”

The one with brown eyes kept his glare on you, you were confused as to why, he only cocked his head, almost as if he was sniffing the air. “Stilinski! Mccall! Dunbar!”

A teacher with crazy hair came running after the boys, you stood in blank stare, confused as to what was happening. The boys were quick to try and run but they pushed Liam down, running past him as he hit the ground. The teacher caught up, bending down to put his hands on his knees, taking a deep breath, “Coach, I can expl-”

“Not a word Dunbar.” He stated while glaring at the young boy, the man known as coach looked up at you, curious as to why you were just standing in the hallway. “Why are you in the hallway, first period just began!”

You jumped at his loud voice, getting a little frightened of the teacher or coach, “I am new here, sir-r.”

“Oh, that’s perfect, Dunbar, show her around and I’ll shrink your punishment.” Liam sighed from the floor, still laying on the germ infested ground, he held his mouth open almost in shock, you quickly made a comment, “close your mouth, you might catch flies.”

Coach let out and laugh and started to follow after the two older boys, you looked down at the boy, he had no intention of getting up. “Are you gonna show me around?”

“Nope. Just gonna lay here all day.” He stated nonchalantly, “ummm..”

You started to walk away, feeling a deep sense of awkwardness as he continued to lay on the ground. “Wanna ditch?”

A voice called out from behind you, you turned to see Liam rested his head in his elbows, a smirk coming to his face. “Why not.”

From that point on you and Liam were inseparable, best friends. You guys had always been together, whether it was playing video games or even going to family dinners. Over the years you had adapted to Liam’s sarcasm, playing off of it most days or even creating various inside jokes. That wasn’t the only things you found out about each other over the years, you found out Liam was exactly like you, well kind’ve, you were a born werewolf, he was bitten.

After awhile, you had your own little family, a few werewolves who treated you like a person, who accepted you for the werewolf you are. Scott didn’t know much about you, but he was okay with that, he trusted you, but that’s why you couldn’t break his heart by telling him who your parents were.

Telling him during the current situation also wouldn’t be smart, the dread doctors, completely fictional characters had somehow popped out of a storybook and into Beacon Hills. “Y/N, what are you thinking about?”

You were snapped out of your thoughts by Liam, he sat down next to you with a smile and two ice creams, “oh, just the upcoming test.”

“We don’t have a test.” Liam looked at you with a joking smile, you shrugged, “well i thought we had one, I guess I’m wrong.”

Liam laughed at you, you reached for the ice cream, but he swatted your hand away, you gasped in shock, “Uh, Liam!”

“I am a growing boy and I need to eat as much as I can.” You looked at him and placed a hand over your chest, acting offended, he smirked and licked one of the ice creams. Liam looked at you like a little kid, about to lick the other ice cream but you were quick to grab it from his hand, taking a large lick from it.

“You didn’t!” He moved towards you, causing your stomach to erupt in butterflies, he kept moving towards you, reaching for the ice cream. His face moved closer to yours, a deep heat rising to your face as you stretched backwards, nervousness washing over you.

As of recently, you started to feel something for your best friend, you thought it was something to do with the sudden new girl in his life. Haydan. Liam and her were getting closer by the day, he started to cancel plans on you to hang out with her, it was almost like jealousy was spinning inside of you.

Soon you realized it was something else, you had feelings for your best friend, you were completely infatuated with him. He kept getting closer to you, those deep eyes looking between you and the ice cream, his scent filling his nose, your heart jumping out of your chest.

“Liam, hey, thought we were gonna meet for lunch?” You and Liam stayed in your positions but turned your heads to the left, Haydan stood there with a look of anger on her, she had her arms crossed and you could smell the emotion on her.
Liam hopped up from his chair, moving to greet Haydan with a smile, you instantly rolled your eyes, watching as he obeyed to basically her calls. “I’ll see you after school for Call of Duty, right, Y/N?”

Haydan shook her head, “but you were supposed to help Scott watch me tonight.” You stood up, an annoyed smile on your face as you made eye contact with Haydan, you flashed your yellow eyes at her, giving her a warning.

“I’ll see you soon, Liam.” You walked past the both of them, feeling anger well up inside of you, you were done with today and couldn’t wait to go home and yell out in anger. You understood Haydan needed your help, but you were so sick of hearing about her from Liam, you had managed to avoid him. Today was the first time you talked to him in weeks, he didn’t even seem to be bothered by the lack of communication.

Once school was out, you rushed home, anxious to let out some sort of rage. You arrived home to see your blonde mother cooking, she was dancing to some older song, her hips moving in a provocative way. “Kate Argent, you seem to confuse me everytime I come home.”

She turned around, her blonde hair swinging with her, “you know I hate when you call me that Y/N, it’s mom.”

You couldn’t help but laugh, her horrid dance moves going through your head. “Are you laughing at my dance moves?” You placed your hand over your mouth, nodding as she started to do the dance moves once again.

