Preference - Cuddles


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     Scott was very protective of you when you guys were sleeping together. Usually you wouldn’t be very comfortable, with his big arms wrapped around you like you were a small bear, but with his presence next to you, you always drifted to sleep pretty fast. Even though you woke up with cramps in the weirdest of places because the awkward positions you were in the night before, you didn’t mind.


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     When you and Stiles cuddled, you would always be the big spoon. Always. Sometimes Stiles tried to get behind you, but it was always more comfortable when you held him from behind. If you weren’t spooning, you’d be facing each other, with your arms and legs wrapped around each other. When the two of you watched movies (usually Star Wars) together, he’d lay down with his head on your lap, and you would run your fingers through his hair. 


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     Liam and you were probably the cutest couple in all of Beacon Hills, which meant the two of you were the cutest cuddles. When watching scary movies with the rest of the pack, at a scary scene, Liam would suddenly jump, and you’d wrap your arms around him, laughing. At night, your arms would be around each other, with one of your legs over his.


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     Isaac was a very big person, and it was hard for you to get your arms or legs all the way around him, so you would stay straight, while Isaac kept his big arms around you. You would just keep one hand on his shoulder, and with the other, trace small patterns on his collarbone.

Author’s Note: Anotha one.

To put it mildly, Scott is not a fan of bees. 

I just sent him this photo, and his immediate response was:

“The only thing that can stop a wasp is a good guy with a gun. Or flame thrower. Also, honey bees are assholes too. But wasps will fight you for your fuckin’ hot dog.”

I stay married to him for the entertainment value alone.


1968 Dodge Charger R/T | Scott Crawford - Late for the Sky

“Imagine if Jackson Browne had been a Mopar guy." 

Ice Water

Request: “Antman x reader where he shrinks himself and you accidentaly drink him somehow? Lmao i had a dream about this and it was hilarious” -Anon

Pairing: Scott Lang (Ant-Man) x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 1428

You banged on the doors with a closed fist, stepping back to wait for someone to open the door. It was odd, to be honest. Waking up to a text from Scott to meet him at Hank’s house as soon as possible. Not to mention the text being in ALL CAPS, you definitely had to see what’s going on now. Maybe Scott finally wanted to tell you why he spends so much time with Hank Pym and his daughter (whom Scott had to convince you on multiple occasions not to be jealous of, but you still can’t help it). Not like you don’t like her, she’s a very hard person to hate once you get past that whole serious demeanor. She had taken quite a liking to you and you felt like a total bitch for hating someone as nice as Hope.

Speaking of, you were greeted with a smiling Hope once the front door opened.

“Scott texted you this morning,” she stated, “why are you just coming in now?”

You grinned. “Scott doesn’t control me.”

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