scott & sarah

Relatable Ryders

The Ryder twins are two of the most relatable protagonists I’ve ever seen in a video game:

- Awkward af, sarcasm and one liners are their speciality

- Can’t flirt to save their lives

- Certified Human Disasters ™

- Make weird faces when the talk

-Walk kind of funny

- Have no idea what’s going on

- Trying to do their best in a scary world

Considering how short human life spans are compared to alien life spans and the fact that Angara love and experience things very deeply, imagine Jaal never being able to get over Ryder’s death. No matter how much time passes he still becomes incredibly sad whenever something reminds him of you and everything does because he still loves you so much. Your death leaves him with a permanent sense of emptiness. He can never love again.

To all the people saying the Ryder twins are badly made. I love their weird facial animations and that they walk funny and they’re full of one liners and awkward well-intentioned social stumbles. Why? Because I see myself in them!

I pull weird faces when I talk! I walk in strange ways! I speak in one liners! When I try and be sincere I get awkward too! It’s so refreshing to see protags that aren’t so smooth and graceful, because for once I can actually relate to them!