“Oh no, please no!” She moved towards you, grabbing your arms and pulled you into the dance with her, you smiled and started to repeat the moves she was. A loud sizzle came from the stove, you looked over to see dinner boiling and burning over, your mom rushed over to stop the burning but she was to late, dinner was scorched.

You bit your lip but you weren’t really surprised, your mother didn’t really know to cook, she was better at burning stuff, “Well, take out it is, again.”

“Call Wong, tell him the usual.” Your mother stated with a hand on her forehead, you pulled out your phone, pressing 2, since he was one of your emergency contacts. “Heyyyyy! Y/N!!!! The usual? 4?”

A laugh came from you, your mom started to clean up the mess, you started to talk to Wong, “Yeah, the usual, I’ll be there by 4.”

You looked towards the clock, it was already 3:30, you sighed, jumping on the couch, your mom took the sign and walked over. She stood over you with a sympathetic smile, “more Liam trouble?”

“I don’t have trouble with Liam, I have trouble with Haydan, I just wanna- wanna rip her head off.” Your mom smiled down at you, stifling out a laugh, “that’s because you have a crush on Liam baby.”

You ignored your mom, she was no help to the situation, you just wanted your ditching sarcastic best friend back. “Y/N, if you like him so much, go for him.”

Maybe your mom was right, maybe he felt the same way, you could only find out by doing one thing, a smile came to your face as you hugged your mom. “Thanks, Mom.”

“Go get him, babygirl! And my food!” She yelled as you ran out the door, you could only think of one place Liam would be, Haydan’s. You started on the road to her house, a surge of confidence overtaking you, you were gonna do it, you were gonna admit your feelings to Liam.

You kept your eyes on the road and a sudden fog appeared, almost as if a storm was rolling in, you squinted your eyes, trying to see far enough ahead of you. A figure showed up in the road, you tried to stop your car, but it’s hard when you are going 70, the tires screamed from under the car.

You did the only thing you could think of when it comes to avoid hitting a person, you took the wheel of the car and spun it to the right. The sharp turn causes your car to go into the ditch, slamming harshly against a tree, the hit pushed you forwards, your mouth clipping the steering wheel. A metallic taste filled your mouth, you felt something drip down the side of your face as your vision smudged, smoke billowed out of the front of your car.

“Dammit.” You climbed out the front seat, pushing the door open as you fell out of the car, a headache starting in the back of your head. You started to walk forwards, now seeing 3 large figures in the road, you feel into the road, feeling a sharp pain in your stomach, you looked down to see a piece of metal sticking out.

Panic washed over you, you had to get this out or you wouldn’t heal, you took off your sweatshirt, wrapping it around the sharp metal. You used the sweatshirt to make sure you wouldn’t get cut anymore than you already are, you winced as you started to pull the metal out. The 3 figures were getting closer as the metal was finally ripped from your stomach, you felt dizzy, everything shaking as you recognized the figures.

The dread doctors, you stood up, wobbling back and forth, they spoke with hollow voices, “hello, Y/N, you will be a valuable asset.”

One of the doctor’s lifted up his hand causing you to hear an immense screaming You let out a cry and fell to the ground, covering your ears in pain, “you son of a bitch!”

In an instant they were surrounding you, looking at you, your eyes went black, they weren’t even closing but it was almost like you were going blind. Your voice squeaked as you cried out once more, “Liam!”

It was almost like it didn’t matter, cause the pain eventually went away, the darkness receded and you were able to go back to darkness of your eyelids. When you woke you saw nothing but the concrete floor, the blurring of gray, you looked up, seeing you were in a giant cage, and you were alone.

“Help!” Your voice was raspy from screaming, it almost hurt you to speak, but that didn’t stop you from trying. You sat up, examining the situation you were in, there were chains wrapped around your ankles, a metal lock on the end of it. A needle protruded from your arm, a strange black liquid going through your veins, you ripped it out and sniffed it, “wolfsbane.”

Liam hadn’t heard from you, it was starting to concern him, but the confirmation that something was wrong hit him when your mother asked where you were. Neither of them knew and it started to become a scary situation, Liam rushed to tell Scott, “she is gone, her mom can’t find her and she was supposed to be here.”

“I bet she is okay, maybe stopped for food, you know Y/N.” Scott stated with a chuckle, Liam was completely unamused by the comment, “I’m going to look for her.”

Liam walked over to Haydan, she looked at him with a smile, “I think Y/N is missing, will you go with me to help me find her?”

Haydan shook her head, “no way am I risking my life to go find a WEREWOLF who can take care of herself.” Liam shook his head, “what is with you?! It’s almost like you hate Y/N!”

“I don’t hate her! She just isn’t my friend.” Haydan quickly defended herself, Liam balled his hands into fists, “ya, well she is my best friend, I’m going to find her, missing or not.”

Liam walked out the door of Haydan’s house, hoping to find the scent of you in the woods, once he was able to find it, he started to run after it. He ran through miles of woods to find your smoking car, your blood spilled on the scene, Liam pulled out his phone and facetimed Scott.

“You find her?” Liam shook his head turning the camera around, “I think the dread doctors got to her before she could get to us… Scott.. She is gone…”

“We’ll find her Liam.” Scott’s words were empty as the young beta looked through the accident, you left your sweatshirt tied around the pole and your phone on the ground. He picked it up, pressing the home screen, revealing a picture of you and Liam, his chest instantly plummeted, guilt taking over him.

“Scott.. If I was with her, this wouldn’t have happened..” Liam spoke with a broken heart, knowing almost instantly what he had to do, “I’m going to find her.”

Scott tried to stop Liam, but he was running on anger, not really listening to what his Alpha had to say. He walked up to your car, grabbing the keys and jumping into the front seat, soon starting the damaged car, and pulling it backwards. “I’ll find you. I promise.”

part 2?

Scott: Where did you guys go? You had a specific time to get out. What happened to sticking with the plan?

Stiles: You want me to tell you what happened? Oh, I’ll tell you what happened… This one broke a fricken heel, then I had to carry her out…

Lydia: Oh shut up! I wear heels bigger than your dick.

Little Beta(s) Chapter 35

Prompt: Liam get’s turned at an early age and he looks at you as his guardian/parent. Plus you’re dating Scott who’s always trying to look after him. (10 year gap between Liam and reader)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) Scott McCall x Reader, Derek Hale (younger and platonic) x Reader


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The Truth At A Reunion (Theo Raeken imagine ft Pack)

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Request: Hi, can I have an imagine where the reader is Scott’s younger sister who is dating Theo and she doesn’t know about his past with the Dread Doctors. Until Deucalion brings up the fact that he snapped Theo’s neck at a reunion and everyone is there like Brettt, Lori, Issac, Cora. I’m so sorry if this is too much

Warning(s): fluff

I rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer. The door finally opened and revealed a boy that I didn’t know.

“Who are you?” They asked, “Is Scott there?” I asked ignoring the question the boy who had opened the door asked.

“Why do you need Scott?” He asked again, I sighed and before I said anything, Scott popped up.

“(Y/N)? You’re finally home” Scott smiled and pulled me into a hug.

“Of course I am, it’s been a while. Look who is with me?” I grinned and moved aside for Isaac to say hi.

Isaac and I walked in and everyone who was familiar with us greeted us, “(Y/N)! Isaac!” they all exclaimed and hugged us.

The same boy that opened the door had a look of confusion on his face. Scott called a boy named Liam, Mason, Corey, and Theo to come over.

One of them was the one that opened the door, “Guys, this is my sister (Y/N)”.

That happened months ago and Theo and I were now dating.

Today, we were having a little reunion. Mostly everyone was here like Brett, Lori, Cora, Deucalion and Isaac who has been staying in Beacon Hills ever since he and I got back. 

No one has really told me about Theo’s past and he didn’t even want to talk to me about it which I gave him space.

But when we were all talking, Theo kind of pissed off Deucalion which resulted in him saying, “I snapped your neck last time and I won’t hesitate to do it again”.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, “Wait, you snapped his neck?” I asked.

“Yes, have you not told her anything about her past? Have any of you not tell her?” Deucalion interrogated and everyone was silent.

Scott sighed, “There’s a few things we didn’t tell you”.

I sat there in disbelief, “So Theo was a bad guy who wanted to be an alpha and he used Liam to try to kill you and when that didn’t work, he actually killed you? And now you’re a bad guy turned good?” I asked and went over everything I’ve been told.

“Pretty much” Theo confessed.

“If you hate me for doing that I understand” He added.

“Hate you? No. Mad that you killed my brother and hurt my friends? Yes. But it was in the past and if they all forgive you for that, then I do too” I spoke.

“Sometimes we do bad things and make mistakes but in the end, if you’re truly sorry for the things you have done and people forgave you then it’s okay” I added.

Theo sighed in relief and hugged me, “I’m sorry I did all those things”.

“It’s okay, and don’t you dare be upset about this. You deserve to be happy, especially since you’re on good terms with everyone and aren’t trying to kill anyone again for power” I reassured.

“I love you (Y/N) McCall” Theo smiled and kissed me on the forehead.

“I love you too, Theo Raeken”.


Teen Wolf - Invincible (my edit)


In June 2009, MTV announced that they would be adapting the 1985 film Teen Wolf into a new television series ‘with a greater emphasis on romance, horror and werewolf mythology.’ On July 21, 2016, the cast announced at Comic Con that season six would be the final season.

Scott McCall is no longer a teen wolf he is now an adult. So i present to you, jeff davis’ last fuck you to the teen wolf fandom, Adult Wolf… a teen wolf spin off starring the same exact characters. except now they’re too old to be called teens so we had to upgrade. See you next season fucks.